Left v Right…changing status

In prior days, it was the Republicans who were in lockstep agreement.  Today they couldn’t be more fractured within the party.

In prior days, it was the Democrats in disarray and now they are in total lockstep, never showing anything but that their platform is the correct ideology so nobody had better waiver.

In prior days, Republicans were known as the CEOs and other types of bigwigs in American businesses, schools, etc.

Today, it’s largely Democrats who are CEOs and administrators of large institutions, etc.  (Don’t argue with me on this because you may not believe this, we’ve been told for so many years by the Left ‘the rich are Republicans’, but my cousin is a NYC headhunter for people of Jamie Dimon’s level and she’s always telling me “they’re LIBERAL, not Right, as we’ve been told”)

TODAY, it’s the workforce, the blue color folks, who elected Donald Trump, the (supposed at the time) Conservative who appealed to them more than the Lefties.

How can this have happened that the workforce is more rightwing now and the bigwig rich are leftwing?

ANSWER: EDUCATION.  I heard the observations of ‘role changes’ given by (the wonderful) Charlie Hurt Tuesday and got to wondering why he said this, why had this happened?…and I realized it’s SCHOOLING:

The rich send their kids to higher learning….they got indoctrinated and now those kids who went to university, naturally, got the big paying jobs.  The poorer folks who are left behind doing the work of the people are more patriotic, put America first, because they haven’t been as indoctrinated by college professors.  Make sense?  Do you think I’m right?

HERE IS THE BIG PROBLEM:  Very recently, we see that even young children are being indoctrinated by their teachers who also attended universities to get their teaching degrees and became libs.

Do you see my point about education and agree this could very well by why the switch of Republicans and Democrats that I outlined above?    Then now what?


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28 Responses to Left v Right…changing status

  1. bocopro says:

    Complacency . . . self-indulgence . . . political correctness . . . entrenched unions . . . hypocrisy . . . dependency . . .

    This nation is not like a Switzerland or a Norway or a Canada. It needs a periodic but unscheduled kick in the butt followed by a proper bloodying of its collective nose to refocus its energy and restore its vision. Only a Pearl Harbor or a 9-11 can stimulate patriotism, cooperation, and unselfish performance.

    Otherwise it goes all obese and self-righteous and smug into the dark echo chambers of history revision and it’s somebody else’s fault.

    Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.


  2. -FJ says:

    Just remember, the university discourse (education) only serves to rationalize the master’s discourse. And the “master” is global corporatism. Education serves to create a salaried bourgeoise, who work and compete for corporate surplus salaries as proletarians (wage slaves) instead of sovereign “owners” of their own businesses (an actual bourgeoise).


  3. Mustang says:

    If I have offered this Vladimir Lenin quotation to you once, I have offered it a dozen times: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seeds I have sown will never be uprooted.” What you suggest about education is true, but at the same time we cannot say that the power structure has ever actually cared what the people think —beyond it being able to manipulate a poorly educated people through various nefarious political strategies. By poorly educated, I mean to suggest even those with college degrees.

    The left’s march toward anti-Americanism began during the Wilson administration; it has gotten steadily worse ever since. First, soft on communism at home while wasting our resources on avoidable wars in Asia. I contend that FDR did everything he could to incite Japan’s attack our Pacific holdings. Truman took us to war in Korea; his Secretary of State set it up and 2.8 million people died. More than 7,000 American servicemen remain missing in action from the Korean War. Today, no one cares. If there is but one thing the Kennedy/Johnson administrations were good at, it was lying to the American people. They were assisted in this by the crooked regime in Saigon; they took us to war in Vietnam and 3.4 million more people died.

    The American people refuse to learn their lessons. No gloating here … it was a Republican who took us to war in Afghanistan (we are still there) and Iraq. To what end? Meanwhile, the communist progressives in this country, while maintaining a soft position on domestic communism, are equally soft on black Marxism and Islamism. They are teaching our children that America’s problems within black and Middle Eastern communities is the fault of white men and they continue to repeat that gosh-awful lie about Islam being a religion of peace. The myth of white oppression has never been more popular than it is today.

    Yes, the left is quite consistent, and we can thank them for the fact that our children lack the ability to think for themselves or to ever regard our nation as globally exceptional.


  4. Kid says:

    Z, I agree. Liberal university culture. Garbage in garbage out.

    PS – Dems are looking for a replacement for nana pelosi. I nominate Hank Johnson.


  5. bocopro says:

    Johnson for Peloosy? Nah. The groundswell movement will be for Maxine Waters.

    Or Debbie Watsername Slutz.


  6. Kid says:

    I agree but I”m trying to keep the humor element. 🙂


  7. bocopro says:

    Oh, Mad Maxine would be better’n a Marx Bros movie! She has a remarkable facility for unprovoked lunacy and madcap illogic.

    And Deb could be her Harpo for predictable unpredictability and ludicrous nonsequiturs.

    And Lo-Retta the Chico, given her ability to play the law so well.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…i hope you’re wrong, but I don’t think so….God forbid it takes another huge tragedy.And, even then….

    I’ve been thinking lately how it’s almost a PROOF of indoctrination when only a small percentage of kids aren’t liberal. How can it be that one side is SO right in their leftwing ideology when so MANY other people don’t think that way? Don’t those snowflakes even ask that?


  9. geeez2014 says:

    FJ: HOLY SMOKE! It’s perfect!! here’s a bit from it “The possibility of the privatisation of the general intellect was something Marx never envisaged in his writings about capitalism (largely because he overlooked its social dimension). Yet this is at the core of today’s struggles over intellectual property: as the role of the general intellect – based on collective knowledge and social co-operation – increases in post-industrial capitalism, so wealth accumulates out of all proportion to the labour expended in its production. The result is not, as Marx seems to have expected, the self-dissolution of capitalism, but the gradual transformation of the profit generated by the exploitation of labour into rent appropriated through the privatisation of knowledge.”
    Good point about wage slaves, etc., but I have to think about it more….

    This is scary and too true. The whole link is worth reading, folks. Thanks, FJ

    Mustang, it’s rich that Communist, Religion-hating Lenin quoted from the Bible! Proverbs 22:6
    “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”
    you said “Yes, the left is quite consistent, and we can thank them for the fact that our children lack the ability to think for themselves or to ever regard our nation as globally exceptional”
    Finally, on Fox last night, Tucker Carlson asked a guest if there’s ever been a time when the West despised themselves quite this much.

    Bocopro; Wasserperson Schultz will never get it.

    Kid, I like the Hank Johnson idea 🙂


  10. Many a college freshman enters college as a conservative (more or less, anyway), yet exits as hard core Left.

    Simply put: a student cannot often graduate from a university without having parroted Leftist spew and, thereby, becoming “a convert.” It’s a brain thing — if anyone wants to explore the neuroscience behind all this.

    What’s more, if a family sends their children to a conservative private college, an institution that supports conservatism, the children’s prospects for employment drop drastically.

    What a spiral!


  11. And one more thing….

    When I applied to the public school system here, right after I graduated from the university (not a private Christian college), the director of personnel almost refused me outright because I had graduated from a private Christian high school.

    The only reason that I got the job interview at all: my mother called in a personal favor from the county superintendent of public schools.

    This was in 1973! And I can’t imagine that the situation has improved since then.


  12. Kid says:

    AOW, I think a lot of it is peer pressure for conformity and a personal desire to feel superior. They think being for clean air, water, and soil, a good life for everyone, smiling animals, happy fish, etc etc make them superior to us Deplorables.
    Of course these things would be nice, and we all it it figured out about the age of 3, but some of us learned how to work and think within the framework or reality.


  13. Kid says:

    bocopro, but they’re just so ugly ! I squint everytime I see them on a webpage.


  14. geeez2014 says:


    Here is the horrid business:

    “I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came..
    5:52 AM – 29 Jun 2017
    12,424 12,424 Retweets 40,362 40,362 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    …to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!

    “don’t watch anymore”..ya, right, Donald…that’s why you had to include that …you couldn’t even bear anybody’d think you’re watching….

    Perfect timing…let’s see how the votes go today; it was so important that he was FINALLY getting some things going his way, and then he does this again.

    Lindsay Graham says this Tweet is beneath the dignity of the White House. True. And I rarely agree with this jerk.

    Gave CNN a chance to get back at Trump:

    CNN Communications ✔ @CNNPR
    We stand with @MSNBC’s @MorningMika and @JoeNBC. 👏

    Ben Sasse ✔ @BenSasse
    Please just stop. This isn’t normal and it’s beneath the dignity of your office.

    I’m with Ben.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    CNNs LOVING THIS….applauding the Republican women who’ve come on their air to condemn Trump, and rightfully so. Saying these women’ll be in hot water with the WH now. (probably true)

    This helps CNN get past all the really good stuff that came out this week FINALLY showing how hideous that channel is….POOF! Trump erased it!


  16. Kid says:

    Certainly agree on this one Z. I was surprised when I saw it.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    HILARIOUS! The little Mexican American “Republican” who CNN uses to represents Republicans for the last few years hasn’t been on in AGES, but she’s there now! They used her all year during the campaign because she despises Trump…her words today, though she’s not been on basically until he won and they didn’t need her anymore:
    “You’re a crazy lunatic 70 yr old man….we just won’t take it….” (and worse)

    CNN’s really dredging it up to get back at Trump (and he deserves it after these tweets)….
    Dana Bash actually laments that her six yr old shouldn’t see these things because then he’ll treat women like this….her six year old reads presidential TWEETS? Or is SHE the one telling him so he can mistreat women like this?

    Great JOB, Mr. Trump; the last couple of weeks were going well…but maybe you just can’t take success?? S***

    Melania’s campaign against bullying (particularly bullying women) is probably over; she may have to pick another cause.

    I want to congratulate Joe and Mika, too, they were starting to go down in the ratings but this’ll help them again..the sympathy from 99% of Americans today who read the tweets will help.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’m sick at heart. Have dinner with a HUGE Trump supporter tonight.. that ought to be fun 😦


  19. Kid says:

    Veering away from the subject a little, Trump should ban CNN from white house briefings since they openly admitted to making the Russia story up. I absolutely would.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you and I would but do you understand the optic of a president blocking a news media out for any reason in a democracy like us which touts are democratic open-media brilliance all the time?

    Lying SHOULD absolutely be enough to ban them, but it’s NOT QUITE TRUE yet….it’s not QUITE proven they made the whole thing up, whether they call it “nothing burger’ or not…don’t you think?

    Jim Acosta is SO SO HAPPY this morning….insulting Trump so legitimately today because he’s been made to feel the true ASS he is by Trump lately.


  21. I’ve been offline for several hours and am catching up just now as I’m watching the televised press White House press briefing today.

    Mika and Joe have been “dishing it out” every morning for weeks now. I watch Morning Joe for about an hour every few mornings.

    So, now Trump has struck back. Probably unwise, but I can’t say that I’m surprised.


  22. Kid says:

    Well, there will never be a situation of good optics given that 95% of the media spin anything anyway they want. So, I’d take action and hell with it. I’d remind the public – via talking head supporters that CNN admitted to lying and making up a story that has damaged America more than it has Trump. Imagine how this looks to the rest of the world. IlIegitimate President? Nope, the gloves are off.


  23. Kid says:

    Z, From the press secretary Sanders:

    The White House defended President Trump’s rant Thursday on Twitter against the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” saying the president was “fighting fire with fire.”
    White House principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said show co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have “attacked mercilessly” the president, including accusing him of having a mental disorder.
    “I think he’s been very clear that when he gets attacked, he is going to hit back,” she told reporters at the White House. “I think the American people elected somebody who’s tough, who’s smart and who’s a fighter — and that’s Donald Trump.”
    “It’s kind of like we’re living in the Twilight Zone. They do this day after day after day and then the president responds and defends himself and everybody is appalled and blown away,” she said.
    The show’s treatment of the president and his staff would not have been tolerated if directed at the previous administration, she said.
    “The rest of the media would have said no way, guys, hold on. But nobody does that,” Mrs. Sanders said.


  24. Mal says:

    Well, we still must remember why we call them the “right” and the “left”. Because of the Bible.
    I don’t think we should or could add to that!


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! He can fight ALL HE WANTS…just don’t call people NAMES! Don’t talk about WOMEN and BLOOD…STOP !

    Why is this so hard to grasp?

    AOW, did you READ the tweets? That’s okay with you because he’s fighting back?

    Does anybody here think I don’t feel he should fight back???


  26. Mal says:

    Z, your opening statement about Republicans USE to be in lockstep and the Dems in disarray, but is the reverse today. Perhaps the party NOT in office organizes and gets in lockstep to try and get back in. Ya think? Like, necessity is the mother of invention?


  27. Kid says:

    Z, I don’t support the tweet. Adolescent at best. Much better ways to handle this stuff. I was just adding to the onversation. I also don’t support the Covfefe. Even the very special Covfefe – depending on what it is served with I guess, it can be Ok on rare occasion.


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