An Anecdote

I had to buy a new stove and microwave and they were delivered yesterday.  Israel called between the hours expected and said he’d be there in 20 minutes.  He was.

I looked out the front sliding windows and saw two Hispanic guys in a very long white truck pull up in front of my condo.  I waved “you found me,” and they waved back.   Behind these two fellows I saw an American flag on the back wall of their cab.   Nice sight.

I opened the door and Israel said “Mrs Z?  I’m Israel, from Best Buys, and I have your appliances!”   He put his hand out to shake mine and I shook back.   His buddy came up behind him and Israel said “Mrs. Z, this is my partner, Luis.”  “Nice to meet you,” Luis says.

Talk about professional and polite.

They go out to the back of the truck and put on black straps so they don’t hurt their back as they lift.  Both come in, they put the things down in my living room, they show me the packing slips, match them with my invoice they also had a copy of, and all is good.  They were about to leave when I asked…

“Did you put the American flag in your cab!?”   Both said “Yes, we DID!”  giving me the thumb’s up with child like delight!  (WHAT?)   I said “It’s a wonderful sight, thanks for doing that!” and they both shook hands with me, all smiles.

Israel was so cheerful I commented on it and he said “I’m always happy!”
“You a believer?” I asked.  “Yes, I am. My name is Israel and I named my son Israel…”

They left all smiles and I was left thinking “This is the kind of immigrant we want here.”

Amen to that.

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12 Responses to An Anecdote

  1. bocopro says:

    One of my most favoritest girlfriends when I was 16ish was a Chicana named Florestellita. Lovely girl with luxurious black hair and almond-shaped eyes. And one of my closest friends was a very Mexican Mexican kid named Raul, bright, funny, , thoughtful, loyal.

    He cut my thumb with a pocket knife, then cut his, jammed them together so that the blood would mix, and announced that were were now and forever “hermanos del sangre.” And this was in Indiana, just 25 miles north of the Indy Speedway, in the 1950s.

    Love anecdotes, especially those which are distilled, clever, and metaphoric. Most novels tend to grow from embellished and badly recalled anecdotes. Mine do anyway. And I’m afraid that’s what America, or at least our international reputation, has become — an inflated and fading anecdote.

    Incidentally, Estella became what is politely called a “kept woman” by the time she was a year or so out of high school, and Raul morphed into a stuffy, self-absorbed, condescending curmudgeon over the years. Saw him at my high-school 50th around 10 years ago. He was about as engaging as a turnip, even tho he has a doctorate in Spanish Lit.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    “Two Hispanic guys” doing the job most native-born Americans won’t do… showing a love of the country. Now on to the most important question… Whatcha cookin’ and can we come over?


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro; What? You said “And I’m afraid that’s what America, or at least our international reputation, has become — an inflated and fading anecdote.”
    Can you explain what you mean by that? Our interenational reputation has become a faded anecdote?

    Jerry, isn’t that terrific? Yes, they sure did show a love of country.l…and a love for their job, frankly. I’m making a tray of enchiladas for a party I’m going to tonight….you’re invited!!!


  4. bocopro says:

    Well . . . though I fully understand that much of what this country has done internationally has been prejudiced and mercenary, I think its overall contribution to civilization, both at home and elsewhere, has been spectacular in many ways, even IF ignorant and misguided at times.

    So, I think our standing in the world has diminished steadily and our accomplishments devalued significantly over time to the point that many cultures no longer see us as a friend or benefactor. Just as with other empires who had their days of glory, we’re headed toward footnote status in the defender/liberator/inventor/producer record book.

    IOW, to borrow from The Bard, “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones…” (Antony, Julius Caesar) might well become our epitaph once Islam completes its unholy mission.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro, I never would have suspected you felt this way. I don’t.; Ithink mostly of all the amazing good we’ve done around the world…helping countries but rarely (if ever?) colonizing, saving Jews from NAZIs, helping in natural disasters, financial help…

    Do you think if we had presidents more like Reagan that we’d still have the good standing in the world? Because I also believe our own liberal media has done a dandy job of making us look worse than we are ..the leftwing, in general, apologizes for us, only emphasizes whatever bad there has been here,….the world translates our newspapers into their languages and publishes; I know this for a fact, and they get nothing but VERY BAD. This is the reason PUtin and Kim Jung Un, and others, are reacting so pompously toward us …They’re emboldened.

    I don’t look at America as evil…….


  6. bocopro says:

    That second paragraph makes my case better than I did. “Nothing’s either good or bad but thinking makes it so” . . . and our “leadership” over the past 8 years plus the relentless sniping and torpedoing and poisoning by our “loyal opposition” and “resistance” media have pretty much gone overboard to convince the world that the US is selfish, greedy, jingoistic, racist, and untrustworthy.


  7. Mal says:

    We had a similar experience a few weeks ago when we bought a new fridge (also from Best Buy). The delivery guys were both Hispanics, too, and their manners and politeness was equal to what you said. When we didn’t like the first one, they immediately exchanged for a different make and model. When it arrived in the wrong color (Black stainless steel instead of regular stainless) they again did it w/o any hassle. All 3 times the delivery guys were different and Hispanic. All were polite and cordial.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Boco…Now you’re echoing me. I LIKE THAT 🙂 Yes, I didn’t get from your comment that you blamed the left, but I see you totally agree with me. I LIKE THAT, TOO :-)!!!

    “…our “leadership” over the past 8 years plus the relentless sniping and torpedoing and poisoning by our “loyal opposition” and “resistance” media have pretty much gone overboard to convince the world that the US is selfish, greedy, jingoistic, racist, and untrustworthy.”

    bravo, bocopro.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I’m glad to hear that. I posted this today to show that immigrants DO get a very bad rap sometimes…and we have to stop thinking that way. Same way about Black Americans.

    Shortly after Mr Z passed away, I was trying to park in front of my condo door so I could get groceries in but a truck had sort of taken two spots, just enough that there wasn’t enough room for my car….The small truck’s driver was sitting in his truck and he saw me and immediately pulled back to make room and I was able to park. His passenger window was down a bit so I parked and walked over and thanked him for having moved back.
    I began to carry the grocery bags into the house and had my front door wide open…he came out of his truck and asked if he could help with my bags! I said I’d really appreciate it and said “the kitchen’s straight through”…
    He took two bags and in my HOUSE HE WENT. And then I thought to myself “You idiot! YOu just let a complete stranger into your house alone” BUT, I stood out there, toughing it out, refusing to go in as if to show him I didn’t trust him….I gathered some more bags in my hands, and when he came out he grabbed the last two and we both went back in…
    So now I’m in my house alone with a complete stranger!
    Does the fact that he was Hispanic ‘color’ my hesitation? I don’t think so. I don’t think many women would allow any guy to go into their home alone! But I felt it important NOT to have him think I was doubting his good deed!
    The part that’s important about his ethnicity was HE WAS SO KIND…absolutely wonderful….completely on his own to help a stranger.

    We need more of these stories….they matter.


  10. Kid says:

    Z, Good can be found almost anywhere. While in the Phoenix area, I found hard working Mexicans easy for me to be friends with. Some wonderful people.

    USA? Well, if you read any of the comments on, it become painfully obvious that the Russian people hate America (not necessarily Americans), but as a country they view us as stomping all over the globe putting our nose where it shouldn’t be all the time. After WWII, we haven’t had many successes outside our borders. Left N Korea as an open sore. Vietnam was won, then the Congress reniged on their promise of support to S. Vietnam, so were allowed to be overrun and murdered. Afghanistan has us as a laghig stock to anyone who knows Afghanistan is the graveyard of super powers. Iraq is maybe worse than when we started with regard to being overrun by ISIS. Libya has become a freeway for moslem invaders to Europe and wqe as a nation are unwilling to make the big decisions that would clear any of this up.

    I saw a part one interview of Putin by Oliver Stone. (Can’t find it on youtube in the time alloted now.) Bottom line is near the end Putin tells Stone he knows what America is up to around the world but will not tell anyone until after he retires.
    In my own mind I think this relates to things he CIA are up to that we wouldn’t want to know about ourselves, and our government, ie Armed Services Committee, influenced by a Russian hating war monger john mccain. I think much of the world has reason not to like us much.


  11. I work with a number of immigrants.
    They are hard working, respectful, responsible and they answer to Achmed, Mohammed, Abdul…
    And they all call me Mr. Ed.
    Not one of them knows of a horse by that name.


  12. Baysider says:



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