Obama’s Success?

A picture is worth a thousand words. It can’t be made any simpler than this.

These charts came from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis.

I, who doesn’t respect WND very much at all, and who says I don’t quote from it, found THIS ARTICLE to back this information up…

THOUGHTS?    Or can you still think after reading these and remember what a success the media likes to say his presidency was!?


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34 Responses to Obama’s Success?

  1. ” what a success the media likes to say his presidency was!?”
    The success of Obama can be measured in the rejection of his proposed successor, Hillary Clinton.
    Remember that SNL line, “In tonight’s news, Franco is still dead.”?
    “In tonight’s news, Clinton is still not president.”


  2. Mustang says:

    If you happened to be one of those individuals who embraces communist ideology and all the globalist policies of George Soros, and you happened to own or have tremendous influence over a scandal sheet, such as the Washington Post, New York Times, or the always favorite Yahoo News, then of course every effort made to destroy American capitalist society would be viewed and touted as a major success. On the other hand, just because C. Little is running around telling everyone that the sky is falling doesn’t make it so. So where is the statistical chart on black unemployment, black on black murder, black abortion, or the percentage of people in any black community with an IQ above 40?


  3. Kid says:

    Reviewing the accomplishments of the Trump administration really shines a light on how bad obama is and how much worse clinton would have been. We didn’t dodge a bullet, we dodged a multi-headed nuke.

    18 trillion and not a single bridge built.


  4. bocopro says:

    Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, you are under citizens’ arrest on the charges which follow:

    Charge: Possession of a falsified Social Security card
    Charge: Publication of a falsified birth certificate
    Charge: Publication in your name of a biography written for you by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers
    Charge: Impersonation of a US citizen
    Charge: Unlawfully accepting appointment as a United States senator
    Charge: Fraudulently accepting appointment as President of the United States
    Charge: Deliberately concealing probative documentia concerning eligibility status as candidate for public office
    Charge: Deliberately concealing relevant documentia concerning education and work history
    Charge: Deliberately concealing official documentia concerning travel and residence history
    Charge: Malfeasance and ineptitude in making executive decisions while posing as President of the United States
    Charge: Deliberately and publicly misrepresenting self as practicing Christian
    Charge: Deliberately lying to Congress and the American people as to your status as a Muslim
    Charge: Deliberately stonewalling Congressional inquiries into your knowledge and mishandling of the events in Benghazi, Libya, on 9/11/2013
    Charge: Excessive waste of treasury assets for the personal convenience and pleasure of your wife and yourself on numerous unnecessary vacations and trips
    Charge: Leaping to false conclusions on matters of public interest where African-American individuals are accused of or associated with crimes
    Charge: Refusing, while exercising usurped power, to permit lawfully elected members of the United States legislative branch to follow existing law in resolving problems and issues crucial to the economic strength and national security of the United States
    Charge: Habitual behavior as a vindictive, paranoid, egotistical, arrogant popinjay
    Charge: Habitual behavior as an ignorant, effeminate, pseudointellectual, inexperienced, unskilled dilettante.

    You have the right to remain stupid.
    You do NOT have the right to speak except in direct response to the presiding judge(s) at your arraignment, trial, and sentencing.
    You are not eligible for receipt of any funding from the federal treasury under any circumstances.
    You will be assigned a public defender from Waco, Texas, who will ensure that you are gagged and presentable at your arraignment and your trial.
    You will not be permitted to mount a defense of your actions since the actions of which you are accused are indefensible and a matter of public record.
    Your children, if they are indeed your children, will become wards of the State of Illinois to be cared for by a welfare family from Springfield to be chosen by lottery.
    Your wife will be assigned to duties as a charwoman in the men’s restrooms in the Capitol Building and various monuments in and around the city of Washington, D.C. When finished with her daily duties, she will reside in the city jail.

    Upon completion of your trial and sentencing, you will be assigned to the United States Marine Corps as Permanent Latrine Orderly for the Unaccompanied Officers Housing Facility at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twenty-Nine Palms, California, where you will do what you’re told by Non-Commissioned Officers with combat experience and keep your mouth shut for the rest of your miserable, useless existence.

    You will reside in the brig at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twenty-Nine Palms, California, until such time each day as you are marched to the enlisted dining facility and/or your work assignment. Your daily routine will begin at 0500 and end at 2100, at which time you will be allowed to shower before retiring to your cot. Your cell will be equipped with a laminated copy of the Constitution, a sink, a commode, and a television receiver permanently tuned to FoxNews.

    You will be allowed visitors on Independence Day, Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, Christmas Day, and Hallowe’en. You will be allowed one item of reading material at a time, beginning with Atlas Shrugged and followed by The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. When, or if, you finish those, new selections will be chosen for you by the Veterans of Foreign Wars as needed.

    If you do not understand these rights and charges, mox nix; you haven’t understood anything for the past 8 years anyway, so your ignorance should be quite comfortable for you.


  5. John M. Berger says:

    BRAVO ZULU! May I have permission to pass this along (un-attributed) ?


  6. -FJ says:

    Republican Senate stabs Trump in the back…AGAIN!


  7. Kid says:

    So many of these evil clowns have to go, starting with McChuckles.


  8. bocopro says:

    JMB — sure.

    Also got an arrest warrant for Kerry that goes along with it.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    FJ!! WHAT IN THE HELL? When I saw “Republican senate stabs Trump..” I thought “I agree with FJ, the Republicans stopping him from firing Mueller are definitely stabbing him in the back” and then there’s THIS!? This is almost WORSE because this is regularly done by all presidents. if the Reps have THIS little confidence in Trump, I don’t know where we’re going to go now……..
    I was TOTALLY against his firing Mueller because it’ll look horrible..the leftwing media most Americans believe will SCREW HIM OVER…they’ve already started on this subject. But if a smart Trump outlined WHY, it’d be so obvious, including a LAW that says a prosecutor and a key witness CANNOT BE FRIENDS…. doesn’t anybody give a DAMN? I AM SO ANGRY.

    Mustang; not sure what you mean about the Black graphs but I think there are a lot of Black Americans with IQs over 40. Good point about how some would look on these charts as success since they bring America down. Brother, do I wish Yahoo news didn’t get it right so often…I despise it but it does include quotes and videos that can’t be denied. Obviously, any editorials are absolutely appallingly mischaracterizing and stupid.

    Bocopro…great stuff and I HOPE to someday hear those exact “Miranda rights” to Obama! 🙂

    Kid, I think of that often…..what a TERRIBLE road we’d be on with HER.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Oh GAD…Sessions is talking about the update on WH leaks…I wish they’d keep SOME THINGS private, or at least until they have arrests, or SOMETHING.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    some say the really AWFUL latest leaks were released all at once because of the investigations and how it’ll slow the leakers down or stop them entirely….so, if we hadn’t said we were cracking down, we might have caught more leakers.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    I wish more of you were curious enough to watch a few minutes of CNN from time to time…first, it’s hilarious, second, it shows the bitterness in all their people (I almost feel sorry for them), and I’ve rarely watched even for five minutes without hearing “My White House Sources say…” And it’s always negative………….


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Great point, Mr. Sessions..”Investigation of a leak is TOO LATE, the damage is done” That’s so right


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Hurrah! Coats is actually DESCRIBING WHY IT IS SO BAD TO LEAK AND WHO’S IN JEOPARDY, ETC…a Trump team member actually explaining it well to the public, you ask? YES YES YES! HURRAH!
    What do you want to bet some on the left will look at this as censorship? 🙂


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Presser over: FIRST question from press audience had to do with leaks and JOURNALISTS.
    Ya THINK? Thankfully, Coats walked away.


  16. Mal says:



  17. Kid says:

    I’ll 2nd, or 3rd that.


  18. -FJ says:

    @Z Why would Senate Republicans prevent Trump from making recess appointments, given how far behind they are in confirming Trump’s picks?


  19. geeez2014 says:

    FJ, as I said at your link, that info isn’t clarifying for me and it’s pretty damning of Trump.
    What do YOU think is the reason so many positions haven’t been filled?
    The only honest one I can think of is that he actually does want to streamline…or maybe I should say the only honorable one.
    Other than that, the Trump team’s putting out there that he’s got many names all ready to go and so he’ll do that while Congress is gone….


  20. bocopro says:

    Did I ever post my Kerry arrest warrant here? I know it was on other sites, but donno ’bout here.

    I know it tends to lose most of its formatting on some sites and I don’t know how to avoid that.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, my! Even Daniel Henninger of the WSJ is slamming Sessions on the leaking thing….
    Is this another thing mishandled? It did seem a little juvenile to me, and probably should have been kept more quiet instead of a presser, but warning leakers doesn’t have to mean CENSORSHIP, which, as I predicted above, is already happening. Unbelievable.
    We’ve got foreign leaders saying they won’t talk to Trump on the phone anymore and this is a GOOD THING? the Left DOES like that, doesn’t it….disarray they can then blame on Trump.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    I’m curious if Gregg Jarrett of FOX and others are wrong in saying that it is illegal for any special prosecutor to have been good friends with any top witness in a probe….like Mueller and Comey definitely are.
    Nobody’s paying attention to that, so maybe they’re wrong?
    if they’re right, we need to know why he was appointed and why Republicans are so eager to block Trump from letting Mueller go..


  23. geeez2014 says:

    That little pip squeak Graham is saying “any reason to fire Mueller, BRING IT ON!”
    read the law.


  24. John M. Berger says:

    “Did I ever post my Kerry arrest warrant here? I know it was on other sites, but donno ’bout here.”
    I don’t know but if so I missed it. If it is possible please post it here; I can’t wait!


  25. bocopro says:

    O.K. But it’s gonna lose all its beautiful formatting and come out kinda blah:

    for the

    United States of America
    John Forbes Kerry

    People’s Case Number 2014-01


    To: Any duly sworn and authorized law enforcement officer

    YOU ARE COMMANDED to arrest and bring before the people’s court without unnecessary delay the above-mentioned John Forbes Kerry to answer for offenses or violations based on information filed with the court as briefly identified, but not limited to, the following:

    Impersonating a naval officer
    Impersonating a US Senator
    Masquerading as Secretary of State
    Lying to Congress
    Running for public office under false pretenses
    Soliciting military awards under false pretenses
    Preparing falsified official documents
    Submitting spurious and unsupported claims to military authority
    Failure to complete his tour of duty in Viet Nam
    Failure to complete his active duty tour with the US Navy
    Portraying himself as John F. Kennedy reincarnated

    Date: July 20, 2013 John Q. Public
    Issuing Officer

    Venue: United States of America

    Page 2

    Personal identifiers of accused (not for public disclosure)

    Name of accused: John Forbes Kerry
    Known aliases: JFK, Lurch, Senator, Gigolo
    Last known residence: Louisberg Square, Beacon Hill, Boston, MA, USA
    Last known employment: professional gigolo/liar/embellisher/parasite/bore

    Place of birth: Aurora, Colorado
    Date of birth : 11 December 1943
    SSN: various, fake
    Height: 6’ 4”
    Weight: indeterminable — mostly hot air
    Race: cephalopod
    Eyes: attracted to cameras and spotlights
    Sex: probably not
    Hair: possibly synthetic

    Scars, tattoos, distinguishing marks: no scars, despite 3 purple hearts; dull and bovine facial features, lower jaw implant from pithecanthropus erectus fossil

    History of violence, weapons, narcotics use: violent only against unarmed, wounded teenagers with brown skin; incapable of operating hand-held firearms; addicted to depressants

    Known family, friends, associates: wife (Theresa Heinz-Kerry); friends, Barack Obama, idiots, morons, dreamers; associates, members of the DNC

    Subject should not be considered armed or physically dangerous, merely stupid, vapid, pompous, pseudo-intellectual, and pretentious. No evidence exists to show him capable of making decisions based on reason and fact. If approached by person or persons holding camera or microphone, he traditionally lurches toward the device with his right hand outstretched and a counterfeit smile on his face. He is also known to gravitate toward wealthy widows.

    Apprehension and detention of this great pretender as soon as possible is important to prevent his further contaminating our federal government and seriously undermining our already damaged international prestige.


  26. John M. Berger says:

    Re: The Charts,
    I’ve seen these before. While the trends depicted in the charts started before B.O. took office, the situation(s) were certainly exacerbated under his watch; “watch” being a term I use loosely in this case. I wonder if the electorate, at large, had been aware of and understood where we were heading; would [he] have been reelected? OK, Trump is bombastic etc. but who else in the running of the 2016 election demonstrated an understanding of these serious problems and offered solutions better than him? While he may be considered “thin skinned” in some ways, I still credit his stamina in fighting the “Swamp” (a coalition of comfortable politicians who got us where we are today). As the swamp creatures persist in their efforts to stifle him and his administration, nevertheless, some favorable and undeniable statistics are emerging, casting a positive light on his presence as POTUS.


  27. Baysider says:

    Impersonating a US citizen – that’s rich bp!

    The graphic perfectly represents how a picture is worth a 1,000 words.


  28. John M. Berger says:


    THANKS! It looks good to me.


  29. geeez2014 says:


    Trump is so right about his immigration stance…people should speak English and be able to support themselves of have someone here who will until they can.
    He’s being thoroughly insulted, of course…this apparently makes him a racist bigot!

    But, this is what MY OWN MOTHER came to America through…she had people here who could support her (plus, she met and married Dad within 3 months and had the happiest marriage ever but I digress) and she spoke English though she’d been born in Istanbul and raised in Cairo. John Acosta would have you believe she’d be just too dumb to speak English, right?



  30. jerrydablade says:

    On your mind ff topic point, Z… God Bless your mom and all of the legal immigrants who came here and assimlated. THEY built this country. As for the pamphleters from kenya who are a net drain to our economy… into the gorge of eternal peril!


  31. geeez2014 says:

    THanks, Jer….she’s a KEEPER…and 86 yrs old! 🙂 And yes, she and my other relatives are part of that fabulous group of immigrants who came here with hands to help, not open hands.


  32. Imp says:

    ” If approached by person or persons holding camera or microphone, he traditionally lurches toward the device with his right hand outstretched and a counterfeit smile on his face. He is also known to gravitate toward wealthy widows.”

    Not unless the current Don of the Kosher – Nostra beats him to it…and we all know who that is,don’t we?


  33. cube says:

    bocopro: From your post to God’s ear. Five stars!


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