Trump’s Fault? Fault or SUCCESS!??

I don’t know about you but this liberal Trump-hating writer really cooked his own goose. Trying to make Trump look as bad as possible, he writes THIS PIECE I was cheering through as I read!

Merkel is a monster for Germany and now she admits  that  “(We) really must take our fate into our own hands.”;  she’s nearly destroyed Germany already with the refugee situation so I hope she understands their fate is pretty gloomy already.  She didn’t actually blame Trump, but she did say the last few days (G7 Meetings) were what convinced her of this, leading ALL the liberal media to love jumping to the conclusion that SHE said  IT’S ALL TRUMP’S FAULT.

This writer says IT’S TRUMP’S FAULT:

It’s TRUMP’S FAULT Europe shouldn’t rely on America. (Finally!)

It’s TRUMP’S FAULT that Merkel is saying the EU needs to get stronger. (Good!)

It’s TRUMP’S FAULT that Merkel says NATO must fight its own battles.  (Good!)

Here’s the author’s take on the trip: “Merkel’s comment about what she has experienced in the past few days is a clear reference to President Trump’s disastrous European tour.” Rubbish.  Which trip was HE observing that makes him feel it was DISASTROUS?

And Merkel’s supposedlly upset, or this author is, about Trump and Article 5 and that he supposedly dissed it….“When Trump visited NATO, he dedicated a plaque to the one time that Article 5 has been invoked — when all members of NATO promised to come to the United States’ support after the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001. However, Trump did not express his commitment to Article 5 in his speech to NATO, instead lambasting other NATO members for not spending enough money on their militaries.”

Remind me;  HOW did Europe support us after 9/11?  Candles and hugs?  Putting in security measures that would help  protect their own travel venues?    Remind me.  What support?

Ya, I’m thrilled Merkel feels Germany and all of Europe need to stand up for themselves …Trump has forced Germany and other European countries to STAND ON THEIR OWN.

HURRAH!    Don’t you agree?

(By the way, the great thing is I’m not the only writer who saw it this way, though the author of the linked article was clearly trying to make Trump look horrid again.  FOX’s Ed Henry said “Isn’t it about TIME Europe stood on its own”?  YES!)


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46 Responses to Trump’s Fault? Fault or SUCCESS!??

  1. Mustang says:

    There will continue to be a demand for a European Union for as long as the people of Europe are as ill-served by their politicians, as we are by our own. What is needed in Europe is not the mechanism existent today, which must have made Hitler in the next life emit a resounding guffaw, but rather something less than that, to wit: a counsel that would facilitate important discussions of mutual interest among the several European nations. By the way, such a counsel already exists; we call it NATO.

    The current apparatus (European Union) is little more than a power grab by men (and women) such as George Soros; they serve no one better than themselves. George Washington warned us to avoid foreign entanglements; we now see the wisdom of his advice.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I hated the EU idea from its inception. it’s one of the things Mr. Z was wrong about…one of the few things, in my opinion. I also hated the Euro, which came into existence while we lived there. His point was Germany could stop paying gazillions to subsidize France in many ways and that DID work. Otherwise, it stinks.

    Check this out…a US STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL said things like THIS to liberal media? Disgusting. And should be fired. ANYTHING to be as nasty as possible.


  3. I believe that the joint invasion of Afghanistan (ISAF) in 2003 is the NATO Art 5 response referred to.


  4. Remind me; HOW did Europe support us after 9/11?

    It depends on if you’re referring to individual nations, the EU or NATO. The contributions in the “war on terror” from the NATO perspective, have been immeasurable. Aside from invoking Article 5, NATO has led Operation Eagle Assist and Operation Active Endeavour, taken command of ISAF in Afghanistan, formed the NATO Training Mission-Iraq, and others.

    More importantly, and outside of the public eye, are the intelligence sharing agreements that have been invaluable in the fight against terrorism. I cannot overstate how important, or how much information we get from these agreements, especially in locations where we have no real history, and no human intelligence assets.

    That said, I have no desire for the U.S. to be the protector of Europe, nor the world’s constable.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Ed and CI, thanks… .I had a feeling that’s what that quote meant, but “come to the support of the US..” sounded like something more specific and ‘personal’ to us. Yes, joining us in Afghanistan was certainly support. Of course, it was also not altruistic; they all benefited from it.

    CI, I think it’s time we stopped doing that, too…that’s why I think Merkel’s comment is a success for us…as long as this lasts.

    EVERYONE: I’ve been thinking about the link in my comment above, how AWFUL it is against Trump, some from an anonymous State Dept official on the Europe trip….it’s like they can’t think of anything of substance so they’re resorting to this now?

    SOMETHING has to happen to get a grip on the media and stop the horrendous nasty things they’re coming up with. This is disheartening and cruel.


  6. Mustang says:

    @ Z … the article reads in part, “When it comes to diplomacy, President Trump is a drunk tourist,” the unnamed official told The Daily Beast.”

    The term “unnamed official” is another way of describing a bureaucrat who loves playing politics, but not to the extent that he (or she) is willing to resign their well-paid position as a matter of principle. I suspect this person is a low creature who lives in the depths of the Beltway swamp. We need to drain the swamp.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I could not agree with you more…the person slammed his ‘dancing’…remember with the Saudis in some ceremonial thing they made him participate in? I thought he did very well! it’s not easy to have to dance at all with hundreds of cameras and knowing the stinkin’ American media is ready to sharpen its teeth…let alone that he has State Department people ready to insult him back home?
    I’m sure Tillerson’s not too happy about this, either.
    He REALLY needs a Chief of Staff like James Baker was for Reagan….and as much as I’m not a 100% fan, I think Newt Gingrich is loyal and KNOWS THE WASHINGTON ROPES and would want Trump to succeed as much for himself as for Trump; which is a good start!


  8. “Unnamed”.
    When you can’t find the source you want, make one up.


  9. bocopro says:

    Every time I hear about the EU, those old dinnertable discussions from my childhood resurface. Children weren’t allowed to speak until addressed by an adult in those days, and the man at the head of the table directed the conversation, which was mostly between him and the other males.

    Basically the attitude was that every few years Europe decides to have a civil war and the US has to throw huge sums of money and rivers of blood to sort it all out and get things running on track again.

    The British were condescending, malnourished, harrumphing critics.
    The French were impetuous, unwashed, indecisive blowhards.
    The Italians were undisciplined, unreliable, overemotional flibbertigibbets.
    The Spanish were haughty, arrogant, reminiscing layabouts.
    The Russians were melancholy, paranoid, misinformed peasants.
    The Swiss were hoarding, elitist, unaffiliated isolationists.
    The Scandinavians were large, placid, unmotivated hibernators.
    The Dutch were confused, apprehensive, fence-sitting trinket salesmen.
    The Germans were cold, unimaginative, domineering tinkerers.

    Then I went to college, where I met people wearing strange clothing with semi-precious stones in their foreheads, people with skin so black it was purple in certain lights, people who spoke with Noo Yawk accents, people who drawled their words like pulling road tar off a shoe, people with more money in their wallets than I’d make in a year, people whose names ended with strange suffixes, such as “ova” and “ski” and “ez” and “wicz.”

    I became a liberal, champion of the underdog, soldier in the war against oppression, liberator of fresh ideas, slayer of the stagnant status quo.

    Then I spent time in Asia, in the Mediterranean, in the world outside the US. And I married a non-American fireball with whom I raised 4 children. And my girls became teenagers . . . .

    and I turned into my grandfather.

    Intellectually I know that sort of stereotypical 19-forgotten thinking is flawed, archaic, counterproductive. But it’s the reference point, the radix, the knee-jerk gut reaction every time I hear about the EU and its practices of doing things TO the indigenous people instead of FOR them, all in favor of the ones who want to scrap it for the sake of cultural regression.

    And I ain’t real thrilled with spending gigabucks on man-made-climate-change crusades, neither. Sic ’em, Donaldo.


  10. bunkerville says:

    Germany has a nasty habit of getting restless with its defined boundaries. We defanged her after WWII, as well as Japan as they too had a penchant for wanting to expand its borders. We disarmed them and agreed to provide their defense. It is well to appreciate Russia’s position. Just saying. Germany managed to retrieve East Germany without a shot, let us keep this in mind when hearing these magical words from Merkel.


  11. The NATO is truly obsolete its present form. It’s a Cold War anachronism. The Russians aren’t going to attack across the plains of Europe. All Trump has done is ask to NATO/EU focus on terrorism more than climate change. As their people are slaughtered by terrorists the Europeans fear a slight uptick in temperature more than thousands of terrorists living in their cities that are really killing their citizens. I’ve always felt the climate change ruse to be more directed at bringing the U.S. down to European size by crippling ours with restrictions that no other country has to follow. You go, Trump.


  12. NATO of today is not the NATO of the Cold War. Since the Military Concept for Defence Against Terrorism, enacted in Prague in 2002….NATO has placed counter-terrorism as on of it’s primary pillars.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    OH, dear…..The Left is making a fuss and drawing conclusions about how Macron dissed Trump by passing him to first embrace Merkel as he joined the G7 group. It looked very innocent to me and it’s VERY VERY expected of any European leader to respect the WOMAN FIRST. The chatter from the leftwingers on CNN’s panel didn’t even mention that. Big mistake in reporting. And something one knows if one’s lived over there. For example, one doesn’t put one’s feet on his desk with a visitor in his office and men do not walk around with hands in pockets, it’s just considered rude. We have our stuff, they are entitled to theirs.;
    And a man will always approach a woman first. Which is done here, sometimes, if the man has that sensitivity and good manners…but not CNN “MACRON PASSES TRUMP BY!” no.

    Sad to see Mary Katherine Hamm turning toward the left as she’s joined CNN more frequently…..She used to be on FOX versus Juan Williams…..apparently Juan’s opinions had their effect. She said that the Trump speech started out fine in the M.E., but the NATO speech was not good, and the concept of Europe standing strong and financing itself could ONLY appeal to Trump supporters.

    Um. WHAT?


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Law & Order, you said ” I’ve always felt the climate change ruse to be more directed at bringing the U.S. down to European size by crippling ours with restrictions that no other country has to follow. You go, Trump.” That’s how I feel.

    CI, NATO is seemingly letting global climate change seem more important, more on their agenda, than terror….that’s just plain ODD. I always thought NATO was about military, about security, safety, protection.


  15. If climate change IS a paramount effort within NATO [which I haven’t been aware of], the that is indeed troubling. NATO however, has always has some level of effort on this issue since 1969, with the Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society, and currently has two working groups working on environmental protection & security.

    It is inarguable though, that natural conditions are drivers of instability, so it makes sense to track these where they occur and analyze the potential effects.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    And, once all the experts start to agree that the majority who believe so strongly that climate change is a threatening security problem for the world, I’d say it’s mostly, now, exactly that Law and Order Teacher suggests it is.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    DUBKE RESIGNS! The problem is almost nobody knows who Dubke is.
    But, oh BROTHER, the news is ON IT…”PROBLEMS AT THE WH!”

    I think Trump needs to stop the stupid WAR ROOM talk, the tweets and other things, ignore this crap, and start work on bills that affect Americans today.


  18. Imp says:

    I dunno know..but believe we ought to look at our military readiness than NATO’s right now…it looks like Mad Dog is going to can the LBGT what ever it is in order to achieve just that.

    Jjust before the DOD issued the transgender policy change, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services refused to provide national coverage for gender reassignment surgery citing insufficient studies about the health outcomes of such surgeries and small sample sizes in the studies that have been conducted. However, DOD is now requiring taxpayers to foot the bill for gender reassignment surgery, with no benefit to the taxpayer or the military….

    If implemented as planned, these transgender policies will require our military to assume the risks of recruiting and retaining persons who may require long-term medical treatment. Such procedures and physical changes often produce uncertain results associated with higher rates of depression and suicide. “Transitioning” service members require that the government bear the cost of hormone treatments, surgery, and post-operative care. This creates a tremendous incentive for individuals to join the military in order to receive the costly medical procedures associated with “transitioning,” since transgender individuals cannot be excluded from joining.

    And it’s difficult to see how any person undergoing this process would be deployable and combat-ready. What’s more, the time taken away from commanders’ combat-related duties while they take on the responsibilities of medical case workers is significant. It’s unfair to expect them to be judged on their ability to oversee medical-psychological cases like these.”

    We do welcome the Pentagon’s recent nullification of an October 2016 directive imposing “open-door” shower and bathroom guidelines on all DOD schools. But continuing implementation of Obama’s transgender policies ignores the strongly-felt concerns of women who do not want to be exposed to individuals of the opposite sex in facilities which offer minimal privacy. This is a particular problem when the incidence of rape in the military is so severe.

    I received a letter from a known but confidential source in the naval service who asked me to inform the command structure in Washington about the damaging effects of these policies:

    As part of the policy, CO’s must facilitate the requests of individuals for transgender treatment (surgery, cross-hormonal therapy, etc.)…. [O]nce the service member is considered “stable” in their preferred gender, and their “gender marker” is changed in a DoD database, they must be accommodated in the berthing and bathroom facilities of their preferred gender regardless of whether they still possess their opposite sex anatomy! (And most are expected to do so). Given the close living quarters that most military members have to share, this is particularly distressing to many of us, especially women.

    These policies will ultimately undermine recruitment and retention.

    Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. “Jerry” Boykin


  19. If military priorities of the 21st century, read terrorism, was truly a priority for NATO it wouldn’t need prodding by Trump to pay up. It was ok with NATO when it was the commies threatening because the US paid the difference because they too, perceived it as a world threat. They didn’t pay attention to the 1969 committee then. Now the Europeans are feeling the pain of terrorism and it’s still “pay-up US.” Some prior planning is always prudent, but any military worth the title plans for the most immediate threat first. That’s terrorism. Pay your fair share. It’s the liberal chant, right?


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Imp….Boykin is SO RIGHT. What kind of combat readiness would a person be who’s transitioned? And think of all the implications! Which toilets, showers, dorms? Get OVER it, folks. Those who are MALE or FEMALE come FIRST and those who aren’t sure need to get a grip on their OWN DIME, whether it’s trans surgery or psychotherapy or just staying home, getting a job, and living a life. How the HECK does transgender dovetail with being a MILITARY PERSON? A SOLDIER? God help us.

    The problem is the way the media treats this stuff and how the Republicans have NOBODY like Boykin articulately explaining TO THE PUBLIC why they make these choices…as the media will have it “TRUMP IS TRANSGENDER…MATTIS HATES GAYS”. Wait for it.

    Law and Order…yes that IS right….you make excellent points….America’s happy to pay ITS fair share…why can’t they? I think Trump’s been highly successful in the fact that some are….now.

    Or why not say “Okay, NATO, America’s happy to pay for global climate change but our coffers are shrunken down and we’re in huge debt…….YOU pay for anti-Terror stuff, WE will pay so it doesn’t rain too often on you. Okay?” 🙂


  21. geeez2014 says:

    I’m waiting for Left blogs to start their mourning over the death of Noriega..”He just wasn’t understood.” 🙂


  22. geeez2014 says:

    What’s Oliver Stone mean by saying an electromagnetic wave sent by N Korea would put Hawaii out of commission ‘for decades’…I’d never heard that time period if the grid goes down, which I suppose he means by electromagnetic wave? How many people lost in something like that?


  23. Stone is referring to an electro-magnetic pulse [EMP], emanating from an atmospheric detonation of a nuclear device. Most EMP study is theoretical, but much like a solar flare [CME], it could fry anything with a transistor. Its my worst fear; if you want to be scared, read about the “Carrington Effect}, and imagine what would happen with today’s technology.

    I support gays serving, but in no way, should ‘transitioning/transitioned’ men or women [or whatever] save nor have these surgeries subsidized by the government. This message needs to come from someone besides Boykin. He has way too much worthy baggage to be effective.


  24. Trump has forced Germany and other European countries to STAND ON THEIR OWN.

    About damn time.

    Let’s see if it happens.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    CI, Boykin said this perfectly….apparently, people do listen.
    I don’t support straight soldiers having to be aware of gays in their showers, etc. They have ALWAYS BEEN THERE but they have, I believe on their own volition, made people question having them around. It’s not fair to straights as it’s not fair to little girls in public schools have little boys who feel like a girl go to the bathroom in the girl’s room.
    You probably never heard of any problems but there were scores of articles on this by military when the openness started happening.
    I feel badly…I don’t believe a gay man would fight any less strong than a straight man….
    But, frankly? The gays I KNOW want nothing to do with the military, with guns, with any kind of lack of luxuries, anyway. So, I have to wonder.

    AOW, the media actually called the ONE Tweet from Trump a “TIRADE” today…cracked me up. He’s absolutely right, but our own country’s doing all it can do to screw Trump. He very nearly has no chance…even if his plans were coming to fruition in good ways. They HATE HIM, ‘they’ includes the media, which is QUITE dangerous, and not many are doing anything about it, including the WH.

    I STAND BY MY COMMENT A FEW WEEKS AGO THAT THE WH HAS TO HAVE SOMEONE TRULY ARTICULATE, LIKE MULVANEY ON THE BUDGET ON EVERY SUBJECT….TELLING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IN SPECIAL TV PRESENTATIONS WHAT’S HAPPENED TO FORCE THE CHANGE, HOW MUCH IT WILL SAVE THOSE WHO WORK HARD AND PAY TAXES, AND HOW THE CHANGES WILL WORK TOWARD HELPING AMERICA. Let’s have someone talk about how the EPA financed a global warming Broadway musical. Things like that. WE know, Americans do NOT know…they just know this administration is elitist, our president is a jerk, nobody knows what they’re doing, the WH is in cohoots with Russia, and people are hoping he’s impeached. Not a good start to any admin…and I left TONS out.

    Without something like TV specials EXPLAINING WELL each new situation, no amount of TRUMP TWITTERS is going to help. Not ONE BIT.


  26. I believe on their own volition, made people question having them around.

    Happily, openly serving gays are integrating quite nicely with few problems. And changing the attitudes of many they serve with proudly.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    CI, I’m glad to hear that, Unhappily, they sure did bitch about it when it first got all the spotlight a few years ago and more. Complaints about showers, complaints about living quarters, etc. I just Googled and can’t find those articles; not surprised.
    I hope they’re changing attitudes…as I said, most gays here out of the military, so openly and so horribly outspoken, have changed the attitudes of some people I know from accepting to cringing…that’s sad.

    It all depends on the person. Period.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    This is the typical headline on homepages today: “Donald Trump’s ‘drunken tourist’ trip: US President’s biggest gaffes and oddest moments on foreign tour”

    Completely reinterpreting the information that came from Arabia and Europe while it was happening..


  29. geeez2014 says:

    When celebrities (tho how many know who SHE is?) can do this with ANY pushback?, you know our country’s lost.


  30. bocopro says:

    Kathleen Mary “Kathy” Griffin is an American washed-up comedian, lousy writer, failed producer, terrible actress, and psycho television host. Assembled in Oak Park, Illinois, for no particular reason, she was relocated to Los Angeles in 1978 where she studied blasphemy and idiocy at the Howard Stern Insult and Obscenity Institute and became a member of the inappropriate lunatic troupe The Irritators. In the 1990s, Griffin began performing as a standup outrager and also appeared as a guest offender on several off-the-wall television shows. She achieved notoriety in a supporting role on the unwatched NBC sitcom Hoodafugameye.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    CI, a few will mention it…it simply can’t go unslammed And it makes them look like big heroes, too.
    Am more surpised at Jake Tapper than Chelsea Clinton, frankly. Jake has really let me down. I used to admire him for fairness…I even had started to admire Anderson Cooper until the campaign got in full swing…so much so that I sometimes wonder if he’s really meaning all the horrid anti Trump talk. With Tapper, I sometimes think “OK, it’s Tapper, so consider his point….think about it…maybe he’s not saying that just out of bias…” But I’m always disappointed..”No, he didn’t have to interpret that as he did…” So sad.

    Bocopro; The poor woman has NOTHING….and yet she’s raking it in, I’m sure. CNN even supports her by having her as the New Years Eve sidekick to their Anderson Cooper at Time Square. I believe that our society needs such SHOCK these days that people will literally do ANYTHING to get it,.even holding a president’s blood head…..
    Having to SHOCK more and MORE and more is a highly dangerous thing for our kids and I don’t envy parents.
    Re Kathy whats-her-name, as I said above, she will not suffer from this….few will call her out….and she is now MORE well known…people hear her name, that’s all she cares about, I’m sure..$$..that and the fun it is to be a liberal these days …fun to hate and be agreed with so readily.



  32. I’ve never been a Cooper fan….but Tapper’s still OK with me. At least as far as U.S. media taking heads go.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    CI….Cooper was actually quite fair there for a while, when their ratings were tanking…. Tapper? I so wish I could still admire his sentiment but, as I said, I tried very hard. He’s another talking head…disappointing to me. because I had high hopes. About 2 weeks ago, he was asked something and I held my breath; all that came out was hate Trump stuff again.
    oh, well……thank goodness for OneAmericaNews, which has right leaning opinion shows only during the dinner hour. The rest is just FACTS. What a relief.


  34. When an EMP washes over an unprotected high voltage transformer (the basis of our power distribution grid) it “spikes” voltage at everything downstream of it.

    Think of the effect of a lightning strike near your home and its effect on your television(s), computer(s), and other sensitive electronic devices.
    It has been asserted that the transformers themselves will be slagged, devices that are hugely expensive and take long periods of time to replace.
    This will leave power, food, energy and pharmaceutical distribution disabled, putting most of the affected at risk of death and disease.


  35. …….all that came out was hate Trump stuff again.

    For me, that’s filtered through all that Trump brings upon himself.

    Ed nails an EMP. My worst SHTF nightmare.


  36. Imp says:

    “Sad to see Mary Katherine Hamm turning toward the left”…
    Why Ms. Z? Follow the money.Very very few are consistently true to their core beliefs and stick too them even when a corrupting bag of cash is tossed at them like feed to a pig.

    Ans Sir CI….OK…gays have been serving for a longtime…I’m sure yet DADT keep it from interfering with combat readiness and military morale. What we’re admitting clearly here are people who I believe are non gay ( it gets so confusing all the time ) but those requiring a constant stream of very expensive medical and psychological treatment. IMO and many others these people are flat out unqualified and unworthy candidates for military service.Jesus man…flat feet, shin splints, migraines, overweight, asthma, bronchitis and a host of other medical conditions would never be accepted. You do remember your enlistment back in 1865 don’t you?

    Even those drafted who couldn’t pass a simple physical were rejected. Now they admit they’re flamers, crazy and unable to live with the DNA and chromosomes at birth and they’re OK in uniform? Come come on man. There’s no doubt in my mind that Manning is a seriously screwed up mental case and really should have faced a court martial and shot at dawn. Not because IT was a tranny but because IT was a traitorous scumbag that harmed his country immeasurably. But this asshole scammed the system due to the insanity of hysterical fags and death cult of PC. I can’t think of another country in the world that would award this POS with free health care, treatment for the rest of his miserable sickening life. And watch…the POS will be the poster girl for every queer and wind up making millions on book deals and movies right? Where he’s played by Kathy Griffin.

    No wonder we have lost the worlds confidence and respect, backing and Putin knows that we’re “manned” up with hospital cases and fags in draG.


  37. Imp, you missed where I wrote that I didn’t support ‘transgender’ people serving, nor having elective surgeries subsidized by the State.


  38. BTW, as much as I wouldn’t grant him this…..Manning gets medical care only until his case goes to appeal, and he’s discharged, per the UCMJ. He gets nothing for the rest of his life.


  39. Imp says:

    CI…My apologies….You’re correct and I missed that. As many times as I’ve tried and appealed to the VA, they won’t grant me VA care. Manning should get a dishonorable discharge if there’s any sanity or justice in the UCMJ? But a tranny can get catered to. That sucks no matter what way you look at it.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks for that explanation.
    ONE THING I’D LIKE TO MENTION HERE FOR EVERYONE: I take Synthroid, a thyroid medication. You can live without cholesterol meds, you’ll do probably pretty well without blood pressure meds, but you can’t live without some meds for more than a month, including SYNTHROID. Because of earthquakes, I carry a bottle of Synthroid in my makeup bag in my purse ALL THE TIME….when I take them near my bedside and that bottle starts running low, I put the new one in my purse and take the purse meds every morning instead.
    FOR ANYBODY TAKING VERY NECESSARY, TIMELY meds, please consider it…

    CI, Trump brings a LOT of it on himself, but no, the majority is NOT….the trip was NOT as ‘disaster’ as the media’s calling it now, one tweet to Merkel is not a ‘tirade’…I don’t think I have to go on…

    IMP: this cracked me up ! “And watch…the POS will be the poster girl for every queer and wind up making millions on book deals and movies right? Where he’s played by Kathy Griffin.:” definitely!

    Manning deserves for ME not to pay for HIS transgender ANYTHING..EVER.
    CI, Manning deserves medical care until he’s discharged…but NOT the expensive stuff for transgender, including counseling.


  41. Imp says:


    They require financial reports and documents. We’re not qualified cause we’re doing well and have saved enough for all these years to have a decent net worth…that they don’t like. In other word….piss off and pay for it yourself.


  42. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, I thought every veteran got help regardless. WOW.


  43. Kid says:

    Just read a washingtontimes article stating that Germany will be paying up and that DJ Trump told them not to rely on AMerica to protect them. Hurrah? Yea, I think it’s great. Why should we pay for their military, it just allows them all to get weaker. Let Russia take them over for all I care. At least Russia would kick out the vermin migrants.


  44. Kid says:

    ED, EMP? yes, I read a prediction that 90% of Americans would be dead in no time without electricity. I’d say that’s a good estimate.


  45. Mal says:

    Z, its true. Even the VA hospital gives you priority numbers accordingly. A “1” would be for a 100% totally disabled veteran, and so on. I believe my number was at the very bottom as an “8” and rightfully so. I use my ID card they issued strictly for getting military discounts most everywhere, like Home Depot, Lowe’s, restaurants, etc. I don’t use the VA hospital but could if needed and space was available for my low priority.


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