Ann Coulter at Berkeley? Or not.

THIS ARTICLE is about Ann Coulter’s cancelled visit to Berkeley and the Republican students who may be suing UC Berkeley for the school’s not allowing her to speak.  (She is saying now that she WILL go).

Is the University using safety as an excuse?   Coulter said in another interview that she has heard from Berkeley cops saying they’re more than ready and able to protect her and are sickened that they were told to stand down at the last speaker’s appearance not long ago.

Do you think ANY but Berkeley students other than Republicans even understand the astonishingly unAmerican stance the Berkeley libs are taking?   How can THEY NOT?  They call Coulter Fascist when the way they’ve been treating Conservative speakers is about as Fascistic as it gets.

How can parents hear this stuff and keep their kids in American schools?   “I’m sending Johnny to UCB, where only those who express and teach leftwing ideology will be who he’ll hear….”   Really?     Obviously, it’s not only Berkeley which has done this;  universities all over this country are pulling this.    It seems these days that INSTITUTES OF HIGHER LEARNING are more about the high from pot smoking than any high aspirations to excellence, as in days gone by.

I’m stunned at the very idea that college kids don’t care, don’t think they have a right to look at all sides, a right to be safe, a right to grow in strength by making their own minds up on their politics, etc.

I can’t tell you how many young people I have heard of (even into their late fifties by now) whose parents were conservatives and who became ultra liberal after college.    Have you?

How can kids miss this amazing lack of curiosity and openness fed to them?



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48 Responses to Ann Coulter at Berkeley? Or not.

  1. You know you’re Leftist sh*t is weak when even Bernie Sanders opposes the childish tantrums of the anti-free speech mob. These intellectually stunted buffoons have devolved to caricatures of themselves.


  2. bocopro says:

    What I wanna know is why the liberalistas with all their emphasis on “safe spaces” and “free speech” and “we need to have a conversation about _________” can’t provide a safe space in their giant echo chamber for some free speech about the very issues which concern them so profoundly.


  3. I have heard of (even into their late fifties by now) whose parents were conservatives and who became ultra liberal after college. Have you?

    I know many such people!

    I even know one graduate of Hillsdale who moved way to the Left after attending graduate school at the Johns Hopkins Policy Center. What’s happened to him is a stunner! He was so well grounded in Conservatism, yet in only a few years, was upended.


  4. FB says:

    I think she’s pushing the envelope. Honestly what’s the point of it? To show the left is filled with communist revolutionaries ready to kill you for their ideology? We know that already.

    In the meantime, Hannity is next


  5. Kid says:

    We can’t let them bully the situation. The more they resist the more that conservatives should push back. Dissapointing that she decided not to go or whatever it was that caused her to now not go.


  6. FB says:

    It also shows that sending your kids to college for anything that is not pure science where you need the labs and equipment is a waste of money and time. I don’t have kids but if they wanted to get financed by me they’d have to 1/ pick a major that needs a college 2/ go to the right college. Otherwise they’re on their own.


  7. Kid says:

    CI, I’d say they never evolved in order to be able to devolve.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    “Dissapointing that she decided not to go or whatever it was that caused her to now not go.”
    The last time that I heard her address the subject (this weekend) I got the impression that she would still try to show-up on the 27th, regardless. Am I missing something here? I don’t blame her for not wanting to appear to an [empty house] on May, 2.

    I couldn’t agree more!


  9. bocopro says:

    After 15 years of teaching drama and lit and poetry along with the core courses of comp and tech writing, I have mixed feelings about college-level education for most people.

    I’d LOVE for everyone in our society to be familiar with Kant and Shakespeare and Voltaire and Schopenhauer and Pope and Wordsworth and Maya Angelou and Woody Allen and Sophocles and Homer and on and on and on.

    I mean, the veneer of culture and enlightenment grows thinner and more ephemeral with each generation these days. Plus, we simply cannot afford to extend adolescence into the mid-20s. Sooner or later young adults HAFTA start contributing!

    But advanced degrees in women’s studies or African culture or 19th century Belgian lesbian poetry just don’t feed the bulldog, and we’re in danger of becoming a nation of talkers instead of tradesmen, of protestors rather than producers, of whiners in place of welders.

    Do schools even OFFER shop classes any more? To me, an 18-yr-old needs to know how to read and understand what he’s reading; how to determine which mathematical formula for what problem and have the arithmetic skills to properly use it; how to balance a checkbook; how the engine in his automobile works; what to do when the icemaker in his fridge craps out; how to choose the proper hammer to drive the proper nail into a properly cut piece of wood without splitting it; what basic principles his air conditioner works on; why different sizes of wires are used in different situations; how to compose an effective business letter; you know, stayin-alive stuff.

    My guess is that over half the advanced degrees in our society today are about as useful as a fifth wheel on a Buick. We need to get back to makin stuff, fixin stuff, operatin stuff and knock off the protestin and philosophizin and politickin. Trade schools and think tanks, not talk shows and safe spaces.

    We somehow managed to keep the Philistines from breakin down the gates back in the 50s and 60s; I reckon we could still do it with a little common sense and leadership.


  10. I don’t think Ann Coulter should back down. Berkeley Mayor, Jesse Arreguin, is an member of the Facebook group, AntiFa, that organized the riots the weekend before last. It’s been reported that the mayor issued a stand down order to his police force. Incredibly, there’s video footage and photo evidence of the Berkeley Police on sight actually firing stun grenades at the Trump supporters and supporting the AntiFa rioters and inciting violence.

    I think Ann Coulter’s statements this weekend challenging the Berkeley police and authorities to keep her safe is very brave. If she goes ahead and gives her speech and takes questions, then it’s incumbent on local law enforcement to do their jobs. If they don’t… I mean don’t they have to? There’s huge interest in this story. UC Berkeley and the City of Berkeley will be exposed as the lawless environment they’ve created. That should really chill enrollment & tourism. We’ll see how self-destructive they really are.

    Frankly, I’m worried for Ann Coulter’s safety. I don’t think Berkeley Police will protect her. They arrested one damn person from those riots! Are you kidding me? I hope she’s traveling with her own security, but I’m not sure she is.

    We are witnessing the worst in Leftist violence in a very long time. What do we do as Conservatives? Do we cower in fear? Do we just back off and back down? Submit to their violence and bullying? Are the State of California and the City of Berkeley still American? I am afraid that we’ve already lost them. The anarchy on display is appalling and frightening.


  11. Kid says:

    JMB – I haven’t looked at news but took it from Z’s post that she wasn’t going to go. The last I did read something she was going to go on the original planned date.


  12. Kid says:

    One of the Watters World youtubes I’ve seen displays college kids who do not know who fought the civil war, what it was about, Nothing. Education has to be taken back from the communists or America isn’t going anywhere.


  13. Urban Dictionary defines AntiFa thusly:

    1. Anti-capitalistic, anti-personal freedom (unless you agree with them) anti-spiritual, anti-point. Harbors a social superiority with lack of civility or natural intelligence. These dim bulbs (at best) can be characterized by, greasy hair, basement dwellings and being totally devoid of any style or attraction. Usually spotted lurking at night in large groups of marauding retards of like mind (or lack thereof) near a large University or College, anywhere they can find safety in shear numbers (because their pussy’s) but has been known to venture out in the daylight to antagonize, mace women, light garbage cans and cop cars on fire at DJT rallies for money.

    “We don’t care if you’re 80 years old, we are ANTIFA and were delivering a knuckle sandwich old man.”

    2. In the United States, antifa stands for anti-First Amendment. While many claim that the group is anti-fascist, their actions have focused on shouting down and in some cases physically attacking those who oppose Progressive big government.

    Antifa demonstrators were seen attacking participants at a pro-Trump rally.


  14. Silverlady says:

    Today’s college ‘students’ think, & unfortunately rightly so, that they run these institutions of ‘higher learning’, which are today institutions of Fascist/Socialist/ even Communist indoctrination. This is the end result of feel-good, time out, go to your room parenting as practiced by the offshoots & descendants of the mind-blown by drugs Hippy generation. And every time their protests are successful they will become all the more outrageous with the next. So far no one has been killed, but in the future that may not be the case. I think this once-great nation is quickly approaching a very dangerous point in its history, a nadir from which it may not recover.


  15. Mal says:

    I swear, I don’t believe most college grads today are even equal to 8th graders a century ago. For the past 50 years (1963 student Mario Savio at Berkley) the left has been on a campaign to liberalize all education in the U.S. from elem-high to post graduates so what we are now witnessing is the results. Parents are partially to blame for not having seen this coming.


  16. FB says:

    Mal, when I saw my grandma’s writing in highschool, it was a lot better than mine in college and yet I am fairly “educated” even though I feel ignorant very often.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’m sorry…I wasn’t clear….I called it her CANCELLED VISIT because the cancellation is what all the kerfuffle’s about but she is saying SHE WILL TURN UP. (I’m going to fix the post so it reads clearer)
    I, too, would be disappointed if she wasn’t going…but, so far, SHE IS.
    HERE IS THE KICKER: I found the article I linked on Yahoo….then Googled so you wouldn’t have to say “I don’t open Yahoo” links…it’s FROM OHIO and you didn’t even look! (smile) GOTCHA! 🙂

    JMB…she is going, so far.

    CI, I actually hate it when Sanders and his ilk DO make sense. It sometimes forces me to question my views of him and others….! Like when Alan Colmes actually made sense from time to time….very rarely, but more profound for its rarity?

    AOW…from HILLSDALE to FAR LEFT? See, liberalism is so so much more happy a place, everybody’s so much KINDER, as they like to imply! I’m going to do a blog on that soon.

    FB, if you could SEE the utter MESSES our high schoolers at the school I’m associated with write, you’d faint. It’s chicken scratches….My mother’s handwriting is GORGEOUS, like your grand-mere’s… They don’t write anymore….it’s all on computer so, when they have to write a paper in class, take an exam, etc., it’s HIDEOUS. Obviously, a rare student has really wonderful calligraphy but not often.
    And, by the way, even some pure science class profs spout their lib politics. Particularly on CLIMATE CHANGE, for example. But….they weigh in; I’ve had this told to me. It’s THEIR TIME TO SHINE, particularly now when they’re aligning students to HATE TRUMP as hard as they can.

    Mal. I think you’re mostly right…..public school kids don’t have a CLUE. Look at Watters’ World any time….”Civil War?” 1965? “who is this man?” (pres Bush) “I don’t know.” Those types of answers come from Ivy League colleges.

    OBVIOUSLY we all know REAL brainiacs, I have some in my family, I’m sure you all do, too…but, interestingly enough, they’re mostly Conservatives…even one who graduated six months early from Berkeley survived liberalism!


  18. “Antifa” is playing a dangerous game. Taking into account their typical demographic, they have neither the skillset nor are they equipped, to bring the type of fight they’re asking for. To use the oft-coined phrase…..they’re writing checks with their mouths that their asses can’t cash.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest: Thanks for that info on that group…it’s awful, isn’t it.
    That link is interesting…STOP FEDERALLY FUNDING UNIVERSITIES? I wish!
    Coulter wasn’t challenging the Berkeley cops, in an interview I heard, she said she totally trusts them and some of them have told her they’d be more than ready to do their job in protecting her IF they were not told NOT to.

    Bocopro!! You said “I’d LOVE for everyone in our society to be familiar with Kant and Shakespeare and Voltaire and Schopenhauer and Pope and Wordsworth and Maya Angelou and Woody Allen and Sophocles and Homer and on and on and on.:”
    Which I SO agree with except…MAYA ANGELOU? OMG!!!! you rate Angelou with Shakespeare? I know something personal about how she treats whites, even very VERY rich whites, so I’m biased against her, I have to admit. And it’s almost first hand information. She was quite a … well, I wouldn’t have liked her…and I find her writings self-congratulatory and hackneyed.

    BUT…while I’m ALL FOR KIDS NOT GOING TO COLLEGE but learning a trade instead…you are SO right….would that our kids DID know the rest of your people in that sentence…..but, alas, they certainly are NOT learning this much anymore… except at MY school..BIG TIME. Our Sophomores study The Odyssey!!


  20. For added irritation on this topic…like a faux-intellectual hemorrhoid….take a read at this OpEd in the NYT:

    The idea of freedom of speech does not mean a blanket permission to say anything anybody thinks. It means balancing the inherent value of a given view with the obligation to ensure that other members of a given community can participate in discourse as fully recognized members of that community. Free-speech protections — not only but especially in universities, which aim to educate students in how to belong to various communities — should not mean that someone’s humanity, or their right to participate in political speech as political agents, can be freely attacked, demeaned or questioned.


  21. John M. Berger says:

    “I swear, I don’t believe most college grads today are even equal to 8th graders a century ago.”
    Yeah but those poor kids didn’t have ‘smart phones’ so how in the world did they do it (sarc)?


  22. bocopro says:

    O.K. Maybe not Maya Angelou, but how ’bout Toni Morrison or Alice Walker?
    My point is, of course, an eclectic banquet approach to literature . . . or a kinda “free speech” look at every genre from Phil O’Sophie to doggerel where all dishes are available to be sampled, if not necessarily swallowed.

    To read only a buncha dead English or German guys without an occasional palate cleanser such as Mark Twain or Mickey Spillane is to grow weary of beef Wellington and chateaubriand with a nice merlot.

    Once in a while I like a pizza with Chianti, or a greasy cheeseburger with Pepsi on cracked ice.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…I’m not HUGE fans of either of them but they’re better than ME, anyway. I think I’m a bigger fan of Walker’s but I did read some Morrison.
    And yes, your point is a GOOD one and I shouldn’t have carped! As a big cheeseburger and pizza with a Pepsi fan, I do see your point and sounded like a snob…which I like to think I’m NOT!

    Our high school also reads Twain….in depth. And Dickens. And many more.

    Bring on the caviar and champagne 🙂


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro..also, you said “My guess is that over half the advanced degrees in our society today are about as useful as a fifth wheel on a Buick. We need to get back to makin stuff, fixin stuff, operatin stuff and knock off the protestin and philosophizin and politickin. Trade schools and think tanks, not talk shows and safe spaces.”

    You are an absolute treasure and I wish more people could read you.
    ALL my readers/commenters ROCK….but not all of us have your exact gift.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest the way; A friend of mine wrote a FABULOUSLY funny book and got on Hannity to discuss it…it’s a political fictional account of life in D.C and TX., from a Conservative viewpoint…..Hannity treated HIM like crap and was lackluster in promoting it the way some interviewers do….he felt terrible about it…really changed his feelings toward Hannity.
    But, of course, this doesn’t mean he’s an abuser!


    🙂 🙂


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Quite a good article….and dovetails with our subject today.


  27. bocopro says:


    I can’t handle talk shows such as O’Reilly’s on which the host constantly interrupts or contradicts the guest he invited to share views. Yes, mantra chanters must be reined in because of time limitations, but I agree that with the exception of a few, such as Jon Scott and Bret Baier, the Fox hosts tend to be less tolerant and patient of divergent views than many of their counterparts on rival networks.

    For that reason I avoid most panel discussion shows. Just don’t like people talking over other people. It’s rude, boorish, and condescending. Even that dip Blitzer has better manners than guys like Geraldo and Smith. Problem with him is that he knows so much that just ain’t true while Rivera and Smith are just SO much more naturally intelligent than the people they’re interviewing.

    Megyn Kelly had a lotta the O’Reilly factor in her style, too. At first I thought it was cute, but after a while I got the message that it was all about her, not the topic.


  28. Kid says:

    Pamela Geller. Yes, good point and I agree that the political left have used this strategy while everyone else sat on their thumbs. Pamela has been on this for a long long time.

    On harrassment, I thinik I read it here but if not, I read where the political left uses the harrassment charge to get advertisers pulled from people they want to shut up. It is literally a war, and I believe they kill people too. DNC leaker for example who was shot in the back but nothng taken from him. Scalia is questionable, especially given it was late in obama’s term.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I got that article sent to me; I don’t read Pamela Geller. Ever. But I DO admire her’s amazing she’s alive.
    of course there’s bad stuff going on at other stations…they just don’t get it out there…who would?
    this is SERIOUS WAR.
    Gretchen Carlson made NINE MILLION…so there’s greed attached, too. Gad, I WISH O’Reilly’d harassed me, too. SO much.

    Bocopro…I don’t listen to anything which doesn’t have a REALLY good ‘consultant’ giving information. I agree, but WOLF? Have you noticed his speech pattern? How he says a few words, stops…starts…weird!!


  30. Mustang says:

    Conservatives are being targeted and murdered, such as a former Army officer by the name of Jack Wheeler. (See article: Anyone thinking that this sort of thing doesn’t happen, or that Jack Wheeler’s demise was mere happenstance, is seriously delusional. There must not be any greater “harassment” than this. And of course, we’ve all heard of the legions of people murdered who knew too much about the Clinton machine … sort of reminds me that you’re only paranoid when you only think that people are trying to get you.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, that was a terrible story and, sadly, who knows how many others like him? Just add him to the Vince Foster list, I guess…you’re right.

    No, no greater harassment than this.

    And, of course, it IS aimed at Conservatives….Conservative cable channels, Conservative military who are fighting for things the powers that be don’t like………..
    And, maybe Ann Coulter, too. ? Of course, if Pamela Geller hasn’t died, Coulter probably won’t…thank GOD. But Geller would be offed by Islam, and the people we are discussing will or have been offed by liberals with different points of view who just can’t fight common sense so they must kill it.

    I think we all agree that CNN and other companies have ALL had harassment charges but only conservatives are in the cross hairs.


  32. bunkerville says:

    The Coup is well under way. Anyone doubt it,, watch as Ann arrives and the Oath Keepers take care of business… it’s right under the surface now…. the anarchists are at the ready.


  33. FB says:

    Z, my handwriting is terrible too. Too much computer myself. I was speaking more in terms of spelling, thought on paper, vocabulary, grammar, etc…


  34. geeez2014 says:

    FB……In terms of all that, our parents and grandparents have it ALL over us. I believe it’s a test of about 100 years ago that went out to little schools on the prairies. No adult would know the answers today.

    Think you could pass this? Anybody?


  35. geeez2014 says:

    bunkerville..Oath Keepers? I googled and they’re far RIGHT, right?


  36. geeez2014 says:

    So…John Kasich is saying HE spoke to one of the Murdoch boys but won’t say about what. Wouldn’t it be perfect to get a guy like that on FOX…watering down conservatism until it’s…gone?

    He says HE wouldn’t have stayed at FOX if HE knew about sexual harassment. 🙂


  37. Kasitch used to be a Fox contributor. Not a host.


  38. bunkerville says:

    I will let you decide. They have a post about their presence previously. Oath Keepers.


  39. cube says:

    When I went to college there was a place called ‘The Pit’ and it was low to the ground with a bunch of cushions. You could bring a cup of coffee with you and soon enough you would get into discussions for hours about anything and everything. That’s what college was all about back in the Mesozoic era.


  40. Kid says:

    College for me was HKU – Hard Knocks Univ. I learned how to program on my own while working a series of sucky jobs and then did Ok. I see people doing all sorts of jobs now and I’m thankful I’m not them.


  41. Kid says:

    Silverlady. We are on a path and have been for a long time. Decades. I can’t imagine what would reroute it.


  42. John M. Berger says:

    “Think you could pass this? Anybody?

    NO and I bet someone with a ‘smart phone’ couldn’t either!


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, no, Kasich was never a HOST!~ He’s spoken to the Murdochs and won’t say about what….doesn’t sound like a “contributor” job to me.

    cube…sounds blissful…not possible today…not if everybody doesn’t agree.

    JMB…you’re RIGHT….even WITH a ‘smart phone’…NO WAY!!


  44. geeez2014 says:

    bunkerville! Your comment somehow gave me the impression they’d be AGAINST her…I get the point now; they’ll PROTECT her. GOOD! And thanks for the link.


  45. John M. Berger says:

    “JMB…you’re RIGHT….even WITH a ‘smart phone’…NO WAY!!”

    We owe everything that we have to the generations that came before us. Now, what will we do for those coming after? I’m really starting to wonder! I hope that the concept of Hell isn’t reincarnation!


  46. John M. Berger says:

    I was in a social situation tonight wherein the majority were , for some idiotic reason, totally into their “smart” phones, oblivious to all else. Why did they even show-up to begin with? When the guy beside me couldn’t determine the sum of 85+65 I thought; what are you people getting from this? So a thought occurred to me in the form of an axiom: A smart phone is to intellect as a walker is to bipedial mobility!!!!


  47. geeez2014 says:

    JMB…I like your axiom! isn’t it a joke to watch people walking around, sitting, all looking straight at their smart phones the whole time? that’s their idea of socializing nowadays!!


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