Obama slams Trump to the world….

I don’t know about you, but for an ex president to go to another country and tell the world we have a ‘lack of leadership’ in Trump, and then to warn the world about ‘nationalism’ in our country seems pretty low to me.

I look at THIS as undignified and beneath his position as recent president, almost on a par with Trump’s childish tweets.

Thoughts?  Can we stop people in positions like Obama’s from giving their truly insulting opinions against the president elected by so many Americans or do we just have to watch it happen? Seems SO LOW to me it’s almost unbelievable.



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  1. Mustang says:

    You apparently think that politicians have a sense of right and wrong …


  2. This activity is despicable. He should be home painting or building houses for the poor.

    If we can restrict Congressmen from cavorting with lobbyists for a period of time after their Congressional tour, why not a former POTUS, unless appointed to be a special envoy by a current POTUS?


  3. bocopro says:

    One thing an aspiring author has to remember is to grab the reader’s attention early, preferably in the first paragraph, or his masterpiece won’t get read past the first page or two.

    Dickens, who very definitely had a way with words and images, decided to tell a story about the French Revolution . . . what brought it on, what it was like in progress, and what it brought about.

    His opening attention getter, or “hook,” is a rather unique intro: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” and then goes on to juxtapose wisdom with foolishness, belief with incredulity, Light and Darkness, and Hope versus Despair, explaining that people had everything before them but nothing to look forward to. His final compare-contrast for the period says that everybody was going directly to Heaven, and they were all going straight to Hell.

    What is most striking beyond that rather remarkable setup is that he then injects even today’s reader into the same milieu with “the period was [. . .] like the present period.”

    He was forseeing our society today in the US . . . the pinnacle of times, the Obama of times. An overeducated mannequin in the White House who couldn’t pour wine from a slipper if the instructions were on the heel. He promised us Hope and Change but brought us Debt and Shame. Hailed as “The One” who would bridge the race divide but all we got was Trayvon and Ferguson and BLM. The campaign promiseth and the incumbent taketh away.

    “The One”s only qualification for nomination to anything was his skin color. As anything other than a part-black man, he’d have been ignored and ridiculed by the DNC back in ‘08 in favor of someone like Pope Algore of the Church of AGW, or the Gaffemeister “Uncle Joe,” or the unindicted pottymouth felon from Arkansas who had been fired as a lawyer years earlier for unethical conduct.

    Soetoro is educated far beyond his natural intelligence. His approach to foreign policy was to HAVE no policy except to diminish US prestige, and he genuinely believed that he and ONLY he could thwart Iran’s desire for nuclear weapons. What’s most surprising is that as a Muslim himself, he KNEW that an Islamic state can enter intro agreements or treaties and then abrogate them at will once their goals (in this case lifting of sanctions) are achieved, so sayeth the Qur’an, sorta.

    He is profoundly arrogant, interested only in his own legacy, and spectacularly un-American, unvetted, unqualified, unready, and uninterested in the nation’s prosperity. His plan for world peace was apparently to reduce the US down to the lowest common denominator amongst nations so that none are threatened by our economic bullying and persistent imperialism. American exceptionalism to him means that flyover-country Americans don’t count.

    He is the perfect example of a pseudointellectual liberal with no relationship to American mainstream culture, a posturer who found himself in a completely unsupervised position of power and is awed by the endless possibilities, a rookie stumbling onto 3rd base and assuming he’d just hit a triple.

    Indeed we are in the best of times where creature comfort and technology are measured, but we are in the worst of times where economic survival and national security are concerned. The life of our country is shriveling in a barren barbed-wire corral of government profligacy and suffocating under a smothering cloak of political correctness which obfuscates truth and masks reality.

    Dingle Barry is an alien cleverly disguised as a politician. A posturing sock puppet consistently engaged in a criminal clash of words and deeds, forever blaming Bush for our problems and then exacerbating those same problems through his monumental ineptitude. What the country needs is an honest documentary about the failings of his administration, but that would be a 9-day movie.

    More socialist than Wilson, more inept than Jimmah, more deceitful than Slick, riding a cresting wave of PC and white guilt into the White House for no other reason than “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have a black president for a change?” The “iWon” turned out to be the “youLose.”

    America – born in the souls of patriots, dying in the hands of social justice warriors, overeducated ignoranti, revisionist leftards, and career politicians.


  4. I’m surprised he interrupted his lavish vacations to make that statement.
    I think he even referred to GWB’s silence during his (Obama’s) tenure, then attacked Trump.


  5. Lana Hessenius says:

    I think he should be arrested and tried for treason. Why is he still getting press coverage? What a disgrace to our country.


  6. jerrydablade says:

    It’s been a long time since that Obama “citizens of the world” speech in Berlin at the start of his destructive reign. He is now just another left wing ideologue flailing for relevance again.


  7. Kid says:

    While obama was in office he made himself and the US the laughing stock of the world. Only the truely rabid of mind pays any attention to this POS. Present company excepted.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    B.O. speaks of “giving our children a fighting chance”; just what the #e!! does that mean? I see it as a “chance” for them to get stuck with more debt and fewer job opportunities all for what is basically a hoax, insofar as human ability to control something that has occurred on this planet since its inception. B.O. will just continue his rants as he watches his, so called, legacy crumble as it gives-way to rationality. HE was one of the biggest mistakes this Republic has made since its inception!


  9. JMB. Yep.
    Yep to the other comments also.


  10. Bocopro,
    LOL! Now tell us how you really feel? 😉


  11. BHO cannot stand it that he’s now not the center of attention and playing to crowds clapping lie seals. His followers of those eight years aren’t much singing his praises now, are they? They’ve moved on even as, at the same time, they’re watching his legacy unravel.

    It must really gall BHO that HRC lost the election. That loss has sidelined BHO: no appointment for him to the SCOTUS, the UN, whatever else he might have had in mind.

    Furthermore, I’ll bet that the media are no longer clamoring for interviews with BHO.

    BHO himself, therefore, has to interject himself somehow. Therefore, he is compelled to slam Trump — especially in time for the 4th of July.


  12. John M. Berger says:

    The mere chance that America may actually be restored to, at least, some semblance of its former status of greatness must be terrifying to DemocRATS now that their agent of doom, B.O., is gone. I detect dire desperation in the ramblings of: Up-Chuck, Waters, Pocahontas et al as B.O. continues his attempts to undermine our Nation, post rejection of his disastrous masquerade as POTUS!


  13. Kid says:

    @JMB, especially the media. Like kids with warm butts and no desert.


  14. Baysider says:

    Hmm … it’s so quiet here. Here in the People’s Republic. Where’s the tidal wave of opprobrium they would have dumped on – say – George W. Bush had he taken opportunity of Obama’s ample errors to point out how wrong and undignified he was? No screeching by people like the woman you posted yesterday once was. Nooo. They want to undermine the country as badly as BHO.

    It’s despicable. McCain’s done a lite version of that. Bad.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    mustang; it’s my curse, I’ll admit it.


    bocopro…and he is SO ADMIRED by SO MANY PEOPLE. I hear, so MANY times, ‘If we only had the intelligent…or smooth…or articulate…(fill in the positive blanks) for president again” They apparently forget the IRS scandal, the death obama caused by changing Fast and Furious from what it was when Bush implemented it, etc etc

    Ed, he was on a lavish vacation to Indonesia when he made the remarks

    Kid ???? “While obama was in office he made himself and the US the laughing stock of the world.”
    The world ADORES him….as he made the US a laughing stock. They adore him for ‘exposing’ America for “what she is”…”telling the truth”….they’re SO jealous of us that they loved him for this and he knew the effect it’d have ….ass. Just like other celebs get huge applause when they slam us.

    JMB…the jerk STILL thinks our poor children are going to drown in Manhattan when the waters rise! And he’s got kids there sleepless, from what I’ve read, for the fears they have about that.

    Lana, wouldn’t ya think?

    Jerry…I remember being told by some Germans that many of the German people were outraged he spoke at the Brandenberg Wall because even their politicians don’t take advantage of that honor. My own German husband laughed when our media talked about the huge crowds out there for Obama….Mr. Z said “It’s a rare nice weather evening in Berlin, of COURSE everyone’s outside drinking free beer and wurst!” 🙂

    JMB…I HOPE it’s dire desperation…….man, how I loathe them.

    Baysider, yes, McCain is joining in a bit too much; blowing his conservative cover, isn’t he, the jerk.


  16. Mal says:

    ………and they say Trump lacks “class”


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Mal! BRAVO! Even I say that from time to time, but at least he’s FOR AMERICA!!
    Great point…thanks xxx


  18. John M. Berger says:

    “the jerk STILL thinks our poor children are going to drown in Manhattan when the waters rise! And he’s got kids there sleepless”

    WOW, “the jerk” must really be on to something-NOT! However, for one of the most outrageous reports that I heard click on the link below to find-out what a “renowned physicist” has to say. I heard Rush comment on this nonsense, awhile ago, but I had to see for myself-OMG!



  19. geeez2014 says:

    gAD…I never thought I’d agree with Lindsay Lohan!
    I sure don’t agree with Trump, who said back in 2004 “she’s greatly troubled so probably good in bed” What kind of MAN says that, even to Howard Stern? Makes me sick


  20. Kid says:

    @JMB, Hawking must be suffering forom dimentia now. He also said man has to get off the planet within 100 years. Good luck widdat.


  21. Kid says:

    Z, Lindsey actually is good in bed. She’s sleeping instead of running around being a kleptomaniac, doing drugs and running her mouth.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, ya, and I’ll just BET that’s what Trump meant 🙂 Of course, he wasn’t pres then….he’s entitled to say all he wants, but…ugh.
    She’s a horror…but she likes TRUMP!


  23. Mal says:

    Back in 2004? Golly, Z, he WAS talking to Howard Stern at the time so give him a break. I also give her credit for supporting him, contrary to the majority of her peers.


  24. John M. Berger says:

    Re: Professor Hawking, AKA Gyro Gearloose,

    “He also said man has to get off the planet within 100 years.”
    It sounds to me like he is undergoing a head start!
    AOW has an interesting post, today, regarding our education failures. I wonder if Hawking is accountable for the science part of it?


  25. Kid says:

    @JMB, Thx, I’ll check it out. Hawking should restrict himself to thinking about black holes and dark matter.


  26. Bob says:

    Barack Obama was apparently born in Chicago in his 35th yea. He was without record of employment or achievement of any sort, the man from nowhere.

    His income was mostly provided by political sources, but I have no evidence of it origins. He was president of the Harvard Law Review, a post that was invented for him to become the first minority head of the Law Review. Prior to his winning the vote for the honor, the position was appointed to law students of superior intellect and performance. Barry got the royal treatment.

    Bocopro says it well, “Soetoro is educated far beyond his natural intelligence”. I would add that Barry’s natural intelligence was misapplied and warped in his childhood by his Kenyan socialist activist father, and his Muslim brainwashing.

    Obama is as ineffectual as a past President as he was when President. I wouldn’t worry about what he says about our current President. The long winter of Obama is over.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I don’t care what Obama says, our country SHOULD care what ex presidents are spreading overseas to a world he already has hating Trump…and us. That’s why I care, very deeply.

    As per Obama’s intelligence; I hate to say this and I’m going to get a heck of a lot of blowback here, I KNOW !! but I never realized how at least ARTICULATE he was, and COMMON SENSE smart, until Trump took over. He knew when to SHUT UP, Obama knew how to phrase things to convince very well, Obama rarely said anything he didn’t know was right, Obama had an engaging smile and used it (Trump has a REALLY engaging smile and rarely uses it), Obama let others speak for him so he didn’t get hung out to dry. THAT is SMART…all those things are SMART, in that kind of smart even very high IQs don’t often have. And I don’t think Obama’s not got a pretty good IQ, either.

    Bob…also, very shortly after Obama came onto the scene, a friend sent me a video of a little Arab man talking about how he’d supported Obama, brought him along, opened doors for him, paid and paid….the little old man died very shortly after that and the video’s GONE. It’s been gone for 8 years or so. I believe that was the real thing.

    Something you didn’t add was “What big publishing house pays for a first book by a buy who’s done absolutely ZIP other than be born to a black dad and white mom, which isn’t that rare, anyway? I’ve always questioned that. THat, and the fact that BIll Ayers, a prolific author, barely left a year out without putting out a new book of his own…except the years Obama’s books were written. hmmm

    Ya, Obama was a nightmare, total nightmare, and I GREATLY resent him, but ‘not smart’….au contraire.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, Obama had Axelband…Trump has NOBODY that ‘smart’…Priebus had no experience in the White House, Spicer didn’t, Bannon didn’t, etc ETC etc. He needed a truly SEASONED insider, whether the Republicans like that or not…
    He needs a Chief of Staff like James Baker…
    He needs a Newt Gingrich type who can speak openly and truthfully about the RUBBISH of the Left, and who can guide Trump and keep his mouth shut if needed and let him loose when JUST the right moment.
    This shooting from Trump’s hip pleases his base “Oh goody, dontcha just LOVE THAT?” but it’s not working ….no matter what anybody thinks here, the negativity he’s getting, that he’s HANDING to the media, is hurting him and our country….no trust, growing disheartenment…not good.


  29. Kid says:

    Z, Blowback right on schedule !

    obama was/is an actor. A teleptompter Jesus. obama is Not smart. After 8 years he’s been able to memorize enough of his lines to make it look like he is articulate and has more than one brain cell to rub together.

    Trump is a person speaking to us. Granted we may not like what he says sometimes. Name someone (beside me of course) that you approve of everything they say.


  30. Kid says:

    Z, obama didn’t think up all the different ways to steal as much money as he and they did. Wasn’t smart enough. Nothing more than a screwdriver in someone elses hands. Others came up with the schemes – imho. The only things obama did of his own volition was to help the moslems any way he could. I don’t even believe the American destruction strategies were his. Maybe not even the moslem stuff – after all he met with CAIR in the white house on an almost daily basis.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, as I said, and always have, I can’t STAND OBAMA. Was he smart?
    You bring up Muslims…’oh, wait! they HAVE progressed since he came into office! he DID protect them…it worked! NOT STUPID” HIDEOUS yes, but not stupid. OH YES.. he got Axelband behind him….he never put himself in harm’s way for the media, he got the media to cover for him.
    I completely disagree with you but I like the fight!
    He escaped IRS, F&F, you name it, he came out unscathed.
    Sure, it helps to have a media , the WHOLE media practically, behind you, but to suggest this guy wasn’t smart because we disagree with his ideology? I don’t think so. I think he was smart. Cagy, disgusting, and very smart. He survived all that crap he did. And thrives.


  32. He needs a Chief of Staff like James Baker…

    Agreed. I don’t know who “that guy” [or girl] is, but he needs somebody to out the Executive Branch on one sheet of music, and fast. That was one of Obama’s strong suits. He was intelligent, and knew that he needed a manager to play rodeo clown to the different staff elements and spokespeople……not to mention the cabinet secretaries. I’d love to see a Conservative in the White House who had Obama’s still set in managing people and the message. I don’t think weaver really see that since Reagan.


  33. ….somebody to PUT the Executive Branch on one sheet of music…..


  34. geeez2014 says:


    N Korea is getting MUCH scarier…. here’s why we haven’t pushed harder on them than we have as far as weapons is concerned;

    CONCERN FOR SOUTH KOREA’S PEOPLE. We didn’t want any of the Kims to hit S Korea. Or Japan, etc.
    SO, now we’re holding back because of S Korea WHEN KIM COULD HIT ALASKA OR HAWAII?


    It strikes me we might be….and what the heck? How surprised can our pentagon BE that they had this latest missile “we didn’t realize!” WHAT?


  35. geeez2014 says:

    CI, I don’t believe Trump’s cabinet is worse than Obama’s was….I think it’s better, more experience in their field …but in one way, you’re right…Obama’s had some political experience..at least I remember some did…?? John Kerry surely did, etc…
    Yes, Obama knew he needed a really smart guy and (whoa!) HE LISTENED TO HIM.


  36. How surprised can our pentagon BE that they had this latest missile “we didn’t realize!” WHAT?

    A rule of thumb is to never take DoD statements on what we did or didn’t know, at face value. There’s almost always a reason to be publicly opaque.


  37. Z – I certainly didn’t mean to imply that Obama had a better Cabinet….but rather Trump has a stronger, type A theme of his Cabinet….and thus, really……really needs a stage manager.


  38. Kid says:

    I’d find it incredble if we couldn’t shoot down a single or 10 NK ICBMs heading to Alaska.

    The real threat is S. Korea. NK can put 100,000 artillary rounds, plus rockets into Seoul in the first 5 minutes of a hot war. Plus they have chemical weapons. I don’t have any idea how you eliminate that without a huge loss of life. Maybe route all 3.5 million Seoul residents to bunkers in the middle of the night then start blowing up all NK’s DMZ offensive weapons. Then be prepared to eliminate the millions of army ants coming across the DMZ into S Korea. That’s what needs to be done though. That would totally declaw NK. S Korea neeeds to make that decision, not us.

    Tactical nukes is the only thing I can think of that would eliminate enough of the offensive weapons to avoid massive loss of S Korea lives.


  39. geeez2014 says:

    CI, I was hoping that we played stupid on purpose? I HOPE SO.. Good point about Type A’s needing a ringleader!

    Kid, so if N Korea hits us first..”oh, well…” That’s how this timeworn foreign policy strikes me now that N Korea CAN HIT US”..>At least previous presidents didn’t have THAT on the table, right?


  40. With winds prevailing to the southeast, I certainly wouldn’t use any tactical nukes on Pyongyang….maybe on the launch sites in the northeast portion of nK…but conventional munitions could do the job just as well.

    We have to worry about the tunnels under the DMZ, and the infiltration by sea of nK commando’s. In any kinetic scenario, ROK is screwed.


  41. Mal says:

    It seems despots only understand fear via intimidation. The real question is, just how strong (or weak) are we? How badly did the last administration weaken us? Are we strong enough to present an impressive presence in the area to rattle a few cages? And if we did, are we ready and willing to engage? Trump and his military advisers have their hands full at the present time……………
    Also remember, Putin never liked it when Nikita K. backed down on the Berlin wall. Or when their ships heading to Cuba had to turn around. He wants to let the world know there’s a new sheriff in town. The upcoming meeting between the two will be interesting to watch.


  42. bocopro says:

    The problem with NorKor is that neither China nor Russia wants the regime to collapse and generate a flood of tens of millions of refugees into their territories.

    A hot war would produce millions of casualties — SoKors, Americans, and a few Japanese — which NObody wants to happen. Then we’d have to go in and rebuild the entire peninsula with Murkan dollars, ’cause that’s how it’s done, y’know.

    The only alternative is an internal coup or some kind of SpecOps decap squad. I assume we have contingency plans for a cyber takedown as well as an infiltration maneuver. We — the public — would never know about ’em if we do, but we — the DoD — would be utter fools NOT to have ’em.

    My guess is that the thinktank boys are hoping he’ll succumb to gout and someone reasonablly sane will grab the reins and play “Let’s Make A Deal.” Or perhaps that the moon will fall into the Pacific and the tsunami will get him, selectively.

    As for me, I say just a soupcon of compound 1080 in his sharkfin soup, or his sushi, or his cognac. Wonder if he likes fugu . . . . .


  43. Nikki Haley nailed it today at the UNSC. I’m impressed by the reasoned tenacity of her remarks.

    Are we strong enough to present an impressive presence in the area to rattle a few cages?

    Mal – We’re well prepared to confront nK…immediately. The issue is, as I wrote above……ROK suffers under any scenario once the shooting starts.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    CI You said “The issue is, as I wrote above……ROK suffers under any scenario once the shooting starts.”
    But MY Point is …..OKAY….we don’t want to hurt ROK…that’s for sure…no doubt about it, but NOW, TODAY and going forward, we have a N Korea which has said and suddenly proven it can hit AMERICA… so now do we keep ROK ‘s protection above ours?

    Bocopro…I’d like to give him some “FUGU” if you know what I mean?!!

    Mal, I’m dreading the media onslaught about the Putin/Trump meeting…if Trump so much as inaudibly burps, they’ll slam him SO HARD.


  45. Kid says:

    Z, I don’t believe NK can hit us with a missile. No way, no how.

    CI, Agreed immensly.

    bocopro, Agree immensly.

    I honestly wonder why some General Wang or General Dong doesn’t take him out. Take one for the N Korean population. This could be the collective sigh heard round the world when the news came out. It would have to be done in a very visible way and even then his death might be denied. But it would be a start.


  46. Kid says:

    Conventional weapons don’t give you any element of surprise though. hey, pay no attention to the 1000 C-130’s overhead !


  47. geeez2014 says:

    Interesting point just made by a contributor on FOX….That N Korea has advertised its goods…..to earn a lot of money by selling this system they just proved works to countries which now may want it.


  48. Kid says:

    Z, If NK could hit us with a missile and survive, Russia would know that and we’d all be dead by now.


  49. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, all the experts are saying they could now hit Alaska or Hawaii…even Seattle area.


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…at least not NUCLEAR…they don’t think it has the capacity to put nukes on this missile..not yet. But it can hit us…with something, apparently.


  51. Kid says:

    Z, I could care less about what the media might or might not say. Trump needs to get down to business with Putin or whomever and who cares! It’s not like retarded people will ever vote for Trump so who cares. The media has made themselves impotent. And more so by the day.


  52. Kid says:

    Z, missile. Not gonna happen. We had anti-missile missiles 40 years ago !


  53. Kid says:

    We have nuclear warhead killers that can take multiple warhead missiles. A single missile that once over the US, sends out multiple warheads. I’m tellin ya. Not gonna happen from those apes in NK.


  54. …..so now do we keep ROK ‘s protection above ours?

    Z – Not even remotely, just pointing out that there’s no scenario that doesn’t involve thousands [at least] of civilian casualties from from an advanced, industrialized ally of the U.S.

    …..all the experts are saying they could now hit Alaska or Hawaii…even Seattle area.

    That’s best case, most advanced scenario [based on the missile platform under the most favorable circumstances. I don’t think they’re there yet.


  55. bocopro says:

    I’m not too sure ’bout all that anti-missile defense. Did some reading on it, and tho I’m by no means up to speed on it all, I’d say success rate in a real attack from multiple simo sources would turn out to be somewhere between 80 to 90%.

    It ain’t ‘zackly as simple as hittin a bullet with a bullet, which is purty hard to do by itself . . . ya got very limited time to threat assess and then react, and EVERYthing has to go right EVERY time. Put dozens of ’em up there from different loci and the likelihood that one or two will get thru gets purty strong.


  56. Kid says:

    I agree. And I’ve read the same stuff. But we’re talking about a threat from someone like Russia who has a large number of multi-warhead nukes to throw at us. No way we get them all which is why our trump card has been undetectable Trident subs that can deliver unbelievable damage in retalliation. No doubt you being Navy…
    But we’re talking NK and while they may end up with an ICBM or two even with multiple warheads, we must have overwhelming countermeasures. Unless the democrats sold them to Iran…

    Botom line – If we thought NK had a viable platform for delivering Nukes to the USA, we’d be shooting them down as soon as possible after leaving their launchpad. now if Felonious Von Pantsuit was in the white house, I’d be nervous.


  57. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I don’t understand…all the experts I’ve listened to today are wrong?
    I don’t give a darn about the media…I care very much how America is perceived and it’s the media around the world burping back our liberal media’s information about Trump, etc. And we’re seeing world leaders diss a president more than others..in more personal, insulting ways. I don’t think that’s helpful for important negotiations….

    CI, I know there’s no way to do anything that’s not going to harm or kill millions…I just don’t think it’s worth America being so careful that it happens to us first.


  58. geeez2014 says:

    Kid,I think we should take them out NOW…we have to know where this stuff is….can’t we do that? Just hit the spots like we did in Iran?


  59. Kid says:

    Z, Yes, the experts (that the media parade out) are wrong. Politics is about 2 things. Greed and Fear, The other two which apply more to life in general are Supply and Demand. Those 4 things are enough to get anyone understanding life on Earth.

    I think it’s great that socialist pukes are dissing Trump if they are . That tells me we have the right guy in place.


  60. Kid says:

    Z, Take NK out now? Again, it’s up to those in more harm’s way than we imo. Japan, ROK.

    I really know of know way to defang N Korea without lots and lots of peopole dying in ROK and maybe Japan. I don’t see it as our call.

    Lets say we don’t have a single anti-missile missile. If the crazy fat kid drops a nuke somewhere we care about, NK will cease to exist. We have 100 times more nukes than we’d need to eliminate NK. Hopefully we actually have those Neutron bombs too that don’t leave any fallout.


  61. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I give up.
    And it is our call if we get one more whiff of promise that we’re next. I don’t want us to lose somewhere “we care about” before Kim does. I want HIM to lose everything…. I don’t care at all about him.


  62. geeez2014 says:

    Off to one of my very fave restaurants, BANDERA….don’t come looking for me!
    See y’all later.!


  63. Bob says:

    OK, ,Z. I will admit it. Obama was smart. HOWEVER, I will add that in his Ivy League education not at any time did he distinguish himself, produce academic works of any note, or learn how to think critically. The critical thinking part is the measure of any education, and Obama could not string two sentences together without the aid of a teleprompter. I was shocked at his inability to think on his feet unless he had someone or something prompting him.

    You may remember his mispronunciation of the word, Corpsman (corpse man). You may also remember his rambling press conferences where he was not able to articulate his point, and in many cases had no point at all.


  64. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, you were 100% correct on that ridiculous Harvard LaW Review position, etc…
    I honestly believe he was groomed to do the damage he’s done…I always have felt that, particularly after hearing that wizened old man I mentioned above who I saw on an old video that’s now been erased, telling how he’d paid for him for many years….I believe far left forces brought him up to destroy us, to make America “just another country”…
    I have to stand corrected if you’re right about his not being good off point.

    I have to admit I’d never heard the pronunciation Trump gave a word the other night…thank GOD the press didn’t catch it. I thought I’d never forget, but I HAVE 🙂

    I DO remember corpse man!


  65. geeez2014 says:

    Re Obama, Bob….see, my thought is “how do you argue with a Black president? Anything most whites say we’ll be regarded as racism, even though it SO wasn’t….so he won and won!”

    I was listening to the horrid story about the NYCity female black cop shot in the head just sitting in her patrol car …dead, leaving 3 children…happened this morning because the shooter hated Cops. And it brought to mind the beginning of Obama’s presidency and how he jumped to the wrong conclusions about the Harvard Prof who neighbors thought was robbing his own house so they called the police, remember? And Obama immediately, before knowing the details, condemned the police and he was totally WRONG. But that started this downslide ….remember the ‘beer summit’…ridiculous……


  66. Kid says:

    You can’t give losers (or psychos) an inch and obama gave them all an inch a day for 8 years. This isnt’ going away anytime soon. I jsut saw a story on Tucker where a transgender woman with a penis is demanding that men be forced to date him/her. This is what I’m talking about. The losers are Out Of Control. Maybe this will be a good thing.


  67. Kid says:

    “forced” should be in caps “FORCED”. heheh


  68. Kid says:

    I didn’t read in the article that it was a black cop. I assumed white. It’s like a virus that is mutating?


  69. John M. Berger says:


    “I honestly wonder why some General Wang or General Dong doesn’t take him out. Take one for the N Korean population. This could be the collective sigh heard round the world when the news came out. It would have to be done in a very visible way and even then his death might be denied. But it would be a start”

    GOOD ONE BUDDY! No bloodshed to speak of and the NK’s just might rejoice! Especially when they get to eat real food!. WHY NOT?


  70. JMB: Like when Dorothy killed the witch?


  71. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, they showed her picture on Fox tonight…so sad…yes, black female.. 3 little ones at home.

    I can’t even think of that transgender story you related….ARE WE NUTS? I mean, everyone should be laughing their heads off at this yet people actually contemplate it…as if that’s normal?


  72. Kid says:

    @JMB. Thank you Sir.

    They tried to kill Hitler. Why not this creature? If I were a NK military member often exposed to this stain on humanity, I’d do it, assuming I’d die a horrrible death. If I didn’t I’d assume I’d die a horrible Life !
    Doesn’t seem it should be that hard to do !


  73. Kid says:

    Z, Sad ! So much sadness caused by anti-Americanism. Lead actor obama.


  74. Kid says:

    Z, transgender with male apparatus demanding males accept him/her. It is not the first one I’ve seen.


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