Aldrin more SPACEY than Trump!

Such a perfect example of media mischaracterizations.   When I first heard about Buzz Aldrin’s reactions to Trump’s words about SPACE, a few days ago,  I thought “Oh, no, what did Trump say NOW?”  When I saw a Republican friend had mocked Trump on Facebook yesterday, I had to hear for myself how stupid Trump had appeared at this space gathering.  I found that he hadn’t sounded at all stupid.  Not at all.  I’d been sucked in by the media.

THIS negative twist on nearly everything Trump said and did is typical Washington Post and shows how much the story can be twisted to make Trump look the dope. Honestly, Aldrin looks insane in these pictures and, somehow, it’s Trump?  The article mentions how Trump kept leaving out a fourth astronaut standing behind him, Sandy Magnus.  And he did leave her out. The elegance of this woman showed when she tweeted she’d been there, enjoyed it and hadn’t worn her NASA uniform.  Of course there is NO WAY anybody could blame Trump for this, uniform or not, because he should have been briefed by his advisors as to who to mention, introduce, etc.  ALL presidents are briefed to those things, his people screwed up, he did not.   Here is her tweet:

@Golans_mom Hey everyone-I appreciate your comments, but I was attending as the AIAA Exec Dir not as an “Astro” so no worries! (No blue jacket)

This is an excellent example of how powerful the mainstream liberal media is….THIS is what we are fighting….this is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of negativism for NOTHING.   Does anybody think others are going to research like I did, wondering what the truth was, days after harboring the negative impression I’d got from the media, or are most going to settle, like I had (admittedly) , that Trump had gone off the beam again? 

Sad to say it says something about Aldrin, too?!!  (what?)  And, brother, if I hadn’t ever heard of Sandy Magnus, I have now, and she’s quite a LADY.


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26 Responses to Aldrin more SPACEY than Trump!

  1. GOODSTUFF says:

    “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”


  2. Adrienne says:

    Good grief – the guy is 86 years old. I didn’t see anything but an old man making faces that had nothing to do with what was being said. This is the first time I’ve bothered to watch the video. I still haven’t read any of the articles – life is too short.


  3. Kid says:

    That video is hilarious.


  4. Buzz Aldrin looks to me to be in some kind of physical discomfort. He appears to be trying to endure the speech…. maybe standing is painful for him? I wonder why the camera zoomed in on him & stayed on him.

    The MSM is not going to relent. They will not give President Trump an inch, let alone cover him truthfully. They don’t want him to be shown doing his job well. They don’t want his performance as President to be normalized…. they have chosen to depict the President as crazy & unfit to hold the office. This is going to continue.

    Don’t believe anything they report.

    And – AND!!! – when President Trump tweets about fake news, when he slams these despicable hatchet-wielding hacks, when he mocks & ridicules them – support his efforts to fight back against the lying, anti-Trump press!

    Rush Limbaugh says this is what it is – this is what fighting back against the press looks like & President Trump is doing it!


  5. Silverlady says:

    The Lamestream ‘Media’ (Thank you, Rush!) has lowered its level to flailing around in the gutter. Chicken Noodle News has already swirled down the drain, with PMS-NBC (credit Rush again) not far behind. Please don’t throw any of them a life jacket, just call the Honey Wagon to take them away. And I can very truthfully say that I haven’t watched CNN since Fox came on line where I live in the deep, dark hinterlands, & I NEVAH, EVAH have watched MSNBC.


  6. Z,
    I found that he hadn’t sounded at all stupid. Not at all. I’d been sucked in by the media.

    My friend, it’s a propaganda war. Do not get sucked in!

    We have to verify with other sources. Very time consuming, but it’s the only way to get at the truth.

    The purpose of this propaganda war: making sure that the Dems have a good outcome in the 2018 and 2020 elections by eroding Trump’s base.


  7. FW,
    Buzz Aldrin looks to me to be in some kind of physical discomfort.

    Something neurological is going on. I suspect that he’s taking meds that cause him to have those movements and grimaces. Lyrica can do that. I don’t know that Aldrin is taking Lyrica, but I know from personal experience what Lyrica’s side effects are.

    Do a Googe search of “Buzz Aldrin’s health.” I did so. Interesting!


  8. You want to hear a great Trump speech? Go over to AOWs!


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest Witness !!!! You said “I wonder why the camera zoomed in on him & stayed on him.” That’s what I mean…they saw his utterly inappropriate, ODD faces, stayed on him, and wrote a story about it….that he was so uncomfortable at Trump’s speech. Some media even said the speech was so NUTS that Aldrin couldn’t help responding like that. Yup, I read some like that.
    His odd faces were fulfilling their anti-Trump scenario.

    Also…to ALL: I will continue to read all media because I feel it’s important to know what most of America’s hearing/reading….


  10. Z,
    I will continue to read all media because I feel it’s important to know what most of America’s hearing/reading….

    Well, don’t let too much garbage get thrown in and warp your perception of the truth.

    BTW, I don’t read the msm’s articles in depth most of the time. The headline and the first and last paragraphs tell me all that I can stand to know.


  11. About Buzz Aldrin….

    In my view, the mainstream media are not ignorant of Aldrin’s health issues. Last December he had to be evacuated from the South Pole. Medical emergency. That story got quite a bit of coverage.


  12. Ed,
    You want to hear a great Trump speech? Go over to AOWs!

    Thank you. I spent over 1/2 hour this morning in getting the speech cued up properly. Those last 10 minutes are a gem! Every minute of those last 10 minutes.

    As you said at my blog: Churchillesque!


  13. Mal says:

    You’d think with N. Korea’s ICBM’s being fired all over the place, China’s lack of concern, and the upcoming meeting between Trump and Putin, the left would find that to be of greater importance than the facial expressions of an 86 year old’s reaction to a Trump speech!


  14. Baysider says:

    Nothing to add to AOW’s comments. I wondered if he were on a med that leads to or tries to control odd facial grimaces. Another tempest in a teapot.


  15. Mal says:

    Baysider, maybe it was all that artificial air pumped into his lungs during those long flights in space that has finally got to him!


  16. Mal says:

    ……..or the lack of gravity……….
    (Actually, there is no gravity………. THE EARTH SUCKS!)


  17. It’s the aliens that infested him while in space years ago, finally manifesting themselves.


  18. Kid says:

    Speaking of aliens, When looking at the various races around the world, I sometimes wonder if aliens didn’t seed this place with creatures from 7 or 8 different planets just to watch the show.


  19. Kid: I just hang around the Tat/Pierce/Gage Parlor.


  20. Kid says:

    Ed, yea, but those are fake aliens.


  21. Kid, it’s their cover….


  22. Kid says:

    Ed, If They are the aliens, then I don’t think we need to be too worried. 🙂


  23. Worry about the ones in Aldrin…


  24. cube says:

    I don’t remember when it was, but Buzz Aldrin was giving a speech at a Star Trek function and he struck me as weird that night. At the end, he gave the Vulcan salute with both hands and turned them into lobster hands and wove them around, I just thought he was making fun of Star Trek, which is very common, but now I think there is something wrong with his brain. Those darn space aliens!. .


  25. Kid says:

    Again, Trump is in Poland giving a speech riviling Reagan’s tear down this wall speech and the media is fixated on Aldrins facial expressions. Are the public that reatardo adolescent as to get behind that stuff?


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