It might be that the Comey memos do Mr. Trump in, finally.  Did he ask Comey the things Comey says he asked?  Why didn’t Comey come forward back when these things happened?  Comey keeps copious notes….can he make them up now to screw Trump  or can they figure out when the notes were taken?

CNN, Democrat politicians, MSNBC, they all look at this as THE death knell. Impeachment is now seriously being discussed.

Trump isn’t speaking to reports this morning on Air Force One.  Spicer isn’t either, until after Trump’s graduation speech this morning.

It looks like there will be investigations….of course Elijah Cummings is saying they’ve been already pursuing Mr. Trump’s actions  and, by now, “It’s inexcusable for us to ignore these CONTINUING SCANDALS…”

This looks bad.  Did he ask Comey to drop the Flynn investigation?  Sounds like something Trump might do.

Oh MY, the Left is having SUCH a FABULOUS time……they look like they’re quivering with joy, seriously shaking with excitement.  CNN is talking impeachment in every sentence.  This is what Americans hear…MSNBC’s ratings are going waaaay up, better than FOX’s on certain nights now.

I’ll bet you think this is all rubbish, right?     Let’s talk about it.

The Democrats want a commission that’s “truly independent”, which means more liberals than republicans.  Think it can ever be truly independent or is this it for Trump;   He’s done.


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80 Responses to TRUMP and MEMOS

  1. geeez2014 says:

    As I described above, I loved it when the newly Conservative guy on Tucker’s show said he felt the Dems were in a death spiral……This guy WAS a lib, his lib friends despise him now that he’s a gay Conservative…and he’s loving it, even digging in with “I call myself a Rightwing Extremist!”

    To cheer some of you up, you’d be amazed at the high school kids I know…..yes,. some think they’re so chic because they’re LIBERAL, but MANY are NOT. They know Mrs. Z isn’t a liberal and they’ll come chat with me about Trump, etc . They GET the out of control immigration, they GET the deficit being bad for them….they REALLY hate liberals…they don’t get them.

    I told one of the teachers who was having his kids write a paper on relationships, sex, marriage, etc., and who told me (He’s a Cons. Pastor/English teacher) “I can’t STAND what they’re writing, but I don’t get too involved and let them think”….Ya, I’d just told him that MY class I was subbing was doing a report on Syria’s dilemma and how they were expecting AMerica to do EVERYTHING…and that I wasn’t saying anything (I told him I needed a drink!)….I added “Too bad we cons. won’t indoctrinate because we feel the kids should THINK and all WE do is lead them in a direction to where they see other sides….and the Left TELLS them what to think”

    That’s a problem in our schools…conservatives have integrity and won’t indoctrinate…leftwingers do not (I’m generalizing on both sides, but we KNOW this is true)

    SO, there IS hope, but our KIDS ARE RUINED and they need a BIG wake-up call…like things going BETTER with Trump. So far, notsogood.


  2. Kid says:

    I don’t think kids should be going naked in to American politics. Way too complicated. I think they need to hear stories like this:

    Judy is 14. Judy notices a homeless man who asks her for $10 so he can get a meal. Judy goes to her Dad and says Dad can you give me $10 so I can give it to this homeless man who needs to eat. Dad says, Sure I’ll give you $10 if you cut the grass. Judy thinks for 20 seconds or so and says Why doesn’t he cut the grass. Dad says Good Job Judy.


  3. Kid says:

    AOW, This like everything else is going nowhere.


  4. Kid says:

    bocopro. I put that image on my blog right sidebar. i just looked at it again. I am convinced Trump is not going to let some slimey rodent scurvy spiders steal his attempt at helping America. No way No how. He’s going the distance.
    Then after 2020, he’s going for the title. With our help.


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