What do YOU do when you’re just really enjoying doing nothing?   Tell us!


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62 Responses to LAZY?

  1. What is this “doing nothing” you speak of?
    It sounds fascinating.


  2. bocopro says:

    Fortunately I was gifted with a splendid facility for self-entertainment. And during my wanderings and adventures I’ve created an eclectic array of rooms in my memory where I can go revisit the good times and re-edit the bad times.

    Life was busy for many, many years – Navy assignments, teaching at the university, raising 4 kids, sleeping with a dangerously impetuous woman of powerful emotions – and now I truly enjoy my solitude, especially while she’s out giggling with her gaggle of gossips.

    I can watch a sunrise over the pines with those impressive thunderclangers all dressed up in flaming peach and oystershell sunlit flanks marching toward whatever little town they intend to stir up and rinse off.

    I can sit under a magnolia and watch an afternoon squall expose the silver underbellies of the maples while a posse of bay and oak leaves chase a renegade plastic bag into the corner and over the fence.

    I can stroll down by the swamp next to the Elks Club with Monsterdawg and cautiously observe from a safe distance the amazing antics of ordinary people deeply engrossed in the tricky business of being human.

    I can lie back in a recliner and go to exotic places with snow, or sand, or palm trees, or bar fights . . . or relive a triumph or rewrite a defeat to make it come out tasting better and better each time.

    Yeah, Walter Mitty had nothin on me, ‘cause my reveries, my escapes, my adventures are based on reality . . . tho they are at times slightly revised from the original.

    Love those little archival rooms along that particular corridor in the autobiographical section of my mental library. So far I’m still able to find my way back to the kitchen, tho, where my hypertension and hypercholesteroaemia and hyper-active prostate growth pills wait to be washed down my gullet with lemon-mango or orange-papaya juice.

    Life is good. Memory is gooder. And my glass is always at least half full, never half empty.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    “What do YOU do when you’re just really enjoying doing nothing? Tell us!”
    Well, sleeping, I guess.


  4. cube says:

    I like to lie on a lounge chair and watch bird wars, but even though it might look like I’m doing nothing, on a cellular level I’m actually very busy.


  5. I don’t think I’m ever doing nothing really…except when asleep. My relaxation comes from sitting on my back deck, with an SMS and a book [usually non-fiction history].


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Sorry, everybody! Did I need to explain??!! “DOING NOTHING” like my ‘poster’ says, is NOT WORKING, NOT DOING WHAT YOU ‘OUGHT TO DO’…..Nobody can really do NOTHING…you’re always doing SOMETHING, even if it’s sleeping!

    JMB….what do you do when you’re NOT WORKING…??

    cube…on a cellular level and a thinking level, I’m guessing! Are you a reader? like to watch old movies?

    Ed..ya, when you’re working 18 hours, there’s not much ‘doing nothing’ time, is there!

    bocopro…you take the cake! I think you’re a writer of national treasure levels and I’m honored that I HAVE YOU HERE! 🙂 If the whole country can’t have you, at least WE do.

    CI….what’s the back deck look out at?

    I HOPE I cleared up the DOING NOTHING point!….didn’t think I’d have to, everybody!!


  7. geeez2014 says:

    When I’m DOING NOTHING….(another translation: Doing something I don’t have to do) …I read fiction, watch old movies, watercolor, play backgammon on line….I’ve been thinking I need to do start power walking again…ugh I’d definitely consider that WORK, though!!


  8. John M. Berger says:

    “JMB….what do you do when you’re NOT WORKING…??”
    Well, I could say many things, too numerous to itemize in total: riding my Harley, field trips for gem stone collecting, watching TV, blogging, Happy-Hour to name a few. Now, that said what ever it may be there is always a tinge of self-guilt about not doing things that I should be doing called WORK!


  9. A cold beer and a history (non-fiction) is good. Do living history interpretation of the Civil War with my Sons of Union Veterans group. I guess teaching when I’m not teaching. Yikes.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    L&O Teacher; I had to laugh when you said you do living history interpretation only because the TV show EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND had the dad and two sons go off to do a ‘reliving’ of the Civil War…mock battles, etc., and one of the brothers was saying the other wasn’t allowed to do something modern (can’t remember what it was) so the brother says back “Ya? Why’s that guy over there wearing a beeper?” and his bro replies “his wife’s having a baby”. still makes me laugh!
    But, seriously, that’s a very cool thing to do and must be very enjoyable and rewaring…
    You and Constitutional Insurgence ought to get together…see his comment above!

    JMB…see, you’ve GOT to get over the tinge of GUILT! Even God rested on Sunday! 🙂
    “gem stone collecting?” THAT’s interesting! Have you found precious gem stones in your searches? And ya, riding a Harley must be GREAT fun!


  11. Kid says:

    Wood working, other projects around the house. Enjoy watching the birds at the feeder as I drink a coffee and contemplate life. We have a wide variety of birds here: Blue Jay, Woodpecker, Cardinal, Oriel, Golden Finch, others I don’t know the name of. The Blue Jays and Woodpeckers come in like F/A-18’s landing on an aircraft carrier. Then we have a ground hog under the back shed that delivers 3 or 4 new ones to the world each spring and they’re often in the back yard playing. We’ll often see deer in the back yard eating the honeysuckle blooms and there is a small herd of raccoon that come at night to eat a scoop of cheap dog food put out for them. That and the occasional opposum on the back deck and a number of owls back in the woods beyond the back fence can be heard calling to each other. I enjoy wildlife more than I enjoy most people.


  12. Mal says:

    As you pointed out, Z, we’re never doing “nothing” and like Bocopro pointed out with his retake of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” I. too, get lost in my reverie. Its mostly what we have left after a certain age.


  13. John M. Berger says:

    “Have you found precious gem stones in your searches?”
    No, precious stone locations are usually interdicted from public access. I’ve attempted to send you some pictorial examples of the semi-precious ones I’ve collected in Nebraska and S. Dakota where [they] are considered State Gems.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you and bocopro are lucky at your ages to HAVE reverie memories! 🙂 I’m glad you both do, too, because we benefit from yours so beautifully here at GeeeeZ. xxx

    Kid, do you make wooden things???
    You and Cube are both on the bird admiration…..for inveterate cat lovers, that makes me smile. Although I know cats love to look at birds, it’s not often too healthy for the bird ! I’ve never seen a ground hog in my life but we had the ugliest animal on the planet in our yard one night and darned if I can remember what it’s called…it’ll come to me! I never can remember its name..I think I block it out~


  15. geeez2014 says:

    How the Left mischaracterizes Trump so badly….he said “Pavarotti…a good friend of mine, great friend of mine..” They’re all laughing at Trump because Pavarotti died in 2007 but Trump never EVER said “still a good friend of mine…”..only that he admired many Italians and Pavarotti was not only admired but a friend. He was talking at the Italian PM’s press conference. It offended me more in how he pronounced VERDI. OMG.
    What the Left’s saying is utter BS. I listened again to the statement on video (see link) and there’s no WAY he meant he was still alive.


  16. Kid says:

    Z, I’ve made some furniture pieces, mostly for our own use though I did make a solid maple dining table for a neighbor. Our bird feeders are hanging off the back deck and I put up a little fencing to keep cats from being able to just jump up and grab a bird. We’ve got a bird watching stray living on the deck.

    Oppossums are pretty ugly, they look like very large rats.


  17. Mal says:

    As an aside, I read in the paper this a.m. that “Russian court slaps ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses” which reminded me of something C.I. posted showing the number of Mosques in Russia, correcting something I had posted about them not allowing Mosques or Sharia Law. Now I’m really confused because J.W’s don’t pose any threat to others which is in contrast with possible Muslims.


  18. Mal says:

    Oh! I forgot to mention their reason was because they are an extremists group.


  19. Kid says:

    Mal, I read where they denided a child of theirs a transfusion because they believe it goes against their religion and the child died.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    All the crap the liberal say and it’s always (always) Republicans who get in heat for their big mouths…man


  21. John M. Berger says:

    Speaking of ‘bird watching”; every spring through summer we have an in-migration of very large white Pelicans (wing spans of up to 9’) from, I believe, Texas and Mexico. It’s quite entertaining to watch them scoop-up the Carp that have taken over the reservoir across the street from our town house complex.


  22. Z – My deck looks out primarily at my chickens…which are a hoot to watch. In the winter, I have a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains…now that summer approaches….nothing but green and trees. Very relaxing.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Kid! YES, that’s the name …OPPOSSUMS…OMG are they VERY VERY UGLy!!

    Mal, NO…JW’s do NOT present any threats to anybody…unless you believe Jesus died on a cross; they say he died on a tree and are vehement about it (I’m joking, I’m sure there are other differences but they’re NO THREAT)
    BUT….Germany has a ban on scientologists….they think they’re whacked and I think they’re mostly right. In Germany, they’re all over the main streets trying to entice people by having ‘personality tests’…When I lived there I fell for it twice, a few years apart…because I love that type of ‘test’ ….then they say “come with us and we’ll have you fill out the test…” only to turn the corner and see Scientology on the window…and LEAVE.
    In the LA Times, about 30 years ago, there started an exposee on Scientology….telling, case after case, about people who wanted to leave the cult only to have car accidents…Scientology people showed up at the accident sites because that was the emergency number for those members, and they said they were taken to a home and given no water or food for a very long time, etc. The paper said they’d have reports every week about scientology…………but it was STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. I opened the next Sunday’s paper only to find ZIP. people have died in their attempts to leave. Not good. THAT, I believe, was in Germany’s favor/ I believe France, too, doesn’t look kindly on scientology.

    JMB…pelicans! That’s fabulous…what a sight! Here in LA, in the suburbs, growing up, every November (I think it was), we’d suddenly hear tons of geese squawking around dinner time and would all run out to see the huge ‘V” of geese going south for the Winter…we loved that, too!
    We once had a peacock on our 2nd story roof! Finally got it trapped in the garage and called animal services! That was weird. And, in Hollywood where I lived for a while, I looked out my kitchen window and saw tons of parrots on the telephone lines..SO cute. Everybody knows about these parrots…wild ones..
    But PELICANS, that’s really wild!

    CI….sounds very nice….and chickens! What fun!


  24. geeez2014 says:

    I love it when Conservative dopes set Conservatives up for ridicule, don’t you? They can’t even have the CLASS to act correctly in the WH? jerks.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    UHOH! Another mischaracterization? The headline is “It looks like House Democrats just won a big victory in the Trump-Russia investigation” but the article only talks about Russia tampering in our election, not a Trump connection.
    Brennan and Yates are going to testify….Brennan is such a sleeze…….
    I don’t think Trump was in cahoots with Russia but I think the push is on to make it look like he was and now I wonder if our problems with Russia these days (Trump actually said “the worse EVER”..forgetting the Cold War,I guess? OY, did I cringe) will make Russians, told by PUtin, to lie and say they DID have Trump dealings with the election?


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Headline under the picture is TRUMP GREETS FREED EGYPTIAN…


  27. skudrunner says:

    Plying golf but the way i play it is a lot of work. Other than golf I do whatever the wife tells me to do and that pretty much occupies all my free time because she has a lot of things to tell me to do.


  28. cube says:

    Yes, I’m an avid reader, have been all my life. I also love to write and watch TV. That doesn’t contitute as nothing, does it?


  29. FB says:

    I’ll do nothing when I’m dead. Plenty of time for that kind of inactivity. For me “doing nothing” is laying on the couch watching TV, youtube or a movie.


  30. Whether Trump himself had ties to Russia, with regard to the election, I don’t know…….but don’t be surprised if some revelations come out about Carter Page’s involvement.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Cube, if that constitutes as NOTHING, I LOVE doing NOTHING, too…yes, it’s NOT WORKING! 🙂

    CI…I’ve heard Carter Page’s interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, about a 30 minute interview, which impressed me more for its longevity than content. I think we NEED longer lasting interviews, not 4 minute soundbytes…
    ANYWAY….yes, as much as Carter Page’s protestations make a lot of sense…he is a student of Russia, he’s been there many times, he only helped mildly during the election and not after, I’m pretty sure there was some input from him into the Trump world and, while that shouldn’t surprise anybody because good people want experts, it does make us wonder.
    The reason the content didn’t impress me was because Cooper was hammering him harder than I’ve ever seen ANY (any) interview on news TV…as if ANDERSON KNEW AND PAGE WAS KEEPING THE TRUTH FROM ANDERSON. It was almost hilarious to watch…probably I kept it on for that reason more than anything because Page is duller than dirt!! It felt SO odd to see a news person grilling him that hard…Cooper even kept saying “I know I’m not a lawyer, but..” I felt it was a low in his career…and I’d started to rather respect Cooper…until the campaign got heated up.

    skudrunned…’re a very good hubby 🙂

    FB: that’s doing NOTHING very nicely!


  32. Page could have been an unwitting source being groomed and vetted by the Russian SVR….but he could have also been knowingly complicit. I thoroughly agree that interviews should last as long as needed…rather than just long enough to fill the space between commercial breaks.


  33. Kid says:

    Maybe I’m stupid. Let’s assume everyone in Trump’s campaign team including Trump talked to the Russians (about things other than Russian driving/crash videos on youtube). How would that have effected the election. How would Russians doing anything have caused people to vote for Trump over the beast, or caused beast voters to not vote? I don’t believe anyone read the Podesta emails. I don’t believe if anyone did they changed their clinton vote based on some perception of a morality problem. Democrat voters have no such triggers.

    Seriously not getting it.


  34. If the Russian intelligence services were behind the release of the Clinton e-mails……that would be a pretty significant effect. Comey’s gift to Trump was likewise, but not in collusion with a foreign service.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Ci…it drives me crazy when a very serious topic is brought up on FOX, and the panelists are up on the subject and having an excellent conversation…it could be a murder or rape and the news person will suddenly wear a big smile and say “Well, I have to go, we’re on a HARD BREAK!” ???WHAT? You’re left hanging there…

    Kid, I’ve heard dems say the Podesta stuff turned them off enough not to vote for Hillary…not sure they voted Trump, but it did have an effect. .
    The obvious perception the news is loving spreading around is that Trump is in Putin’s pockets (they even had articles about how many Russian citizens have bought into Trump buildings as if that has anything to do with politics)…and, while the original scare tactics of leftwing media was “THEY TAMPERED WITH BALLOTS”, that seems to have died away as quickly as global WARMING turned to Climate CHANGE when things started getting colder! Didn’t fit the narrative!

    Sadly, you might be right and there is absolutely no reason to question why Trump and Russians were talking incessantly..IF they even were….(tho that would make me curious, like Trump’s folks didn’t have enough to DO during the campaign but to talk with Russia a lot? For no reason?)…anyway…you and I’ll never agree because I think perception of the American people IS important and you feel as long as Trump’s getting the job done , who cares?


  36. geeez2014 says:

    CI, “If the Russian intelligence services were behind the release of the Clinton e-mails” I agree…


  37. Baysider says:

    Even baby possums are ‘cute’, Z. I’ve caught several by hand. (thickly gloved hand)

    It’s been so long since I’ve had nothing to do that I can hardly imagine the state any more. But I do enjoy just sitting – and if I’m very lucky reading!! – in complete and total silence. I love sitting out behind our new rental house, listening to the birds and watching the ducks splash in the creek. And jigsaw puzzles.


  38. Kid says:

    Z, So you personally know people who were going to vote hilrod but didn’t because Podesta emails? I’m surprised is all. I saw the election as polarized beyond the laws of physics. I’m surprised anyone would not vote dem who planned to after 8 years of obama.


  39. Kid says:

    Baysider – Baby Anythings are cute 🙂


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider..No, they aren’t cute 🙂 But…to each his own!
    Your new rental home??

    Kid, I’ve heard folks on TV say it and I’ve heard people here say it….they were NOT pleased, looked at it as the ‘last straw’….I am surprised how many Dems turned off Hillary BIG TIME.


  41. geeez2014 says:



  42. Kid says:

    Z, That is interesting, Suprising, and Encouraging that some democrat voters are able to wake up form their slumber. I hope that is what is happening because the clintons are human garbage. I hope they run chersea crinton in 2020 and that horse face beast gets 20% of the vote.


  43. Bob says:

    When I am not sleeping or chasing the grandkids, I am probably reading, watching TV, or diddling with something electronic in my basement as befits my hobby of ham radio. I just finished refurbishing a 40 year old Heathkit amplifier, and testing it on the air. Good reports from across town and Mexico. Of course, these contacts were in the Morse Code, an old code that has lost its luster, but is still a great art and worth keeping alive. When the big one is dropped, I am one of the few that will be able to communicate in Morse. I just hope there is someone to talk to.

    I have been spending a good bit of time, lately, planning radio projects. This is one of those hobbies that can consume all your time.

    73 everybody.

    Note: The message, 73 for Amateur Radio Operators, has a cloudy beginning. It originated before radio was voice communications capable, and combines the numerical digits 7 and 3 in Morse code. The combination results in a rhythmic sound, and means “best wishes” to the one being addressed. It is commonly used at the end of a conversation like one would say Aloha, or goodbye, etc.

    The Morse Code dash sounds like “dah”, and the Morse dot sounds like “dit”.

    Dah-dah-di-di-dit (7), di-di-di-dah-dah (3). Note that these digits are the opposite of each other in Morse.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    Bob “I just hope there is someone to talk to.” You are very clever.
    I don’t know a thing about ham radio but I am intrigued by it and it’s lovely to know about your hobby!


  45. Kid says:

    Bob, 37 is also very big in the number scheme of things.

    More than this shows too. 3 and 7 are very big numbers on wall street or ‘in the market’ may be more accurate.


  46. Kid says:

    Let’s try this again….


  47. Kid says:

    37 has been a huuge number in my life. Too damn bad it never did anything good for me.


  48. John M. Berger says:

    “tons of geese”
    They have taken over Lakewood and other parts the foot hills of the west side of Denver! The pelicans have just started to arrive. If I get a good chance I’ll send a photo.


  49. Kid says:

    Bob – anyone to talk to? If it comes to it meet me at the Club West golf course in Tempe Arizona.
    And bring some friends, we’re going to need a few guys and gals to keep the grass cut.

    or maybe Gold Canyon.


  50. John M. Berger says:

    ” that horse face”
    Yes, Webb Hubel’s stuff is quite evident
    there; isn’t it!


  51. Kid says:

    I believe So JMB.


  52. Bob says:

    Kid: I had no idea you were the member of a little known, evil cult. I went to your link and now have an evil headache caused by things like, “Thirty-seven is the 12th prime number, a permutable prime with 73 (which is the 21st prime number). 37 is the fifth lucky prime,[1] the first irregular prime,[2] the third unique prime[3] and the third cuban prime of the form[4].

    I guess I was primed for this revelation.


  53. Bob says:

    One more thing, Kid. If I were to sign my radio contacts with the number 37 instead of 73, would they think I am gay? Are you setting me up?


  54. Baysider says:

    We completed our 1031 exchange and have been down there often preparing it for rental, meeting prospects, etc. Our new tenant moves in May 15. But I LOVE the house and location – utter peace and tranquility. You can feel the stress peeling off. And, for Mr. B, the closet food place is the BEST croissant baker ever, so I treat him when we go.


  55. Baysider says:

    And Kid, I LOVE little Nigerian goats. I’ve even dreamed about having a pair HERE! But goats are tough – VERY clever little escape artists, and not much meat on dwarfs, or milk for that matter.


  56. geeez2014 says:

    What is this 37/73 thing? Radio call numbers?

    Baysider, let’s talk when we see each other… I’m lost. Except for the croissants 🙂

    JMB and Kid…Chelsea looks so much like Web Hubble, and so UNlike the Clintons it’s almost amazing.


  57. Baysider says:

    Yeah, she’s a deadringer for Hubble. Just like Obama and Frank Davis.


  58. Baysider says:

    I keep wanting to bring you croissants … but you MUST, of course, have them fresh.


  59. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I never thought of Obama looking like Frank Davis, but he sure doesn’t resemble Mr. Obama Sr….he does resemble his mother…long narrow face, etc.
    Croissants should be fresh, yes….our neighborhood cafe was said to have the best croissants in Paris but they weren’t the typical shape…they were long and WONDERFUL


  60. Kid says:

    Bob, then consider my twitter handle has two 37’s in it. bob_3737.

    No, 37 is not gay, it is trancendental though.


  61. Kid says:

    Baysider, I love all the baby animals. Too bad many are so unpractical when they get older.


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