S Korea….Go, TRUMP!


S Korea’s economy isn’t in the best shape, but that’s their problem, and whatever they’re suffering economically might be nothing compared to what they’d suffer after N. Korea nuked them, right?

DO YOU THINK S KOREA SHOULD PONY UP THE BUCKS IF THEY WANT THAAD?  (America’s Terminal High  Altitude Air Defence system)   Why should WE PAY?  OR is Trump threatening their having to pay as a bargaining chip?  Could be a good one?  But should we NEED one?

Interesting part of THIS ARTICLE “If elected, Moon would end nearly a decade of conservative rule in South Korea, which has regarded the alliance with the United States dating back to the 1950-53 Korean War as a cornerstone of its defense against the threat of North Korea.”   Cool!  Stop depending on US….fight your own fights with N. Korea….VOILA!

THOUGHTS, GeeeZ pals?


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6 Responses to S Korea….Go, TRUMP!

  1. Kid says:

    I don’t think they will pay. I’m against funding other countries defense, especially in Europe where most of them don’t have the money because of their failing socialist policies.


  2. It’s worth remembering that it’s not just RoK’s ass on the line…it’s Japan, potentially the U.S. west coast…and the stability of the entire region [some of our largest trading partners] on the line. I think that’s worth funding the THAAD systems that will be on the peninsula.


  3. Mal says:

    I was thinking the same thing about Japan’s concerns, CI. After all, they’re only a stone’s throw away, and with China’s other aggressive move creating islands in the South China Seas it shows their intent. I can’t help but fault the previous administration for all this mess by weakening us at the same time as he sunk us even deeper into debt.


  4. Not to mention the tens of thousands of U.S. forces in RoK and Japan.


  5. bocopro says:

    Well . . .
    Wilson was wrong
    Churchill was right, but he got voted out
    FDR made a lotta mistrakes
    Patton was right, but a warmonger primadonna
    Stevenson was right, but a Democrat
    MacArthur was right, but a lousy general
    Carter was wrong, and in the wrong league
    Reagan was right, but he had no successor
    Gore was wrong, and he still is
    Clinton was merely a parasite, an unapologetic parasite
    Dubya was a good man, but a bad president
    Soetoro was the wrongest man at the worstest time
    We’re broke; we can’t afford to play globocop
    Every time Europe has a civil war we hafta go win it for ‘em
    The UN is anti-American and expects us to fund its operations

    All considered, isolationism is beginning to look purty gud . . .
    Let’s withdraw and sell arms to all of ‘em
    Cancel the national debt, both internal and external
    Build a wall, build a Navy, Build new planes, and Drill, baby drill
    Let ‘em knock each other off with our gas and guns

    Yeah, I know, I know . . . road to destruction
    Sorry, just thinkin out loud

    But I was pallbearer today for a retired USMC MGySgt. HUNDREDs of people. The procession to the National Cemetery had over 50 cars.

    Entire NAS security team lining the road on base to render hand salute
    Squad of E-4/E-5 Marines in dress canvas for the rifle salute
    Bugler in full dress alone under a tree by the shelter
    Six butterbars in full dress blues to take the casket from us at the hearse
    Big rockjawed E-9 to present the flag to the widow
    Catholic preacher who’d been a Navy chaplain with the Marines
    Nice breeze, cloudy day . . . . . even tho I hadda wear suit & tie

    I was struck once more by how important custom, tradition, ritual, ceremony can be to society and how tragic it is that many of those customs continue to be discarded, traditions continue to be abandoned, rituals continue to be forgotten, ceremonies continue to be abbreviated.

    We are no longer the society, the culture, the people who built a nation, tamed a continent, took down tyrants, and fought off communism.

    And I am damned glad that at least the United States Marine Corps not only doesn’t forget its own, but it doesn’t forget the important stuff. And I was NAVY!

    I want things to be the way I ‘member ‘em back in the 50s and 60s.


  6. Kid says:

    bocopro, as I read the 4th paragraph from the bottom, it occurred to me that traditions are important. Think of anything in the animal world. They don’t change. I happened to think of ants because they go to war as a group I guess. The do it the same way every time. Crossing water some sacrifice to make the bridge across for the others. They are hardwired and do things the same way – a tradition going back to the first ants I guess, or not long after the first ants.

    In the sense of dealing with interaction with other cultures, aliens, migrants, other countries, we seem to be an ant colony that wants to try new stuff all the time. Naw, let’s forget what worked in the past, that’s old hat, lets try being nice to moslems, accepting of anyone that wants to live here. Pay their way because we’ve been so priviged. I’ll stop here – I’m sure everyone has the idea.

    We think we’re so superior but the animal/insect/marine life world has it all over us. They never depart from what works and they will be here long after we’re gone wondering what the heck were those things anyway. At least we can cross the roads safely now.


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