O’Reilly’s back….?

…….sort of.

HERE is link to O’Reilly’s ‘new video show’…or whatever it is….Very tinny, very amateurish, very bad audio with no video….that’s what he’s been relegated to.

My gut feeling is, as he says right at the start of it, he’s working on things with which he can vindicate himself.   If he did hit on women, the hits were made in private, so I don’t know how he can win a ‘he said, she said’ thing but I thought this tweet from Gloria Allred’s awful daughter, Lisa Bloom, was fascinating…

We all saw your hand to mouth gesture on the video.
We’re watching how you demean women.
We brought O’Reilly down.
Maybe you should be next. https://twitter.com/jessebwatters/status/857230823833075713 

What do you think?   CAN O’REILLY MAKE IT AGAIN?    Is this all just a hit job to HURT FOX?



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30 Responses to O’Reilly’s back….?

  1. Mustang says:

    The higher you go on the ladder of success, the further you have to fall. O’Reilly is nothing if not an arrogant ass, but I am sick of this “guilt by accusation” mentality in the PC world.


  2. fredd says:

    Arrogant ass is what he is on one of his nice days. He’s an abrasive jerk. He’s not as clean and pure as the wind driven snow, Z. Nobody will ever know what happened, since O’Reilly is impervious to this kind of smear much like Michael Jackson – the truly wealthy never get convicted. Look at Hillary, (joke: what’s the difference between Hillary Clinton and a ham sandwich? You can indict a ham sandwich.)


  3. bocopro says:

    Weaponized Political Correctness. The Libs have perfected it into a lethal art form. Very sophisticated update of the ol’ “Are you still beating your wife?”


  4. I too saw the Jesse Watters hand motion and was really taken aback by it. If somebody can’t comport himself better on TV, no matter how fascinating I find him or entertaining it’s a shame he did himself in.


  5. Imp says:

    Jesse Waters is always trying to be cute it’s getting very weary some. As well as childish childish immature immature immature


  6. Imp says:

    Well see what happens when I use Siri instead of the keyboard


  7. bocopro says:

    My refusal to watch talk shows in any form keeps me purty much ignernt of the cutenesses of people like Whoopee and Ellen and Geraldo and Watters and the whole bunch of overpaid, overhyped, self-important fussbudgets.

    But unless one lives in a cave and observes the world like those guys in Plato’s allegory, the news seeps into the awareness as if by osmosis through other means.

    If what is being repeated as what Watters did, he needs to be pilloried. In fact, I’m surprised Guilfoyle didn’t verbally castrate him on the air; she’s very good at instant riposte . . . parry and thrust, too.

    Gotta agree with Imp on this’n: “wearisome” is le mot juste. And to paraphrase an old commercial axiom, it’s not nice to fool around with PotUS’s daughter.

    For a nation in deep, ripe political kimchee, my advice is to turn off the TV for everything except old black & white movies, Sunday afternoon at the Masters, and headline news updates at 0600, 1200, 1800, and 2200.


  8. Men are under attack for being…. men in our current PC, feminist culture. Many women in their workplaces dress to call attention to their figures, tight sweaters, low cut blouses that display cleaveage, very short skirts that show off long legs, almost showing their behinds… they entice & flirt with the men around them… they get these men excited & aroused …. and then they cry foul, sexual harassment!!!

    I’m sick of this CRAP! Women play a major role in making this happen & it’s time we stopped placing ALL the blame on men! Women come on to men to further their careers & when they don’t achieve whatever their professional goals are, they go after the men they attempted to sexually manipulate with a vengeance! It’s unfair & unjust.

    I don’t know that Bill O’Reilly did anything other than take a few women out on dinner dates. Did he attempt romance with some of them? I’m sure he did. But those women went out to dinner with him willingly…. we don’t know how they interacted with him. To me, NONE of this human, male-female time spent together warranted multimillion dollar settlements or O’Reilly’s downfall. He was brought down for his wildly successful, Conservative, effective show. Period!


  9. Imp says:

    Wow wow FW… as s man and I had the guts to have said 1/10 of that I’d fear for my life around other women. I’ve always pondered that conundrum myself. Ya dress to be looked at and when it succeeds in getting attention they scream….” what are you staring at pervert”? Ahhhhh that chest….. that Coleman chest in the store window ? Gulp!


  10. You know what, Imp? I love men! I respect them, I understand them. I appreciate them. I admire their strengths & ability to cope, work, perform, produce & lead under pressure. Women, in their natural states, are more emotional & vulnerable. We are amazing leaders, too. But we are not wired like men are.

    There is no need to crush & flatten men into wimps. Men’s instinctive nature, their natural states, cannot be regulated out of them. Punishing men for the very essence God instilled in them is morally wrong. It’s unproductive — no — it’s destructive! And it’s unjust. In the current culture, men are being abused & their rights are being violated – by women making outrageous demands & imposing impossible standards on them.


  11. Adrienne says:

    I don’t particularly like O’Reilly, I hate listening to podcasts, I’ve never watched The Five, and barely know who Jesse Watters is. Sometimes it’s good to be out of the loop.


  12. Aaaaaannnndddd, Jesse Watters is on vacation. Just like Bill O’Reilly.
    You might say men are just men, but a man on a national TV show pretending to perform oral sex when looking at the president’s daughter pushes it too far.


  13. I have no interest in O’Reilly’s self generated plight, but I do certainly take offenders to the manner in which men are treated in advertising and in academia.


  14. I’ve seen the footage of Jesse Watters, there was nothing especially lewd or licivious in his comments. He mimicked her holding the microphone & commented on it. Everyone is looking for any reason to attack Fox News’ men. Much ado about nothing! Dirty minds are injecting sexual innuendo where none existed, imho.

    I repeat my contention that this campaign of sexual harassment (& racism) charges are nothing more than the means by which the Left is attacking & imploding Fox News because it’s been a wildly successful & effective purveyor of Conservatism. And the Murdoch sons are folding like cheap suits; empty suits, really.

    The Left has successfully used sexual harassment & racism charges to suppress & subjugate traditional Americans & our values for decades. They’re doing it right now to Fox News. They’re like vultures cleaning a dead carcass. Why can’t we see what’s really happening here? It’s so obvious.


  15. That what Z is pointing out with the Lisa Bloom tweet. They’re coming for Fox News.


  16. Imp says:

    FW….back ya in every word. I’m a big fan of women….. conservative women who generally have their heads on straight. Loony lib women scare me and I see them like a little Regan ( Linda Blair ) of the original Exorcist with their spinning ugly heads and pea soup spewing from their pie holes . Seriously, when I look at pelousy, Feinstein , Waters ( especially) , Boxer, Jordan, Warren and Clinton I see pure satanic evil. Evil enough to kill us all with their absurd outlook on the world and geo political issues.
    I adore women…. but our piece of the planet would be better off without the poozy hats , the Madonnas and the aforementioned sows.


  17. This nonsense is all about the Left’s tyranny & rage against an electorate that threw them out of power. They’re outraged that We The People dared to reject their abuse, theft, corruption & evil governance over our lives & businesses. They thought we were vanquished & cowed into permanent submission. We were supposed to eat their shit in perpetuity & thank them for it! Guess what Ruling Class? Uh, hell no!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    First, I’m no O’Reilly fan, as seems to be assumed here for some reason? I’m mostly not a fan of what can happen to men for a dinner date and trying to woo a woman they find attractive….and the fact that it might not have even happened but the women are believed. Let’s all remember that it appears that ALL of those sexual invitations to women were attached to A JOB ON FOX, AN INTERVIEW ON FOX, SOMETHING PROFESSIONAL. So, these accusers can’t just say “Ya, he tired it on with me..” No “MY PROFESSIONAL FUTURE WAS CUT SHORT BECAUSE OF HIM!” Who knows? Who can prove that?
    My advice? Have LUNCH with a man you don’t know personally….unless you thought it was an attempt at romance, then go ahead and have a dinner in a hotel. (get my drift? I think I’m parroting , basically, what Fairest Witness rightly believes)

    O’Reilly’s “impervious?” Wait, so he IS back on FOX? (no)

    But I DO think, and this is actually indisputable, he has done A LOT for Conservative TV. A LOT. And, for that alone I’d like to see him handled fairly. He’s also done a TON for children, really valuable, demonstratively good things…and he gives HUGE amounts in charity. I also think he’s pompous and egomaniacal. Does that mean he should be judged before anything’s proven?

    Does anybody understand why 88 advertisers would pull out of FOX because of what’s not even been proven? 88 advertisers? Odd they have time for news.

    Ed, maybe I wasn’t looking at the TV when Jesse said that….because I heard it and was jarred, but didn’t SEE anything. Probably I was looking down at my kitty lying next to me, or out the window at the wind, but I did not SEE anything…..I’ve only heard he said what I heard.

    Imp, my mother feels like you do about Jesse…..I DO think he finds himself pretty cute, or appears to, but I also think he’s toned that down a bit and seems to be doing his homework and contributes well on THE FIVE.

    Imp and Fairest Witness……I guess you just have to be a LIBERAL MAN to be trusted on a dinner date, right? Or a LIBERAL NEWS MAN to be trusted anywhere? Seems the Left NEVER DOES ANYTHING LIKE HARASSMENT!???

    I’m waiting for someone in media to ask “Wait, it CAN’T be only CONSERVATIVE men who hit on women”…. From what the media says, they just must be! (sarcasm here!)

    Adrienne…I always find it fascinating to hear/see what SO many Americans are experiencing when they’re watching TV for news….that’s why I not only do watch FOX but put on CNN from time to time….it helps me get a grip on what many Americans are ingesting!


  19. Mal says:

    We’ve become much like Bocopro in that we pretty much have quit watching all the Fox News talk hosts, ergo, have no idea what Jesse Watters said or did. However we do watch the channel for news because it is move reliable, but that’s it.
    FairestWitness, your use of the word “innuendo” reminded me of a joke. The word is Italian for Preparation H!


  20. Imp says:

    Z..,. I have most of the FNC night shows DVR’d on a daily schedule.
    The Five, O’Reilly, Tucker then Hannity’s.
    I replayed Waters on the Five…. hus comments were closing too. I like FW, heard him as a quip / compliment . As in congrats for hanging onto the mic like a pro and respond to the jeer. I didn’t see any hand imitation actions. I’d expect it from bob Beckel cause he might be sober but he’s still a pig that talks like his mouth is full of mashed potatoes!


  21. I hear ya, Z. The Left demonized male sexual interaction with females long ago, ironically at the advent of the Women’s Liberation movement, followed shortly by legalized abortion. Women were free to have sex with any man without the consequences of pregnancy. Additionally, Aid for Dependent Children welfare programs came along in this timeframe. All designed to give sexual freedom to women at the expense of traditional male roles & responsibilities. The whole thing makes me furious!


  22. geeez2014 says:

    FW, honey…makes ME furious, too.

    Mal, I like the joke 🙂

    Imp…Bob Beckel, the only man I KNOW who can’t wait to brag about being a druggie and alcoholic…can’t WAIT to say it over and over again; what kind of real “MAN” likes to brag about that? he’s a very strong Christian, have you caught those innuendos? VERY strong.
    l was glad he was back on THE FIVE but that only lasted may 3 times of watching; now I can’t stand the man again!
    And I didn’t see any action on Jesse’s part, either, but I DID think “UHOH….he didn’t say THAT, DID he?” Ugh!! he needs to mature. And FAST.

    They got O’Reilly (as Lisa Bloom said in that tweet), they after Hannity, and they’ll get Jesse, too, if he’s not careful.


  23. Perhaps he did not make the hand motion as I remember it, but he made the comment which brought to my mind the many times I’d heard something similar in a lascivious manner.
    You heard it Z, and it jarred you also.
    I guess you have as dirty a mind as it’s suggested mine is.


  24. But as for remembering it correctly I know it wasn’t on the five and it was on his own show Watters World.


  25. Except, I just got home, skimmed through all of last weeks Watter’s World and did not see the segment. 😦


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, no WAY do I disagree with you…as I said above, I thought I might have just turned away for a sec and only heard it, but yes, my mind “went there,” too !!!
    I did think it was on The Five…at least I thought he was directing the comment to other than the viewing audience?
    Anyway, the thing we know for SURE is he can’t do THAT again! 🙂


  27. geeez2014 says:

    I think it was on THE FIVE…”Jesse Watters, the Bill O’Reilly protégé who recently moved to the 9 p.m. slot on Fox News as a host of the “The Five,” made a comment on Tuesday that critics saw as a lewd joke directed at Ivanka Trump.

    Odd that one of the articles I found just now described him as “Controversial show host, Jesse Watters..” What’s ‘controversial’ about him..??


  28. Kid says:

    Is this O’Reily auto parts? Man I hate their commercials. That chick that sings the commercials must have the lungs of an elephant. Not to say I don’t like elephants.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    I just have to say that I have always loved watching the Correspondents’ Dinner…well, except for the Obama years…I watched less then. Before Obama, even with presidents I didn’t like, it was always a lot of fun, great humor, fun to see the gowns the women wore, fun to see who was there; I always loved that night.

    SO, tho Trump was not there last night, I tuned in and watched some of Carl Bernstein’s speech, and then Bob Woodward’s speech…they were DULL AS DIRT. It was honestly embarrassing…they, and the Muslim comedian who did the big comedy routine, ALL said how awful it is that our media tries hard to get to the truth and they should just keep trying…the BIGGEST HYPOCRISY EVER>…our media’s asleep at the wheel, of course.
    BROTHER, it was DULL. Even the leftwing media is saying it was ‘toned down’….No, it was DEAD DULL! Meanwhile, Trump’s feeding HIS ego at the Philly event with thousands who waited six hours in line to get in……..and, of course, how CLASSY it would have been had he said absolutely NOTHING about the Corr. Dinner…..but, he had to get the licks in. He’s like a ten year old sometimes…and doesn’t realize HOW MUCH LOUDER his NOT saying things would be…OOOOOH, I’d LOVE THAT…it’d drive the media ABSOLUTELY CRAAAAZY!

    A good night, all in all 😉


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