“We’re white and we will not be replaced!..!” ?

THIS INFORMATION fascinated me….

Will all of American history be taken away because it’s not liked by everybody?

Please read the article….it’s not long……should they take the statues down?  Should they have marched with torches, which evokes uglier time in American history?  What do you think of the torch carriers yelling “Russia is our friend?”  Sounds like that might have been someone joining the group to make it look like they’re all a bunch of Trump-supporting lunkheads.   How many intelligent Trump supports would say THAT?   Lots in this article and I do hope you read it.

I’d love your opinions…..

Thanks, Z

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21 Responses to “We’re white and we will not be replaced!..!” ?

  1. Given that they carried torches and chanted blood and soil, this was little more than a Klan rally. I don’t support removing the statues….but this little tantrum was ridiculous and excruciatingly counter-productive.


  2. bocopro says:

    We can understand the new, the unknown, only in terms of what we already know, the known. If that known is biased or incomplete, then our ability to comprehend the unknowns we encounter is prejudiced and disadvantaged, perhaps to the point of impotency.

    The essence of history is that it is written by the winners, with great prejudice, often in disappearing ink, and subject to editing, revision, and ever-bloodier sequels . . . . in perpetuity.

    A civilization, or a nation, or a culture which is deprived of knowledge of its true history can be easily manipulated. As the child is the father of the man, a clan or tribe or nation usually looks to its roots for guidance and strength and inspiration.

    When unscrupulous or megalomaniacal or psychotic strong men revise a group’s history, they reshape its future by altering its past. Those revisions can be to introduce shame, glory, belief, pride, and even scapegoats, which then directly affect future attitudes and behaviors.

    A poet or novelist without access to the entirety of history is like the observer in Plato’s cave, unable to accurately describe what is going on outside because he has no accurate references. Given the truth of his origins, he has a greater chance of becoming not just another hack but an artist.

    I’d rather have access to all there is to know before developing a plan for the future and then committing to it rather than being completely ignorant of all the lessons, false starts, bad decisions, mistakes, and tragedies that others have so graciously provided for me to learn from vicariously, in relative safety through time distancing.


  3. A nation that forgets it’s history is like a person who loses their memory.
    Arthur Schlesinger.


  4. For what it’s worth, Charlottesville, Va is solidly Democratic!


  5. Z,
    Sounds like that might have been someone joining the group to make it look like they’re all a bunch of Trump-supporting lunkheads.

    Yep — although when I saw the photo, I first thought of the KKK.

    Anyway, according to Wikipedia:

    Spencer and his organization drew considerable media attention in the weeks following the 2016 presidential election, where, at a National Policy Institute conference, in response to his cry “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”, a number of his supporters gave the Nazi salute and chanted in a similar fashion to the Sieg heil chant used at the Nazis’ Nuremberg rallies. Spencer has defended their conduct, stating that the Nazi salute was given in a spirit of “irony and exuberance”.[11]


  6. BTW, in yesterday’s Sunday edition of the WaPo, there was an essay about how important it is to remove all Confederacy-related statues from town squares and put those statues in museums, where such statues “can be viewed in context.”

    I surmise that “the context” is pushing the agenda of white guilt. The NYT consistently pushes that agenda in the newspaper’s book-reviews section.


  7. -FJ says:

    Spencer IS a white nationalist. He has a point, but as it’s messenger, he only garbles it.


  8. Mustang says:

    It is easiest to re-invent a country after you first re-invent its history. The myth of white oppression is but one of many strategies used to achieve this …


  9. geeez2014 says:

    OFF TOPIC, then I’ll get to the terrific comments above:
    Anybody remember Todd Rundgren? Barely, right? he’s threatening that nobody who likes Trump better come to his concerts because they won’t enjoy them… he hates him
    What makes me laugh is this is one way a has-been like Rundgren can get tickets sold!

    MUSTANG: “It is easiest to re-invent a country after you first re-invent its history.” If that isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is…and if that isn’t the goal, I don’t know what it is. Excellent…well said. And very, very sad.

    FJ….I think you’re right…this was a mis-hit, for sure.

    AOW….I was thinking about Hitler and if Germany would have a statue of him up….of course not. And, of course, NONE of these men were anywhere near Hitleresque but there are dopes running from their images as if he were.
    I don’t think the statues should be touched because they ARE our history but if they were put in a museum at least they’d still be there and not taken down entirely.
    If these people don’t stop the KIan-like crap, what do they expect? How do they expect to have their viewpoints respected?

    JMB: THAT IS FASCINATING! Nothing said about THAT in the article, was there…God forbid that tasty little bit of info was known! Sort of like how people still think the Civil Rights bill was stopped by REPUBLICANS instead of Dems.

    ED….that’s a great quote, too….and true, thanks.

    Bocopro “:A civilization, or a nation, or a culture which is deprived of knowledge of its true history can be easily manipulated.”: That REALLY applies here, too….another excellent sentence…and OH, aren’t the left so easily manipulating our society? Our kids?

    CI…”excruciatingly counter-productive.” PERFECTLY said…terribly stupid of them; they don’t deserve respect, but those statues MUST stay up and they will NOT.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    CI, I also wonder if it’s largely BECAUSE of these Klan-like protests that they WILL be taken down….These idiots rather reinforce the statue-haters’ feelings.


  11. Mal says:

    The removal of a historical statue or a plaque doesn’t change its history. There should be no place for PC when it comes to history. Doing so only shows our ignorance. As to Russia being our friend, well…….we have agreed on many things and fought along side one another in wars, so to consider them a friend is better than as an enemy. Lets continue to try and work with them in eradicating terrorist ’cause we can use all the help we can get.


  12. Kid says:

    No one is going to go to a museum to look at these statues just as no one goes to the ‘Freedom Center’ in Cincinnati to learn about slavery. So removing the statues removes the confederacy and the civil war Can we now forget about slavery too ?


  13. These idiots rather reinforce the statue-haters’ feelings

    Yep. People who only luke-warmly oppose the removal of the statues from city parks, will be far less inclined to be lumped in generally with the like of Spencer and his group.


  14. Kid says:

    Stealing that one bobcopro.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…that is FABULOUS….great image!

    CI, exactly so.

    Kid, I suppose kids will see the museum statues, but what adult’s going to go looking for them?
    I hope they stay RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE.

    Mal, that Russia line IS weird to be shouting at a protest, isn’t it!? That’s what made me think these are leftwingers (some of them) joining up to make the crowd look even more awful than they seem…. who’d EVER do anything remotely Klan-like unless you’re of like mind?


  16. I’m not sure that Spencer and his lieutenants would allow left wing agitators in their midst. Not if past events are any indication. Weird nonetheless.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    CI, it happened at Tea Party events, too….a big crowd’s easy to infiltrate………especially at night, etc.
    The whole THING is weird.


  18. Baysider says:

    Seems pretty in your face to me. People hold candlelight vigils all over the world. What’s wrong with doing that instead? But get rid of the Lee statue? Whew! They have NOOOO idea about the man or they’d erect a second one to him. He disliked slavery. He freed his father-in-law’s slaves through great diligence (the old man was profligate with his $$$ and his slaves were mortgaged, so Lee had to work assiduously to clear the mortgages so he could free them), and he set up an [illegal at the time] school to educate the soon-to-be-freed slaves so they could read and write and do the math needed to survive in the world without being taken advantage due to illiteracy. He pursued this with great energy DURING the early years of the civil war no less.


  19. I said it in another post. We are losing control of our country because we’re losing control to the PC culture. When you lose speech you’ve lost the narrative and after all what is history but a narrative. History is always up for grabs, but like anything, there are a set of inescapable facts. Those facts are being obscured by left-wing PC that has permeated our college campuses. There are no competing opinions and it’s being indoctrinated that has replaced education. I went to college when I was older so I loved arguing with my commie professors. The younger kids seemed to enjoy our bouts. I know I did. I only ever had one instance where a professor that I enjoyed sparring with got me back. I misspelled the word “argument” numerous times in a paper. This was before spellcheck. I was wrong and I got it. The professor, however, marked a spelling error for each misspelling. It lowered my grade from what he said was an “A” quality paper, to a “C”. He smiled as he handed me my paper. As he handed the paper to me I said ” touche,” he said “indeed.” Later in the class we went back at it. I never learn.


  20. Mal says:

    That’s what the left does, L & OT. They can’t win an intelligent discussion so they take it out on you personally. Also, I agree with you why we are losing our country. It’s so sad that a true democracy can’t survive for a thousand years.


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