Junk food? Junk Media? And a new Obama book…..

I saw this headline and was curious…

“Why Have Michelle Obama’s Healthy School Meals Been Junked?”

Now, we all know that those healthy school lunches have been filling trash cans for a few years now, right?  I’ve posted on it here, and you all had heard about it.   Take a look at the headline and tell me what you’d think if you were the typical American.   Here’s what I think you’d think;  “Oh, no!  This government doesn’t want healthy lunches for our kids, so they’re JUNKING them?”

Then you read THE ARTICLE, down to the bottom, and realize the FACTS actually DO appear………eventually.  The fact that the kids hated them, and school food choices ought to be local, and we’re tired of food being thrown away$$$

This isn’t THE most important subject that’s driving people from the Trump administration, or at least throwing big doubt on it, but I thought the headline about JUNK FOOD was a PERFECT KIND OF METAPHOR for how the MEDIA TREATS TRUMP AND ALL THOSE AROUND HIM.

Meanwhile, everything about the Obamas is apparently perfect!  Did you know that the way he speaks to her is a way ‘we’d all benefit from in our relationships’?   Such glowing compliments about their marriage in so many articles all over the internet…Meanwhile…..

……the media says Melania’s hating being First Lady (you know, they have very reliable ‘unnamed sources’ who help them get the scoop which we shouldn’t believe)  AND he’s going to be IMPEACHED SOON, did you know that?

The media, of course, knows the Obamas are IN LOVE and the Trumps ARE NOT IN LOVE.   Will this fun NEVER STOP!??  BUT THERE IS A NEW BOOK BY A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT THAT EVEN HE ADMITS MAKES OBAMA LOOK PRETTY BAD!  He actually had the nerve on TV last night to wonder why other journalists didn’t get the information he’s found (as if any journalists were looking for dirt on King and Queen Obama?)  Please read the link, you’ll want to see the info on the book.  By the way, something apparently happened to Obama which, in a very short time period, changed him…..suddenly  he was full of presidential aspirations.  I believe someone, or some people, got to him.  I always have, and this sort of confirms my thoughts.  I wish he’d go away.

And Michelle’s broccoli is getting JUNKED………I wish they were, too.


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54 Responses to Junk food? Junk Media? And a new Obama book…..

  1. I watch my students troop in every morning and eat their breakfast at the beginning of class. For the most part they eat what’s there because they’re hungry. I see the food they’re given and I find it revolting. Why not just leave the kids to eat what they want and quit trying force veggies down their throat when some pancakes of waffles would certainly be devoured. I want them to eat. Without food they don’t learn. I don’t eat veggies and I grew into adulthood. Stay focused on the important things in the country. The government tells us what we eat, what we can say, where free speech applies, where we can go to the bathroom, what kind of toilet we have to have, what kind of light bulbs we can use, It’s a play for total control and it’s scary what we’ve let them dictate to us.


  2. Kid says:

    You must be reading things I don’t get anywhere near in my cyber travels…
    When I see obama or clinton in print I skip over it like a rock on a lake surface 🙂


  3. bunkerville says:

    I second Kid. Right, he is so heterosexual it is amazing. Do I care? No.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Law and Order…they eat in class? Isn’t that odd? And they get their breakfast from the school? I know lunches are given but didn’t realize breakfast can be, too. It really made me sad to think they don’t just give them foods they love. It’s probably cheaper to give them waffles, too, than other stuff…flour, butter.syrup. You’re right; WE grew up FINE.
    I’m tired of genetically engineering our kids.

    Kid and Bunkerville….I’m too curious a person…about all things!!

    Bunkerville, this five year relationship he had, where the woman says he was SO good in bed, makes me wonder if it’s not just reaction to the gay rumors, as he’s not in a place quite so protected as he was as president. And, really, that’s NOT why I found this book fascinating.

    I think it might be fascinating to us all to hear how odd this guy truly IS…. how a progressive liberal finds such questionable stuff in his personality that even he’d tell the truth. I have a friend very connected in D.C., and he always says “Obama is known for being VERY COLD.”

    I believe something happened to him , people got to him, to propel him into public life and this huge goal of President………..and this author implies his whole being changed. THAT interests me as it affects us.


  5. Kid says:

    Z, Mad was watching Tucker last night and that guy was on. After listening to him for a couple minutes, i wrote him off as writing a fairy tale and calling it ‘truth about obama’. imo the book will get nowhere near ‘the truth’.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Why write him off? A ‘progressive democrat’ revealing quite a bit that’s not attractive about Obama? All provable? I don’t think we can expect all the truth in ANY biography, Kid.


  7. They’re teenagers and do everything at the last minute. I used to stop them, but then they don’t perform in class and essentially check out. Our school has three meals a day. Most wouldn’t eat at home so school is it.


  8. Linda says:

    I agree with Kid. I’m so tired of seeing their faces on TV, and hearing their obnoxious voices. Honestly, you would think our country should be a Monarchy, with him being king until he’s gone!


  9. Imp says:

    Law & Order.
    It’s always been my contention that today’s “schools” are nothing more than day care centers for the majority of minority’s formative lives. Do we know what the actual percentages are? If not then why not?


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Linda, I SO agree with you about not wanting to EVER SEE THEM AGAIN…But learning these things, and how the leftwing journalists NEVER looked into ANY of it, as this Lib journalist points out, is telling and a warning for our future….BE SURE OF CANDIDATES>

    L&T..3 meals a day..WOW….do you work in a very low income area?


  11. Baysider says:

    Just more stuff to pick at Trump over. Throw EVERYTHING up in the air to see what sticks, so people constantly hear bad noise about Trump.

    I’ve never understood why kids come to school hungry (LAOT) BTW. My mother was often very ill, but even then made sure I had (or was fixing for myself) a breakfast before I left the house! The food trash is much deeper than preferences. It speaks to a whole generation that lacks the voice of authority (parents) or discipline in their head in learning to grow up and make good choices. Now, “Michelle’s” school lunch programs were often not good choices anyway, and more than one child who came with a better lunch from home was forcibly charged for worse food at school because the state didn’t think mom’s choice fit their program.

    Carol Platt Liebau served on the Harvard Law Review with Obama. She described him then as distant, not forming close bonds. If you were talking with him at a gathering he’d be scanning the room for the ‘better’ connection to move on to.

    And I can’t resist the obvious, THIS comment in the article: “I’m an academic. …. and I think we’d have a better country if the president was not on Twitter.” This is an academic’s writing?


  12. My school district is about 65% free and reduced lunches. They choose to feed otherwise. I don’t get it either, but when little ones wear the same clothes to school all week, you know they’re dressing themselves. If they don’t eat here, where would they eat. It more a reflection on parents who biological only. I see kids are grossly overweight standing in line at McD,s. That’s bad parenting. Of course, the parents aren’t starving either as they are all overweight. We have a donation program run by parents that ensures kids ear over the weekend. Parents!


  13. should be “eat”


  14. Good news about working in my district, my daughter teaches in this district too, and in 10 years all her student loans are forgiven for working in a low-income district.


  15. Mal says:

    The effort for good nutrition should be aimed at the parents, not the children, ’cause the home is where they get their nutritional training, not the school, or at least that’s where it SHOULD be.
    However, it should stop there and not be forced upon them.
    Switching to a healthy diet can be hard. We gave up all red meat in 1985, and it was hard. Simply eating a salad, for example, left us craving meat, which took a lot of adjusting. Now, when we see ads on TV. slicing a knife into a thick piece of red meat, all we see is the animal, which we never really saw before. Its all about forming good habits.


  16. Mal says:

    That being said, I admit we do enjoy a well cooked pot roast, perhaps once a year! ;o)


  17. Silverlady says:

    The over-privileged Obama daughters, attending the Sidwell Friends private school, were eating like you would at a 3-star restaurant. In other words, don’t do as we do, do as I say do! Eat slop!

    Most American kids attend public schools. On the other hand, the first daughters, Malia and Sasha, attend Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. Tuition per student at the private school is $36,264 per year (but that includes a hot lunch).

    For Tuesday, Dec. 9, the scrumptious, bountiful lunch menu for both the middle school and the upper school at Sidwell Friends is:

    Potato Sausage Soup; Firecracker Slaw; California Chef’s Salad; All Natural Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings; Sweet Potato Black Bean Bake; Sautéed Local Greens; Gemelli Alfredo; Sliced Pineapple

    This menu of completely free lunch items certainly sounds delicious and nutritious. Also, to be clear, it’s for a single day, not the entire week.


  18. Baysider says:

    LAOT, the poorest child in my mother’s school (other than her) got nicknamed “Oatmeal” because he came to school with it in his hair once. Suggests his mother was able to feed him – in the depths of the depression no less – poverty and all. I just got disgusted with the school feeding programs. Then they started feeding everyone so the ‘needy’ children didn’t feel diminished by taking a handout. Yi yi yi!! How does this build self-sufficiency and not reinforce generations of dependency?


  19. Silverlady says:

    A link with pictures of the peons’ (that’s us) lunch vs. the above Sidwell menu. All in living color.

    PHOTOS: Here’s What Obama’s Daughters Get for Lunch at School …

    Dec 11, 2014 … While your kids at school get the slop that Michelle Obama dictates that they … In case you’re wondering, the Sidwell Friends School costs over …


  20. I don’t recall Tucker asking the author about Bathhouse Barry.
    Revisionist history.


  21. Imp says:

    Mal…. sorry friend . But I’m of the belief that all mankind are carnivores not rabbits or grazing cows. It’s all about self control. I see a good steak I’m all over it . It’s indisputable that it’s one if the better proteins available. Sure I love seafood too…. knowing that some have more fat and cholesterol that some fine cuts of beef do. Too much of anything can be a bad thing right?
    Hell…. even our teeth are designed to tear / rip “flesh” and meat. The others for flattening and grinding it down.
    And…. I’ve never seen a happy vegan or could I ever get aroused by a tofu dog vs a kosher all beef one.
    Yes…. ideally families should be the ones responsible for their off springs feeding and rearing. Examples are all around and practiced in the animal kingdom. And we humans are at the top of the food chain. But I sense a real reluctance to recognize the 800 pound primate in the room here today. And Yet we all despise PC?


  22. Bob says:

    Kid said, “When I see obama or clinton in print I skip over it like a rock on a lake surface

    I don’t know what a fellow traveler is, but I must be following you around. I don’t read that stuff, either. I like my echo chamber.

    Z: Here in Georgia kids can get their breakfast at school, too. As a matter of fact I almost recommend it. Instead of cold cereal, the Georgia student can buy/get sausage biscuits, chicken biscuits, French toast, pancake with sausage on a stick, a choice of milk or juice, or they could have their cereal. For kids without money it is for free, but a LOT of well-to-do kids get their breakfasts at school. Many school moms will stop at Chick-fil-A while carrying their kids to school for chicken biscuits, nuggets, or breakfast burritos. It is hard to find undernourished kids in Georgia schools unless their parents are starving them intentionally.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Bob…”sausage biscuits, chicken biscuits, French toast, pancake with sausage on a stick” Not according to the guidelines of Michelle Obama. Glad to hear they’re getting food that sticks to their ribs and doesn’t cost much. Glad the kids aren’t under nourished there…

    How you and Kid can stand echo chambers is beyond ME 🙂 I very much want to know what many Americans are hearing and believing.

    Man, I sub’d today, and am going back in a while…some of those kids are SUCH Republicans it cracks me up. Others……..ugh.

    EVERYBODY: I think that oatmeal’s the cheapest thing a mother could make a child for breakfast. What some of us don’t realize is some don’t have money at ALL….others are on drugs, working odd hours….parenting isn’t PARENTing anymore, it’s domicile for wild wolves.

    Ed, you really think Tucker’d ask about bath houses when he has no real proof? That would have been the end of The Tucker Carlson show…

    Mal; eating beef once a week isn’t unhealthy for most people…….or eating it even more. I believe it’s a great source of protein and don’t eat tons of it, but I do love most beef!

    Baysider, I think Liebau is my very least favorite stand-in host for KABC talk radio hosts…but she’s right about Obama. Like I said, the friend I have who knows DC insiders always says Obama is totally disengaged….I don’t even think he means what she says, “looking for a better deal to talk to”…he’s just COLD from what everyone in Washington says. Remember, he didn’t even engage with Democrats. Even Chris Matthews complained early on about how he never calls Dems for advice or help, etc.
    And yes, SOME academic!


  24. Mal says:

    Hey Imp! I we really aren’t depriving ourselves ’cause we really do enjoy healthy eating if properly prepared. No Tofu, either. AARG! As for red meat they do contain carcinogens except for Lamb. We do eat fish and foul, but no pig. (Well….maybe a strip or two of crisp, dry bacon with eggs or in a sandwich once in awhile). Were not prudes ’cause even if we did everything perfect were still gonna end up dying, right? So we do enjoy, too.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    SilverLady just emailed me this information :On Fox today; a teacher was suspended, WITH PAY, for having her class hit a pinata on which Pres. Trump’s face was pictured.”

    This MUST STOP. Our children are being ruined by hate for a sitting president. I sincerely believe that when 7 yr olds are crying over his having been elected, that is child abuse because their parents have unnecessarily fed them with horrors of their own making. Not to say Trump isn’t a horror (I’m trying to get past him, but it’s still hard), but to put that on KIDS and blame HIM? No, CHild abuse. SO, this teacher is suspended with pay…another words, a mini vacation for a child abuser who’s creating citizens who’ll grow up hating America. Blast them ALL.


  26. Kid says:

    @MAL, A read recently where a guy claimed that he cured himself of cancer by eliminating carbs and other nutrients that cancer cells need to survive. Essentialy he became very vegan.

    I like some re meat but not much these days. I can’t even eat a whole steak anymore actually – too much food. I eat about a 1/3rd of a normal size steak.


  27. Kid says:

    Z, FIrst off, isn’t it disgusting that these libtard teachers are pulling kids this young into politics ? I don’t believe I even had a political thought until I was out of high school with teh exception of remembering how the nun eaching us 2nd grade cried when JSK was murdered.

    On the lefty news….. I don’t see anything wrong with what you’re doing or interested in. I’ve just had enough of it, don’t expect to learn another single thing from it, so for me it is -my time better spent elsewhere- that’s all. And I’ve never seen a true libtard change their stripes. Ever. There is just nothing for me to gain going into those areas of media or politics. I know they’re pure evil, the democrats are pure evil and they will all hammer Trump for as long as he’s alive actually since he is doing them some serious damage, so far with Judge appoints but I’m obviously hoping for more that will corral them for decades.

    So, I head over the the washingtontimes.com mostly to read pro-right stuff, cheer myself up and usually even learn some things because there are some smart commenters over there. The rabid lefties that show up get sent below decks of the good ship Ignoramous. (I block them and don’t see their drivel)

    I look at news.google less now, because it is just usually filled with Anti-Trump, anti-Right fake news headlines, mischaracterizations and general libtard nonsense about the climate and other.


  28. Bob says:

    Z: I completely forgot to comment about the Michelle Diet. At my wife’s school, lunch was the most affected. The kids would throw away their veggies, and suffer hunger until they could get home and get a peanut butter sandwich, Twinkie, or some other substantially nourishing food.

    I love broccoli and most other vegetables raw, especially with ranch dressing.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, there has to be a happy medium between broccoli and peanut butter sandwiches or Twinkies. We don’t want them eating Twinkies every day or even three times a week! No nourishment and bad habits…. Yes, kids throw veggies away….Peanut butter ON celery could work….or yes, why not provide ranch dressing with veggies? I think most kids would eat them that way!

    Kid, I know it’s not wrong…I’m just curious. You’re right…kids aren’t into politics until NOW, when they’re being told Trump is a horror, they should go into bathrooms where grown men who think they’re women are, and the oceans are going to be drowning NYC any day now…Oh, and GAY IS BETTER, of course.

    What do you open your computer TO? My home page is Yahoo and I HATE IT….every SINGLE headline is anti-Trump. Occasionally, there’ll be something not so bad, and FOX is always the source (ALWAYS). So, do you have it on Washington Times all the time, then go from there? In other words, I go to Yahoo, my weather for Santa Monica’s there, etc….what do I do to get AWAY FROM YAHOO?

    Imp tried to help once but I got sucked back in…I think you did, too, once…but I’m back at that stinkin’ Yahoo 😦


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Silver Lady, thanks for that information (sorry your comments got stuck because my site didn’t like your link, apparently…but I released it)….WOW< I'll take lunches like that ANY TIME!
    Potato sausage soup!? I'm on Nutrisystem right now, so that even sounds better than it would otherwise…altho I have to say Nutrisystem is really good and I LOVE having bkfst, lunch and dinner ready for me! Don't have much to lose but wanted to lose it fast and feel full…and it works!


  31. Imp says:

    Mal…. thank god you can still eat bacon! Man everything tastes better with bacon on it Or added to it. I’d even bet tofu would ? Aaaarg is right. Hey Mal, I’d take a salmon over a flank steak any day. Given either to choose from. Maybe because I make the best dang salmon dishes according to my guests. But….the bad news now is…. mercury poisoning of fish. Mostly warm water fish though cold water fish are better nutritionally for you.
    And free of most parasites, bugs and other critters they consume.
    But I was still writing my first comments to you while you were posting yours about a good pot roast …. lol
    Oh…. and I hate the smell of lamb…. so mint or not to mask that if I can’t get it past my nose…. it doesn’t make it to my mouth.
    Anyway yea…. we’re all going to die and these days I feel it coming more and more…. a real reminder to not take anything for granted… especially time and health .
    Bless ya Mal


  32. Imp says:

    Z….first what do you use for your web browser? Chrome, safari, opera, explorer?
    I’ll answer by email or send you a link with step by step directions. Or maybe your man slave Kid will beat me to it?


  33. Kid says:

    IMP, No my friend, I haven’t done any slave work today, Z was subbing.

    Z, Let us know what browser and it’ll be a snap. With most brwsers you can have oipenmultiple sites in tabs when you start the thing. Lke you could have some news site on the first tab and maybe Victorias Secret on another and a great recipe site on a 3rd.

    My home pages are my work and personal email. When I move on from there, I open a tab which is blank but displays the 6 sites that I have visited the most. I click on RT.COM 1st, as that’s the Russian media. They have a top stories from around the world, then sections for UK, America, Opinion, Viral, and a potpourri of stuff. I right click on anything I want to read and open in new tab and continue on down the RT page, when I get to the end, I close the RT.com and start looking through the articles I’ve opened in new tabs. When done with those I move on to news.google, AON – America One News, then washington times. If I have some work to day, that obviously gets delayed.

    Not sure what you mean about getting sucked back in, sometimes, if you go to a site or use one of their products like yahoo mesenger, it might pop up a box that says We see your home page is not yahoo, do you want to make it so? If you click yes, then that’s one way you’re sucked back in.


  34. Imp says:



  35. Imp says:

    Z….. Kids using google chrome I think… or Firefox?


  36. Kid says:

    Comey Fired. Awesome. I saw a few articles today detailing how comey gave False testimony about clintons email dealo.


  37. Kid says:

    IMP, I use them both, but for this discussion I use Chrome.


  38. Imp says:

    Kid…. that makes it easier for z… exporter is a huge pain in the ass


  39. Kid says:

    Explorer is also the least secure browser. In Wndows 10, they have IE and Edge, and Edge Still doesn’t work. No more windows for me once my windows 7 machine is dead and can’t be moved to another.


  40. Silverlady says:

    duckduckgo is not tracked as a Search. And I use Ghostery to block trackers when I go to anything. It’s a freebie. A purple circle comes up at the bottom right to tell you how many trackers is has blocked.


  41. Imp says:

    Z…. KID….. oooohhha rah…., A Mac now? It’s about time. My oldest is 13 years old and works as well as the day I bought it!


  42. Once you go Mac, you never look back. At least in my humble opinion.


  43. Kid says:

    I think it’s going to be a while though. I can keep this thing alive for quite a while. Image backups protect me from malware should it arrive after support for 7 stops. People are still using Win 95 probably 🙂


  44. Kid says:

    Anything I want to do I can do on the Dell so no prob, but no more windows when the time comes.


  45. Kid says:

    Z, If you want to do some soap opera politics, imagine the gear teeth meshing over the Comey thing. Personally, I think Trump knew Comey was dirty but couldn’t just fire him because it would look like the ‘hitler getting rid of anyone who doesn’t dance to the tune’ but then as soon as Comey is reported as Incompetently analyzing and reporting about the clinton email thing – Band Zoom Goombye. Some of this is going to be fun.


  46. Imp says:

    CI…. my admiration just jumped 10 points…. you’re right. And trying to convince people to go with the most easy and friendly OS that doesn’t drive one bat shit crazy trying to choose one of a hundred choices in the control panel versus the simple preferences pane on a Mac is a mystery to me. Just considering the millions of updates to fix it on an almost daily basis should be reason enough to kick the Microsoft addiction once and for all. But some people act as if you’re insulting their family if you diss a windows machine. Just sit back and count the many failures of OS’s they foisted on people!!!


  47. Imp says:

    Kid….. XP was the very last stable and best OS since they went NT technology’s. After 10 or more years they just stopped supporting it and there was major howling from the business community who didn’t want to abandon it and report everything over to a new OS plus all the down time to retrain. So they kept support up to may of last year I think. Hell, I still have it on a win machine here for my wife’s use…. cause women, some women are hard to retrain or be bi computer! Lol


  48. Silverlady says:

    Y’all should hear the Lame Stream ‘Media’ screaming over Comey. They have called Trump everything but a Nazi ~~~ so far. Probably will by tomorrow. ‘Tingles’ was apoplectic! Wolfie frothing at the mouth! They will be screaming for the ‘I’ word, just like Loony Maxine has been doing almost since day 1. Saw all these bits & pieces on The Five.


  49. geeez2014 says:

    Imp and Mal…a friend knows I love bacon so much she bought me a JAR of Bacon! It’s like a bacon spread. For Hamburgers, etc….haven’t opened it yet.
    I use CHROME…or FireFox. Mostly Chrome.
    and I love the term “man slave” for Kid 🙂 HA!!!!! I’m sure HE likes it, too!

    Kid, I LOVE my Dell and I use mostly CHROME…

    When I said “I get sucked into Yahoo again” I meant, I’m attracted to things on it….even though most of the headlines drive me NUTS.

    I need to NOT open the internet and see YAHOO!!!


  50. Imp says:

    Z….ez Perclxu in chrome…..it in settings….. upper right hand corner should be a little gear or….. just open up google and type…. “where are the settings in chrome”…. open a new tab by holding down the control key and press the letter T….then open google…. I think the new tab might just default to google cause I don’t think you’ve changed that.
    Poke around…. halfway down the page you should see tabs. Open
    Pages with and so on


  51. Kid says:

    Z, In Chrome:
    click on the three vertical dots on the upper right.
    select Settings, that opens a page to change settings.

    -Under ‘Appearance’
    the first checkbox says Show Home Button anduderneath that it says
    New Tab Page with the word Change (in blue) Click on the blue Change
    a little box comes up titled Home Page.
    You can select Use the New Tab Page which means when you open a new tab it just opens a blank page that shows you the 8 most visited pages by you. (as an aside Yahoo will be one of those – hover your cursor on the upper right of the little thumbnail yahoo page until you see an x then click the x and send yahoo away)
    The other thing you can select is Open This Page. If you selct that, then type a website address in there, like news.google.com, or cnn.com, or whatever you want to have appear when you open a new tab.

    I have mine set to open the blank page with the 8 most visited sites and I usually click on one of those.

    You have to do one other thing.

    On that settings page above Appearance, is ‘On Startup’. Here you will tell it what to do when you click on the Chrome icon to start the chrome web browser.

    -Open the New Tab Page. You will get the blank page with the 8 most visited sites and you can select one or type in a website address in the address box at the top of the browser.

    – Continue where you lef off. Whatever you have open when you closed Chrome or shut the computer down will come up when you restart chrome.
    This is what mine is set to.

    -Open a specific page or set of pages. Here you can enter one or more web sites to open when you start Chrome. Each site will open in a different tab.

    When done just click on the ‘x’ on the tab at the top and close the setting page. There is no Save button required to save yhour changes.

    I’ll give you the Firefox instructions a little later.


  52. Kid says:

    Home Page In Firefox

    Click on the three vertical dashes on the upper right.
    Click Options

    Under Startup it says “When Firefox Starts”
    Select one of the options:
    -show my home page – opens your home page
    -open a blank page
    -show my windows and tabs from last time. (This opens whtever you had open when you closed firefox or shut the PC down)

    If you want your home page to show up selct Show my home page.

    Right below that selection box is “Home Page”. Enter whatever you want for your home page.
    You can also click on the little box below that that says Use Current Page. Your home page will be set to whatever you have open at the present time.
    Or use bookmark, it will show you your bookmarks and you pick one to use as a home page.

    As with Chrome there is no save button to save changes, jus close the options window when you’re done.

    I await further instructions Mistress..


  53. Imp says:

    Kid… perfectly done job….. I’ve been away from my puter so long for reasons you’re aware of. And using chrome on the iPhone is nothing like the computers desktop. And safari is the default browser and I haven’t figured out if I can even change that ?


  54. Kid says:

    Thanks IMP. I haven’t even looked for changing the default on the iPhone. I end up in safari so infrequently I havben’t bothered.


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