Ivanka Trump at the G20 Meeting

Yes, I KNOW, some of you’ll have no trouble with Ivanka having sat between the leaders of China and Great Britain in a G20 summit meeting when her father had to go attend another meeting for a while.  HERE is just one link to the information.  Theresa May’s aide, too, sat in for her.  It happens.  But it was her aide, not her daughter.  Imagine this;  Theresa May’s daughter sits in.  “What?” we’d be thinking.

I don’t think Ivanka is a good choice. There’s now talk of ‘crime family behavior,’ ‘what’s she know?’ and I laughed at one account calling her ‘ex fashion model Ivanka Trump’ in reference to this meeting.  As if she’s done nothing since being a model years ago?

BUT, I think this is another really dumb move, personally……and I wonder if any of my readers agree with me?


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27 Responses to Ivanka Trump at the G20 Meeting

  1. Baysider says:

    Bad optics. Imagine if it were “Ivanka Putin.” Still … better than Shillary.


  2. Baysider says:

    And the comment “this is how a crime family operates” – wonder if they said that when Bill Clinton was giving short speeches for $250K+ while his wife was SOS. And the country that paid the speaking fees magically got beneficials courtesy of the U.S.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, you can bet no ‘crime family’ reference to the Clintons…and brother, the more we find, the more it’s so true, isn’t it.
    My niece goes to Haiti on Thursday….let’s hear what stories SHe hears from Haitians who are still wondering “Where’s all that money that was coming here from that foundation??”

    Very bad optics…stupid mistake. Why not have an ‘aide’ sit in for those minutes and maybe have Ivanka at a seat behind that aide, if she’s so hot on these subjects? This was ridiculous and, again, Trump invites TROUBLE. Ivanka, I count on, to straighten him out on the optics; apparently, she doesn’t get it, either. darn…or should I quote Trump? “SAD!”


  4. geeez2014 says:

    something truly humorous to me is that CNN, those few minutes I put it on to laugh at what’s going on, is absolutely outraged that so many things weren’t discussed with Putin.
    Are the people at CNN so dumb that they really think Tillerson announced to the world every subject and every conclusion to those subjects? REALLY? Cracks me up.


  5. geeez2014 says:


    SO, President Trump is waaay to the right of the G20 ‘class photo’…VERY unusual…and THIS ARTICLE: https://www.yahoo.com/news/g20-photo-trump-couldn-t-140502021.html
    says that it depends on how long you’ve been in. I don’t think so, because I Googled Obama pix and he’s either right next to, or right behind, those in front…either way, DEAD CENTER.
    And the title of this particular article is “UNABLE TO SHOVE HIS WAY INTO PRIME POSITION…”
    This is SO typical of Newsweek and all other media…how disgustingly untrue and ugly.

    But really…the American president, leader of the free world, way over to the side?


  6. Bob says:

    Why is the seating position of Ivanka even an issue? Aide or no aide, Ivanka is probably the best choice, anyway. She looks good, she is smart, she knows the score, and she is her Daddy’s daughter. I would imagine that those leaders would be flattered to be seated to such a lovely and intelligent person.


  7. “Ivanka Marie Trump is an American businesswoman and former fashion model who is currently an advisor to President Donald Trump.”


  8. bocopro says:

    Not sure it’s as dumb a move as it is acquired nonchalance, a reluctance to give a brass farthing for the opinions of others. When you enter that zone where you just don’t care what others think of your actions, you are deliciously close to the realm of personal freedom.

    And if you wanna talk crime family and nepotism, let’s start with the Klintoons. What was it that The Foundation paid Slick & Shrill’s unqualified offspring . . . $900,000/annum or something like that?


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s even worse…advisor based on what? Her expertise?

    Bob, I’m not sure I’d feel flattered if I’d gained prominence in my country and become its head only to be seated at the daughter of a president who isn’t quite that. I find her all those good things, too….and I still find this just plain wrong.
    Or at least, TONE DEAF.


  10. Kid says:

    Z, While I’ll say I’m not entirely comfortable with Trumps kids and step kids being involved in one way, Ivanka is a White House advisor to the President. She and the step son may very well be qualified to fill those positions. I don’t care much abut what it looks like. Nothing they do will ever pass muster wiht the media or the citizen critics.

    I’d rather see a Newt Gingrish as advisor.

    OTOH, Trump can be assured the kids are not part of the swamp and from that angle there is a positive. Trump’s greatest asset imo is he is not a lousy stinking politician. I think he very much cares about America. Why else do this? Have the opportunity to romp around in the WH? Play President? I just don’t buy any of the alternative stories.


  11. Mal says:

    What I find troubling is what I read in the paper this a.m. “When the meeting had gone on for an hour, Tillerson told reporters, first lady Melania Trump asked the president to bring it to an end, but he refused. ‘There was so much to talk about,’ said Tillerson. ‘Neither one of them wanted to stop” .Here was probably the most important meeting yet for Trump, yet she asked him to stop? I thought that was a big mistake on her part, and happy he didn’t oblige her.


  12. When you ask someone to sit in for you momentarily to represent you (not to make a decision, but to listen and placehold and report) the most honoring thing you could do is to send your own offspring, as long as said offspring behaves appropriately.
    Everyone knows she has her father’s ear.
    More so than I am comfortable with given her political tilt.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, ya, but Ivanka’s such a lib on so many issues…child care, etc…and others; I don’t even admire her politics, from what I have heard.
    I agree that trusting them is important, especially for Trump, who can’t get a break.
    Do you know the Left was even slamming him for having made bad choices because of the WH leaks? As if his cabinet’s leaking? Idiots. Some newswoman from a leftwing paper was saying “MY SOURCE IN THE WH”… as if some cabinet guy’s leaking to her.
    You don’t think I believe Trump doesn’t care VERY much for America, right?
    And I get the ‘swamp’ point you make…it’s a good one.
    And, as you know, i’m all for Gingrich stepping in..sadly, his wife’s no ambassador to the Vatican so I’m hoping Gingrich isn’t moving there..Trump needs him with him

    Ed, I have a hunch we’d all be pretty stunned and doubting if Putin introduced his daughter, as Baysider wisely said in the first comment above.

    Mal…Tillerson said they asked Melania “Maybe you can break the mtg up!” I thought that was kind of cute, frankly…if a little weird. I actually was pleased they didn’t break that meeting up if it was that important they kept talking.
    But what bothered me is, if you heard the audio interview with Tillerson, he said something like “we finally had to ask Melania if SHE could do something to break this up…”..and he had to add “yes it is the truth”…because, apparently, some news person asked about the veracity of what he said. THAT REALLY showed terrible disrespect and Tillerson handled it well.


  14. Kid says:

    Z, The left is slamming Trump ???? 🙂


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you cracked me up! Yes, IMAGINE?! But, you see, I seem to care more about what many Americans think of Trump (and republicans) and I WISH he’d just quit handing it to them…I know you don’t agree, I get that….
    But wouldn’t they be bewildered if he didn’t hand it to them? They’d be stumped. Yes, they’d still slam every policy, but that gets old and people are wise to that and he or his people could straighten out, explain, etc.


  16. Kid says:

    Z, Trump is trolling them all and having a heck of a good time at it. This is what I’d be doing. I think it does have to mature into something else maybe next year? 98% of Trump’s tweets are entirely appropriate – correcting the fake news with real news, but the occasional tweet open to critique gets in there and of course overblown to make people think his tweets are nuts.

    That said, anyone seriously watching CNN, ABC, PMSNBC, and all the rest are lost causes. Spend No Time On Them. This is something I’ve always critized republican politicians for. Forget trying to get them on board. You don’t even want them on board. Cast the morons aside and if America can’t exist without morons, it can’t exist anyway so game on. I give the morons Nothing.


  17. There are three groups that want Trumps tweeting blocked by Twitter.
    The Left, Z and Gab.AI


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…I have no idea what Gab.A1 is and don’t care, but I wouldn’t ever lump me with the Left on anything, amusing or not. I don’t want him blocked, I want him tweeting like a mature man.

    Kid, I have too much curiosity and care too much what many Americans are being exposed to. Not sure how many times I’ll have to say that or how many times you’ll want to tell me not to watch the Left. It intrigues me and I see it falling apart at the seams…a very good thing.
    And I used to think Trump was smartly trolling…I don’t anymore. I wish I DID still feel that way!!!


  19. Kid says:

    Z, I will never try to tell you what to do, I express only my own opinion.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, ya,, ya, ya,….I get that 🙂 I like to watch CNN a few minutes every now and again…like watching a train wreck in a movie, through the fingers over my face, peeking through! I actually laugh now, and I’m hearing a LOT of people telling me they can’t watch CNN anymore…I like seeing why 🙂


  21. GAB.AI is a twitter like service that would benefit should Twitter block Trump assuming he, like many conservatives, would move his voice there.
    I was not lumping you with the left. There are many conservatives who wish that Twitter WOULD block Trump just to keep him from embarrassing himself.
    Sorry if that offended you.
    We discussed it on the radio show today. We’re hoping, since we’re too lazy to do it ourselves, that someone will correlate Trump’s more outrageous twits with activity (EO, appointments, etc.) that he was distracting attention from.
    Misdirection is the magician’s stock in trade.


  22. Kid says:

    CNN does not deserve being watched/supported, it deserves being boycotted as the POS it has become. That said, if people are connected to cable and CNN is part of the package they have they are supporting it whether they watch or not. My personal credo is to ignore that which deserves to be ignored.


  23. I’m sure Ivanka is smart and all…but I’d much rather have some experience sitting at the table in these matters. Not only does this sort of optic smack of nepotism, but it’s the very essence of the “swamp”.


  24. geeez2014 says:


    Here’s an interesting story…Trump insisted he wear the American flag pin, not the globalist G20 pin they were all gifted with. HURRAH!

    CI, I agree….not sure it’s the ‘swamp,’ at least she’s not got years of politics behind her.

    Julie Bandera today on Fox was talking about the utterly ridiculous talk about how Trump’s business is prospering because he’s president…as if he NEEDED more money….Like he’s supposed to SELL his LIFE because he’s president? Anyway, she asked her guest “so he was rich before…but how do you explain people like Clinton and Obama who had almost no money when they came into the presidency and are now extremely rich?” LOVED IT!!!!!!


  25. Mustang says:

    Just thinking back to previous presidents and how they were poorly served by their advisors. Trump decided to surround himself with people he can trust. His daughter is one of those; he trusts her. Ultimately, the American people will hold HIM responsible for his decisions, no matter who advises him. I have no problem with a daughter-advisor … and if we are able to acknowledge the truth of the matter, presidents have been long advised by their wives and children. One First Lady became the de facto president for 18 months: Edith Wilson.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, if Ivanka has good input and he trusts her then, like many of us said above, that’s fine.
    It’s the G20 meeting, Ivanka sitting between the Chinese and British leaders, that is an optic which leads itself to criticism…probably, rightfully so.


  27. jean worland says:

    This is my take, Zabelle. God truly did allow Trump to be president for more than one reason (i.e., putting a plug in the total liberalization/socialization of this country). There will be enough negative feedback against him that when the Rapture occurs (which I believe in), the world will say that aliens/UFO’s removed him and many of his cabinet and those pesky other Christians ‘cuz they were preventing globalization. Now that they are outta here, the anti-Christ will arise, people will follow him rather than the real Christ as He foretold! The history channel has so much about those aliens coming around more and more! (I believe they are actually demonic forces). This probably sounds “out there” to some but time will tell!


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