Trump’s healthcare……uhoh


Home Depot co-founder, Ken Langone, was fabulous on Cavuto’s show yesterday.  Mr. Langone and Neil are SO worth listening to.  He comes on after that liberal Austan Goolsbee, but he’s not on long, and you can move the bar to get through him:

As Mr. Langone said, the Affordable Care Act was designed to fall apart so Americans will have come to expect free insurance, realize it can’t work with other than Single Payer, and ask for that.  I believe Mr. Langone’s 100% correct.

Then the CBO comes out with the information in my link above and…VOILA!  The news is all about how TWENTY-THREE MILLION PEOPLE WILL LOSE HEALTH INSURANCE!

Trump’s Health Chief Dr. Tom Price says it’s dead WRONG…that the CBO is incorrect.  HERE is his link and it’s worth the read.

What do YOU THINK?  This truly does affect us all.


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25 Responses to Trump’s healthcare……uhoh

  1. Millions will lose a card that says: could they find a doctor or insurer that will honor the terms, they had health coverage, With a deductible so high they weren’t going to use it anyway.


  2. bocopro says:

    H.E.A.L.T.H. C.A.R.E. is NOT a RIGHT!!!!!!!

    Nowhere in the Bible is health care identified as a right. In Mathew (I think) is a passage about how God would like us to care for the sick or injured, but it’s merely encouraged, not commanded.

    Same with government – gummint can ENCOURAGE healthy living, good habits, and even regulate farming and food industries if it likes, but nowhere in the Constitution is health care clearly categorized as government’s job to perform or fund.

    Buddha said that we are all the managers of our own health or sickness. And Mark Twain cut to the chase with his “eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not” for good health, kinda like the old adage “If it tastes good, spit it out, ‘cause it ain’t good for ya.”

    And Shakespeare sorta backs up both Buddha and Twain with his “And thou, too careless patient as thou art, commit’st thy anointed body to the cure of those physicians that first wounded thee” (Richard II, II, i).

    People have the right to TRY to get good health care, but just as with professional sports – EVERYBODY has the RIGHT to try to make the Celtics, or the Cowboys, or the Masters, but only if they have the right stuff. The right to TRY and the right to PLAY are two different things, just like the right to sigh about things we wish for and the right to pay for those we can.


  3. Mustang says:

    Why anyone should believe anything the government tells them is beyond my comprehension. Remember that Obama told us that 50 million Americans were in need of health care. This was his justification for implementing the infamous ObamaCare. What he never said was that of those 50 million, 20 million were illegal aliens; 15 million were youngish workers who opted out of company paid medical coverage. Now, 15 million remaining in a population of 330 million does not appear adequate justification to shelf a health care system that was the best in the world. But the Democrats moved forward and the young single mothers, realizing that they could get free birth control pills and abortions on demand embraced ObamaCare. I have no sympathy for the American people on this issue.


  4. I agree. Obama succeeded in getting the thought embedded in the heads of the dependent class that health care is a right. He and the Dems didn’t care if it worked, they just wanted the seed planted. This fact can rightly be pointed out as the only “accomplishment” of his reign of terror. You’re right, if you believe what the CBO says you’ll believe the other crap the government spews out. We have gone so wrong that the government is now more of an enemy than many others we take for granted.


  5. Kid says:

    It was obvious from the start that it was designed to fail and result in single payer. They want that huge amount of money currently directed to health insurers to be re-routed through DC. The death panels were designed so they’d be able to keep most of the money by delaying health care until the patient was dead.

    It’s hard to comment on the rest becuase the Senate is going to come up with their own bill and toss the House bill in the trash. I’m not expecting much.


  6. Silverlady says:

    Will somebody PLEASE tell the Democrats that they can go to Hell for lying as quickly they can for stealing. And that includes at least 98% of the Lame stream media.


  7. Mal says:

    I agree with Bocopro that gov’t isn’t suppose to take over our healthcare. I’ve stated before things were much better before there was health insurance. Costs were low because in order to stay in business it had to be. Along came health insurance offered by employers and costs exploded!


  8. Baysider says:

    So? I lost my insurance BECAUSE of Obama. Were it not for his illegal executive order postponing one of the hideous provisions of it [until after the elections] millions more would have been dumped off their insurance before they voted. Mustang +1.


  9. Mal says:

    Exactly, Baysider. Many people did, but they never mention you folks. Only the ones that’ll be covered. And ended up hurting most of them, also, by lying about how great its going to be.
    I saw on the news this a.m. both Blue Cross and Blue Shield are backing off the program now, too, due to the continued losses they’re experiencing. Obamacare continues to implode. If Trump had simply waited for it to fail, he would’ve been criticized for not acting sooner to fulfill his campaign promises. He can’t win!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I seriously don’t understand what you said in your comment…sorry, tell us again.

    I agree with ALL OF YOU, probably Ed, too!!, Very said situation.

    \ALSO: Mal’s so right; I’ve thought about this, too….if Trump had waited for it to fail, he’d have been criticized BIG time, in the most exquisitely subtle ways by the media, never condemning Obama for devising a plan that failed, but only blaming TRUMP somehow….

    He’s being blamed today for Gianforte’s body slamming a reporter “If Trump hadn’t started this hate toward the media….”
    Oh, yes, heard it myself ….


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Our discussion rather dovetails Ben Carson’s remark just yesterday that ‘poverty is a state of mind’…it hearkens to Bocopro’s comments often, too….it’s up to US to succeed….the poor CAN pick themselves up, those born rich can put themselves into a deep hole of destitution…
    Carson’s being mocked because Liberals don’t want to admit he’s right….it’s easier for them to mock the remark in many articles and on the news to make sure people hear them and remember they are VICTIMS if they are poor. What HE said, this man born very poor, is one does not HAVE to be a victim.
    Buy healthcare for yourself, work for a company which offers healthcare. Voila.


  12. FB says:

    If healthcare is a right, so is food and water. Hence both should be free. Hence we should have a Soviet like system. That’s the logic.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    FB, Food and Water ARE free these days with foodstamps, etc…so, we’re just slowly inching ourselves to what Liberals want…total equality, THE single most UNNATURAL, seriously UNATTAINABLE and IMPERMANENT thing available to man. OH! But it SOUNDS SO NICE, doesn’t it?


  14. bocopro says:

    Virtually every form of socialism ever tried on a national scale has been a ponzi scheme — requiring people to donate their assets for the benefit of others on the promise that they’ll be taken care of later when THEY need it. That, of course, requires later demanding that others donate their assets to benefit those who have been donating all along.

    What generally happens is that most of the donated wealth goes into supporting a small elite which “manages” and distributes the donated assets — usually in the form of monuments, parades, palaces, weaponry, and mass propaganda. OVer time, all incentive to overproduce evaporates, surpluses dry up, infrastructure fails, unemployment rises, inflation skyrockets, and government defaults.

    It’s called the Venezuela model — one of the most resource-blessed countries on the planet, now in the throes of social disintegration, poverty, starvation, and rioting. But the Bernie Sanderses and Nancy Pelosis Fauxcahontas Warrens of the world are convinced that it’s still superior to a free-market capitalist system if only the right people — Sanders, Pelosi, Clinton, et al. — are in charge of it.


  15. If healthcare is supposed to be provided to all Citizens gratis, then where is my free firearm?


  16. Obamacare promised health care, but only provided an insurance program that many doctors would not accept, or whose deductible was so high that the insurance would not kick in except in catastrophic circumstances.
    And those insurance companies are backing out leaving no insurance either.
    That is not health care, that is an empty promise.
    I hope that is clearer.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks…clear now.

    CI…I do not believe healthcare is a right provided gratis but I don’t see the connection of health and fire arms…

    bocopro..yet, when you say all that to a liberal, they’ll say “But that country just didn’t DO it right”. It’s unbelievable


  18. Kid says:

    Z, If I may speak out of turn.

    If w have a right to free healthcare, then we have a right to free anything that might endanger our life. SO:
    Free HC
    Free food and water
    Free arms to protect ourselves

    We could go a lot further.


  19. Socialism has never been done right.
    Or doing it right is disastrous.


  20. Kid says:

    Socialism is impossible. It requires high;y motivated people to give away what they have worked so hard for.
    It’s documented.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    thanks, Kid…I get CI’s point now…it’s clearly yours, too, and who could argue that? EXCEPT A RIDICULOUS LIBERAL!

    Ed, well said, doing it right is disastrous! And proven time and time again.
    What country just elected another socialist? Nicaragua? I can’t remember, but you’d THINK they’d see Venezuela and LEARN!? naaaa No, senor…


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Good article, Kid….Even 15 years ago when we lived in Paris we met a young entrepreneur who was taking his family happily out of France, but he was married to an American women. The French company he worked for moved him to continue their business here so that probably helped him immigrate here.

    Ya, I’d say BRING THEM ON, since we’re the second biggest recipient of millionaires leaving their countries. Interesting how many Chinese very rich kids are being schooled here.

    Well, those facts tell the real story……people want to protect what THEY EARNED. Bravo


  23. Kid says:

    “but he was married to an American women. ” 🙂

    I wouldn’t mind being married to an American Women. Maybe 7 or 8 of them.


  24. Kid says:

    Thanks Z. So many things out of kilter. No helmet law for motorcyclists, but don’t dare not put on the seat belt in a steel cage protected by front and side air bags…

    Honestly? Makes me sick, This country sucks, but not as bad as all the others.


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