Susan Rice….WHAT?

Susan Rice won’t testify at the Senate Hearings.   She’s decided she shouldn’t.  I didn’t know you could do that.  Odd.  I’d have thought these ‘invitations’ are kind of a subpoena, but apparently not.

Basically, she said “No, thanks….I don’t like it because only the Republicans invited me and all the other invitees had the Republican and Democrat invite me. And they invited me later than the others.”  WHAT?

It’s almost as wild as Comey yesterday saying that Huma Abedin’s not in trouble because she didn’t KNOW she shouldn’t send classified emails to her husband.   WHAT?

Regarding Susan Rice,  Senator Graham “…..noted Rice’s previous denials and said, “I expect we will continue down this path. I hope Ms. Rice will come before the committee – and not just the press.””  I think that’s fair.  If you’re not going to testify, you don’t get to blab YOUR brand of the truth to America.  Deal?

Do you think ANY of these people would tell the truth if it shines badly on THEM, anyway?  So, really, what’s the POINT of these hearings?


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11 Responses to Susan Rice….WHAT?

  1. We wouldn’t learn much from an un-subpoenaed visit from Lynch. She would be, shall we say, less than forthcoming if not under oath.

    I think we will finally start getting some answers when Yates testifies next week.


  2. CI, did you mean Rice? Or did you have something else in mind, related to Yates?


  3. Oops…..yep, meant Rice. For some reason I had Loretta Lynch on the brain.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    CI, so you think an oath changes testimony? I don’t think anybody’s EVER going to tell the truth if they believe it will reflect badly on themselves. Perhaps they’ll be truthful if it’s someone else they’re talking about. I think you’re a bigger optimist than I thought!
    Loretta Lynch is another one I should have mentioned…Trey Gowdy is STILL looking into that….the most amazing ‘coincidence’ ever….
    ‘gee, just happened to be in AZ, and gee, just happened to be there when Clinton was, the guy whose wife I’m investigating, and gee, it was fun to talk about kids and golf for 30 minutes privately on his plane…see, he had everybody leave his plane because talking golf is SO confidential” (imagine anybody believing that?)

    Yates will definitely be interesting….


  5. Geezer840 says:

    There are different standards of justice for different classes of people.
    Susan Rice can deliberately lie to the American public and blame a video for an attack on an embassy. Sure a film maker ends up in jail but she lied for a good reason (upcoming election).
    Ben Sasse asks Comey if Julian Asange, who has released classified information that he received from others, is presumed guilty of a crime then should news reporters who released classified information they received from others regarding Gen. Flynn be charged with a crime. Comey said the FBI considers that the press can do that because they are providing a legitimate role of informing the public.
    Of course if Flynn had established a charitable foundation with himself being the administrator I guess he could have received hundreds of thousands of dollars for multiple speeches and then he wouldn’t need to lie about getting money from a foreign government. He probably would have to be a politician in order to get away with that though. Has anyone read about why the Clinton Foundation folded as soon as Hillary lost; or, what happened to the millions in the Foundation?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Geezer, right. There are SO SO many stories, like I listed yesterday, which don’t have scrutiny at ALL….that the media didn’t really cover the Clinton Foundation situation is appalling. There are rumors of so much malfeasance ……

    This is why I often say it’s not the STORY that’s more upsetting to me, it’s an AMERICAN MEDIA that doesn’t care to look into stories they don’t like.

    THAT is stunning. THAT is PRAVDA. And Woodward and Bernstein had the GALL to speak at the Correspondents Dinner whining about how the media tires to get stories out and shouldn’t be stopped? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


  7. Imp says:

    Wow… Geexer sure as hell nailed the situation and the despicable double standards that clearly the elites and upper class princes and princesses of our real monarchy, will always be above the law…. and I have to note that they are all demrats to their core and today and everyday are disingenuous liars, thieves and to me , as Comey confessed to Trey Gowdy and his committee …. what a liar Hillary was. How irresponsible she was, how deceitful she was and yet, untouchable when she clearly should have been indicted and prosecuted, then fined and jailed just like you and me would be…. and some men in the military have been. One…, for texting or tweeting s picture of the sub interior he was serving on?
    It clear to me after that exchange with comey and lynch…. should have lawfully been fired for holder in drag and resigned for comey.
    Wikileaks’s should get a medal for exposing thus fraud and lawlessness to the American citizen and voter. I despise them all and weep for that blindfolded lady because she has been shamed and mocked and broke our judicial system


  8. Mal says:

    Yeah. It is strange. I guess that’s the difference between an invite and a subpoena.


  9. bocopro says:

    Susan Rice is a waste of education and taxpayer money. Nothing more than a professional swotter, a geek, a weasel, a fink, a charlatan, a pharisee, a mountebank, an agitprop, a parrot, a dipwomble, and a gringewort.

    I’d articulate how I really feel about her, but I promised not to use obscene or profane language on this site.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    All great input…thanks, everyone.



  11. geeez2014 says:

    There’s a GILLIAN MICHAELS commercial on all the time..NORDITRACK….she touts how every good trainer in the world is on her DVD, then a happy customer says “There are all the DUMBBELLS YOU NEED”: and it makes me laugh every time 🙂


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