China, Trump, Leftwing witch hunts….?

I listened to this story on CNN, then read it HERE because the inferences and innuendos of CNN were……well, INSANE so I had to know more……

These ‘activists’ who supposedly have, for 20  years, gone underground in companies to find out if they’re not paying enough or treating employees badly, are missing and they were investigating the shoe manufacturers of Ivanka’s shoes, a company she isn’t involved with anymore but still owns much of….The story is stressing how, in 20 years, these men had never been arrested before.  Must be some China/Trump connection now, right?, was the inference.

First, I’m astonished any Chinese activists in China are checking up on work conditions and am frankly a bit surprised they even have more than draconian work laws.  Actually, they do have a lot of laws, there are many articles listing them but THIS kind of fills us in..their record is NOT GOOD ..they’re not good at adherence.  Unless it’s a company which makes Trump shoes (not owned by Trump, of course) and then THEY ARE ON IT!

Second, the Chinese families are calling on the Trumps now to see what they can do to get their men released.


I’m really starting to believe that the Left is going to do and find ANYTHING, any slightest inference of trouble on the Trumps and it’s BIG HEADLINES in America.

Please read the link above and let me know your thoughts…….I believe strongly by now that SOMEONE is paying leftwingers a lot of money to dig this stuff up.  Remember I told you there are ‘news people’ haranguing a friend’s friend who was a camera woman on The Apprentice.  Each time she goes to New York, she’s besieged by these people asking “What do you know about Trump?  Did he really never hit on you?  Ever see him hit on anybody?”

She’s told the media 10 times “he was great to me, I never saw a THING,” but they’re still TRYING HARD.

What can be done to fight this?   Only SOME ARTICULATE PERSON who can make them look RIDICULOUS.  Anderson Cooper’s starting to look like SUCH a HACK I just have to hope he’s humiliated to have to do this……..I really had started liking him, I’d liked Jake Tapper a little in the past, I have no use for ANY of CNN’s women, but these two men weren’t that bad….until NOW.

Is it JUST TRUMP HATE that fuels these people?  Or is it something more ?  $$$$$$




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37 Responses to China, Trump, Leftwing witch hunts….?

  1. Mustang says:

    RE: “I believe strongly by now that SOMEONE is paying left-wingers a lot of money to dig this stuff up.”

    I do not believe they are digging anything up; they are inventing scenarios that gives the media something to yammer about. If you tell a lie often enough, it eventually becomes the unmitigated truth.

    Although, on second thought, I do seem to recall that George W. Bush had a hurricane machine in the basement of the White House, which he used to spawn Katrina down on the heads of po black folk.

    Here’s what John Sununu had to say about these ridiculous assertions:


  2. bocopro says:

    While I believe that what Griffin did is actually within the umbrella of freedom of expression and not quite the same as issuing a threat or directly causing chaos by yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre, I believe also that we should never have abandoned pillories and stocks for people in great need of severe and lengthy public shaming.

    I also believe that Juan Williams is being paid as a professional apologist by deep-pocketed left-wing agitprops: “She was hearkening to the detached head of the Gorgon Medusa.” Good grief!!

    And Perino is spot on with her suspicion that the apology was a prefab made up long before the foto hit the air. AND . . . I firmly believe that Fox commentators would have similarly condemned as tasteless, classless, and definitely racist had Miller held up a bloody facsimile of a detached Soetoro noggin.

    Now, I DO go over to CNN and HLN regularly to see if their coverage differs from what’s on Fox and OAN. These types of articles, tho, are pretty much the reason I avoid talks shows/discussion panels and NEVER pay attention to the editorial views of Yahoo & Google. And except for OAN and Bret Baier’s evening show, I almost always read the stuff on line rather than watch CNN, HLN, and FoxNews . . . ’cause I couldn’t trust Gretchen, didn’t like Megyn, can’t stand Shep, and am never around when Neil is on.

    For some reason, tho, even if she DOES come up with some wobbly stuff from time to time, I like watching Alisyn Camerota. Always liked McCallum, but have never once caught her evening show for some odd reason.

    BTW, China is no more our friend than is Russia. Xi is bringing about as much pressure to bear on his Kim Phat Un puppet to back off the nukes and ICBMs as Merkel is toward stemming Dyslamic nastiness in Europe. The US understands China about as well as Trump understands self-discipline.

    And the Paris climate-change accord is the biggest scam in world history. If allowed to continue as originally approved by Soetoro EO, its toll will be the death knell of the US economy. It’s even worse than the anemic NATO and corrupt UN parasitical fingers in the American cash box.


  3. Kid says:

    First off, that stuff like this even sees the light of day means that they can’t find anything in Trump’s closet. He must have the cleanest closet of anyone on Earth.

    Then the why they are doing this. I believe they are scared to death of an honest DOJ that (hopefully) will find enough evidence of their crimes to put them away. ‘Them’ being a very large number of swamp creatures.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I loved that piece you linked, thanks! My favorite bit
    “Camerota replied, “Governor, I don’t have a version of events. I asked –.”

    Sununu said, “Of course you do. The whole half hour [of CNN] I listened to is a version.”

    THIS is something I’m only NOW starting to hear and was about to mention it in a comment since I just woke up……I heard someone yesterday say a similar thing to Cooper “I just heard a few hours of nothing but conclusions not yet reached, accusations not yet proven, but you keep trying to make it look so bad” (I’m paraphrasing but that was the sense of it)
    See, this is BIG, for people on the Right to nail CNN, because nobody really has in the past…they’re afraid they won’t be invited back, I always sense that…they cringe and smile because it’s COMMERCIAL TIME and THEY WANT TO COME BACK rather than say “BUT THAT’S JUST NOT RIGHT!”…
    Thanks, Mustang.
    And yes, INVENTED….they’re digging up as I said in my camerawoman story in the post and probably INVENTING, too.

    Bocopro..Camerota is one of the worst, in my opinion…but…
    I like MacCallum, too…not sure what she’ll be doing when Steve Hilton starts his show which I AM GOING TO LOVE ON FOX..>”REVOLUTION!” A Brit who TELLS IS LIKE IT IS HERE! Yippeee!! I think he starts next week.
    I don’t for a second believe Juan Williams takes money for anything. I can’t STAND some of what he says but I believe he has unusual integrity and fineness in him.

    you said “The US understands China about as well as Trump understands self-discipline.” I believe that. But I also believe Trump thinks he’s got it made with China because “they’re friends, such good friends” I heard that and thought “BALONEY.l..get WISE , please please GET WISE!”

    Kid, I hope you’re right on ALL of this. We should remember that Trump has ENORMOUS business dealings with MANY, for YEARS and if finding this CHinese story that suggests Trump or Ivanka’s company paid to have these guys arrested to get off the scent of illegalities while they make their shoes is newsworthy, he probably hasn’t done much wrong!


  5. bocopro says:

    Well, I guess it’s a guy thing with me and Camerota. Just causes a resonance in my libido nerve or somethin.

    Juan Williams, whether he takes money for it or not, is a dedicated lefty apologist. He can rationalize ANYthing by liberals, and his unwillingness to condemn BLM . . . no, his BLINDness on that issue . . . just disgusts me.

    Like Geraldo, he constantly tosses out bags of illogic and ethnic loyalisms, carefully seasoned with spices to placate the conservatives so they’ll keep him around . . . on the payroll or not.

    Both those guys are, IMO, right on target about half the time and catastrophically wrong the other half.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…CAMEROTA? I don’t find her the least bit pretty, but I don’t think Guilfoyle is, either, and I know you love her. Of course, I’m a woman but I admire a pretty woman, too….I think Perino’s prettier than KG or Camerota….Or Martha McCallum is VERY pretty (particularly that she’s over 50!), or Ainsley Meredith (tho she’s not the brightest bulb in any chandelier she’s VERY pretty and sweet), Erin Burnett’s got a nice look…….Harris Faulkner,
    But Camerota? OKAY! 🙂

    Yes, WIlliams wouldn’t take money, and I did mention I can’t take much of what he says….total apologist for the left, even after NPR fired him for daring to suggest getting on an airplane with muslims worries him. As if it doesn’t ANYBODY?
    Good point about Geraldo and Williams, tho I can listen to Williams more than Geraldo because desperation and bravado always turn me off and Geraldo’s always been the King of BOTH.
    pretty disgusting but wait for more all around the world…they’re ALL in it…and Trump’s ticking everybody SO off he has to expect this…



  7. Kid says:

    Z, Tiger’s blood alcohol was actually 0. He said it was the pain meds that got to him.

    I’d say Tiger is done with Golf, which is what I thought after his wife wacked him with a golf club way back when.


  8. Imp says:

    Z…”Harris Faulkner”….she’s a 12 to me! That woman is in her 50’s and is absolutely exotic and stunningly gorgeous to me. I’m transfixed by her eyes…and she’s smart as hell and wonderfully articulate. Why she doesn’t have her own gig like Greta did, I’ll never know. But at 51 and a net worth of 40 million (?) I guess she’s doing OK without it. Juan is a fool….a gullible bumbling fool spouting what ever garbage Donna Brazille feeds him in his message box. Geraldo…gotta give him credit…he’s been a media whore for the past 52 years and was a sensation in his early years on ABC in NYC. With Bill Butell and Roger Grimsby and they both were fun to watch and were a respectable team….back in the late 60’s and early 70’s.


  9. Imp says:

    Tiger’s DUI charges were dropped too. Can’t blame the cops though. He sure looked drunk. Looks like he can’t do well on opioids.


  10. Kid says:

    IMP, I saw Harris Faulkner the other day when Mad had the TV on. She was 50 times smarter than the other ladies that were in that discussion group. It was actually painful to hear some of the dialogue from the other women. They sounded like grade schoolers in comparrison.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Tiger Woods….what a HUGE story and chargers have been dropped? Poor guy…tons of press and how embarrassing it must be. Did you see where the actual mug shot was altered by ESPN to make him look less awful? fascinating. They deny it was anything specific, just a kind of template picture they like to have. What RUBBISH.

    Imp; FORTY MILL? Harris is lovely and does have a kind of her own show on Saturdays, I’ve noticed…not sure what time, etc…but she’s interviewing one-on-one on late Saturday afternoons PST. They finally got the hair under control …but she was always beautiful…no doubt about it!
    And smart as it gets, i think.

    Kid, I guess Tiger’s done….sad.


  12. Kid says:

    Z, Embarrassing? Compared to standing up on Natl TV and talking about cheating on his wife with over 125 other women (Most of them pretty unattrractive as well) ?


  13. Kid says:

    Z, Tiger was done for me when he screwed his wife over so bad with two young kids…

    Prior to that it was a lot of fun watching him chew through the record books and some of the amazing shots he would hit. Didn’t bother watching him afterwards.


  14. bocopro says:

    I wanna see if this works . . . if not, dispensame, por favor:


  15. bocopro says:

    Nope. Din’t work. Belay my last.


  16. Imp says:

    “Kid, I guess Tiger’s done….sad.”

    Hell..he never has to use a club again…or a caddy or ever compete again. He’s worth $740 Million. Three quarters of a billion? What’s sad is that we don’t have it….LMAO.. 🙂


  17. Kid says:

    Now, that is sad.


  18. I agree with Kid. That night ended his career. It wasn’t sex, Bill Clinton proved that. It was that his wife was an innocent bystander and he had two great kids. Hillary can not generate sympathy under any circumstances, so some idiots bought into him. Although, he was a much more innocuous president than BO. He at least had a practical side to him in a self-serving sort of way.

    If the charges have been dropped that’s a travesty. In Ohio, I arrested a lot of DUIs for driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Just as deadly if not deadlier. I’ve seen people messed up on all kind of meds. Scary how many are out there now with the opioids problem in our state.


  19. Mal says:

    Its obvious the left has been operating on the assumption if you throw enough mud against the wall, some of it will stick. Say anything you want often enough, people will believe it. But is it really working for them though? Or will it hurt them in the end? I’m betting enough people are wise enough to see through the lies and intent of the left that opposition to them will continue to grow. Time will tell.


  20. Imp says:

    L&O…he did realize that the medication prescribed to him legally, had a negative effect on him. He parked his SUV and nodded out when they found him. I’ve had the exact same experience, although I haven’t driven for over 3 months, when I was prescribed Tramadol along with oxycontin. Within 20 minutes I was nodding out…and slept for 2 hours undisturbed. My wife woke me up…I responded well…yet It knocked me out. Since I’ve been taking it for some weeks now…I’m getting used to it…so I imagine if it was new to him….and maybe he was or wasn’t warned, that’s what happened. And was a short distance from his home too. But…he is a celebrity and an industry in his own right in the millionaires row in Jupiter Island alongside Celine Dion and many other biggies.


  21. BTW, I stopped watching “Me again?” Kelly about three months before she left. I was tired of her carnival barker act over her book every night. I initially admired her interviewing style that was fact-based and adversarial. Bill Gates. She just took the aging terrorist apart. Now she’s so self-absorbed I won’t watch or read anything about her. Too bad.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Law and Order, it’s SO SAD what happened to Meghan Kelly! I really liked her in the past, too, then she bought SO into her popularity and, yes, became a carnival barker for her book. The change did happen fast. But, she does a good interview, for sure.
    Now she’s going to be on some morning show and do some Sunday night show of her own.
    When she started going HOllywood, I mentioned here at the blog “She wants to be the new Barbara Walters..” And that’s what seems to be happening.

    TIGER WOODS: I have a character flaw in which I still feel bad for people who’ve really screwed up their lives before and continue to do so. My heart breaks for him.
    And, of course, for his lovely wife and kids whose hearts he broke…

    Mal, good point…yes, they’re certainly throwing it against the wall. And some IS sticking. Of course, it doesn’t stick to Republicans quite as much as it does to Dems.!!


  23. Mal says:

    MY POINT EXACTLY, Z. As the old saying goes “never stir up s— ’cause you might get some on you.”


  24. geeez2014 says:

    I hope the new attack in Manila isn’t as bad as it sounds….pray


  25. geeez2014 says:

    NEWDAY.COM….have you guys seen this ad? It appeals to the WIVES of veterans “If you’re a wife of a veteran, you should know that you can get a loan ..” It feels like they’re pushing the wives to push on their husbands..”We could get a NEW HOUSE if you’d JUST…”.
    It bugs me every time I hear it…as if the men aren’t smart enough to take the hint?
    I know women are more home than men might be, but REALLY?


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro and Imp; beautiful or not, Jennifer Griffin (or Griffith?) and Catherine Herridge are the female STARS of INFORMATION on FOX…amazing contacts, excellent unbiased reporting


  27. geeez2014 says:

    SHEP SMITH MAKES ME LAUGH! Check out a possible inference:

    “We know NOW that the US will pull out of the Paris agreement…now the biggest countries NOT participating will be the United States and RUSSIA!”



  28. bunkerville says:

    I wander by Morning Joe for a few minutes often and on just to get the juices flowing. They have to be laughing at themselves. How could they go on and on for hours on end with this Russian business? I’d say someone is paying them big time.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    BUnkerville! I’ve had that EXACT thought, as I’ve said above and elsewhere…..they simply can’t be THIS ridiculous. I do believe they’re being paid OR threatened with their jobs, which I BELIEVE Fox’s Murdoch sons’ wives (EXTRA liberal) have now implemented there.
    Fox will go down…the Murdoch ladies aren’t happy and I sense it already.
    ALTHOUGH I do believe their talent IS mostly conservative, I even just heard some odd stuff come out of Jenna Lee’s mouth only this morning….very odd.


  30. Kid says:

    I must say, it is getting weary. It must be getting weary even for the believers. Ask any libtard how exactly Russia changed anyone’s vote and you get the blank stare.

    If Russia wanted to influence the election, they didn’t have to talk to anyone, just buy some ads, put out a bunch of blog posts, tweets, hit the comment sections of popular websites (Sort of what Soro’s does eh?), posing as Americans. It is so pathetic that this is all they have.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    there’s more….the fun never ends.


    Oops! Got to switch from FOX to OAN now..Shep Smith is on. shudder


  32. geeez2014 says:

    NOT FAST ENOUGH WITH THE REMOTE! Smith just said “THIS ALIGNS US WITH NICAURAGUA and SYRIA!” 🙂 Ya, that aligns us with them, Shep…. you freakin JERK.


  33. Kid says:

    Heh. Well only fair Z, obama aligned us with Venezuela and Greece..


  34. bocopro says:

    Yeah, I definitely trust Griffin’s and Herridge’s reporting. They come across as well-prepared, knowledgeable, experienced professionals who check out the stories before spreading ’em.

    And though I prefer long hair on women (both of them previously sported locks well down over their shoulders), I admire how they put on their big -girl panties and got on with reality when faced with life-threatening situations — Griffin for cancer and radical bilateral mastectomy and Herridge for donating a section of her liver to save her son’s life.

    Tough women. Nothin in the news can intimidate those two. I’m sure some of the other ladies have hard-luck stories, too, but those are pretty heavy-duty.

    Faulkner is believable as soon as you listen to her for 5 minutes. Prepped, practiced, and perfect. Easy on the eyes, too.

    My favorite commentator used to be Michelle Malkin ’cause she clearly did her homework and smoothed up her report before delivering it. Always clear, relevant, and objective. Over the past year or so, tho, she’s kinda gotten full of herself and become more of a performer than a pundit with all the rolling eyes and other nonverbal messaging.

    So, I relegated her to that category of “read only” and quit watchin her. Same for Coulter . . . I read her because of her skill with metaphor, analogy, quip, and snark. Won’t watch her speak. Ditto O’Reilly. And I can’t bear to watch Hannity — reminds me too much of Glenn Beck.


  35. geeez2014 says:


    Bocopro..I can’t listen to Hannity anymore..the male version of Kimberly Guilfoyle..always saying the exact same thing to make points…. O’Reilly covered really important, interesting things…so I did watch.
    I’ve seen Ann Coulter speak in person…she’s soft, self effacing, clever, shy and lovely…ASTONISHINGLY different than on TV. Like Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde, I swear.
    I can’t stomach Michelle Malkin anymore. ANother who bought into her own celeb.

    She actually reminds me of Jeanine Pirro in her delivery…but not quite as AWFUL.


  36. “She actually reminds me of Jeanine Pirro in her delivery…but not quite as AWFUL.”
    Amen. But I still like Kimberly Guilfoyle.


  37. Imp, I do agree that many times it’s accidental. My point is a lot of people are addicted to meds and have the same problem as a drunk driver. If the charges are dropped, an officer has nothing to say. I see a need to remove that person from the streets. Tiger Woods and John Q.Public need to be treated the same. If circumstances are involved that mitigate the situation I wholeheartedly agree with alternatives to arrest. Take care.


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