FOX NEWS…… decide

Give me your morning to night schedule of who and what you’d like FOX to have on any week day.  You can include The Five, Carlson, Outnumbered, Bret Baier..Cavuto…..ANY of those shows, in any time schedule you’d like  OR with different people you’d like to see on the Outnumbered or The Five panel, for example.

OR, if not the old faithfuls….what would you like to see FOX do instead?

My idea a few years ago was a totally call-in show to politicians and a FOX panel who would all take part in responding to the callers……like a TELEPHONE TOWN HALL….I think people would watch it.

Have any ideas?


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25 Responses to FOX NEWS…… decide

  1. I’d love to see any of the hosts from FBN’s The Independents on big Fox. And Stossel.

    Phone/skype town hall would also be a good idea.


  2. I’m happy to see Tucker moved to 8pm.
    I’ll get to bed earlier.
    I look at Tucker’s move as a ratings referendum on conservative TV.
    As to a daily schedule, as long as I can record Bret and watch Tucker, I have no more time for TV.


  3. fredd says:

    Bully Bill O’Reilly is finally toast, good riddance. Bring back Mike Huckabee and the Little Rockers. And maybe give former Sen. Scott Brown a slot, he’s great. And I wouldn’t mind Carl Rove and his white board a little more, who needs those fancy schmancy graphics, anyway?


  4. John M. Berger says:



  5. FB says:

    I have stopped cable so I don’t watch Fox anymore. I watch Tucker videos on youtube and that’s all I need. CRTV is my new thing.


  6. Sue Sebree says:

    I cannot stand The Five…Fox is becoming VERY left leaning….Hannity will be targeted next.


  7. Adrienne says:

    We haven’t had cable for over 20 years so I don’t watch Fox. I also don’t particularly like their website either, so I rarely go there. I have almost zero tolerance for watching TV or even listening to a podcast since I can read read things way faster. I do enjoy the occasional Youtube vid. That was a lead in to saying I couldn’t care less who Fox puts in any time slot. I do think that dumping O’Reilly will be the real beginning of the Fox downfall.


  8. bocopro says:

    No genuine interest here in what Fox does or doesn’t do. Can’t get any news in the morning unless you want to wade thru the saccharine cotton candy of “Fox ‘n’ Friends” with the obligatory short-skirted blonde, the hotel-bar stand-up comedian, and the country-boy-made-good blatherer.

    Finally at 0900 you get some actual news, but Hemmer has perhaps the worst delivery and timing of any talking head in the business. LOVE McCallum, ‘cause she’s a pro, but she’s gone off on special assignment, possibly to get away from Hemmer, who actually drags her down.

    At 1100 Jon Scott and whoever is his hostess-du-jour happens to be actually bring some rational discussion about high-interest news items, but then comes “Outnumbered,” which I refuse to watch because I don’t like the concept.

    Scott returns after the lunchtime fluff and brings some more decent reporting and commentary, and I have no idea what follows that slot ‘cause I’m usually busy.

    Shep Smith is an arrogant, opinionated jerk, and I don’t watch him under any circumstances. I hear Cavuto is quite good with great insights at times, but I never get a chance to see him ‘cause I’m either gone or havin a nap.

    “The Five” is o.k., I guess, but although he’s actually fairly reasonable at times, Beckel just irritates my innards. He sounds like a guy with a mouthful of half-cooked potatoes and looks like a bag that fell off a GoodWill truck when he sits between Guilfoyle and whoever the well-dressed guy on his left is who thinks he knows all there is to know about economics.

    Perino is a pro at not saying stupid stuff, and Gutfeld is generally spot on with his analysis, often providing absolutely perfect metaphors and analogies, but tends to get on your nerves fairly quickly with his often snotty negativity.

    I’ll watch Bret Baier whenever I’m at home or not otherwise engaged, b’cause he’s a mature adult who actually understands what he’s talking about and has the courtesy to allow his guest panelists to complete their thoughts without interruption.

    Never have caught an episode of McCallum’s “First 100 Days,” but I bet it’s accurate, thoughtful, reasonable, and useful; after all, that’s her nature.

    O’Reilly is a smug, arrogant, condescending bully who is generally accurate in his assessments but rude and snide in his delivery. Much easier to read than watch, kinda like Coulter and sometimes Malkin (who’s been getting a bit full of herself lately).

    Never saw Carlson’s show; hear he’s really good at it, but don’t particularly care for him. Seems closed-minded and obstinate to me and dismissive and sarcastic to opinions which differ from his foregone conclusions.

    Hannity is a bit too far out there for me. He’s a radical most of the time, a bombthrower, unwilling to consider alternate perspectives to his uber-right-wing understanding of modern problems.

    So . . . what would I like to see? Well, something similar to what OAN does: straightforward reporting, with the only editing or opinionizing involved taking place during the item-selection phase. This would be about 60 minutes (48 or so once advertising is inserted) first thing in the morning.

    Then a grab-bag segment in which suggestions from e-mail or drop-by guests for stories to be covered in greater depth are pulled from a drum by complete strangers off the street. Once the collection is drawn and agreed upon by interactive audience participants, another stranger draws them again at random from a smaller drum to determine priority.

    Items are then given to research staff for investigation and write-up so they can be presented during the 1100-1400 time slots, each getting roughly 5 minutes of clips, including quotes, pics, and statements on the issues from other news organizations.

    At around 1500, an intern or journalism grad student does a comparative analysis on how much air time the selected items received on various news shows.

    Leave Baier’s slot alone as is. Then from around 1700 or so until maybe 1900, followups on items covered over the noon period.

    Breaking news as it happens, of course, except for highway pursuits, political statements, terrorist activities, and race-related violence, all of which if broadcast at all would be available for viewing between midnight and 0500 for anyone interested.


  9. Mal says:

    I must be in the minority regarding Tucker ’cause I have grown tired of his laughing at his guests for no apparent reason. Some have even called him on it, questioning why he is laughing while they try to answer his questions, which I find rude.
    As to O’Reilly, what is it about “Bill’s”? BILL Clinton, BILL Cosby, and now BILL O’Reilly!
    All womanizers!


  10. Mal says:

    Oh! As to who I’d like to see on Fox. Actually, I’m getting a bit tired of it all and prefer watching something more interesting, like M*A*S*H re-runs!


  11. Mal, Tucker calls out phonies, and I like it.
    But he does have what I call the “Tucker Face”, a quizzical look that says “Am I really hearing this?” and I think he uses it at odd times.


  12. Mustang says:

    I am hoping for the day when the American people begin to think for themselves and shun the self-serving opinions of “news” personalities. Who cares what these nimrods think?


  13. bocopro says:

    O’Reilly was targeted not so much by foxes at Fox but by the VLWC because he tended to befriend Trump. He’s by no means a true conservative, so they’re not after him in se as a blood sacrifice but because Fox was identified by the Magic Negro as radix malorum politicum.

    So, since DJT seems somewhat teflon-coated where lawsuits and innuendo are concerned, the fallback strategy is to whittle away at his posse, and O’Reilly often rides with The Trumpo Kid.

    Were I in his shoes, I’d just let’ ’em throw me into the briar patch. The guy already has a great crib and well over 70$ Mil in the bank. He also stands to rake in tens of millions on a contract he recently signed with Fox, and if they fire him without substantial proof of unlawful behavior, he’ll get it all for doing nothing. Plus he’s a known name whose tell-all book would bring in more millions, along with the residuals from his other best-seller publications.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pop up from time to time on other networks, such as OAN or CBS or even CNN. The guy IS a ratings magnet, and Murkans tend to have woefully short memories where naughty boys such as Slick or Ayers or especially Soetoro are involved.


  14. Will Sean Hannity be the next to be ousted from FNC?

    …Hannity’s future may hinge on the extent to which James and Lachlan Murdoch, the sons of 21st Century Fox executive chairman Rupert Murdoch, want to change the network they increasingly control.

    “Getting rid of the old guard is a way to do that,” said Dan Cassino, a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University and the author of Fox News & American Politics: How One Channel Shapes American Politics & Society….

    What are the political leanings of James and Lachlan Murdoch?

    According to THIS (dated May 18, 2015):

    Murdoch’s son, James Murdoch, currently co-chief operating officer of 21st Century Fox, has given somewhere between the $1 million and $5 million mark [to the Clinton Foundation]…


  15. Last night, I found this comment over at Conservative Treehouse:

    This is the opening salvo aimed at taking Trump down in 2020.

    O’Reilly, as obnoxious as he is, gave Trump a platform, credibility, exposure and a huge audience. He also kept some of the other Fox backstabbers on their toes through his top dog position.

    I think LSM got to the Murdoch’s through his pajama-boy sons and his new wife (ex-Jagger spouse) and pushed him to go against his instincts.

    This will demolish Fox but also take away a key chip for Trump.

    The question is will someone or something rise up to fill the gap and will it be in time? We’ve got almost 4 years but Bill-O’s ouster is a huge win for the left.

    Look at what’s left.
    Perrino? Hates Trump
    McCallum – same thing
    Tucker – don’t trust him. There’s clearly no love lost between him and POTUS
    The Five? Give me a break. Between Juan and Bob it’s hostile territory and won’t work at 9pm.
    Baier? Despises Trump.
    Shep? A fruitcake SJW neverTrumper.

    So between 1 and 10 pm it’s a non-stop Trump bash.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    CI, glad you like my idea. Honestly, I think it’s a winner. Imagine people around America saying “Hey, Ryan’s going to be on the show tonight….I hope someone asks him…” “Sessions is going to be on that show tonight….I’m going to try to call and ask …” I think it’d be HUGE and it could be a real eye opener; where politicians actually have to answer questions in front of millions.
    Independents…that sounds good. Not a Stossel fan though I agree with some of what he says.

    Ed…how do you mean ‘referendum’ in this case? Because he’s MORE cons. than O’Reilly was? I believe the lib Murdoch boys will start to chip away at the cons …slowly but surely. I’ll tell you one thing that just occurred to me!! :: MRS Tucker Carlson doesn’t have to worry about HIS cheating HA!!! “The Tucker Face” YES!

    FB and Adrienne…I enjoy a LOT of the really bright folks on FOX….can’t imagine not watching.
    Adrienne, you said “I do think that dumping O’Reilly will be the real beginning of the Fox downfall.” I agree with you.

    Mal..FUNNY about the BILLS! GOOD call. I’m not 100% a fan of Carlson’s, either. The other day on talk radio, some guy called in and said how he likes Carlson because he lets his guests talk and doesn’t humiliate them. I was laughing in the car at that one! I’ve noticed Tucker’s not QUITE as mocking as he was originally…and there have been some I’ve heard call his face “The Carlson look”..that pensive, penetrating glaring look as people talk, like “what the HECK are you TALKING ABOUT?”(I hadn’t read Ed’s remark above when I typed this comment…it’s what Ed calls THE TUCKER FACE and he’s right)

    Bocopro..Cavuto’s my very favorite. He has MS so he’s off more than others….fabulous sense of humor and educated…I really like him.
    Your idea’s a fine one.;..I still think having a politician have to answer phone calls from the public would be a BIG hit. Can’t STAND Hannity anymore….he’s just too much to take somehow.
    You and I might not consider O’Reilly that Cons. but he was more than most cable channel people and that IS why he was so very popular. And yes, I think I mentioned the other day how CNN was doing its damndest to put O’Reilly and Trump as if O’Reilly’s troubles will now reflect on Trump. They even talked about how they both like milkshakes….unbelievably newsy , pertinent info, huh? 🙂 They had many photos of them at ball games, the inference was clear. I was waiting for them to imply a gay relationship!

    Mustang…important that we get NEWS…I’m tired of everybody’s opinions and, while I read a lot of news, I also like the brains like Cavuto, Baier, Britt, Hemmer, and others giving their opinions…only those I respect.

    AOW, I watch a LOT of those folks and never got the impression those people “Hate Trump”… But, yes…I agree this is about CLOSING DOWN FOX.

    CNN’s guests kept reminding everyone the day this happened that “It’s not OVER for FOX…” Some black woman kept hammering on their racism, which I have NO idea about…

    No, it’s not over. And yes, Trump actually DID need O’Reilly….he absolutely did. O’Reilly stood up for him and made sense; hard to do about Trump. Sorry, but that’s how I feel these days.


  17. geeez2014 says:
    Here’s one RACIAL accusation I just ran across.


    I am sworn to secrecy and it is NOT Heather MacDonald…but one woman (Black) who I met , and who used to be on O’Reilly and other shows, said she was TOLD to wear more open necklines when she’s on the air. She won’t.

    I have seen SANDRA LEE only ONCE wear slacks on OUTNUMBERED and that was last week, I was shocked….and that’s ONLY SANDRA LEE…I have NEVER EVER seen s pair of slacks on ANY of the FOX news readers…what’s THAT about?

    YOu turn to CNN and they’re HIDEOUS people, but the women are wearing normal street clothes….not like Kimberly Gilfoyle with her boobs enhanced by the dark shading….etc.



  18. bunkerville says:

    Mark steyn for prime time. Love his sense of humor and keen observations. I doubt Murdock’s kids will find him acceptable as they are about to dismantle Fox no doubt.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville…funny you should mention Murdoch kids NOW…take a look at that article…Murdoch’s daughters-in-law seem to have been hell bent on dismantling FOX, or at least O’Reilly, FOX’s biggest draw by FAR. And they’re big Clinton fans….
    These articles like the one my friend just emailed me, above, sometimes aren’t exactly laden with indisputable facts, but…
    For example, how do they KNOW the Murdoch girls gave millions to O’Reilly’s accusers?

    I WILL SAY ONE THING: For CNN to have gone ON and ON about how “O’Reilly DID settle with other women…you know that makes him guilty” is so naive I was giggling as they spoke …because in 2004, I’m sure O’Reilly didn’t want those stories to make a big impact and paying off is easier. They added that , supposedly, Trump told him NOT to pay them off because he was innocent.


  20. ….supposedly, Trump told him NOT to pay them off because he was innocent.

    There’s a sound bite of him saying exactly that, in an interview with the NYT, IIRC.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    CI…oh, good, it’s on tape? Then it’s real…..and I agree with him. And to see CNN laughing at how O’Reilly paid them off so he must be guilty is ridiculous… I think most people know that celebs want to avoid this stuff, avoid court, avoid …everything.

    As my link above says, the Murdoch daughters-in-law are Clinton supporters, we’d all heard the sons are more liberal than Rupert, so who knows? Nothing’s documented in that piece, but…

    My big dream would be for one of the accusers to admit she was paid…oh, MAN, wouldn’t that be something? But, then, I hoped all thru Obama’s 8 years that someone would come forward with irrefutable proof of so many things. to no avail


  22. DO you think O’Reilly is innocent of all allegations?


  23. cube says:

    I haven’t watched Fox for years now. I used to watch Fox & Friends, but once Gretchen Carlson came on, I began to wander between Joe in the Morning and Imus. They’ve all lost me. Now I get my morning news from HLN and then I go online for the rest.

    I do miss Cavuto and I’m glad Tucker is taking over O’Reilly’s spot, although I won’t be watching his show either.


  24. O’Reilly is an old school news guy. I think he resents the young women FOX puts on the air. What seems to have happened probably passed back when he started. What used to be called being a boor, is now called sexual assault. He has “privileged guy syndrome.” Most of us wouldn’t talk that way, but his group seems to accept and expect compliance. He’s more of a lout than a predator, but with our language so supercharged and with victimhood being a cottage industry he’s out of his time period. Don’t be confused and think I condone his behavior because I don’t. I’m old enough to have seen his kind. 20th century collides with 21st century.


  25. Mal says:

    I believe you’re onto something, L & O T because nothing has been charged against him beyond harassment, I don’t believe. Nothing like what has been charged against Clinton or Cosby. Hey! With a $25 million payout by FOX in addition to what he already had accumulated, he ain’t gonna be hurtin’. He can spend the rest of his life wherever he desires.


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