Happy Fourth…this will make yours happier….

Very little has made me as happy as THIS ARTICLE does.  

So, I actually found a great way to be happy on the Fourth, putting aside my obvious happiness that I AM AN AMERICAN, that I am joined with others (like YOU) in my love for this country, that I honor our military, that I love who the Founding Fathers were and what they did, that, while being less than optimistic the last few years, I do feel America will rise again and our children will begin to love her again.

PLEASE, don’t only READ the link, SEND IT AROUND.  It’s vitally important that people see what made a screaming, card-carrying liberal to change AND TO ARTICULATE IT SO WELL.      You will be HAPPY, you will be PROUD, you might be RELIEVED THAT THIS IS POSSIBLE.

THAT is a VERY happy state of affairs on INDEPENDENCE DAY!


have a great day,


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30 Responses to Happy Fourth…this will make yours happier….

  1. Mustang says:



  2. Z,
    Good essay at that link! Interesting that the author’s slow conversion from Leftism was a stray comment made by David Horowitz. I’ve seen Horowitz twice in person. He’s very effective!

    I’m not as optimistic as you are, Z. The cards are so stacked against young people today coming to love American the way that we do. The Left now controlling academia and the Enemedia have been undermining young people loving America and our American heritage. Sadly, prosperity typically requires those college degrees, which are dripping in Leftism. I hope I’m wrong.

    I’m going to celebrate this year’s 4th of July by continuing to read Mark Levin’s latest book Rediscovering Americanism. Like most of Levin’s books, this one is short — but very pithy. Requires concentration!


  3. Happy Independence Day Z.


  4. bunkerville says:

    Wishing you a wonderful day… We are so blessed.


  5. It seems her conversion from Libism turned on her belief in God.
    She could not bring herself to reject Him.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, thanks, and thank you for serving this country!

    AOW, I hesitated to write that, it’s not really how I feel , it’s how I HOPE 🙂 You’re right; what could possibly turn indoctrinated kids around? The left has won, in my opinion.
    I have to say I can’t imagine reading books like those by Levin; I don’t hesitate to say I can’t IMAGINE there’s anything in that book you couldn’t say yourself,….

    Ed, such a great message.

    CI and BUnker…thanks..and to you. And CI, thank you for serving our country.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Imagine Chris Christie and his family settling down on a public beach he had had closed to the public for budgeting reasons? When his brother owns a beach house just down the road?
    I’m so grateful Trump never hired him for anything at the WH…imagine the flack he’d get THEN? As it is, he’s a Republican so he’ll get a LOT more flack anyway. And his ratings are something like 15% approval?! One can see why.

    ALSO: RE DEMOCRACY and THE FOURTH OF JULY…..about 40 states are denying the President bipartisan commission on voter fraud because they say it’s privacy issues. Seems to me those privacy issues are like ‘privacy in having had people vote fraudulently” If the Left was serious about supporting democracy, they’d be allowing the commission the information they asked for.
    I hope the Fed gov’t sues the s*** out of them for noncompliance. Period.
    We have to know…..we have to prevent fraud.

    In Germany: You have an ID card…you swipe it in a machine to vote. That card can’t vote again. Period. And you vote on one day. A weekend so more can vote.

    We are suckers. We need someone like the Americans we’ve sent to Haiti to make sure their votes were legitimate. Haven’t we come a long way!? (Sarcasm)


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Only our president would tweet “Does this guy have anything else in his life?” to question an ICBM missile successful test.
    Does Trump think Kim does this because he has nothing else in his life? OMG


  9. Baysider says:

    What rich link! Sending it on. Happy 4th, Z!


  10. Mal says:

    “I DO FEEL AMERICA WILL RISE AGAIN AND OUR CHILDREN WILL BEGIN TO LOVE HER AGAIN”. Yes. But we must also return to being the America we USE to be where PC didn’t exist and God DID, including in our schools. There is so much that has changed that would need to return, from our entertainment (movies, musical lyrics, etc), the press and media, attitude about LG BT and “alternate lifestyles”, welfare, etc. etc.
    At the risk of sounding pessimistic, I just don’t see this happening. It’s just too many changes. But if its at all possible, we have the right guy and he is trying.


  11. I hope the Fed gov’t sues the s*** out of them for noncompliance. Period.

    Voting is a function of the States, not the Federal government. And when the Federal government demands Personally Identifiable Information, to be sent and archived on a non-secure system, I hope all 50 states give the Administration the finger. Look at the statements by the Secretaries of States, and you’ll find both Right and Left.


  12. Would we but emulate a system such as Germany’s, with regards to voting. Hell, I’d take the purple stained finger of various middle eastern countries, just to put this issue to bed.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    CI, the word is it is definitely not non-secure.
    Maybe you don’t care what happened in the election but I sure do. Look both Right and Left at the bipartisan commission which does feel we need to look at the last voting…
    I personally have seen a LOT of fraud…tried to say something, was told “don’t you want EVERYONE to vote?” very nastily….to which I said “only legally.”
    Even the much-used Provisional Ballots are BS.


  14. Please don’t presume that I don’t care…as my last post illustrates. I simply like to keep the enumerated roles and functions within the portions of government where they belong…..instead of turning to – and enabling the growth – of the federal government. Do you discount the statements from GOP Secretaries of State?


  15. And frankly, if tampering – in any way – of our electoral system is a priority to solve at the Federal level…..why haven’t we seen any outrage of Russian hacking from “Mr. America First”?


  16. geeez2014 says:

    CI, I’m not sure we haven’t seen “any” outrage….we don’t know what backroom communications are, either.
    I want to know what the real vote was last election and I want what I personally see quite often to STOP.
    And I don’t discount anything…but to use the GOP suddenly as your harbinger for truth strikes me odd….especially when the commission itself is bipartison.


  17. If the federal judiciary can knock down states voter ID laws, the feds can insist on fair elections to protect the nation from fraudulent usurpation of office.
    National defense.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I’d have thought so, too……since when does America not do all it can to get honest elections?


  19. I had a great fourth. I hope all our friends here did also.


  20. Z – I’ve not seen a single public statement from him regarding Russian cyber and asymmetric attacks on our nation.

    And while I hold no party to be a ‘harbinger of truth’, I referred you to the positions of the various Secretaries of State, including many of the GOP, since you began the discussion of this particular issue with: “If the Left was serious about supporting democracy, they’d be allowing the commission the information they asked for.”


  21. Ed – That will certainly be the position of the federal government, but since Conservatives don’t support said negation of voter ID laws….why would we double down and grow the precedent for the feds to do just that? We’ve seen zero power once lent to D.C., ever returned to the states [at least not without funding strings attached]. Why make it worse going forward?


  22. Kid says:

    CI, I understand that it is easy to get the information the voter task force is asking for and that the information is sent out to marketing firms, etc. There is nothing private about it.


  23. I don’t understand that to be the case at all. Party affiliation? Last 4 of your SSN? What state government entity provides that to marketing firms?


  24. Further, if it were true….then we have bigger issues than merely instances of actual voter fraud.


  25. Kid says:

    Here is an example of what I read. Maybe they don’t provide the last 4 of the SSN, but it is relatively easy to find someone’s full SSN on line if you really want it. This according to our IT Mgr.

    To get that (voter) data, ALL you have to do is go the State’s board of elections and put down about $100 or so and you get all that data. Now is the last four digits of the SSN really of any value. To distinguish between voters, you need, First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Birth Date, Gender, Mailing Address Street Address (which consists of about 4 – 6 individual parts, City, State, and Zip (5+4). All of that is the minimum default data provided.

    And you get that information for every different State, County, and Local election that person has voted in for as many elections that the State’s Board of Elections keeps in its database. Usually you pick and often the upper limit is about 10 different elections.

    Now to really attempt to commit Identity Fraud, there are any number of commercial organizations that will provide you (for a fee, of course) all sorts of additional commercially available information tagged with each of those persons, such as work places, legal records, credit card records, commercial purchase records, driving license records, likely nationality, and religion.

    In all of this, the SSN’s lst four digits is the MOST worthless.


  26. Yep. Got it. But why would anyone support giving the Federal government more power…and more precedent to interfere in elections, which are the purview of the States?


  27. Kid says:

    Not to harp on it but also there is this – “Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft defended working with the president’s commission on voter fraud Wednesday saying no information would be released that isn’t publicly available.”

    I read the situation being just an investigation into how much fraud there was, then leave it to the states to correct the situation. Blue states won’t do anything and it will back to business as usual. Though the revelation could result in stronger challenges by candidates in the future and even less confidence by citizens that a person was elected fairly.

    Who doesn’t want fair elections? I guess we know for sure now.

    Honestly, given all of the things that people deal with that require they prove who they are, not having this as a requirement for voting is mind boggling.


  28. Z,
    Levin’s books are quite different from his radio show. In this book, he explores the historical roots of America’s exceptionalism — and those who were determined to destroy that exceptionalism, particularly beginning from the start of the 20th Century.


  29. Z,
    I want to know what the real vote was last election


    Is there any way to find out?


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