Black Caucus won’t go, either

I don’t believe this is coincidence, or just disgruntled Black Caucus members.

I believe this is part of the leftwing attempts to make Trump look as bad as they can.

THIS INVITATION they turned down, they say, was a ‘social event,’ but nowhere in the article does it say that’s the case.

If you want things done, why not accept an invitation to meet with the president?   Why not demand he discuss your concerns?  Who do they think they are, football or basketball players?

This is all about GET TRUMP, in my humble opinion.

The hate is palpable…..some deserved, most not.



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26 Responses to Black Caucus won’t go, either

  1. Mustang says:

    Nothing Trump will do, or can do, will in any way affect the black marxist agenda. The fact is that these people marginalize themselves; I for one could not be happier.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, did you hear about this? “The actor Johnny Depp has become the latest American entertainment figure to suggest — however jokingly, ironically or obliquely — the killing of President Trump.

    Speaking on Thursday at the Glastonbury arts festival in southwest England, Mr. Depp asked the audience, “Can you bring Trump here?”

    The remark was met with booing and jeering, and he continued: “You misunderstand completely. When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? I want to clarify: I’m not an actor. I lie for a living. However, it’s been a while and maybe it’s time.””

    So, apparently Depp and all his London sycophants (so easy to speak like this outside the US) think he should kill Trump? And nothing’s done about it?
    The fact that people like this make THAT much money for ‘lying,’ as he says, and gets such attention and ego-building, and can say this with no consequences sometimes causes me to lose faith.


  3. bocopro says:

    The United States would be much better off today without

    The ACLU
    The UN
    Phone solicitors
    Marin County
    History books printed after 1990
    Private ownership of automatic weapons
    Social Security
    Jerry Springer
    Processed sugar
    Ninety percent of practicing lawyers
    The Catholic Church position on abortion
    Burger King
    US government publications in languages other than English
    Nancy Pelosi
    The View
    Cell phones
    The Evening News on ANY TV channel
    Ninety percent of filibusters
    The Senate Black Caucus
    Sean Penn
    Stretch limos
    The KKK
    Grammy Awards presentations
    Junk mail
    Miranda/Tempia rights
    Internet browser pop-up ads
    Ninety percent of OTC medications
    A black Miss America pageant
    George Soros
    Professional “wrestling”
    Video games
    Fortified wines
    Any religious fundamentalists from ANY sect
    The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
    Ninety percent of slick-paper magazines
    Rap “music”
    Extended cab pickup trucks
    Maury Povich’s afternoon TV show
    Taco Bell
    The Oscar awards ceremony
    Ninety percent of the “psychiatrists” practicing today
    Public education taught in any language other than English
    The slam-dunk in basketball
    Ninety percent of Congressional junkets
    Cheese-in-crust pizza
    The current income tax system
    Press-on fingernails
    John McCain
    E-mail spam
    Family automobiles capable of speeds beyond 80mph
    Ninety percent of the billboards on public highways
    The Clinton Foundation
    Bottled water at 20 cents per ounce
    The Screen Actors’ Guild
    Monosodium glutamate
    Bicycle speedos
    Air America
    Judges who legislate
    Ninety percent of the inmates on death row
    One hundred percent of child molesters
    Al Franken


  4. You made me read Yahoo again.
    “The Congressional Black Caucus turned down an invitation to meet with President Donald Trump, telling him Wednesday they believe their concerns are falling on “deaf ears” at the White House”
    My interpretation:
    “You’re not listening to me”
    “Come talk to me”
    “No. You’re not listening to me”
    My interpretation is meaningless, the average takeaway is “Trump is a racist.”
    That it the intent.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    OH! Had a nice long response to Bocopro and hit a wrong key and GONE! Darn! (I’d say DAMN but …for the sake of my blog… :-))
    Let me just say MAC DONALD’S??? BURGER KING!? SUSHI? NO NO NO!!!

    BUT THE REST? SO true…Maury Povich…not sure most people know what he does…hideous. The View, made me laugh.
    MISS BLACK AMERICA….don’t they realize we are all America? This is such a stupid pageant. Black women win Miss America often…starting with the beautiful Vanessa Williams, so????
    GREAT LIST…every one of them….(except Mac Donald’s and Burger King and sushi…and social security (thank GOD for it) and the SLAM DUNK!??

    Ed…see, Yahoo does have information…they don’t make it up, so sometimes we have to read some Yahoo articles 🙂 TRUMP IS A RACIST: that’s the only message they want Americans to think.
    So far, Trump’s done nothing to prove it,….but……….they’ll try, right?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Here’s another Yahoo, Ed….Just saw it


    I guess my post proves it, because I believe if the Caucus would just TALK realistically and reasonably to Trump, they’d see he’s not racist,he believes in opportunity for ALL..
    Somehow, they don’t seem fond of the Opportunity For All part…

    Apparently, because Trump called the group a “threat” and that “a lot of people feel that it is inherently racist,” Republicans have jumped to those conclusions themselves…them not being able to think without Trump’s input, right? (smile)

    if that’s racist…I’m sorry for the label, but that’s what I believe……..


  7. I respectfully request that we strike the following from the aforementioned list:

    Private ownership of automatic weapons
    Cheese-in-crust pizza



  8. geeez2014 says:

    CI, yes, I was glad my game, basketball, wasn’t on the list!

    Bocopro….what say you about CI’s eliminations?!!


  9. Kid says:

    Let’s keep Nana Pelosi. She is doing a wonderful job for Republicans.


  10. Kid says:

    PS – If Pelosi must go, I suggest she is replaced by Hank Johnson.


  11. bocopro says:

    “Bocopro….what say you about CI’s eliminations?!!”

    Well, De gustatibus non disputandum. (Regarding taste, dispute is pointless)

    Howzat for brevity?

    Wouldn’t wanna live in an echo chamber where everybody wore the same clothes and ate the same food and drank the same beverages and listened to the same music, all at the same time . . . boring.


  12. Kid says:

    I certainly don’t want any democrats ‘working’ with Trump. They are incapable of adding anything positive. We voted for Conservatism/Capitalism, not half of that and half Communism/Socialism.


  13. bocopro says:

    But . . . as for the fast food and pro sports, I remain firm.

    Much, and I mean MUCH, of our national health crisis could be eliminated if we rid ourselves of the constant overt and subliminal suggestions to gorge ourselves on deep-fried cholesterol and refined sugars.

    Sports . . . haven’t watched a pro NBA game since Bill Russell was center for the Celtics or a MLB game since Dale Murphy was in CF for the Braves or an NFL game since Joe Montana was QB for the 49ers.

    Cheese, along with red meat, was right near the top of verbotens from the nurses at cardiac rehab after my MI, so I have no use for pizza, burgers, fries, po’k chops, ice cream, or anything else that tastes good.

    And I drink very little coffee, NONE of which I pay more than half a buck a mugful for (Keurig machine).

    Weapons? Got a 20 gauge Remington, a .22 Mauser, a .22 Hombre (pistol), a S & W .38, and a .30 cal Winchester bolt action. Brought home a lotta squirrels, quail, pheasant, rabbit, and a few deer over the years, shot a lotta skeet and trap, but never needed a full auto. Shot a few while on AcDu, but can’t afford the ammo for ’em.

    Figure by the time average citizens need automatic weapons for self-defense, you can turn out the lights and call in the dogs ’cause the party’s already over . . . viz, Chicongo.


  14. I certainly get not wanting or being able to afford a Class III firearm, I just don’t see how it bad for America if law abiding Citizens own them. Coffee fuels national security, trust me on that. And having seen the list of tasty, yet unhealthy foods…I’m now hungry.


  15. Flying Winkies says:

    Dave Miller is a foolish IDIOT, and he seems to have political Alzheimers. Anyone remember “Deem and Pass”? That’s when you pass a bill in Congress w/o even VOTING on it. Result – Obamacare.He belongs where he hags out, In that Progressive Shit House.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    DAVE MILLER? From the post yesterday? Ah well…..
    There’s also the BYRD BILL or something which prohibits the kind of true legislative negotiation that we’d expect. That has to GO.

    CI…fast food always makes ME hungry, too! When Mr Z and I traveled internationally SO MUCH, I couldn’t wait to hit the airports that had BURGER KING in them… was like my reward for the hours spent in the plane..tho we got to travel first or business all the time due to his (literally) million and more frequent flier miles, that food was good on the flights, but BURGER KING? “BRING IT ON!!” 🙂

    Bocopro, I knew you couldn’t resist discussing favorites and I’m glad you didn’t resist!
    I DESPISE the CELTICS becaUse I’m a huge LAKER Fan, of course…
    Regarding food: What’s your guilty pleasure NOW that you eat more healthily? Is there something very healthy you love?

    Kid, I WISH TO H*** that the Reps would stop saying “keep Pelosi, she’s perfect for us” (Trump even said it) because the Left’s going to get rid of her……I predict in 2 months she’ll not be in that job…
    I wish Doug Schoen would work for Republicans…he GETS politics and OPTICS but doesn’t acquiesce to them.


  17. Basketball? College football is the one true sport. Just thought I’d throw that out there……


  18. geeez2014 says:

    BASKETBALL…..if I have to watch football, it’d be college, however!
    yes! “Throw OUT” football 🙂


  19. bocopro says:

    The irony of my life in terms of cuisine is that my wife is a guh-RATE cook. Just has that knack of how high to put the fire, how long to stew the meat, how easy to go on the seasonings. In fact, she’s the major contributor to my hypercholesterolaemia . . . besides my own self-indulgence, of course.

    As with all Southeast Asians, her dishes most often begin with garlic and onion sauteed in porkbelly, chopped onions, vinegar, and soy sauce . . . eggZACKly what the nutrition specialists tell me exacerbate my GERD.

    So what I’ve done is delude myself into believing that BocaBurgers taste good if seasoned properly and buried under thick slices of yellow onion and beefsteak tomato, that chicken thighs taste good once the skin is removed and they’re done up with taters ‘n’ peas ‘n’ all, that green tea tastes just as good as sweet tea, and that two eggs — NEVER FRIED — a month are quite sufficient.

    Milady makes me some very nice apritada and caldereta and menudo with all the skin and visible fat removed from the chicken or the beef, no pork. She also knows how to make grilled pampano acceptable (I dislike almost all forms of seafood, especially crustaceans), and makes a very nice chicken mungo. So I s’pose those are my favorite main dishes these days.

    And for a treat, about once every 4months or so I make a pot of chili with lean beef and 5 different kinds of beans. If I don’t eat it too often, I suffer no upper GI distress, and a pot makes about 6 servings for me, so I get a small bowl about once a month.

    Bottom line is that I have a severe pizza deficiency, a chronic steak shortage, a massive pork chop privation, and a critical dearth of sinigang na baboy. The flip side is that my weight stays right around 170, my LDL is consistently under 100 while my overall cholesterol never gets over 140, and my GERD no longer interrupts my sleep. And after the life I’ve pursued, that ain’t bad for a guy headed toward 77.

    If you wanna know what those dishes with the strange names are, go to and put ’em in the search box, then click on the individual recipes.


  20. Mal says:

    So, where were these Black folks when Obama failed them right and left? Are they better off today with higher unemployment, etc? He proved he didn’t care a rip for them.
    Bocopro, one more item i might add to your list…..Health Insurance! I’m convinced we were much better off without it, esp. when you consider the HUGE expense of having to cover the insurance companies and their payroll, etc. PLUS THEIR GIGANTIC PROFITS. That goes for Medicare, also. It has to be extremely costly. Everything would be a whole lot cheaper w/o it. Doctors and hospitals are not going to turn you away. Period!


  21. Mal says:

    OH! Add to that the doctors offices have to have one person to handle just insurance claims. All those forms could be eliminated, too.


  22. Mal – I don’t mind health insurance, if that’s what people want to purchase….but certainly oppose government regulation and/or mandate for Citizens to purchase health insurance.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    CI, did I hear correctly that the mandate is gone? I thought that was the case…???

    Mal, and prices go UP at a doc’s office and they expect the doctor to absorb it tho he gets a small percentage of what he’s due 😦


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, somehow, Black America hasn’t , on the whole, notice Obama did nothing for them. All he really did was rile them up to protest, go to the streets, demand to get things …
    Instead of talking to kids, which could have had an excellent result…but no…better to keep them voting liberal and expecting hand outs. Poor kids. Poor country.


  25. Mal says:

    Yep, C.I. It’s like Reagan said……”The most feared words are ‘i’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
    Right, Z. Most Blacks still don’t get it.


  26. Baysider says:

    Depp is just plain stupid with such dangerous talk. But how does the black caucus figure this plays with America?

    CI – read The Big Fat Surprise and enjoy your cheese!


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