MORE of Trump Achievements…..let’s talk!

*. Housing sales red-hot. 2011, 84 days.Now 45 close

*. Executive Order restricting H-1B visa to give the hiring preference to American workers

*. Introduced Tax reform plan

*. Authorized Construction of the Keystone Pipeline

*. Mandating all new or improved pipelines be made with American steel

*. US Manufacturing Index soared to a 33 year high

*. Gutted Obama EPA regulations

*. Executive Order Mandating every new regulation eliminate two

*  Ended War on Coal

*. Reducing regulations on manufacturers.

*. Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees

*. Ordered a regulatory freeze on all federal governmental agencies

*. Signed an order directing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, upon his confirmation, to plan changes to the Dodd-Frank bank regulatory law in order to cut much of it.

*  Executive Order ordering the Interior Department to review designations of national monuments from as far back as 20 years prior, with the intention of reversing federal overreach in land acquisition and returning power to the states

*. Environmental Protection Agency ended a $1 million program where it gave gym memberships to its employees, ending the program due to an abuse of taxpayer money

*.  Signed executive orders to loosen federal regulations on job-training programs and to encourage apprenticeships and vocational learning

*. Signed a bill into law not only funding NASA, but setting a goal of having humans visit Mars “in the 2030s”, the first time such a bill was signed into law in seven years.

*. Signed an executive order re-establishing the National Space Council.

*. Republican Party did not lose any of the special congressional elections held in early 2017 that were vacated by Republicans – the elections were framed as being referendums on Trump’s presidency – despite attempts by Democrats to flip the seats.

*. Strongly and successfully challenged political correctness



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39 Responses to MORE of Trump Achievements…..let’s talk!

  1. bocopro says:

    I think, and I’ve carefully considered all the ramifications, that we should deliberately and brutally purge editorializing from all national news and end the feeding frenzies about gays, trannies, Russians, BLM, race, jihadis, and on and on and on.

    Provide 3 national news broadcasts daily: 0600, 1300, and 2200 and report only the FACTS, sans supposition, sans interpretation, sans accusation. If a riot breaks out, say so, but no faces, no names, no specifics on the national edition.

    Mention it once, as in “An unruly mob of malcontents and criminals disrupted business in _______ today, destroying public and personal property. Several arrests resulted, and authorities have restored order.” Local stations can augment as necessary for the good of their communities, such as power outages, road blockages, idiot outrages.

    Much of the BLM and terrorism and other sensationalist disorder is basically monkey-see/monkey-do, and if you stop running clips of the initial monkeys, the me-toos might not ever get the notion. We have plenty of laws, watchdogs, loyal opposition, and judges to ensure compliance with Constitutional guidelines and limits for governance.

    Give PotUS 2 solid years to do what he was hired to do — reduce the size of government, resuscitate the economy, repair the infrastructure, replace the tax code, restore affordable health care, rebuild the military, reject the illegals. Watch carefully, but give him some room and some help.

    Then at the end of his first term, if he’s been a total failure, fire him. It’s a good system . . . one which worked until political correctness and legislative gridlock took over.


  2. This portion had some actual accomplishments…….but yes, the rest – hyperbolic. Undefinable and immeasurable outside of base partisan support for the Administration.


  3. Tom Price, HHS Secretary, has an ad campaign asking people to inform his office of any HHS regs regarding Obamacare that they find damaging so that he can rescind them.
    That’s amazing.


  4. If the list was numbered, CI could more easily inform us which were valid and which were hyperbolic, undefinable and immeasurable outside of base partisan support for the Administration.


  5. Ed – I’m pretty sure you can figure out which items have metrics and which are subjective, no?


  6. geeez2014 says:



    So, now the country can rest easy. Even if Trump DID recertify the dastardly Iran nuclear deal. Of course, Fox is turning into CNN, announcing this recertification and then showing a campaign clip of Pence saying “And this president will make sure Iran never has the capacity to build nuclear bombs” (I paraphrase, but the message was clear; another promise broken, folks, brought to you by Murdock’s extremely liberal daughters-in-law).


  7. geeez2014 says:

    CI and ED, I think we can discuss the list without numbering them because I’d like a more in depth conversation, wouldn’t you?

    CI…tell us which you find the most hyperbolic and why…….I’d like to hear your take. Of course there are quite a few actual accomplishments.

    Ed, would that it’d be that easy for Price to rescind points about Obama care…he couldn’t Repeal and Replace, but suddenly he can change things individuals don’t like? That sounds nuts to me… what do you think?

    Bocopro…do you know how long I’ve talked here about returning to “news at 5, film at 11”? OH, do I wish. “purge editorializing”….the minute I saw, years ago, every article in the LA Times suddenly got a byline, I knew we were in trouble because every non-proven ‘journalist’ whose opinion nobody cares about but their mother suddenly had A VOICE. That HAS to stop. Let the experts opine….let the not-yet-experts give news…just facts.
    I agree with you wholeheartedly on this.


  8. Z – tell us which you find the most hyperbolic and why

    The most obvious is “Strongly and successfully challenged political correctness”. This is just fluff. It’s meaningless. Not only does “political correctness” have no definition or metric, both sides of the spectrum engage in it.

    Though I don’t really consider the fairly effortless Executive Orders to be much in the way of accomplishments….the above stands in stark contrast even to those.


  9. The ship has long ago sailed on the sensationalizing of “news” [whether it’s newsworthy or not]. We will never….ever….revisit the days of scheduled news hours. Society has become to entitled, impatient and needy.


  10. I wish one of his accomplishments would have been a drastic reformation of the civil asset forfeiture scheme….but alas:


  11. Mal says:

    Z, to answer your original question about what we think about Trump’s accomplishments, I think its spot on. Now, if only the left would realize how their continual denial of these facts is not only hurting our economic recovery, but continuing to expose us to dangers from abroad as well as within.


  12. Z, there are many HHS regs that are not law.
    Price can change them “at the discretion of the Secretary” like his predecessor.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    CI, I thought the political correctness was a bit much, too, though we can’t say he’s done nothing toward ‘allowing’ things to be spoken which were verboten previously…Christian wishes of Merry Christmas being one of them……

    Ed, let’s hope he does that.

    Mal, denying those facts is definitely putting us in jeopardy


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Ci, re news…no, we’ll never go back. My point is we get too much of it..and it’s upsetting and usually waaay overkill.

    HERE IS THE RUB: they have 24/7 to fill…and THEREIN lies the big problems in news…making up stories, augmenting stories…asking every ‘contributor’ to that news channel what they think, even people who know less on the subject than some of us do, ….on and ON and on…same subject, different, or same, opinions. Filling TIME, advertising TIME.
    And the BYLINE…I absolutely stand by the fact that when every story’s writer got a byline, we started to get opinions we don’t need and don’t deserve to be read, frankly.


  15. John M. Berger says:

    “Now, if only the left would realize how their continual denial of these facts is not only hurting our economic recovery, but continuing to expose us to dangers from abroad as well as within.”

    If you ask me, the “left” is so scared $#!tless that Trump will succeed, it has reached the point that the good of the Nation be damned!


  16. geeez2014 says:







    Z: That’s just a few.


  17. Christian wishes of Merry Christmas being one of them……

    I’ll set aside the veracity of this claim, but note the irony of Trump seeming to prefer a speech code on private businesses by saying in his campaign: “If I become president, we’re gonna be saying Merry Christmas at every store.”


  18. geeez2014 says:

    CI, so you think Trump is making it a rule to say Merry Christmas or suggesting it will be welcomed instead of frowned upon as it has been by management of some stores, including Christmas tree lots. Please let’s not relitigate that truth…I get weary of having to link and link and link…It’s been done, so let’s please move on.


  19. No Z, not making it a rule. Just making a dumbass pledge.


  20. bocopro says:

    Customs, traditions, rituals, celebrations . . . fundamental and crucial as the glue which holds a society, a culture, together — IMO.

    I am not a practicing Christian, but I am not offended by seasonal “Merry Christmas!” felicitations. In fact, they are to me MUCHO preferable to shouts of Allahu Akhbar and Death to the Infidel! and muezzin mooing over loudspeakers from the parapets and minarets.

    Putting up the tinsel and playing Jingle Bells and Frosty The Snowman right after Hallowe’en, tho, IS a bit much.


  21. Bocopro – but I am not offended by seasonal “Merry Christmas!” felicitations.

    Nor am I, but there are certainly some who seem offended by not hearing it, no? In a season of multiple religious observations in a multi-faith society – hearing a salutation of Happy Holidays shouldn’t be offensive to anybody.


  22. PS…..the crass commercialism and consumer greed during those same holidays, should be offensive to everybody…….


  23. bocopro says:

    “some who seem offended by not hearing it, no?”

    Purists and zealots are part of all large polyglot groups. Those discounted, tho, I’d go with “saddened” rather than “offended” by not hearing the traditional good wishes.

    Actually, I’m more annoyed by “have a nice day” than most of our obligatory banalities.


  24. I hear you. I’m perturbed daily by the rote “how are you doing?”…..when I know full well they don’t care. Perhaps ‘saddened’ is a better term, at least for those who generally keep it to themselves. The ‘zealots’ appear offended……but we have those on the Left to deal with as well.


  25. Bob says:

    “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage – Herbert Hoover”

    I understand CI’s attitude towards some of the cheer leading stuff put out by the Trump folks. But, maybe it’s about time we did some cheerleading, a perfectly American thing to do.

    Thanks to CI, though, for bringing up the asset forfeiture rule. It is unconstitutional. To think that the government can seize you assets, and freeze your accounts based on, well, nothing. If you have $10,000 in cash, or look weird, they can take your stuff. They can impound you car, house, boat, and airplane. They can sell them at public auction. All because some cop doesn’t like you.

    You are worried about the Patriot’s Act?


  26. geeez2014 says:

    The point is people don’t have to be told not to say Merry Christmas or anything else. Glad to consider myself a ‘zealot’ in a country which was so much better and happier when Christmas at schools, parks and state buildings was fun and uplifting, even if people weren’t Christians, according to many of my own non-Christian friends.

    I just don’t look at Christmas or God as the big threat some seem to. Thank GOD.

    Bob, I think America can use some cheer leading, too. And I find it troublesome when I hear people like Obama considering patriotism nationalism in an ugly, suggestive way.

    Bocopro, usually it starts right after Thanksgiving and I think that’s way too early, too. But I never find it offensive…. I see too much happiness , people in better moods, joy that doesn’t exist the rest of the year.

    And we only have to be crassy commercial if we wish. I remember asking a Jewish friend a few years ago if he’d been offended as a child when kids were still allowed to sing anything Christmassy at all at public schools. His response was “oh, sure…I hated seeing everyone happy, hearing happy music, even getting gifts, eating Christmas cookies”..Sarcastic, of course.

    We are offended by that which we want to offend us.


  27. But, maybe it’s about time we did some cheerleading…

    Bob – I think cheerleading is fine, it’s a natural part of what political parties do… long as it doesn’t replace accountability for when things aren’t quite so cheery.

    Sessions renewed effort towards stealing the goods and monetary assets of Citizens, is merely part of a larger effort to fund his “war” on drugs. Both equally un-Constitutional in my eyes, at least at the Federal level. Most Americans don’t care, because they don’t know. It doesn’t affect them…until it does. It’s truly scary that we willing empower our government to treat us in this fashion.


  28. Bob and CI are correct on asset forfeiture.
    My son saved his money to pay cash for a car.
    Got pulled over with weed on him (longgggg time ago) and the cops confiscated $1000 claiming it was drug money.
    You gotta get a lawyer and sue to get it back.


  29. Kid says:

    Z, Some of this stuff seems light. I’ll give some detail if ya want.

    Still no mention of exiting TPP and the Paris Extortion Extravaganza. HUGE!

    Also, slightly OT – What do you think about putting the transgeder Marine on Hold. Probably not much going on right now, but can you imagine the onslaught if you announced that if the panty wearing male were to enlist they could get FREE gender reassignment surgery?

    Part 3 of the OT. Cluck shumer is trying to blame the obamacare failure on Trump and the repubblekins ! Hahhaahahahafsdafsnaslgncoughcough hackhack alalal ololollll OGM.


  30. Kid says:

    PS – hack hackcoughcoughlmaololBURP..


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, there is much more to this list which continues tomorrow and Thursday….TPP is on it….so is Paris.
    My problem with transgenders is the money; there is NO REASON ON EARTH our government, you, me and my neighbors, should pay for ANY surgery regarding that. That’s not a physical illness…NO WAY should we pay, and I’m hoping people come to their senses.
    Imagine how many will join up just to get that surgery? NO WAY.


  32. Kid says:

    Obviously I couldn’t agree more Zelda.


  33. The transgender dysphoria only indicates a confusion of mind that’s not appropriate to give a weapon to.
    If you can’t give a weapon to it, why let it in the military?


  34. geeez2014 says:


    Ed, great point about the dysphoria…


  35. John M. Berger says:

    “The transgender dysphoria only indicates a confusion of mind…………………………………………”

    Hopefully, under Trump, the Military will be restored to its original purpose and will no longer be hobbled by social experimentation. This absurd transgender issue should serve as a tipping-point toward that end!


  36. Kid says:

    Just a wild guess Z.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I sometimes forget some folks don’t know what Z stands for…

    NOT ZELDA 🙂 as you know!

    JMB: “absurd tipping point…” exactly right. EXACTLY right.


  38. Mal says:

    I know what Z stands for, Kid………but I ain’t talkin’ if she doesn’t wanna tell ya!



  39. Kid says:

    Ok, one more guess – Zenia !


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