Trump….MADE IN THE USA? USS Vinson….Oops?

First, please continue to PRAY FOR IMP.  He’s in some real pain and could use BIG time relief…Please pray each time you think of it throughout your day!  I know he appreciates it so much.  

Now to the blog:  TV was on yesterday as I did things around the house and it was interesting to hear most channels other than FOX remind America that what Trump sells in America is NOT “Made in America”….in spite of the great message he gave in Kenosha.  His products are made in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.   So are Ivanka’s.  Ivanka apparently got an amazing trademark deal with China on the day she dined sitting next to China’s president.

Do the Trumps think we don’t notice these things?  Or are the deals so innocent they wouldn’t have thought anybody’d mind?  Are there still even any factories here that make the things the Ivanka’s produce?   What do you do when a leftwinger brings this stuff up to YOU?

Another big deal in the news was how there is “miscommunication” between the US “Armada” and the government.   The entire world had been told the USS Carl Vinson was going to the Korean peninsula to be there ‘just in cast,’ but it was on its way to Australia. Today, the story is it’ll be near Korea by April 25th.

What does the Trump White House need?   Do you think the whole staff was so new to all of this they simply don’t get how important perception is, or???

Got any advice for Donald J Trump and family?


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47 Responses to Trump….MADE IN THE USA? USS Vinson….Oops?

  1. Mustang says:

    I am appalled that we know anything at all about the movement of carrier task groups. This information should be highly classified, not subject to press releases. Does anyone realize that by broadcasting fleet movements that they are putting everyone in the carrier battle group in grave danger? As to the timing, battle groups are withheld from theater until they are operationally ready for surface combat service.


  2. Carrier Groups conduct a wide array of missions, and was likely engaged in such prior to holding station off of the Peninsula. Keeping in mind Mustang’s point, the announcement of the Group’s movement was likely far too premature…….or deliberately obfuscated for reason of optics surrounding the nK ‘Day of the Sun’ festivities and [failed] test [i.e. “Look, we’re doing something! I just didn’t say when”].

    I’m relatively unconcerned with the ‘Buy America” E.O.; we’ve had these sorts of regulations before, at least with regards to the military, and it affects government purchases. I thought it was more hypocritical when Trump was campaigning, exhorting the citizenry to buy domestic….when his products were made abroad.


  3. Lord Jesus, please help Imp.
    Please remove the pain and suffering.
    Please heal him.


  4. Prayers for Imp. May his pain be relieved & he be restored to good health.


  5. Trump & Ivanka products manufactured overseas is not good optics, that’s for sure. I’m unfamiliar with the current clothing & textile manufacturing capacity in America. I suspect it’s practically nonexistent.

    I do know that China’s acceptance into the WTO in December 2001, greatly & negatively impacted American manufacturing. We’ve lost 70,000 manufacturing plants & facilities as a result of global trade policies. We lost thousands of auto & related components plants to Mexico & Canada as a result of NAFTA. I’m hoping President Trump fixes this.


  6. John M. Berger says:

    “most channels other than FOX remind America that what Trump sells in America is NOT “Made in America”…

    “Are there still even any factories here that make the things the Ivanka’s produce? What do you do when a leftwinger brings this stuff up to YOU?”

    I would say that: Our manufacturing capacity has been so reduced, for various reasons, it will take time to restore it. The Trump Administration, obviously, recognizes this and is taking measures toward restoration. In the meantime the only choice is to buy products from the current source or go without. Come back in a couple of years and if this is not [trending] in our favor I will consider giving credence to your argument.

    I hope that Imp’s condition is improving!


  7. Kid says:

    Get Well IMP. I mention you often.

    “Are there still even any factories here that make the things the Ivanka’s produce?”. This may be the key concept in this situation. obama’s jackboot is still on the neck of American businesses. They need tax and regulation relief so they can produce the products that are currently being made in sweat shops around the world and sell them at a competitive price.

    Couple years from now, if the Trump business products are still not made in America, I will send him an angry email and a tweet. But I’ll still thank him for Gorsuch and hpefully 1 or 2 more by then and strill smile when I remember the hildebeast is not in the white house selling America to the highest bidder.


  8. Kid says:

    Just read your comment JMB.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I agree…..surprised they’d even mention where the fleet was….perhaps this was said just to scare N Korea, but I hate to see our fleets used as threats, putting them in possible jeopardy.

    CI….that was my point about Made in America….you can’t push that and have all of your own products manufactured abroad.

    FW…that was my question in my post; it occurred to me we don’t even HAVE the capacity to manufacture certain things anymore.
    By the way, I’m 100% behind Trump’s VOCATIONAL TRAINING push…..not every kid should go to college and I’m excited about this return to making things with our hands….I’m hoping it’s a success.

    JMB…I think that if you and FW and I are correct, and it’s difficult to even FIND manufacturers of those types of things, it would have gone a loooong way if Trump had actually said “My daughter and I had trouble even FINDING people here in America who make the products we wanted to have made” It’s time for him to realize perception IS important….

    Kid, i’m worried about our competing with $1 a day workers overseas…no amount of tax relief and dropping of regulations will create an even playing field.


  10. Kid says:

    Well, here’s a thought. Put the MFG facillities in Ferguson, Baltimore, S. Chicago, E LA, DC, and all the other gangbanger enclaves, cut off welfare for all able bodied individuals while offering them jolbs at these mfg facillities. Even if those companies lose money on the products wed still be ahead of the game with welfare $ being cut-off and evil idle hands being put to a better use.
    Probably have to arm the managers.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Just saw this which pertains to our conversation.
    ALSO, it includes how Ivanka wore a dress from her line at speeches, etc…..I absolutely don’t find a problem with that. Who thinks “Gee, I wonder who designed that dress?” Not me. That she wears her own shows is the ultimate showcase, as this article says, but REALLY? It’s her stuff, let her wear it!


  12. geeez2014 says:
    WOW, word is that O’Reilly’s leaving FOX. That’s a huge hit in ratings because his show was really at the top….I guess it sends a message for network and cable men to stop harassing.
    On the other hand, I’d feel this is fairer and justified if we saw situations like this made public on all channels. Hard for me to believe nobody at CNN or MSNBC or networks harasses women.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that idea should be worked out!


  14. John M. Berger says:

    “it would have gone a loooong way if Trump had actually said “My daughter and I had trouble even FINDING people here in America who make the products we wanted to have made”



  15. …I’m 100% behind Trump’s VOCATIONAL TRAINING push…..not every kid should go to college and I’m excited about this return to making things with our hands…

    Exactly! I wish we could also reinvigorate the concept of apprenticeship. I don’t mean interns, who almost exclusively train in white color positions…..but good, blue collar manufacturing and repair vocations. If this is occurring…..I’m just not aware of it.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    JMB..RIGHT? It would have brought the point HOME that manufacturing has left the building (!) and shown that he wasn’t being entirely disingenuous! Win/Win

    I keep TELLING YOU ALL he needs to HIRE ME FOR PUBLIC RELATIONS (smile!)


  17. geeez2014 says:

    CI…in Germany, if you don’t test into college (which is free so they have every right to test you for it), you can go into vocational training which does include BIG TIME apprenticeship. You start, for example, at a car repair garage at the bottom, getting coffee for the mechanics, running errands, sweeping….and you slowly move up…you LEARN, you get GOOD and, after sometimes many years, you get MEISTERSCHAFT…or MASTER MECHANIC (or carpenter, or electrician, etc) and hang your own shingle out. You’re RESPECTED for the amount of time you put in as an apprentice… It’s not laughed at as if you’re “just a shlub who couldn’t cut going to college” Not at ALL.
    Sadly, i have to admit the workers aren’t the caliber they used to be. After Mr. Z had been a president of a company here in America, he went back to a company for meetings and working there for a few months, after not having been ‘in the trenches’ for a while…and he was stunned that productivity was WORSE at the German company than his workers were HERE in America. He was very saddened by how people left at 5:00…said when he was a young worker they left after the work was DONE..etc….Those were mostly white collar jobs and I’m guessing the workers in blue collar aren’t as high caliber as they were before, either. I hope I’m wrong because America can learn from Germany’s system , like it was.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Thank you so much for your prayers for our Imp….I know he’ll be by soon and see them himself…keep praying! He’s in a lot of pain.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    AARON HERNANDEZ COMMITTED SUICIDE!!! OMG! In prison after getting off the last accusations….holy COW.
    Pray for his family….


  20. geeez2014 says:
    We talked about POT yesterday; here’s a time I’d recommend it. I think she was right…weighing the pros/cons of a natural substance like marijuana versus pharmaceuticals which made her even more sick, I’d go the pot route!


  21. Re: Hernandez…..I think there’s little doubt, that this was “assisted” suicide……


  22. Kid says:

    Z, I was happy to read Stephens killed himself too. Now we won’t have to hear about either one of them for the next 20 years, then suffer the libtard protests over the painful and inhumane needle they are planning to stick into his arm to deliver the death drugs.

    I credit Trump’s call to law and order for causing these vermin to kill themselves rather than suffer in a civilized America.. :-]


  23. John M. Berger says:

    IF we ever get back-on- track, with domestic manufacturing, I hope that Organized Labor will recognize the complicity they had in moving same off-shore and not repeat the un-realistic demands that they [helped] put it there.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    JMB…the sad thing is that once we are back on track, robotics will take over! I don’t know HOW Americans think there will ever be manufacturing jobs again after 20 years!??
    By Organized Labor and unrealistic demands, you mean all the demands for higher pay, better insurance, etc? or??

    Kid, I feel so incredibly sad for that apparently terrific old man who he killed…..But I guess i feel the pain that drives people like Stephens to do what he did must be so awful that it makes me sad for them somehow.



  25. geeez2014 says:

    CI….or, again, feeling such pain after having seen his little girl in the courtroom, etc….and knowing he’d never get out for the first murder he was convicted of? He’s an evil murderer, no doubt about it ….and probably was an egomaniac from his football acclaim.
    If inmates killed him, do you think we’ll ever learn of that? Or are you insinuating the prison people did him in?


  26. geeez2014 says:

    CI, I just happened upon this article about Hernandez and suicide…considering he apparently could have got off in a year, with an appeal, this is hard to understand or believe


  27. John M. Berger says:

    “By Organized Labor and unrealistic demands, you mean all the demands for higher pay, better insurance, etc? or??”

    By way of example (just one of many I can site); just before leaving Ohio (rust belt) in 1972 a local North American Rockwell plant, manufacturing truck axels and employing >1000 went on strike over $.50 per hour. The United Auto Workers (UAW) was told NO, the company couldn’t afford it and if they persisted the 5 year old plant would close, for good. They persisted and the plant closed-GONE! I could go on-and-on about the total absurdities I observed during my short duration as a steel worker in the United Steel Workers Union, in a large mill that also no longer exists but in the interest of conserving band-with I’ll stop here. Yes, yes, yes unions did some good at one time but many evolved into demanding excesses rendering them no less greedy than the employers that they organized against. I believe that we are now seeing an increase in states opting to go Right-To-Work in an effort to restore their manufacturing sectors.

    “the sad thing is that once we are back on track, robotics will take over! I don’t know HOW Americans think there will ever be manufacturing jobs again after 20 years!??”

    So what will we do; pay people not to work?????????


  28. geeez2014 says:

    JMB:: “So what will we do; pay people not to work?????????” I think a lot of Dems would think that’s fair!!
    SO, for fifty cents, they ALL lost their jobs….great thinking. ugh


  29. geeez2014 says:

    JMB: ON THE OTHER HAND, who can afford to LIVE on the salaries some make?


  30. geeez2014 says:

    O’REILLY IS OUT….FOX is putting CARLSON AT 8PM est……
    Thankfully, THE FIRST 100 DAYS should be over soon, too.

    We’ll see…might take the Murdoch boys some time to destroy it? They’ve got great ratings, so maybe their greed will surpass their apparently more lib ideology?!!


  31. geeez2014 says:

    OOOH! FOX isn’t out of trouble THE LEFT is ON THE RAMPAGE …they had a Wendy Walsh (i think that’s her last name) who said she’d been hit on by O’Reilly but turned him down and then she kept quiet about it..”until the NY Times approached me:”.
    WHAT? They must go after everyone to gather info…wow.

    AND, another woman on CNN said this is also RACIAL HARASSMENT. Wow…Harris Faulkner? the other Blacks on that show? Think Faulkner would put up with anything? 🙂 no.


  32. Mal says:

    Bringing them back would still be a tough sell due to the demands of the unions. They made it a lot easier for the companies to transfer overseas. That being said, it would still be hard to compete against .30 cents per hour wages with no benefits. Oh! And the American public would lose the ability to buy clothing and household goods as cheaply as we have been ’cause we’ve definitely been spoiled.


  33. FB says:

    Killing O’Reilly happened then. Vive Tucker! He’s the future and that’s good b/c he’ll influence younger generations.


  34. FB says:

    Racial harassment? She doesn’t understand horny men really don’t discriminate that often with race.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you well describe the problems with ‘bringing jobs back’….how CAN we compete with $1 an hour labor with no med benefits?

    FB…I think Tucker might appeal to younger generations, tho he has at least one college aged kid himself, believe it or not!
    I’m hoping Jessie Watters gets a bit more serious and gets used frequently…he’s younger and fun and could appeal even more.
    I don’t think the race discrimination at FOX is only sexual, or sexual at all.
    All I know is I could see this morning that the LEftwing media is HAPPY and READY TO FIND ANY TEENSY THING AGAINST FOX….They NEED FOX GONE…they need that BADLY.


  36. Mal says:

    “On the other hand, who can afford to live on the salaries they make?” When I needed more income during the ’60’s, I took a second job as a fee appraiser for FHA to make up the difference which I could do at my own pace. You do whatever is necessary but you don’t look for the government to “supplement” your income.
    Have you noticed how everyone wants to charge you monthly instead of simply selling you something? We use to pay $500 for a T.V. and $30 for an antenna and enjoyed television with only a one minute commercial every 15 minutes. All free. Now look. Pay for cable, plus extra for HBO, CINEMAX, etc. so you can watch 15 commercials in a row, every 10 minutes. Add internet, cell phones, home security systems, etc., etc., etc. I use to support a family of 6 on just these “necessities”.


  37. skudrunner says:

    Look at all the tags on everything you own and see how many are made in the USA. Trump had a stump speech about bringing back jobs and he may bring back some but most manufacturing jobs will not return or will be done my a robot.

    As to O’Rilley, glad to see him go now if they would get rid of Hannity and Madcow that would help clean up some of the opinion heads. Guess we can get rind of a talking head for harassment but a president is off limits when he has relations with an intern and is a serial rapist.


  38. Kid says:

    MAL, Yea it is the drug dealer model. get em hooked then keep jacking up the price. Our TV jsut went from 102 to 147. My wife is going to beat them over the head shortly. She watches because it keeps her company during the day. If it were me, I’d turn off cable TV.


  39. geeez2014 says:

    HILARIOUS to watch Anderson Cooper on CNN this evening….hours long, proving that O’REILLY AND TRUMP ARE FRIENDS. Apparently, CLinton was FINE in having sex in the Oval Office, but it Trump KNOWS O’Reilly, it’s HELL TO PAY? Van Jones, Kirsten Powers…Cooper…and more..Oh, my GOSH, it’s at the ball game, Trump and O’Reilly sipping MILK SHAKES!! LOCK ‘EM UP… The next thing they’ll be suggesting is that they’re gay lovers. Wait for it!

    Honestly, I’ve come to the point where I laugh at it, and it’s more fun than FOX 🙂


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Paul Begala “This is the message, America, a MINORITY of you voted for Trump and we’re going to be sorry….he just needs to SHUT UP, he says things that he knows nothing about..submarines are UNDER WATEr, covert…you don’t ANNOUNCE where SUBS ARE…….”

    Oh, this really PISSES ME OFF but it IS funny!…


  41. geeez2014 says:

    HERE is the headline tonight, after a wonderful day where the Patriots showed up at the White House and smiled and seemed to really enjoy the experience: “GRIM NEWS CLOUDS WHITE HOUSE VISIT FOR PATRIOTS”.
    That’s because of Aaron Hernandez’ suicide…..But, they sure didn’t LOOK ‘grim’…but, the media LOVED to destroy yet ANOTHER day…heck, they hadn’t slammed the WHite House since the Easter Egg Roll insults, right? It had been a couple of DAYS!


  42. Kid says:

    I hope they keep it up Z. They are reaching so far up their colons that I just don’t believe they have that many people on board anymore. If we knew a tru number, I think net the democrats have lost supporters because they’re simply embarrassed to be democrats anymore. not saying they’re not repubs, but I’d put them in the non-voting sector of the next elections.

    Beyond that – Kim Jong un is donating to shellsea crinton’s political movement. What does that tell ya.


  43. Kid says:

    not saying they’ve become repubs………….


  44. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I heard a woman today at the hair salon saying “Can’t they just leave Trump alone and see how he does?” A writer on FOX was in LA last weekend and said she had an Iranian immigrant taxi driver who said he voted for Clinton but he’s so ticked that nobody’s laying off Trump, letting him try to do the job…too many insults aren’t going over well.
    CNN is so transparent it’s almost painful to watch…painful for the news readers who I don’t think are quite as stupid and obsessed as their producers/owners are….interesting times.
    No, not repubs!


  45. Kid says:

    Z, I believe there are some critical thinkers on the left who just haven’t figured it out yet. But they are Scarce. The vast majority of libtards are as addcted to thier fantasies as they are their Tump Derangement Syndrome.

    Summary: Is is So much easier to hate and criticize. So much easier.


  46. John M. Berger says:

    @ Z,

    “JMB: ON THE OTHER HAND, who can afford to LIVE on the salaries some make?”

    I guess that I would need more information to answer that. What “salaries” and where? What does concern me is a burgeoning population with no skills or education who refuse to work in jobs that they consider menial. Somehow those folks continue to eat and procreate. As far as I’m concerned there are plenty of jobs that (“Americans won’t do”) that they [will] do if not given incentive otherwise. We certainly don’t need more un-skilled immigration; WE HAVE ENOUGH RIGHT HERE!


  47. Kid says:

    Phase out the UE ins and welfare. They WILL find jobs.


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