I’m fed UP with liberal protesters like those in Germany (to say nothing of the creeps here in America).   THOUSANDS of German “zombies,” as one paper called them, have descended upon Hamburg, whose geography doesn’t really lend itself to anything like this…..narrow streets, lots of harbor real estate…etc.    Must be a nightmare there.

I am not a violent person at all, but I’d love to see tons of conservatives for once marching ‘en masse’…showing we can be in the thousands, too.  Of course, we remember the mess liberals leave behind (remember the Wall St protests?) and we remember a cop saying “the Tea Party leave the place cleaner than they found it.”

Says a lot, doesn’t it.  A huge metaphor.

Conservatives are silent.   What shall we do?    Should we?



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80 Responses to PROTESTS!

  1. geeez2014 says:

    Ed …Nie ma za co


  2. Mal says:

    And the Mayor of N.Y. flying over there to join the demonstration against HIS PRESIDENT! That should be considered treason!


  3. Kid says:

    Anyone that votes democrat should be tried for treason.


  4. Mal says:



  5. -FJ says:

    As the Mayor of NY fiddles, Hamburg burns!


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