We KNOW if you VOTE or not!!! BEWARE!

I got this very creepy letter two days ago:



Why do so many people in Los Angeles fail to vote?  We’ve been talking about the problem for years, but it only seems to get worse.  This year, we’re taking a new approach.  We’re sending this mailing to you, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues at work, and your community members to publicize who does and does not vote…

This chart shows the names of some of your friends, your neighbors, and other people you know, showing which have voted in the past.  After the May 16, 2017 election,  we intend to mail an updated chart.  You and your friends, neighbors…blahblah, will all know who voted and who did not vote.


Then they list my name on top, showing I did vote in Jun 2016, Nov 2016 and did not vote March 2017…then there’s today’s school board election or something…with a ? under today’s date.

There are 9 other names, I don’t know one of them, and don’t recognize one street name, so it’s not MY friends or neighbors but they know if I VOTED!

Apparently, whether we vote or not is public knowledge but I felt like the STASSI was breathing down my neck when I read this!    Like I was being spanked like a kid, and even threatened with how they’ll send ANOTHER letter after today’s election…so you’d better vote……..or….?  Or WHAT?  I’ll be embarrassed in my community!?

HERE is a link I found when I searched to see if anybody else thought it was CREEEEEPY!

Some guy quoted in that link said he and his wife aren’t voting today (May 16…school board elections, apparently) BECAUSE they got this letter.   GOOD FOR THEM!

What do you think?


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13 Responses to We KNOW if you VOTE or not!!! BEWARE!

  1. In Detroit, if you don’t vote, they vote for you.


  2. Mustang says:

    The implication is that if they can broadcast whether you voted, they can also broadcast how you voted. The next shoe will be leftist mobs surrounding your home chanting profanities (Ala SIEU) because you had the audacity to vote your conscience. Intimidation, pure and simple … and the fellow who said he didn’t vote because he received the letter succumbed to the bullying.


  3. Mustang nailed it. There are plenty of methods to encourage participating in the electoral process….intimidation and breach of privacy, are not preferred methods.


  4. bocopro says:

    My grandmother woulda called ’em busybodies and suggested that they get a job and go to church once in a while.

    But the last time I did any lookin into the situation, lotsa people of voting age never bother to register to vote. And of those who do, generally under 60% actually go to the polls, and that’s ONLY in presidential elections. The numbers are much lower in mid-term years.

    So over the past 50 or so years, only about half the people of voting age ever make it to the polls in any 4-year averaging period. The busybodies are gonna be RILLY busy mailin and intimidatin more than 50 million people.

    Not one of my age-eligible grandchildren voted in the last election (5 of ’em). They had some strong feelings in both directions (mostly that HRC is a crook and DJT is an accident looking for a place to happen). But each of ’em says, “What difference does it make in a population of over 300 million?”

    The wife is considerably right of center and has absolutely no use for Obama. She considers Clinton a lying, cheating, potty-mouthed hypocrite who should be spanked, regularly, and publicly.

    But she refuses to vote. Just won’t do it. She’s a citizen in good standing, but steadfastly refuses to bother to go to the polls or even fill out the early ballot. I’ve asked her what things would be like if everybody thought the way she does about voting.

    Her answer: “How could things get any worse? I think all you white monkeys are crazy for letting people like Obama and Clinton get away with the s–t they do.”

    Then, after I go early on election day and do my thing, she confiscates my little “I Voted” sticker and wears it on her jacket or shirt when she goes to work.

    There’s a name for that, but it’s not a nice word and I won’t print it here. And it ain’t “hypocrite” or “cheater”; more like the words she uses to describe Soetoro et al.


  5. Imp says:

    Well…. can’t argue that some monkeys are smarter than other monkeys. A point well taken. Thanks Ms. Bocopro.
    And CI, as our resident Secretary of State… what say you?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t think at all that this would lead to WHO you voted for, mainly because this letter’s info is legal and that is not, but, today, who knows how far they’ll go?

    Bocopro! If more people who have your wife’s politics DID vote, maybe we wouldn’t BE in this ‘worse’ shape!? Cracks me up that she wears your sticker 🙂


  7. Kid says:

    My view is voting is private and these people could be sued over this. As well as publicizing your name with a street address. That’s BS. I’d be very angry over it. Class action suit?


  8. Imp says:

    Today it looks like these rat bastard dems along with the rat bastard Comey…. where Comey now becomes their white night destined with assassinating this sitting president, killing the HRC’s dreams for her rightful coronation ….is ready to notch his gun again.
    Who wants to bet that since November 9….. these hypocrites will get their wish? And if they do…. civil war erupting?


  9. Baysider says:

    Ed – here too!!

    Creepy intimidation.


  10. Kid says:

    Wasn’t there a lawsuit when some media outlet published a list of legal gun owners in the new york area with their addresses? This is what comes to mind with this situation. It invites snowflakes to come knocking on your door, or to damage your property.

    From what I hear, they’re going to turn up the volumne this summer too. Another reason they need jobs., Turn off the UE and they’ll find jobs just like everyone I knew when I was growing up.


  11. Mal says:

    There is little privacy in anything anymore. With every new technology comes unexpected negative consequences. Is there anything that is going on worldwide today that isn’t being video recorded and put on social media?


  12. John M. Berger says:

    “From what I hear, they’re going to turn up the volumne this summer too. Another reason they need jobs., Turn off the UE and they’ll find jobs just like everyone I knew when I was growing up.”

    Yeah but if these idiots really wanted jobs they would allow Trump to continue creating them! Is the ‘work ethic’, as we have known it, completely lost on various segments of the Left? Is this nation now irreversibly divided?


  13. Kid says:

    @JMB. That’s my conclusion. Civil war or secession.


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