Bavaria and Immigration, 2009 You will be stunned

Mr. Z wrote this exactly four weeks before he died in 2009.   When you read his description of what his native Germany was doing to combat Islamists in their country, you’ll be surprised and realize that the threat to us is even greater than we’d feared because we know how few years it took Angela Merkel to turn this around and nearly destroy that beautiful country:

From Mr Z  “From Bavaria, Germany comes a model every country could benefit from in the fight against Islamists: Information comes out that, last year,Bavaria expedited 63 islamist extremists back to their countries. Some others could not be shipped off because they could possibly be facing the death penalty in their country – sending them back under such circumstances is not permitted by German Law (which, I might remind everyone was inspired by the American Occupation Forces in Germany). But, those extremists who can’t go back home remain under very close observation in Bavaria and cannot leave the place where they are living except to appear at a police station once a day.

Classified as extremists are hate preachers (the Germans are allowed to go into mosques and have found many imams preaching death to Germans, etc. I believe Americans still can’t do that) or persons who are a threat to society (i.e. having shown that they have exhibited the will and expertise to undertake an attack at any time).

This information is from Bavaria, which represents about 15% of the German population. Other German states may not have had this same rate of arrests but are very active in this regard, too.

Z: We in America, of course, are hand-tied by those who just can’t imagine any imam would preach attack-inspiring or otherwise-threatening talk against us here in this country. Can we, too, err on our side by possibly arresting and expediting back home an islamist or two in order to protect millions of innocent Americans or is it just too unkind and would that perhaps threaten the rights of terrorists in our country? What do you think?”  *End of September, 2009 post.

SO….they did try.  And look what’s happened.



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12 Responses to Bavaria and Immigration, 2009 You will be stunned

  1. Radical Imam’s [who are citizens and can’t be deported] should be able to be indicted on: Rebellion or Insurrection — 18 U.S.C. § 2383, Sedition and Seditious Conspiracy — 18 U.S.C. §§ 2384, 2387 and/or Advocating the Overthrow of the Government — 18 U.S.C. § 2385.


  2. bocopro says:

    Religious fanaticism in any form, whether it be the Spanish Inquisition torturing infidels or ISIS blowing up icons of other religious sects or snake handlers looking for converts at the CYO, is just wrong.

    Naturally it’s the nature of nearly all religions, and in fact mankind ourselves, to be suspicious of and prejudiced against those who disagree with our belief system.

    But . . . Any religion which does not permit freedom of thought and tolerance of others is not based on the will of a supreme intelligence; it is a cult of control. Any god which must depend upon brainwashing its young into submission and bludgeoning nonbelievers into conformity isn’t much of a divine being, more like a bully.

    Religions are seen by the ordinary believers as true, by the overeducated as myth, and by the rulers as a means of control. Religion in se is not the problem; the problem is people who use it for personal gain, such as Koresh or Bakker or bin Laden.

    What happens, of course, is that some embittered ascetic becomes bored and starts throwing around inflammatory and inciteful language which resonates in ignorant impressionable minds and soon there are assaults on both the culture and individuals.

    Well, as CI says, we have laws. It’s illegal to incite riots, encourage sedition, promote chaos . . . in fact, we have rules about simply being a public nuisance. At the university where I taught for over 15 years (in the deep, very religious South), the provost had to issue rules, identify areas, and put up signs where soap-box preachers could hold forth.

    Some had taken up the habit of standing at the entrances to class buildings and accosting students and faculty on their way in or out, often striking them with the Bible and accusing them of sinful behavior. Muslim students were particularly offended by all this.

    Those who chose disrupting classes or detaining people instead of limiting their activities to designated areas, without bullhorns, were arrested. I have no problem with those arrests; within a few weeks the problem had disappeared completely.

    Truly faithful and committed citizens with messages to share came to the cafeteria and student entertainment areas and did their thing quietly and courteously, passing out literature and inviting mature discussion.

    But just as with O-Care . . . we cannot trust our Congress to do anything about the problem. For 8 years they bellowed “Give us both houses and the White House and we’ll repeal the Obamanation!!” But now that the voters have given them all they asked for, they can’t pony up.

    I have every confidence that they’ll continue the Bush-established and Soetoro-sanctified dictum that Islam is a religion of peace, and that we were not attacked by true Muslims on 9-11. Forget the “Islam Will Conquer The World!” and “Behead Those Who Insult Islam!” banners; they’ll wait ‘til the barn is fully infested and then burn it down to get rid of the rats.

    PotUS has the right, in the Constitution, to ban ANYone from entering the country whom he believes to be dangerous to society. But the leftards stopped him. He also has the power to get rid of troublemakers, but you can be sure they won’t let him do that either; they’ll hurl “Racist” and “Islamophobe” and “Impeach” at him until the pusillanimous poppycocks in Congress, fearing for their job security, abandon ship the same way they’re doing on the O’Care issue.

    As ALL of our grandmothers said to us at least once – All things in moderation. And that should include Islam, which seems to have problems understanding that concept. We don’t need it, and anyone who looks beneath the propaganda doesn’t want it. It’s incompatible with our way of life, our culture, our social organization, our laws, and our Constitution.

    But . . . . so are marijuana and heroin, and we haven’t been able to do much about them, either, despite having pretty clear laws on the topic.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    Since Islam is considered a “religion” we are screwed by our own 1st Amendment. I doubt that the Founders contemplated the potential damage this barbaric scourge could inflict on the Judeo-Christian ethic. Had they, I suspect that the wording of such would have been different.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…that’s exactly right. There are LAWS but nobody’s listening anymore.

    My point is that GERMANY IS A MESS NOW despite the fact that they were tough on Islam in 2009….what a difference 8 years makes.

    CI..operative word “Should”

    JMB, that’s a good point….yes, it is a religion but surely not acting like a religion. Until there’s REFORM in Islam, we’re screwed.


  5. Mal says:

    It looks like we’re all in agreement but we’re also all on the right, for the most part, anyway. So, how do we get the PC crowd to understand the extreme danger they’ve created for us all?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    MEl, THAT is such an important question…I fear it won’t be until they’re suffering from the consequences…


  7. Kid says:

    America is screwed becuase it will never do anything effective about islam.


  8. Baysider says:

    We are, and will, live with the terrible consequences of the “all cultures are equal” meme perpetrated by ignorant citizens who hate or feel compelled to apologize for being such a fabulous society as human endeavors go.


  9. Islam is a religion of peace.
    When all submit or suffer the sword, there will be peace.


  10. Kid says:

    Ed, (assume you’re being sarcastic) I saw a comment today that if the moslems didn’t have the Infidel as a target, they’d be doing a Lot more violence on each other. I agree.


  11. Can you imagine what Mr. Z would think of his beloved Bavaria now?


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