The politicians you deserve…..

Obama: ‘You get the politicians you deserve’

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  1. We always get the politicians we deserve.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Clearly, I’m talking about the fact that a president goes to Europe and then slams the American electorate, something I heard from Clinton talking live in London at the Liberal conference when I lived in Paris and don’t want to hear again. To the point that Tony Blair, sitting behind him, looked more shocked than even I did.
    Of course we DO get the politicians we deserve, we vote for them.
    My point is not what he said as much as his obvious presumption and where he said it.


  3. “You get the politicians you deserve,”

    Yeah, we got HIM and now we have someone who is trying to fix that big mistake. We “deserve” that.


  4. Mustang says:

    Obama slammed the United States (and the American people) on his very first European whirlwind tour. I especially enjoyed what he said to the Egyptians (NOT), which as you may recall, instigated the so-called Arab Spring. What is hard for me to imagine is that the American government did not seek an indictment against Obama as an accessory to global genocide–the next shoe to fall. It is true: we get the politicians we deserve … hence, Trump is considering Mike Rogers to replace James Comey as FBI Director. The only upside to Trump is that Clinton would have been 100 times worse. Here we are again faced with only two possibilities: bad and worse.


  5. bocopro says:

    That expression has been around for thousands of years. The most recent big name to whom it is often attributed is Alec de Tocqueville, although his authorship of it is disputed by those who claim it was de Maistre.

    But a L-O-N-G time ago, the Habiru had no king and people behaved themselves and managed their affairs at the tribal level in accordance with their understanding of the Torah.

    But the nature of the people was to slip into worship of false idols and behave like undisciplined children without a strong leader such as Moses or Joshua, and no matter how often Yahweh told them to follow the Book, they often didn’t.

    Basically God stood by them and protected them until their strongman died or disappeared, then they abandoned the Torah and started acting like idiots until some other tribe came along and either conquered or banished them.

    Then God would send a judge who resuscitated common sense and decency so that the people could repent and deal with not only the physical oppression but their own spiritual weakness.

    Finally they decided they needed a king, a warrior king. God tried to convince them that that wasn’t a good idea, but they insisted, so Samuel was anointed (Samuel, somewhere around 3 to 8 or so, can’t remember exactly where).

    Somewhere in there (Judges) is a statement which in looking at the behavioral cycles of backsliding and restoration in essence says that each generation got the leadership it deserved. I kinda ascribe to the Tytler theory:


  6. I like the diagram, but I think there are some holes there. I think we’re on a path to something much worse than those on the wheel. We are so divided over trivia it’s hard to believe. When a country chooses sides over important things, like slavery, civil rights, liberty v. safety, that’s expected and in some cases necessary. But something like PC is divisive and corrosive in the extreme, but in the scheme of things, so trivial. It’s hard to correct because it’s driven by polluted thinking and that’s deeply embedded. The indoctrination of our youth is poisonous and it needs to change, but the people in the charge at the university level are the problem. Controlling speech is the same as controlling thought. 1984 and “groupthink” is here and it’s taking over our youth.


  7. bunkerville says:

    I say we got the candidate we deserved in the name of John McCain who started this whole ugly debacle that brought us to this.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    yes!! We get the leaders we deserve! That’s been said, it’s still being said….
    My point is; DOn’t anybody think for a second he wasn’t piling on the DEPLORABLES sentiment….because that IS what that says….anybody who didn’t vote for HIS CHOICE is filth, unthinking, lazy, a deplorable, etc etc.

    I don’t believe ANY ANY Republican presidential candidate would ever say that….notwithstanding in EUROPE, where it’s safe to spout things they might not here…though, today, saying really hideous things about ANY Republican gets great applause in most venues.


  9. bocopro says:

    John McCain is an irretrievably gringewort and BHO is a dipwomble stooge.


  10. Kid says:

    obama hasn’t said anything non-racist, non-anti-American, non-pro-islam, no sense imagining it will get better. I expect it to get worse as Trump erases him from American history and obama frantically tries to rewrite the history – as all democrat former officials do. I see holder out there yapping away about Sessions, and the beast will never go away.

    I read recently and believe that the greatest threats to mankind today are islamism/liberalism/globalism.

    Just what the snowflakes love.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, ya, those snowflakes coddling Islamists when they don’t realize they’ll be the first done away with.

    Bocopro;; McCain is beyond helpful … his weighing in on the Comey thing sealed it for me, tho he didn’t have far down to go with me.

    I’m hearing an FBI guy praising Comey…when Melissa Francis very cleverly questioned him, he balked about the Huma Abedin email and other Comey goofs saying “Comey didn’t operate in a vacuum” as if he forgot COMEY WAS THE DIRECTOR. The buck stopped WITH HIM no matter WHAT his FBI buddies inputted. Amazing.


  12. Mal says:

    Again, they are all sore losers that wear blinders when it comes to all the bad stuff THEY do. To do it abroad says something about their character that all those present, like Tony Blair, can see.
    The more they continue slamming him, the worse it will make them look, esp. if Trump succeeds.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Imagine how it would be if Trump should STOP THE TWEETING with ROSIE, AGAINST COMEY (Which sounds threatening not only to Dems but me, too…very bad stuff on T’s part…what WAS he thinking?), etc.? Imagine his just tweeting things that are happening which the media isn’t telling America? That’s what he SAYS he does, that his excuse for these tweets!!

    I don’t believe a president giving Rosie O’Donnell the time of DAY is smart on ANY level.

    Gad, what a LOT of class to let Rosie blather on and ON, letting America get tired of her and the media be embarrassed by her….but no, instead, Trump weighs in and makes himself look …well, I’ll leave adjectives out and just say “Worse than HER”.

    I’m really disgusted.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Here’s how effective Trump’s been with Russia, shaking hands with the Foreign Minister days ago, smiling, ‘making deals’…turns out Russia just supplied Syria with more fighter jets on or about that same smiling day at the WH where only TASS photographers were allowed in, and Russia’s been flying closer and closer to us, armed….armed jets buzzing us.
    What is GOING ON?

    I don’t think he’s in collusion with Russia but how do you dissuade leftwing haters he isn’t? Do the math! Do optics mean NOTHING to Trump? Does he know who he’s dealing with in Russia??!!!


  15. Kid says:

    Russia has been buzzing us and our planes and ships for a long time actually.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    No wonder Trump wants no tapes from Comey out…..Comey says Trump at dinner asked him “Do I have your loyalty?”
    We can’t know if this really happened…the WH, of COURSE, is denying it!!!

    oh man……..I hope it’s not true. MORE AMMUNITION…self inflicted.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, Maybe it’s just me. Shaking hands, all smiles, no American photographers allowed, TASS publishing allowed photogs, big friendly communication, WHILE these jets are NOW ARMED, something that’s being said is not that usual.
    And supplying Syria with jet fighters? ? not so much.


  18. Kid says:

    Well, I really don’t have any valuable thoughts on the photo thing or the Syria thing either for that matter becuase I consider everyone in Syria as an enemy to civilization – ISIS, Al Queda(The Rebels as they’re called because libtards love that word) and the Syrian army and Assad. feet to the fire though and I think it would be a mistake to remove Assad just as it was Quadaffi, Saddam, and any other brutal dictotortot in the ME that holds a lid on those maniacs.


  19. A little off topic, but can any Navy vets explain to me why in a recent Time interview, Trump [not a noted Naval Aviator] so vehemently demanded the a return to steam catapults on Carriers, even though Electro-Magnetic Aircraft Launch System [EMALS] is currently being fielded?


  20. …..becuase I consider everyone in Syria as an enemy….

    You don’t feel that way about the Kurds, do you?


  21. Kid says:

    Naw, the Kurds are Ok. I did list the three groups that I was thinking about. Are the Kurds fighting in Syria? So they’d just be there temporarily.


  22. The Syrian Kurds are the one group that is taking the most territory from ISIS, in Syria. A large swath of northern Syria makes up their ideal of ‘Kurdistan’. The Turks aren’t terribly pleased them however…..


  23. Kid says:

    Ah, I thought the Kurds were just Northern Iraq.


  24. The Iraqi Kurds have better PR.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    The Kurds….
    They’re the folks who moved literally into homes and businesses of Armenians who were murdered during the genocide in the early 20th century…the businesses did not flourish, of course, they died after the Armenians were shoved out.

    They have never fit anywhere…….make trouble a lot, sometimes justified.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    “The lawyers who wrote a letter saying President Trump had no significant business ties to Russia work for a law firm that has extensive ties to Russia and received a “Russia Law Firm of the Year” award in 2016. Sheri Dillon and William Nelson, tax partners at the law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, which has served as tax counsel to Trump and the Trump Organization since 2005, wrote a letter in March released by the White House on Friday stating that a review of the last 10 years of Trump’s tax returns “do not reflect” ties to Russia “with a few exceptions.” In 2016, however, Chambers & Partners, a London-based legal research publication, named the firm “Russia Law Firm of the Year”…”

    Ya, this is probably innocent. Pile it on top of the other fifty coincidences.


  27. I’d argue that they’re also the only group in the Middle East, that the U.S. can trust….and should ally with. But I understand the historical aspect that hits close to home for you.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Ci, shouldn’t just hit close for me, there’s nothing about these people that’s stable…….I hope I’m wrong. I shouldn’t focus on them, who IS stable in the Middle East!?

    I used to have a commenter from MEK:
    I trusted him….I’ve forgotten what he called himself now, sadly.
    I trust that group, though they had a terrible reputation, and rightly so….killed Americans, too.
    Finally, Condi Rice and others have fought for their being taken off the terror list and I believe that did happen.
    It was very enlightening to learn from a man who was living in the camp the MEK had set up on the Iranian border…….it was thrilling, actually, but terribly upsetting because they were under siege…then I never heard from him again.


  29. I wouldn’t ever turn my backside toward MeK. Wouldn’t trust them…ever. Even though a Foreign Terrorist Organization until late 2012….the U.S. has used them as a proxy….watering down the label of terrorist organization. I have my reasons, most of which I won’t get into here, but I view MeK as a duplicitous cult.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    I just found information I’d posted about him…his name was SAM>

    “UPDATE: From a Persian friend living in exile and fear in Ashraff, Iraq, on arrangement by America to keep the Iranian Freedom Fighters somewhat safe. This man has posted at Frontpagemagazine for a few years and had stopped for a while and we were worried about him. I don’t read site much anymore, but Priscilla is a regular commenter there and, we’d been worried about SAM because the last we’d heard he wrote things were getting dangerous for him in Iraq. Priscilla (thanks!) found this last night on the FPM site:

    “This is the uprising to uproot the mullah’s regime, We have the Passdarans and the Hezbollah inside the country who kill our people to stop the movement , the regime has imported the Hezbollah of Libanon and the Venezuela’s guards to back the Mullahs, and we have US administration who collaborates with the regime to keep them on power.”

    While Sam has been a supporter of Bush for having gone into Iraq, he has always said our administration, and it seems Obama’s continuing it, has supported the Mullahs. Odd thought. This man was a very big scientist in Iran, very connected with their politics and the resistance to their theocracy, and I don’t advocate or disparage what he said. I just think we should be aware of his opinion. If you find yourself wondering about SAM’s remarks that we are collaborating to keep the regime in power, you might want to ask yourself WHY and maybe comment here?”

    A bit too big a subject to discuss but one that always made me curious. Obviously, we can’t believe all SAM said but something about him made me believe him.

    Also, I remember distinctly the day Massoud died in Afghanistan….I was living in Paris, saw it on the news there, and, tho he was killed 2 days before 9/11 so I had no reason to be concerned about muslim violence, etc., I remember a cold feeling and thinking “This is going to be BAD!” Why, I don’t know…but I was right. I believe he could have helped matters.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    CI, I think they’re duplicitous, too, but I don’t expect any Iranian group to be totally pro American. They have their concerns, too.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Back to Trump-; I thought Clapper testified to no collusion evidence on Trump and now he’s saying he doesn’t know if there was collusion.

    How the HECK is this going to settle down? EVER? Are the Left going to keep digging till the end of Trump’s administration, or his impeachment?


  33. I believe Clapper said that he wasn’t aware of any…..but I also don’t think the target of the investigation is Trump himself; rather several of his campaign staff and others [Page, Manafort, Flynn, etc…]


  34. geeez2014 says:

    that’s probably true…Comey has emphasized publicly and supposedly privately that HE is not under investigation. Manafort…I thought he was a sleaze from Day !.


  35. Although this may have been in the ‘pipe line’ for a while, it appears that Trump has gotten it done. I think that this is the sort of thing that we elected him to do, in spite of his PC short comings!


  36. Imp says:

    Z…are you saying Pris is around and about again?


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Imp….no, this was from something I posted a few years back…Pris did pass away:-(
    I miss her still.

    JMB, yes, that IS a great thing…but he put a July 16 date on it…..if that doesn’t happen, the media’ll destroy him again. LOTS of good things with China were announced this morning…including something about Liquified Nat’l Gas, which is good for the environment….think that’ll get mentioned in the media?\

    HA!! I just Googled this whole thing and much of the media’s saying CORPORATIONS ARE THE WINNERS ON THESE CHINA DEALS! Can you BELIEVE this?!! MY GOD!
    Cattle growers are thrilled, they’ll be hiring more people, their communities will improve, the environment is helped, etc., but OUR MEDIA says CORPORATE WINNERS 😉 In the pejorative, of course.
    Never ends. W($&(#*@$&(@Q*#&$*(#@Q&$(*@Q#&$(*Q@#&$


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; here was the post about Pris; Almost hurts again just reading it …


  39. Imp says:

    Sorry Z my apologies…. I forgot that she died. Obviously it’s kind of hard to be posting any comments when your deceased my bad! And what I knew about her she probably died of a broken heart.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Katie Couric’s even dug up Valerine Plame to talk about how so many in government intel quit because of Trump’s election.

    WHat that told me, since intel jobs are few and far between, is that she’s either lying or exaggerating……or they’re all paid so much that they can stop working?
    MAN, the left is digging up ANYTHING they can get.

    A cons. friend across the street’s husband listens to MSNBC ONLY and she has to hear it, too…says people are dedicated to bringing Trump down any way they can….ANY


  41. As far as I can tell, there has been no exodus of intelligence professionals due to the Trump Administration. I call shenanigans on Plame’s assertion.


  42. geeez2014 says:

    CI, thanks for that information….I just couldn’t IMAGINE an exodus of people who need employment. This is a typical example of someone like Couric trying to find anyone who’ll talk about anything anti-Trump.

    Did I tell you a friend used a camera woman who’d worked on The Apprentice on a project he works on (Mystery of Oak Island on the History Channel…I think that’s the title..very popular, but some friend…I’ve never seen it!) ? ANYWAY: The media found her and they hound her when she’s in NYC, “did Trump every hit on you? Did you see anything bad? etc etc”…she said they drive her NUTS. This is what Trump faces.


  43. Kid says:

    Oak Island is an interesting show. One of the very few I watch. I can’t actually remember as it’s been a while, but it may be the Curse of Oak Island, since 7 need to die before the treasure can be found and so far 6 have while in search of.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, THAT’S it, right!…CURSE of Oak Island…Joe’s one of the writers/ producers….it’s apparently No 1 on cable….for its category. I feel awful when I see him and his wife and haven’t watched it STILL 🙂
    I hear it’s very interesting.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Read these carefully and see the bias in some of them…it honestly makes me laugh by now …it’s SO blatant! 🙂


  46. Very simply, the MSM have abandoned any pretense of objectivity. They have totally surrendered any right to be listened to or read. I’ve really cut back on watching news or reading it in the newspaper. Otherwise you might fall victim to the “sky is falling crowd.” Example, news media reporting that Trump got two scoops when others only got one. Sheesh. I had to have a break. I really depend on you to weed out a lot of the BS, so I read you to get most of my fix. Take care.


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