Media and Truth? and you get to VOTE!


HERE is an interesting article about the information about so many Muslims in the linked story above and one man’s take on it.

I thought it would be interesting to talk about……….let’s do that.

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  1. Mustang says:

    I am shocked! Shocked I tell you to learn that Mohammedans are breaking our laws. Now when will the government crack down on their polyagamy.


  2. I voted for you, Z. And Our friends there. And me.


  3. It certainly bears investigation, though merely; having a Muslim sounding name, does not necessarily equate to one being a Muslim. Atheism among Muslims is on the rise.


  4. bocopro says:

    I’m not Islamophobic; I’m Islamoffended. And most of the country doesn’t have an Islamophobia problem; it has an Islamophilia problem. If the Catholic or Baptist or Mormon or any other church made the same accusations and demands of society and government that Islam does, they’d be censured.

    But for some reason, far too many people, cities, and governments have put Islam in some kind of special niche, some kind of sacred sanctuary, some kind of select sanctimony which shields it from our customs, our traditions, our standards, our law.

    Islam MUST be made to conform to the same rules as all the rest in terms of morals, ethics, equality, sexism, racism, politics, public displays, and individual behavior. Otherwise it is nothing but a cult, not a valid religion, and needs to be surveilled, controlled, and taxed . . . or banned.

    Just as with Bigfoot, Nessie, Tinker Belle, gnomes, leprechauns, unicorns . . . for some reason, fairly well-educated and ostensibly normal people seem to accept the existence of the fabled “Moderate Muslim.”

    They chant incessantly about how terrorists are NOT true Muslims and Shari’a is NOT true Islam and how a billion and a half Muslims all over the globe are peaceful and “moderate” in their beliefs. O.K. O.K. Not all Muslims are terrorists. I get it. But nearly all terrorists seem to be Muslims.

    Muhammad’s little plagiarized myth has been around now for 1400 years, and except for blatant propaganda, unfounded rumors, and out-of-touch academics, the Western world is STILL waiting for the first legitimate and documented existence of a Moderate Muslim.

    We, along with the British, Germans, French, Scandinavians, and who knows what others, allow Muslims to infiltrate and establish their non-assimilating colonies amongst us, protected by our system of free speech and entitlement, until they can swarm like termites and engulf local administrations with ballots instead of bullets.

    Shari’a is an assault on our basic freedoms, especially for women and non-heteros, a blasphemy in the eyes of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and followers of other similarly reformed and modernized credos. But once in power, they WILL impose it on the entire population of the city or region or state they’ve conquered.

    Conquered? Yes! That’s what’s going on, plain and simple. Every mullah, every imam, every ayatollah – every Muslim – knows that the simplest way to subdue the entire planet (and that’s what Islam means, submission) is via mass immigration and eventually outnumbering the infidels through aggressive breeding.

    At first, they employ their taqiyyah, which allows them to cloak themselves in denial of their core beliefs, even pretending to be Christian, while protecting themselves with the shield of the civil liberties defended by the same Constitution they fully intend to dismantle and discard. Time and patience are their allies.

    While waiting for their numbers to swell, they survive comfortably on our entitlement system of food, unemployment checks, welfare, and health care, behaving like good little immigrants fleeing from oppression, learning their way around in this strange land of plenty, despite the beer and bacon.

    The problem, of course, is not so much that the immigrants are evil but that the societies they’re infesting refuse to do anything about it . . . in fact, even WELcome it. As Maxine Waters tweeted recently after the attacks in Britain, “Please pray for the safety of our Muslim brothers and sisters in #London. Our inaction on climate and healthcare has pushed them to this.”

    Wow! Just, WOW! And that from a member of our House of Representatives who keeps getting re-elected by people from the district in which she doesn’t even LIVE!

    Islam is no more a religion of peace than what they play in the NBA is a non-contact sport or the NFL is P.E.D. free. It’s about as peaceful as a fire-ant mound and as human-rights oriented as the UN.

    We must stop listening to the liberal propagandists who keep telling us to just give Islam a chance and start paying attention to what Muslims are actually doing in the countries they’re invading in civilian clothing.

    We need to shake the notion out of our collective head that speaking the truth is a form of hate speech. Islam is a cult. The so-called “moderate Muslim” is a chimera, an imposter, a Pinocchio. We must rediscover the courage to unmask the absurdity of a system which radicalizes young men to rape, behead, bomb, and threaten while the “moderates” hypocritically wring their hands and harrumph while secretly encouraging them to slaughter the kafir whose system feeds and supports them.

    The President has the power and the right to deny entrance to any person or group of persons he chooses if he believes they represent a threat to our national security. Period. And “Let us in or we’ll kidnap your tourists and blow up your embassies and tell our young people nasty things about you!” is NOT a particularly good defense against travel bans.

    Recently I read in a lengthy article somewhere that the main difference between a radical Islamist and a Social Justice Warrior is that one carries the Qur’an and a bomb while the other carries the Constitution and a latte.

    Islam has no business in the western hemisphere. It fully intends to collapse and cast aside our society, our culture, and our laws. Shari’a, even if practiced ONLY by “moderate Muslims,” is inimical to our way of life and antithetical to our Constitution.

    What this country needs (as do Britain, France, and Germany) is a radical Islamectomy.





  6. Imp says:

    “There is a long history of Muslims using welfare systems for criminal activity, as well as purposely abusing the system. As we reported in 2013, a prominent Muslim cleric called on Muslim immigrants in Western nations to purposely collect government welfare as a so-called “Jihad Seeker’s Allowance.”

    So…today it’s every Mohammed or a Mustafa along with the Ramirez’s , Gonzales, Gutierrez’s or a majority of those whose names end in a Z ( and in a bow to the disease of PC I’ll say I’m generalizing and stereotyping just to make some happy )…and we now have both in our congressional bodies and well represented by CAIR or La Raza. Additionally we have the Russians and Ukrainian’s literally occupying entire swaths of The Bronx, Brooklyn and Northern New Jersey.

    Now…a lib would say…well 50 or more years ago …all the immigrants were Italian, Irish, Russian, Jews and Chinese. All lived in 5 points, Hells Kitchen, the Battery, Chelsea…Boston,Lynn, Revere, Swampscott and Gloucester Mass. And they all had their violence, criminals, crime, illegal revenues, corruption and had infested the police and all areas of the courts, government and the law. One even became President ,whose father was a wealthy runner of illegal booze, real estate and other rackets. in 3 generations. And all well represented by their clubs…Knights of Columbus, the Italian American clubs, the Hibernians and so on.

    However…there’s one huge difference between those of the past and these criminals today.


  7. Updates about today’s shooting HERE at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. I’m typing my fingers off!


  8. FB says:

    Well in France most people in jail are Arabs now so here you go.


  9. Kid says:

    I wonder why obamas DOJ didn’t pick up these guys….

    AOW, Just read a article on the shooting. The guy asked if the people on the firld were republicans or democrats, then got his AR-15 and fired over 60 shots. No-one reported dead.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Kid “I wonder why obamas DOJ didn’t pick up these guys….” And that is the point on the Muslim post..

    FB…”there you go” Voila

    Bocopro…other than “no moderate muslims,” I agree with most of what you wrote so well above….bravo.

    Ed, thanks!!! I’ve won this every year, I think, but never put the image here on the blog…not that I don’t respect the award and feel great about it, but I’ve never known HOW to do it 🙂 I think I could now but I think I’m far behind for a change ;-(

    CI, I’ve never heard of Muslims becoming atheists. A lot are becoming Christians…but I’d settle for atheist 🙂 As long as it’s a non-killing atheist!

    Scalise is apparently shot in the leg..I hope that report is correct….he’ll make it. Very little blood loss, someone applied a tourniquet, Let’s all say a quick prayer for him and his scared family. Scalise’s 10 yr old son was there so people stood between the boy and his dad so he’d not see what’s going on….what a HORRID situation.

    IS this going to be OPEN WAR on REPUBLICANS? Obviously, I’m not taking this one incident probably caused by a NUT, but……….asking if they were Republicans or Dems, as Kid says he read?…


  11. geeez2014 says:


    I’m obviously being totally facetious, but……………!!?
    Sounds like Scalise is going to be fine. Shot in the HIP. They’re saying that had his contingency not been there, more would have been shot, maybe killed. 2 of his people were shot; haven’t heard about their condition…pray! (it certainly can’t hurt!)

    By the way…anybody hear that Fox’s Heather Nauert is now working at the WH? Cool! She’s lovely, smart, articulate…


  12. geeez2014 says:

    CI, considering I’ve been reading all these political/military thrillers lately, it stuns me that politicians felt safe in an outdoor PARK to practice all these years, considering how FAR a sniper can be from the group and still do precision shooting. half a MILE away, from any home balcony, etc.


  13. Imp says:

    Here’s how the press will handle the shooting…

    Gun walks into ball park and unloads a barrage of fire. A male accomplice was injured and taken into custody. Gun apprehended, but is not talking.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    “Gun accomplice” is dead.
    And yes, you’re right, Imp…good take on it! Sad, isn’t it.

    HERE’S ONE THOUGHT I HAVE: Republicans couldn’t STAND Obama most of the time, doing things we didn’t approve of. But nobody KILLED HIM though I’d think more Republicans have guns than do Dems.


  15. Mal says:

    It certainly gives new meaning to the term “convenience stores”, huh?
    “It certainly bears investigating, though merely having a Muslim sounding name does not necessarily equate to one being a Muslim”.
    Give me a break, CI! With all that is going on in the world today???


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Another Thought: I wouldn’t put it past leakers in the WH to have told Trump the shooter’d died, only to have him announce it and then fine he hadn’t died…and what the Libs would do.

    Again, I ask…why does a VERY Liberal journalist who writes for a Lib Rag have “my sources” within the WEST WING as she announced on CNN recently? “My SOURCES in the West Wing tell me the WH is in mass hysteria over Trump possibly firing Mueller”

    I sat there thinking “YOUR SOURCES IN THE WEST WING?” He should have fired EVERYONE IMMEDIATELY upon arrival. (except then NOBODY’d know what they were doing in this new Republican Administration)


  17. geeez2014 says:

    CNN is saying “it’s too early to know if this was a targeted attack on Republicans” 🙂


  18. Give me a break, CI!

    Spend some time with Kurds and Christians in the middle east, then get back with me on presuming everything based on a name. A good example as well, of the asininity of trying to ban immigration based on religion.


  19. it stuns me that politicians felt safe in an outdoor PARK to practice all these years,

    Scalise has a Capital Police detail, due to his position as Majority Whip, but given the gathering of a group of Congressmen, I’m surprised that there was only two LEOs on the scene. I’m also a little surprised that the shooter got off a couple of magazines worth, and only wounded3 or 4 people. It will more more sense if he’s a confirmed Liberal I guess……


  20. Kid says:

    Z, Judging form the amount of hateful derangement I see in the comment sections of Washington Times, I’d say there are plenty of potential shooters out there. Repubs better arm themselves. They wouldn’t ahve been carrying and practicing baseball, but if they had their gun in the dugout they ran to they’d at least not be sitting ducks.

    66 year old guy. Definitely asked repubs or dems on the field, then went and got the rifle, stated shooting from the dugout near third base then go onto the field. Must have been a really poor shot.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Just heard a senator say the killer approached him and another senator as they were leaving, asking if they were Reps or Dems playing….

    CI, if you could ID your responses, it’d save me the time looking for who you’re responding to…like “Mal…”give me a break”…thanks…I’ve meant to ask you that for a while…

    Banning on religion makes more sense than by someone’s name, if what you’re saying is true.
    There are MANY MANY Iranian Jews with ‘ian’ at the end of their name…which is how you identify Armenians….you can’t always tell a religion by a name.
    “Mohammed” is the fastest growing baby’s name in the world, or IS now…..if a family names their child Mohammed, you can bet they are muslims….terrorists? NO.

    Kid, I learned how much horrible hate can exist when Tony Snow died…and HuffPost crashed with the reveler’s comments…it was hideous. Of course, HuffPost got rid of it all after the crash.
    When Ted Kennedy died, I purposefully searched our cons. blogs….not many of them, but enough…there wasn’t anything like the hate the Left shows when Cheney has a heart attack, for example. THOSE responses aren’t printable here, literally….
    The Kennedy responses from Cons were more like “I didn’t agree with him, but I feel for his family”…Tony Snows were like “SCUM, what a pig, dying isn’t good enough for him” and worse.
    Sure, VERY extreme ‘rightwingers’, most of whose ideology none of us would agree with, get wild, I’m sure, but not everyday Republicans…not like the hate I’ve seen in Dems.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    THANK GOD Scalise’s position calls for 2 cops to be present…….they’re saying many more might have been killed or wounded…even as poor a shot as this guy apparently was.


  23. Kid says:

    Well that didn’t take long. Virginia Gov McAuliffe declares Too many guns on the street. Apparently only wants the criminals to have them.


  24. Kid says:

    Guy appears to be a Bernie Sanders fan. Has as his profile pic on facebook Sanders as Uncle Sam.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    NANCY PELOSI is saying she’s had “….more threats than anyone other than the president, President Barack Obama… ”
    Get the intent? Pelosi has to remind at this moment that REPUBLICANS CAN KILL, TOO….to ignore the partisanship of this attempted killing.


  26. Silverlady says:

    MOSLEMS are today’s version of a Fifth Column of subversives planning on taking over the non-MOSLEM world & killing any civilization at odds with their cult system’s beliefs. If anybody has the mistaken belief that they are peaceful you had better disabuse yourself of a severe error of judgement. If you disagree just go to their book & see what it says about killing the giaour (that’s most of us), calling Jews apes & pigs, killing apostates, throwing gays off of tall building with a crowd & stones waiting down below, stoning women in the name of ‘honor’, killing dogs because one bit their precious prophet & they think they are unclean, etc., etc. They state that due to their polygamous system on ‘marriage’ that they will take over Europe in the not too distant future, & are well on their way.

    Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe, & in a defensive action Swedish blondes are even dying their hair dark. Paris is being turned into a slum, a friend who travels extensively tells me that travel prices are falling for there due to the falling tourism. Well-publicized vicious attacks using vehicles, since planes are hard to get today, guns, & knives are commonplace. Schools are being forced to serve Halal meals, children being made to become familiar with alien ‘religious’ rituals, brutal Halal slaughter is accepted as a ‘right’, taking over parks & major thoroughfares to ‘worship; their so-called deity, thus shoving their practices in our faces, cab drivers refusing to pick up passengers with dogs or liquor, etc., etc. So, to put it bluntly, we are expected to change the laws & traditions or our countries to suit them. When Hell freezes over as far as I’m concerned.

    And I’m sick & tired of hearing the term ‘racism’ if they are criticized in any way. What race is ISLAM? It’s a cult, or belief if you choose to think so, but is NOT a race. Middle Easterners are a very different skin color from those invading from Somalia, so different races there, but not pertaining to the cult of Islam. They have nobody but themselves to blame if people harbor a prejudice against them, or about their cult.

    I choose to use the term MOSLEM because to them it means an evil person, as opposed to Muslim. Well, if the shoe fits- – – -.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, Kid….he was a Bernie fan….
    And leave it to McAwful….they’re saying he’s getting ready to run for Pres in 2020. He’ll be mouthing off stupidly for a while in the future…


  28. geeez2014 says:

    BERNIE SANDERS saying he learned this shooter helped his campaign….he “///condemns this action’…etc. REAL chance can only come about with NONviolent action…”


  29. Kid says:

    Z, we could make a long list of happy democrats and media people.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Imagine the security that’;ll be at the game tomorrow night.


  31. Kid says:

    Yes. The Republicans, and Conservative Judges should make plans to stay alive.


  32. Kid says:

    And where was Sanders when all his supporters were doing their violence ? Never any new tricks from the Dems.


  33. Banning on religion makes more sense than by someone’s name, if what you’re saying is true.

    Z – That goes to my point, how do you identify someone’s religion?

    And McAulliffe can come try and taken mine away, if he feels so strongly about it.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I believe Sanders has spoken against their violence….I think I remember that once. Other Dems? NEVER.
    And yes, Republicans, judges…they need better security.
    But it is ONE NUT, apparently….so, hopefully….

    CI, can I watch them take your gun away? 🙂
    And that’s why I said that….you can’t ID a religion by a name, but let’s face it, generalizing probably is right most of the time.


  35. CI, can I watch them take your gun away?

    Z – Sorry, no. But you can watch them try!


  36. Imp says:

    Amazing that it has to come to this to stand up and say “we’re all Americans even if we ‘disagree’ with each other. Yea….for 4 months now they’ve reviled us..attacked us physically…totally removed our 1st amendment rights and those of countless speakers on college campuses…insist on impeaching a president who’s been in office for 4 months…calling him and all of us racists,fascists, homophobes, all kinds of other phobes….the Attorney General a “collaborator’ as late as yesterday afternoon…attacking the presidents kids…his wife, our first lady who speaks 5 languages, planning to sell the country out to the Russians, a retired Lt. General with over 30 years of service to this country in uniform slandered , libeled , cursed and accused of sedition…and cheats, liars….all coming off the lips of the people in congress who today now profess unity and love. With not one of them trying to compromise or do the business of the people and for the people…Sure ..sure…plain and simple…soon it will be Tumps fault cause he supports the 2nd amendment and he’s a tool of the NRA. By the weekend…all forgotten and back to the business of hate.I guarandamntee it. Sickening display of opportunism and dishonesty.


  37. ….a retired Lt. General with over 30 years of service to this country in uniform slandered , libeled , cursed and accused of sedition…

    He’s a piece of shit who got what he deserved. No blaming the Left for that.


  38. Imp says:

    CI…you’ll have to go a long way to convince me and a few others hanging out here, that islam is a “religion”. It’s as much a religion as the Nazi’s national socialism was with their imam Joe Goebblels seeing eye to eye along with the Grand Mufti who’ll will back him and AH’s philosophy up.


  39. Imp – I’ll not spend any amount of time trying to convince you that Islam is a religion, every bit as much as Judaism and Christianity. It’s convenient and political correct to profess that it’s not…..but that argument is as valid as the flat earth theory for me.


  40. Imp says:

    CI…uncommonly feisty today aren’t you? Coming from a man like you, that’s spent a lot of time in service to the country…I’m genuinely shocked that a 3 star General with 32 years would generate such disdain. I’d like to believe that he made it that far based on merit and some talent.

    And I’ll stick to the current daily realizations of just what Islam is today and it’s stain on humanity. Not from the 7th century but today’s crimes and inhumanity in the name of ??

    Like I said….Jesus committed himself to die for our us and our sins…Mohammed commanded they die for him. Try to keep it civil with me please? I appreciate your prayers.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, it is a religion, whether we like that religion or not.. you know that; it’s where they find their god. That it’s the most violent of the religions today, is true and hideous……..
    Just keep praying those muslims see Jesus as much as they are…in dreams, etc. Kind of astonishing.
    And yes, DC will be back to the business of hate by the wknd.

    CI, that is my point…it’d be fun to watch! 🙂


  42. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…don’t get me wrong; Islam has almost always been a stain on humanity; violent, forceful, murderous. exactly

    Flynn shouldn’t be slammed for getting money for speaking in Russia but he was apparently well up on the fact that he was to report that money,etc. He admits he did some things wrong. Many admire him, still, greatly…that’s what generals I hear on TV, anyway.


  43. Imp – I’ve had dealings with Flynn’s toxic leadership. Just because someone wears a uniform, doesn’t make them a saint. The military has it’s fair share of oxygen thieves and turds. Flynn just happens to be one who floated to the top, before his actions caught up with him.


  44. That it’s the most violent of the religions today, is true and hideous……..

    Ain’t that the truth. Islam is way overdue for a reformation.


  45. Kid says:

    We could help the reformation along by disrecognizing it.

    What if large numbers of any other group of people were running around killing people all over the place and promising to kill everyone who isn’t in their group. Would be give them special tax free, etc status?

    Time to recognize our mistake.

    Yea yea, I know.


  46. Imp says:

    My point is that I cannot think of one other ideology that’s as fervent, as militant, desiring world wide conquest, total submission to it’s laws, tenents, scriptures, glorifying death, martyrdom and the destruction of all before it, especially non believers and most certainly Jews and Christians…..than Nazism was for it’s faithful i believers. If Nazism had declared itself some sort of Aryan or Nordic religion …would it bas as accepted today as it’s counterpart is?


  47. ….one other ideology that’s as fervent, as militant, desiring world wide conquest, total submission to it’s laws, tenents, scriptures, glorifying death, martyrdom….

    That doesn’t remind you of any other religion several hundred years ago? Where civil law, liberties and conquered lands were completely subordinated to the church?


  48. And no, I’m not equating Christianity to Islam.


  49. geeez2014 says:

    CI, yes you are….what other religion DOES it ‘remind you’ of?”
    The Bible has to be taken in context….as does the Koran…but the Koran hasn’t had enlightened people reminding their followers of CONTEXT and so they’re still in the dark ages thinking beheading is for allah.
    Conquered lands by Christians subordinated to the church? The Catholic church, yes…Biblically, no. But we can’t fight that battle here.

    Imp, don’t you think NAZIsm WAS portrayed as a kind of Aryan religion? There are nuts in the West who still say Hitler was a Lutheran, so NAZIs were Christians 🙂 One can BE a Christian
    as in “has no other religion and his mother made him go to church,” and what we should ALL realize is Islam is that way for many….muslims are not all fervent believers.
    The FABULOUS BOOK I’ve recommended here is SEEKING ALLAH, FINDING JESUS, where an extremely bright Muslim med student meets a good ol’ very bright Southern boy med student…the SOuthern boy constantly starts to question Islam and Nabeel, the Muslim, just can’t believe what he’s he goes home and researches and DOES find the horrors of Islam in the Koran, things he’d never been told tho his family is devout. He’s a VERY strong CHristian now; gave up being a doc to be an evangelist with Ravi Zacharias but Nabeel is now a young man with wife and child and he’s suffering from stomach cancer and it’s inoperable, etc. He’s probably going to die. Muslims are telling him it’s because he left Islam…….He stands firm that God has used him and he’ll use his death, if it happens, for the good, too. He humbles me.



  50. geeez2014 says:

    Just looked at FaceBook and saw a post saying Muslims are looking for Bibles…and asking for devotions to send them to them…somehow.
    I know families who are working in Arab and Oriental lands who can’t even say where exactly they are because they’re CHristians………but, somehow….the bibles can get there


  51. FB says:

    Bernie did. Marxist class warfare ultimately turns into violence. All it does is create jealous malcontents.


  52. FB says:

    I meant Bernie did condemn the violence.


  53. …yes you are…

    No….I’m not. Thank you.


  54. geeez2014 says:

    CI, tell me what other religion you meant. And I think we all know you are not saying Christians are like Islamic beheaders.

    FB, yes Bernie did…..


  55. geeez2014 says:

    So a Republican Congressman is doing a presser right now and they ask if this had anything to do with the rhetoric and he doesn’t seize on the moment but says “I don’t think it was a left/right thing”….
    Typical Republican wuss. He did add “WE” have to tone down the rhetoric but it’s like comparing the HATE for Trump to any of our feelings toward Obama…as if they equate.


  56. geeez2014 says:

    Go to AOW’s to see leftwingers tell us not to pray for Scalise because he’s a “piece of s*** bigot” and a Rolling Stone writer who blames Scalise because he didn’t want strong gun laws.
    Says it’s HIS fault, after all.
    You can’t make this stuff up.
    I’m not saying there can be discussion about gun laws, and whatever the grip the woman has who called him a BIGOT, but TODAY? Minutes after he could have DIED.
    THIS is the Left.

    Ducky at AOW’s just commented to me that if Trump died we’d have a “religious freak” for president. As if only Leftwingers can allow their depravity color their ideology, but a good Christian who’s never ostensibly let his faith stand in the way of the Constitution, is a “FREAK”.


  57. Mustang says:

    Ducky is a freak …


  58. Imp says:

    CI…how could several hundred years ago mean anything to lives today when this ‘religion’ hasn’t changed it’s practices in 1400 years. I don’t see christians practicing genocide or mayhem…nor Judaism…nor Shintoism nor buddhism. Meanwhile ISIS is practicing and caring out it’s orders frothier hadiths and straight out of the Koran? I didn’t see a Christians at Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando, London or Paris lately….have you?


  59. Imp says:

    schuss the those tpyos..LOL


  60. geeez2014 says:




  61. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, he REALLY is, the b*****d. !!!

    Imp, never apolgize about typos…we all do it, we all get it 🙂
    You hit on the problem, by the way; the fact that we haven’t SEEN A CHRISTIAN at all those places! If we DID, maybe things wouldn’t be so bad! (nice play on your point! I hope you don’t mind!!!!)


  62. Imp says:

    Z..”Imp, don’t you think NAZIsm WAS portrayed as a kind of Aryan religion”?

    Most definitely ….they got into this Nordic Viking stuff that helped boost or confirm their faith that Nazism was pure and they were descended from it as and true Aryans.


  63. Imp says:


    Right out of their playbook….vote God down part of the DNC platform and then invoke Him and His name in times like these. They can’t admit who the real deplorables are and come Monday they’ll reverse it all and charge ahead as we’re the enemy once more.
    This country is in a heap of trouble when one half of the country is viewed as the enemy and it’s all fair to target them / us and now shoot them down. Literally.


  64. Imp – That’s because Christianity had a REFORMATION.


  65. Imp says:

    Z…”hope you don’t mind!!!!”

    Hell no….thank you Ms.Z.


  66. Kid says:

    Z, OF COURSE the media (1st) and DNC (2nd) are responsible for inciting these idiots.
    Wuss republicans. Yep. 2018 is coming boys and girls of the GOP, then 2020.

    Duck has a sane moment maybe 3 times a year, or pretends to anyway.

    Many on the left are pure filth like griffin, goldberg, etc ad nausium. no need to quote them, but feel free !

    I’m no religion expert, so I’d be interested in what religion was conquering and confiscating lands too.

    I firmly believe the terrorist moslems are mis-direction so the others who are working to breed you out can say “No no I nice moslem, nothing to see here….”

    The left hates Christianity because it is a constant reminder of their sins.



  67. I’m no religion expert, so I’d be interested in what religion was conquering and confiscating lands too.

    kid – As Z mentioned above….Catholicism.


  68. Imp says:

    KID…meanwhile there’s huge run on Beatles tunes and “Come Together” has been sold our to the Dems so they can learn the lyrics ( all 10 words )….to spout out at their vacuous speeches until mid week next. And Bruce Springstein keeps his mouth shut…so we damn sure know who the deplorable are …today.


  69. Imp says:

    Meanwhile the newest super weasel to investigate as the most special beast and kissing buddy of Comey….is going to investigate Trump for obstruction of Justice …there goes the kumbaya moment down the sheeter…I though it would last longer than12 hours.


  70. Mal says:

    Trump doesn’t want to ban Muslims, just screen them, CI. Perhaps if you’d lost members of your family to Radical Muslims as I have, you’d see things differently.


  71. Kid says:

    IMP, I sure don’t lke Come Together- never did. I was in the hospital with a broken leg and that thing was on the radio the whole time.
    Bruce is silent eh? Along with Cher, Bruce is imo, one of the worst performers to come down the pike. He sure can’t sing and his lyrics are BOring.

    Yea, read today that meulers investigators are all big Dem donors.


  72. Kid says:

    I’ve hated the moslems since 9-12-2001 and it has only gotten worse.


  73. Really Mal? Trump didn’t use the words “Muslim ban”?

    ….and I’ve lost Brothers to radical Muslims. Please don’t presume that I don’t want them screened. I want immigration shut down, but all the Right seems to want is Trump’s ineffectual travel ban.


  74. Mal says:

    ………..”until we find out what the hell is going on”, remeber?


  75. Still ineffectual though. The ‘ban’ is a waste of effort and of political capital.


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