Our friend and commenter Baysider emailed this to me and I thought you should see it…

Election 2016: Late in 2016, we created a stir by suggesting that Donald Trump was likely right when he claimed that millions of noncitizens had illegally voted in the U.S. election. Now, a study by a New Jersey think tank provides new evidence that that’s what happened.

Last November, just weeks after his Electoral College win that gave him the presidency, then President-elect Donald Trump tweeted, “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

The reaction was angry and swift, with the left accusing him of being an “internet troll” and of hatching a “Twitter-born conspiracy theory.”

At the time, we noted that a group called True The Vote, an online anti-voter-fraud website, had claimed that illegals had cast three million votes last year. The media and left-wing groups immediately portrayed True The Vote as a fringe group with little credibility.

The only problem is, a study in 2014 in the online Electoral Studies Journal made a quite similar claim: In the 2008 and 2010 elections, they said, as many as 2.8 million illegal noncitizen votes were cast, “enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes and congressional elections,” said the study, authored by Jesse T. Richman and Gushan A. Chattha, both of Old Dominion University, and David C. Earnest of George Mason University.

The bombshell was this: “Noncitizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.”

It got little coverage in the mainstream media, and what coverage it did get was almost entirely dismissive.

Now comes a new study by Just Facts, a libertarian/conservative think tank, that used data from a large Harvard/You.Gov study that every two years samples tens of thousands of voters, including some who admit they are noncitizens and thus can’t vote legally.

The findings are eye-opening. In 2008, as many as 5.7 million noncitizens voted in the election. In 2012, as many as 3.6 million voted, the study said.

In 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there were 21.0 million adult noncitizens in the U.S., up from 19.4 million in 2008. It is therefore highly likely that millions of noncitizens cast votes in 2016.

And it was no accident. Democrats had extensive get-out-the-vote campaigns in areas heavily populated by illegal aliens. As far back as 2008, Obama made sure that those who wanted to vote knew it was safe, announcing that election records would not be cross-checked with immigration databases.

And last year, the Obama White House supported a court injunction that kept Kansas, Alabama and Georgia from requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote. The message was sent, loud and clear: If you’re a noncitizen or here illegally, don’t be afraid. You’re free to vote. No one will stop you.

We don’t know the exact number of illegal votes. No one does. But the data that are available suggest that the number of illegal votes was substantial — probably in the millions, as Trump said — and likely had a significant impact on the election’s outcome.

Even Democrats should find this troubling; every vote cast by a noncitizen voter negates the vote of a citizen voter. It’s that simple. It’s time the Democratic Party started living up to its name and stop encouraging noncitizens and illegal aliens to vote in our election.

SO, information is here, proven, from the lips of the illegal voters in some cases and…………what next? ANYTHING?  Does anybody in government really care?  WHAT THE HECK?  When is the hearing?  And this doesn’t even address my bugaboo of ‘provisional ballots’, which I have seen cause at least 30 possibly multiple voters!!!   (oops, it’s mostly Democrats guilty…don’t count on a senate hearing?   #(@$&*@#(*$&@#(*$&


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19 Responses to WERE VOTERS LEGAL?

  1. Mustang says:

    The solution to this problem, and the only solution, is for citizens to rise up and demand accountability from their state governments. Having said that, we must take into account predominantly democratic states who will continue to turn a blind eye to voter fraud. It suits their purposes, doesn’t it?


  2. “Even Democrats should find this troubling; every vote cast by a noncitizen voter negates the vote of a citizen”
    Democrats do not define “citizen” as we do.
    They believe a resident is a citizen.
    Open borders.


  3. Michigan requires photo ID.
    The Court upheld a requirement that voters present photo identification before voting as a “reasonable, nondiscriminatory” requirement to vote that has the legitimate goal of preserving the fairness of elections


  4. Kid says:

    If 5.7 mil voted in 2008, I would sure expect that number to go up throgh the years, and especially during an election where one of the candidates promises to deport them. I saw another study that has the illegal population at 33 mil. Personally I’d bet it is higher.

    The only answer really is to deport. Voter ID woin’t help because California and maybe some other places give them drivers licenses. Imagine if 20 million were deported by next election and the rest were afraid to vote for fear of ICE watching. The democrats woulld never win another national election.


  5. I’ve come to believe that these Trump-Russia stories are deliberate diversions — diversions, in part, to distract from how many illegal aliens voted in the national elections.

    After all, if a state allows illegal aliens to have drivers’ licenses, getting into the voting booth is easy. Just show that government-issued ID.


  6. John M. Berger says:

    What does the right to drive have to do with the right to vote?


  7. Kid says:

    JMB – Clalifornia.

    Plus what business does someone in the judicial branch have trying to block a travel ban that the Executive branch has 100% sole power to control.


  8. Mustang says:

    @JMB … the so-called motor voter legislation was a Cloward-Piven scheme adopted by the Clinton Crime Family to subvert the American electoral process. Driving has nothing to do with voting unless it is your intention to utterly destroy the integrity we hope to associate with honest and fair elections.


  9. John M. Berger says:

    “Driving has nothing to do with voting unless it is your intention to utterly destroy the integrity we hope to associate with honest and fair elections.”

    Yeah, that’s what I thought! As long as DemocRATS have no interest in “honest and fair elections” how , in the World, will the obvious problems we currently face ever get resolved?


  10. Kid says:

    JMB, If we deport the illegals, they won’t be able to vote. Unless California sends them absentee ballots?


  11. John M. Berger says:




  12. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, California(Jerry Brown) has put aside money by which illegals can now sue Californian tax payers for any grievances. Yes, I would not be surprised if he’d send illegals absentee ballots back to MX. (Good one)

    ALL OF YOU: I can’t add a word…you’re all SO RIGHT in your comments.

    AOW, fascinating thought there….except this morning’s news actually makes it look like they’ve got Flynn and the Trump people in the GOP operative (who has died) who contacted hackers for Hillary emails. This is looking like the WSJ, of all venues, will bring down at least someone IN the Trump administration. God forbid, they’ve actually found the connection between Russia and Trump, though they’re quick to say this GOP operative was not part of the Trump campaign (smile)


  13. Kid says:

    Well, here ya go Z. Illegal sues san frantardo for 190 thousand for violating sanctuary city policy when police turn him over to ICE, and wins.

    We may have to send teh Natl Guard in there if we’re serious about this sanctuary city stuff.
    I’ll leave you with “Texas AG is suing Trump administration if he tries to give amnesty to the dreamer illegals.” to relieve your immediate potential for Stroke.


  14. Kid says:

    Oh Heck WRONG LINK on the illegal suing. Here it is. Funny comedian above though.



  15. Z, the Left can’t win without massive voter fraud in conjunction with Conservative voter suppression. There aren’t enough of them – they have to cheat! That’s why they dobtv ant voter ID laws. This has been going on for decades.

    We Conservatives need to VOTE in every election in massive turnout numbers.


  16. That’s supposed to read “don’t want”


  17. I’m certain I’ve said this here before, but if I’m required to produce a State issued, photo ID in order to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights [though I philosophically may disagree with it], why would I not show the same to exercise my right to vote, especially when that exercise is limited to one, and only one instance [per election]?


  18. Mal says:

    “Even Democrats should find this troubling”. True, but if they were really thinking, they wouldn’t be Democrats to begin with, would they?


  19. Baysider says:

    “The only solution, is for citizens to rise up and demand accountability.” Yes, and look what happened when True the Vote rose up to speak for us. If I remember correctly this group (or one of them) even provided help in registering eligible voters.
    So true, Ed.
    And AOW, an early proposal in California to issue drivers licenses to illegals would have made them clearly distinguished from citizens by issuing them in portrait format instead of landscape and, I think, a different color bar at the top. Boy, did the left come out of its tree! Their response showed the hidden agenda of making them indistinguishable from citizens.


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