Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Awan…

This story about Wasserman Schultz and her Pakistani IT Aide is not new to you, but in case you haven’t heard the details, HERE is a link.  CNN did a piece on this, quickly, rolling eyes and mocking the conservative coverage of this story.  Wasserman Schultz has said she didn’t fire Awan because she felt criticism toward him was “because he’s from Pakistan,” so political correctness could have, again, done a heck of a lot of damage to our security.  I got this via email yesterday and thought I’d share it with you and hope to get your thoughts on it:

I’ve just learned Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT Aide is now being represented by the Clinton’s own attorney.

We cannot let this get swept under the rug! The mainstream media and democrats are desperate to keep the baseless Russia accusations alive. Will you please take 30 seconds and use this special link to help us stop the media from covering up another democrat scandal?

If you’re not sure, all I ask is that you read this:

“Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with “consequences” for holding equipment that she says belongs to her in order to build a criminal case against a Pakistani staffer suspected of massive cybersecurity breaches involving funneling sensitive congressional data offsite.” Luke Rosiak, The Daily Caller


Democrats have gotten away with far too much for far too long. Help us put an end to it. Demand the media share this story with America!


Ed Rollins
Chairman, Great America PAC

P.S. We cannot let the media or the Justice Department allow reckless leaders like Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the hook, again. Help me put an end to it. Stand with me and demand the media tell the world what’s really going on. Thank you, Ed

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6 Responses to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Awan…

  1. bocopro says:

    Not ‘zackly a pro pos, but this coalesced in my brainpan this mornin while Monsterdawg and I made our daily pre-dawn stroll thru the Gulf Coast humidity (a reworking of Silverstein’s “Where The Sidewalk Ends”) :

    There is a place where a nation ends;
    It’s right before the war begins,
    And where PC takes precedence
    O’er good old-fashioned common sense,
    Where snowflakes take up residence
    In naïve safe-space confidence.

    Let’s leave this place where genders mix
    And health care has no easy fix,
    Go past the traps where new rules grow,
    Where taxes mount like falling snow
    And “refugees” can come and go
    Like well-dressed crooks in politics.

    Yes, let’s march in step with wig-haired men
    Who wrote with brilliant acumen
    A document so pure and clean
    That never before had been seen
    Of simple rules both firm and lean
    On parchment with a quill-point pen.

    Our dissolution now impends
    While Congress blithely overspends
    And chaos rapidly descends
    As gridlock reaps its dividends
    And every statement now offends
    In bedlam, where a nation ends.


  2. Kid says:

    I’ll be happy of the FBI does its job well, people go to jail and more of the filth associated with the DNC comes out. then how is anyone not going to report it ?


  3. Conservative journalists are being called tin foil hat conspirafreaks for reporting on this by MSM types.
    Copying of congressional data to a cloud server.
    Military couple rents Aawan’s property, find hammered hard drives and other IT stuff in the basement.
    ISI links to Awan.
    DWS threatens Capitol Police chief to get evidence (her laptop) back.
    DWS isn’t just a congresscritter, she headed the DNC!
    She does not want collusion with Ukraine evidence discovered.
    Come on Sessions, it’s not political payback.
    It’s crime and punishment.


  4. Mal says:

    That’s right, Ed, and I’m sure the reason Trump is disgusted with Sessions. He expects hard action by his people, the same as he does, and when they don’t, he gets mad at ’em. Too political for him.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    the mainstream media doesn’t seem at all interested in how an IT guy has four MILLION dollars….they don’t ask questions if they’re afraid to find it could incriminate their side. I find that loathsome and unfair to the public


  6. cube says:

    I posted a comment but it didn’t take. That really makes me angry.


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