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I saw this horrible article and it reminded me about what’s really important in life and how God would want us to act.   Does God want a white girl not to go to a prom with a black friend?  Aren’t we all created equal in His eyes?  If so, how could the reaction of her father be excused?

We talk here often about the problems some of the black community is causing throughout our country, with Black Lives Matter, blacks killing blacks in Chicago,  some expecting reparations, etc., etc..  These are not good people in general, not because they’re black.  We all know whites involved with activist groups we disagree with, and white cops who’ve killed people without apparent provocation, and wanting the world to take care of them, right?

I know black young men FAR finer than some white men in this country…you probably all do.

SO, this father tells his daughter she’s out of his life, dead to him, he’s not paying for college, she should go live with the “ni**ers”.  In 2017, when we like to think most people are past this hate.

I think racism is something we should pray against.  I have a black girlfriend who told me once “If you want to see racism, go to a black barber shop,” : we all know racism isn’t only a white thing…absolutely NOT!  So, both sides…….prayer can’t hurt.

Pray for unity, pray for people on both sides to be kinder in general, to judge people on who they are, not what color they are.

Something hopeful is that the major gang leader of a VERY well known Los Angeles gang has been following Jesus for the last few years and I have a friend who’s working on helping him interact with the kids who idolize this guy, to bring faith and peace and love to those kids.  Please pray about that, too.  Please.

“Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness.”   1 John: 2:9

Help others come out of that darkness…

Have a beautiful Sunday.   Z

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  1. bocopro says:

    Color is pretty much immaterial to me; it’s culture that causes problems — prejudice, not pigment.

    For well over 50 years I’ve supped with, slept with, and succeeded with an Asian partner. Our children are, naturally, not-quite-white. Our youngest son (now 52) is regularly mistaken for a Mexican. Who cares! He doesn’t. And his very blonde, country-girl wife doesn’t, either. Certainly not his kids.

    Most of my wife’s friends are either Asian or black or Asians married to blacks. Kind of a clique-like thing. Recently we hosted a 9-day vigil for the husband of one of Milady’s friends, a MGySgt. Each night large numbers (the final night more than 40) of women came to our home and prayed the rosary and funereal novena for him because holding it at her home would’ve been completely impractical.

    Mine was the only white face in the place for those 9 days. Big deal. People is people, and though I’m not Catholic, I applaud the companionship and support and love of that custom of mourning for those who have passed. To me, a viewing, funeral, graveside service, and wake would be enough.

    But I’m a great believer in tradition, custom, ceremony, ritual. They’re the glue that bonds a society, a culture, a nation. And when those young Marines stood there like statues in their dress canvas, when that bugler sounded taps from beneath that magnificent tree, when 6 decked-out butterbars lifted that casket onto the rolling bier, folded that flag, and made the presentation to the widow, I was deeply proud and thankful that the USMC has not abandoned ceremony, has not discarded custom, has not forgotten tradition, and stops for a moment to salute a guy, not one who’s fallen in battle, but one who retired after 26 years and earned that respect through his dedication to his country and his devotion to his wife.

    And therein lies the rub: today’s blacks have abandoned the good traditions and espoused the bad ones. The traditional nuclear black family is 19-forgotten. An astonishing number of black children are raised by single mothers, on Welfare, and Food Stamps, and MedicAid, and subsidized housing, and in any given family like that, most of the children have different fathers and don’t even know who their own fathers are.

    Gone are those fervent Sunday church services with those glorious gospel songs. In their place they’ve substituted gangsta rap and streetcorner loitering, meth instead of mass, pot instead of God, and babies having babies instead of jobs.

    LBJ started it all with his insidious Great Society giveaway program insidiously designed to replace the ante-bellum slavery plantation with the 20th century totally dependency institution designed to (in his own words) “keep them ni—rs votin’ Democrat for the next hundred years.”

    THAT’s our national shame, not the actual slavery, but the development and maintenance of a counter-culture that perpetuates prejudice — from BOTH sides — and maintains black unemployment at levels that would destroy ANY decent culture. The noble “War On Poverty” has thrown trillions of dollars at black families to ensure that they remain dependent upon the party that lured them to the government cornucopia and addicted them to the freebies, like the cocaine dealer gives out free samples to build up his clientele.

    For this country to be surprised that gangs of young blacks are terrorizing neighborhoods, destroying property, looting, and demanding reparations is as ignorant as a parents who drink, smoke, swear, and cheat and then wonder why their kids are always in trouble at school or with the cops.

    The American Dream for young blacks today is a contract with a huge signing bonus in the NFL or NBA or a hit single playing several times a day on BET and MTV. It’s not as it was back in the 40s and 50s when the Dream was a house of your own, a car in the garage, and a chunk of beef in the kettle and everybody had a decent chance of getting there. Fewer than 1% of black kids will get that running back or point guard or recording contract.

    But they’re indoctrinated by their own leaders, such as Sharpton, that Whitey continues to oppress them and exploit them and deny them their rights. So they continue to ridicule their friends who try to learn something useful in school, taunting them with “acting white,” and voting to keep in power those career big-city politicians who work very hard to keep them beholden by dribbling out benefits barely adequate for sustaining life.

    It’s a self-feeding, growing, all-consuming disaster. Trying to feed a “Great Society” with unearned entitlements is like trying to cure diabetes with bon-bons.


  2. It seems a reasonable enough expectation to have your children and grandchildren resemble you and share your culture.
    Doesn’t always work out that way.
    My brother has a formerly very rebellious daughter. She slept with black guys (often there is a preference which is a reverse racism, in effect) and had their babies.
    They abandoned her.
    Now she is a successful highly sought after professional with black kids and a white husband.
    Nobody cares. I often wonder if the kids do, but they are doing very well, In some cases living with their grandparents for school reasons.
    I have nieces (two of whom I consider daughters) and nephews who are named Rodriguez.
    I obviously love them. Our common culture is our Christianity.
    It supersedes all.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    My article says the kids are both good kids and not romantically involved..’just friends” in high school.
    I’m obviously going on an ‘all things being equal’ thing here, though I know black kids FAR FAR more decent and respectable than some white kids I know.

    also, I TOTALLY get that a family has a reasonable expectation that their children resemble us and our culture. The black young man I’m well acquainted with’s family is of the same culture…only from a different state, Kentucky. They have the same faith, same values, same goals and dreams.

    I wonder how many black kids wouldn’t have grown up with hate and mistrust had their families not experienced hate and mistrust themselves.

    Bocopro….I believe the failure of black kids to continue attending the churches of their grandparents is a VERY big contributor to the problems we have today. This is why I particularly mentioned the big (I mean a name you’d all know) gang in LA’s leader turning to Christ is a HUGE positive direction…….because he wants to stop the gang bangers and give them something better.

    I do believe Democrats are at least partially responsible for our race problems today..LJB’s hopes of keeping blacks down while Republicans fought for the civil rights bill…….the entitlements we’ve offered, etc., all BAD BAD BAD. Then Republicans speak to ALL AMERICANS, not the special interest groups Dems like to speak to, and get blasted for not being inclusive when, really, they feel inclusion should be implicit; they are SPEAKING TO AMERICANS.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    i’m hoping we can all agree that God’s eyes aren’t color blind and ours shouldn’t be either.


  5. Mal says:

    While we are all created equal in God’s eyes, the Bible also teaches us not to marry out of our own “Tribe” (i.e., race, a word that didn’t exist at the time). So what are we to think or believe?


  6. Mal, believe that that decree was to the Israelites only for the purposes of them not being “contaminated” by heathen neighbors like when Ahab married Jezebel or Sampson and Delilah.


  7. Bob says:

    There will always be racism. There will always be prejudice. There will always be reasons for some people to claim victimhood, or to make other people victims. These problems have always been with us, and will be for as long as there are people.

    In my time as an adult I have seen huge changes in peoples’ attitudes about race. In spite of the Black Lives Matter folks and other race-baiting groups, there has been a significant integration of the races, both socially and physically in the last thirty years. These are no longer the Jim Crow days.

    I don’t have solutions for our problems, but I do know that many of these problems are deep seated cultural problems. Changing a culture is not an easy task.

    I am comforted by the idea that whenever mixed couples are seen, it is not viewed as something unusual or bad. In the capital of the old south, Atlanta Georgia, mixed marriages are just marriages between two people who lover each other. Surely, we can see that as a good thing.

    I am always reminded of the old Sunday School song with the words, “Red and Yellow, Black, and White, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.”


  8. Bob says:

    Oh, about that article. This took place in Arkansas, a state that qualifies as a third world country.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks for your response to Mal. And you’re right; sadly, some Americans of both colors think it IS “contamination” to marry the other race.
    What REALLY bugs me is when a white girl’s marrying a black guy , for example, and I hear “Wow, how’d her FAMILY take it?” I often wonder why that white person didn’t realize the black family, too, could be having a tough time with it.

    Bob…God bless you, that song applies, doesn’t it! Yes, there have been huge changes……sadly, one negative change is black Americans not relying on faith as much as they did. A church upbringing does seem to raise a level of conscience and promote kindness and keeping CLEAN in all ways. Of course, that also applies to white America, but black families seem to me to have been even more devout somehow….such great gospel music, such reliance on the Lord.
    Matter of fact, YEARS ago, I heard a black author of a book I think he called The Devil in the Pulpit, because he felt blacks were relying too much on God and had to get out there and fend for themselves!! I just tried to GOogle it and checked and it’s not there….He was on Phil Donahue’s show, so you know how long ago THAT was. Must not have gone into reprint!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Am stunned that Marine Le Pen lost by such a landslide…very surprising considering the news reports lately. She’s extreme, no doubt about it…wants France to STAY FRENCH, imagine? (it should).
    BUT I hear Macron’s not the leftist type most French candidates usually are…they run Trotskyites, literally….He’s supposedly ‘centrist,’ thought their idea of right and left is different than ours…Their leftists are Trotskyites, their centrists are our Democrats…………
    I’m hoping Macron gets tough on immigration…France is too FABULOUS to be destroyed like Germany is being…Germany is too fabulous, too, but Merkel has ruined it.


  11. bocopro says:

    Je’n parle pas Francaise, mais le liberte, fraternite, egalite d’antan se remplace par faillete, impie, castastrophe aujourd’hui.

    Or somethin like that. Basically it was a question of suicide by bankruptcy or suicide by terrorist. They chose the latter.

    I shoulda paid more attention in French classes way back when (1958/9). Done fergot ever’thang I lernt.


  12. geeez2014 says: you think LePen not being elected is a catastrophe? Well, I wish she had been, but she has some pretty extreme baggage in her father and some of her own statements…..Still, I LOVE France and am going to HOPE against hope that Macron will stand tough to Islam and refugees…So far, we don’t hear many refugees being accepted into France.
    Macron’s a centrist, as they say, but as I say above, CENTRIST is a moderate Dem, even a bit left of that……….
    I wish France would get out of the Euro and Le Pen was for that…but, alas………I’d have loved a FREXIT.


  13. bocopro says:

    Doubt if anybody’ll see this, but here’s my post-election rant, which kinda relates to your May 8 post:

    Well, mes amis, once again la belle France has surrendered. Not as Napoleon to the Russian winter, but to the malignancy of Islam. Not as Reynaud to the Nazis, but to the chimera of socialism. Not as General Navarre to the Viet Minh at Dien Bien Phu, but to self-indulgence and kicking the can down the road.

    Would that they, like the fabled Les Trois Mousquetaires, were made of sterner stuff, more like their British cousins in 1940 when Churchill made his famous “We shall never surrender” speech.

    What causes shivers up and down my spine, however, is that the Western European democracies and republics are very likely a foreshadowing of the fate in store for our grand New World experiment here in Amerique du Nord.

    Congress is hopelessly gridlocked and can get nothing useful past the Pelosians and Schumerites. Anyone who believes that Ryan and McConnell have any intention of allowing an outsider to “fix” what’s wrong with their little gold-plated cash cow has been putting too much psilocybin in his Froot Loops.

    Churchill said,

    “We shall fight in France”
    (updated for today — it is to laugh)

    “We shall fight on the seas and oceans”
    (today — we shall fight for leisure time and increased debt)

    “We shall fight with growing strength in the air”
    (we shall confuse the issues with hot air)

    “We shall fight on the beaches”
    (we shall have 4-day work weeks and spend more time at the beach)

    “We shall fight on the landing grounds”
    (we shall loiter on the campuses and malls wearing masks and carrying placards)

    “We shall fight in the fields and in the streets”
    (we shall demonstrate and destroy property and resist change to the status quo)

    “We shall fight in the hills”
    (we shall filibuster anything right of center and fight to impeach Trump)

    “We shall never surrender”
    (we shall never give up our entitlements)

    For those who may not have read it, Churchill is alleged to have also said to a colleague as an aside after the speech, “And we’ll fight them with the butt ends of broken beer bottles because that’s bloody well all we’ve got!”

    Well, maybe I was hasty in my judgment . . . after all that last line is remarkably similar to what the Hillaryites and BLM people are doing, along with burning things and destroying police cars.

    Aloha snackbar, land of snotty epigrams, insipid poetry, undecipherable pronunciation, inexplicable spelling, overpriced wines, and inedible snails. Enjoy the muezzins’ wails to prayer and the unwashed butts in the air.


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