Bob Beckel…and FOX

So Bob Beckel’s fired again.  HERE is the article from San Francisco’s point of view for those of you who won’t click on a Yahoo link.  (aren’t I nice to do this?  :-))He apparently got angry because a computer guy who came to fix his office computer was black.  Does that sound remotely like Beckel to YOU?  I can’t stand the guy’s politics and, sometimes, the way he presents them, but this guy has never shown signs of racism and has, in fact, been vocal against it.

The article includes this:  “Beckel had only returned to Fox in January. He’d been ousted in June 2015 while dealing with substance abuse, with then-Fox executive Bill Shine saying Fox “couldn’t hold ‘The Five’ hostage to one man’s personal issues.”  (Z:  at the time, I felt bad for FOX because the way Bill Shine put it played right into hate-FOX peoples’ hands when, really, a successful show doesn’t wait forever to fill a slot because a guy’s getting over substance abuse.  They had to move on.  When Beckel was well and his back problems and heart stuff was fixed, he was back on, has been since January.   He came back, so I think the hard feelings were media invented, not Beckel’s.

Then this article says:  “Wigdor (the black computer guy’s lawyer now) currently represents 22 clients with cases against Fox, including 15 involved in a lawsuit alleging racist behavior by the network’s since-fired controller, Judith Slater, who denies the charges.     Fox is involved in several legal cases involving O’Reilly and the late former network chairman Roger Ailes, who died on Thursday.”

My favorite part of the article is this:  “Wigdor’s firm, in a statement, said that “we intend on holding (Fox News parent company) 21st Century Fox accountable for these actions and will be filing multiple other complaints in other matters next week.”

Z:  21st Century Fox news but has little to do with the daily running of the place.  In my opinion, this is all about threatening a BIG company like them to cut Fox and run$$$$.  The fact that the same lawyer is handling all the cases is slightly suspect, though this happens sometimes so that the lawyer who’s best acquainted with the players (meaning Fox’s lawyers) can do a better job, but….I found that interesting, too.

Also funny is that the photograph of The Five which accompanies the linked article includes Andrea Tantaros who has five lawsuits against FOX right now!     She hasn’t been on in a couple of YEARS!

My opinion is that Fox will be threatened, and threatened again, real stories or women put up to lie (as Hannity’s accuser had lied then backed down, and a couple of O’Reilly’s did, too)…UNTIL THEY ARE GONE.  Then the Leftwingers will breathe a collective sigh of relief.


SO…since that’s impossible…who doubts much of this is contrived?

I hope Bob Beckel, probably THE most dyed-in-the-wool Democrat on the planet, might wake up to the liberal BS since this has happened.  But, we all know Juan Williams didn’t grow up when NPR fired him for daring to suggest he wasn’t thrilled to get on a plane with Arabs on it, so I have small hope.\

Also:  it’s FOX which fired Beckel, after a 48 hr investigation.   So, if Fox fired the guy, why’s the black guy have to sue Fox?  Is it THEIR FAULT Beckel made a supposedly inappropriate comment?  Ya, some of you will ‘legal’ me into believing this should happen…..but THIS is one of the horrors of the legal whore world and should be made to stop.




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7 Responses to Bob Beckel…and FOX

  1. Mustang says:

    My guess is that Beckel did it. Not because he’s biased against black folk (although he could be since he never married a black woman), but because he’s been brain dead for the same number of years as Nancy Pelosi … and for the same reasons.


  2. bocopro says:

    Racism and political correctness — the double-pronged spear of Hades.

    Racism is the redoubt, the fallback position when attacked by superior logic and reason.
    PC is the primary weapon deployed to disarm and silence people who dare to tell the truth.

    Never liked Beckel . . . always sounded like somebody with a mouthful of sawdust. Almost always disagreed with his reasoning, too, when I bothered to listen to it.

    But you’re right, of course . . . bandwagoning at its worst while squeezing blood from the rock. An insidious, never-ending, leftiste plot to silence FoxNews by slicing off all its limbs, confiscating all its money, and assassinating its credibility.


  3. FB says:

    Maybe he was drunk again 🙂


  4. geeez2014 says:

    He may have exploded and said something but I don’t think Beckel is a racist. He’s also a very strong Christian and that doesn’t float.

    Bocopro…yes, this leftist plot to silence Fox News is HUGE and POWERFUL. Only Hannity fought back and he won against his accuser. O’Reilly says he has information he’s going to come out with, but he hasn’t.

    FB…he just might have been!


  5. Kid says:

    He’s ott racist like democrats aren’t racist.


  6. Mal says:

    …………..yada yada yada…….it ain’t gonna go away, folks ’cause the left is on a mission.
    Remember, as was shown in Hillary’s America, the left were the KKK and most of the slave owners.


  7. Imp says:

    Thank God…the man was a crude mush mouth embarrassment to even the anonymous members of AA. Now if they could jettison Juan next…the man is an embarrassment
    to all free blacks.


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