Don’t ever wonder why Detroit’s in the terrible shape it’s in again.

Who could vote for any of these people!?


BY THE WAY, off topic; my German stepson tells me they call Gypsies in Europe “Rotating Europeans” because their caravans are always traveling around….as you all know, they’re known for constantly stealing things, leaving trash heaps behind, so as my stepson said, “Rotating Europeans is what the Left calls them…with the right words you can hide anything!”  I thought that was a great line…Yes, with the right words you CAN hide anything…illegals are suddenly undocumented workers, etc….eupemisms abound!


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30 Responses to Detroit….

  1. Right now, we have a white Democratic Mayor in Detroit who is the former Wayne County prosecutor.
    Detroit has perked up a lot, he’s building on some foundation laid by Dave Bing, the former Detroit Piston star who is now more well known for being a successful industrialist.
    In a Democratic primary, Duggan would be facing challengers whose only claim would be race.
    He’s screwed.


  2. As for the “Gypsies” or “Roma”, not to be confused with “Romainians”, you may have heard on Tucker recently that a number of them have emigrated as refugees to California.
    California, PA. Settled by people headed for the west coast stopping short.
    My dad’s hometown.
    Lot’s of complaint in interviews of their behavior: pooping in the streets and beheading chickens.
    My brother went back to investigate last week.
    Was THAT overblown.
    It was some young kids copping a squat and lots of people raise chickens, and nobody eats them with the head on. I think.
    Still, the locals are upset that their community is getting overrun by immigrants that the feds are dumping there.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I hate to say so but there’s no confusion, they mostly are romanians in Europe. Frankly, i have a Romanian friend (FROM Romania) here in California who has beheaded her own chickens for dinner. I’ve seen it.
    MANY years ago, at a business meeting at a hospital here in LA, I was told they have to be careful because gypsies steal the flatware…this was maybe 40 years ago.
    Do all Romanians cause these problems?: Of course not! But they are rampant in Europe…have been for forever.

    You’d think the white mayor’s successes MIGHT be noticed by all races and they’d vote for “the best person’…. Ya, I made myself laugh, too 🙂

    What about my point that if you can’t VOTE as a felon, why should you be able to RUN!??


  4. Mal says:

    Apparently the rules don’t apply for those wishing to run for office, Z, but in this day and age this should surprise no one. Dual standards seem to be taking over for a lot of things, esp. for politicians. One need only to look at Hillary or Obama. When they escaped prosecution, it became acceptable for them to be held harmless for their actions.
    As to the Romanians……..I wonder why and how they became known for being Gypsies. I mean, what caused them to be that way? Even the word “roam” might seem to be a Romanian origin, huh?


  5. The Roma [meaning “People” in Romani] have been a scourge in Italy, where they have long enjoyed and extrajudicial status. Unless it’s changed from my experience in the 90’s…..if a Roma breaks into your home or otherwise steals from you…..good luck in getting an indictment, much less a prosecution.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    CI, yes, they steal incessantly…not sure if they’re actually Italians or the immigration of Eastern Europeans into Italy?
    I was standing with a friend at the Forum in Rome, looking down at it, and a man walked by and tapped my shoulder and said “be careful…your purse” because I had it over my shoulder and not safely against me. (the ROmas even teach the children HOW to steal as you probably know)
    You won’t believe this, but later my friend and I had a cocktail at Harry’s Bar on Via Venetto and I was facing the windows and the same man walked by and looked in as he passed. I felt like he was an angel or something….way too big a coincidence!!

    Mal, all excellent points….but still, it’s just unbelievable that felons can’t vote but can hold office…that’s INSANE


  7. geeez2014 says:

    CI, you in TX?


  8. Z – The Roma kids in Rome, ply their best trade in the Metro, tourists and such waiting for the train. They have no kidding bait & grab tactics. It’s almost fun to watch, because they’re really talented…at thievery.

    Yep….lovely El Paso. Yuck.


  9. bocopro says:

    I gotta go with P.J. O’Rourke on this one: “The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn. The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.”

    Of course there’s always George Wallace’s summation: “There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat party and the Republican party.”

    And then there’s Charles Barkley, a black professional athlete/commentator, who has said repeatedly that poor people in America, especially blacks, have been voting for Democrats for the past 50 years and they’re no better off now than they were then.

    The way I see it is that the Democratic Party sets itself up to be whatever the group of voters it’s addressing WANTs it to be, especially if it involves expansion of public and personal social programs that make them dependent on government handouts, thereby ensuring that they’ll vote Democrat forever to avoid losing their “entitlements.” LBJ summed that up perfectly.

    And all I can say about the Republican Party is that it SAYS it favors lower taxes and reduced interference in people’s everyday lives, including social programs and entitlement programs which stifle incentive and make beggars of otherwise able-bodied people. But excluding the occasional exception such as Reagan, most continue to overspend and manage things so badly that they accomplish little more than making Democrats more appealing to ordinary citizens.

    What’s odd about it all is that the US Constitution makes NO mention of political parties. Washington believed political parties would be the eventual ruin of the grand experiment, and although dozens of parties exist in the US today, the Ds and Rs have sucked all the oxygen out of the tent and squirreled away all the funding so that none of the others have much influence on voters.

    Even when a renegade party comes up with a good idea, it’s usually stolen immediately by one of the two biggies. My problem with it all is that I believe that most people who wind up in central gubmint go to D.C. with the highest of principles, the noblest of ideals, and the finest of ethics, but by the time they’re up for re-election, they’ve bowed to pressure from party bosses and vote the party line to protect their careers – a situation that the founders NEVER intended.

    Members of Congress and the Executive were envisioned by the framers simply as public servants, not professional career movers and shakers. They expected their senators and representatives and other elected officials to do the right thing for the people, not for themselves. What they all seem to have forgotten is that politicians cast their vote to promote their own welfare in the next election; patriots cast their votes to promote the welfare of the nation.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    An Hispanic naturalized woman lawyer just said, on FOX, that immigrants don’t get any kind of $$ assistance because they promise not to take any and that you need a social security card to get help.
    I’m not making this up. She clearly IS.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    CI, Sixty Minutes did a piece on this years ago…they are HIGHLY trained by their parents…. sad, isn’t it.
    I hate El Paso; It reminds me of the pictures I see of Taif, Saudi Arabia….dry , mountains…
    But the food is supposedly great! I was on a business trip only in and out in one day and had to eat at a meeting at the hospital so I didn’t get out to any Tex Mex, sadly. I hope you can! Please read my blog tomorrow..

    Bocopro: “Washington believed political parties would be the eventual ruin of the grand experiment,” When I first read that, I thought you mean the city of Washington, the city of founding father years, then I realized you meant GEORGE Washington. I didn’t know this about him…but you can’t have many people with differing viewpoints and not have parties represented to run a country, can you?
    Kings can RULE without parties…democracies need the people to decide.

    I LOVE P J O”ROURKE and that quote is one of his very best! Trump’s people are sure showing us a great example of that today…Republicans CANNOT RULE. PERIOD.

    WHY? We must figure out WHY?
    I believe part of it is a media fighting SO hard against it…being cowed by the leftwing political correctness of branding anybody who talks immigration a racist, or anybody against transgenders in the military as homophobic, etcetc..

    What do YOU think, Bocopro? WHY CAN’T REPUBLICANS RULE!??


  12. Baysider says:

    SOOO sad about Day-twah’. When I had my car repaired in an emergency this week the service writer asked when I did the last service. I couldn’t remember until he pulled up June 3, 2016 and THEN I remembered the HUGE service/repairs before going on a long road trip. “Oh yes” I said, “I remember that one – where I gave you guys enough money to buy a small house in Detroit.” His eyes blinked wide open – he had no idea. “Yup, they went from the highest working wages per capita in the country to be run into the ground by bad politics.” History lesson over.

    While it doesn’t take a Romanian to behead chickens in her backyard, your point about gypsies is well made. Mr. B’s mother did. I think his whole generation can remember the scenes he saw – seeing her grab them by the feet, put ’em on their side and chop the head off, then drop it in a cardboard box until it stopped thrashing. My mother’s mother would just wring the neck. If I had to do that I might consider more fish. Spoiled.


  13. bocopro says:

    Hmmm . . . well, oversimplifying to about the nth degree, it’s because they never follow thru and keep trying to take the band-aid off slowly.

    Where Democrats are relentless about their social programs and push-push-push for benefits and entitlements which they have NO idea how to pay for except the chimera of ripping off the rich, Republicans are willing to discuss, relent, compromise, and abandon principles for the minor gains until it’s painfully obvious they have to punt.

    Democrats keep chewing away at the defense, getting those first downs through sneaky ground-gain tactics and unexpected student-body-left end runs until they’re in the red zone where they have a decent chance at the TD and at the very least a FG.

    Republicans ALWAYS give in at the last moment on raising the debt ceiling, on NOT repealing the disastrous ACA, on individual rights where gender or religion are concerned. They manage somehow to spend as much tax revenue as Democrats, but often it’s nothing but pulled pork sammidges, flavored smoke, and tinted mirrors.

    They also allow themselves to be shamed into concession when one of their number gets caught – he ALWAYS resigns, whereas the Democrat approach is traditionally to continue pushing the lie through their propaganda arm (the MSM) until the public finally accepts it as fact that “there’s no there there” and goes for the “Oh, Look! A Squirrel!” shiny thing on CNN.

    Add to that the fact that a great majority of our post-secondary institutions are extremely liberal leaning, that much of the big money (Soros, Gates, Bloomberg, and virtually all of Hollywood) goes to DNC PACs or Democrat candidates directly, and half the country is dependent in one way or another on entitlements, and you have a recipe for socialism.

    For 7 years conservatives said, “If we only had the House,” then “If we only had the Senate” and then “If we only had the Oval Office” and they unanimously voted for repeal of Obamacare every time it was proposed. Then when they got what they asked for, after 7 years of promising to get rid of the farce foisted on the people by Dirty Harry, Loony Nan, and Barry the Impostore, they had no game plan, no alternative, no cojones.

    People don’t like that type of hypocrisy, so they tend to vote OUT the guys who lie to them and vote in the ones who promise freebies. Romney said it perfectly, but since he told the truth, he was excoriated; that statement, along with his failure to capitalize on Benghazi ‘cause he was a nice guy, is what cost him the election.

    Hell . . . I’m so tired of saying all this I don’t even wanna talk about it any more. Dems play dirty and deny it when they get caught, promising ice cream and cookies for everybody while Republicans go with half-assed measures on half-vast ideas and don’t even TRY to rip the band-aid off all at once and get it over with.

    Dems are street fighters and GOPers are wusses. That’s why I call myself a Libertarian and wish the party could come up with its TR or RR or HST and win one for the ol’ Gipper.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, to be fair, not many people do ANYTHING to a live chicken on Bundy Drive in West LA, believe me 🙂 She actually didn’t behead, she wrung its neck…same thing, to me!
    Yes, farmers of yore did that all the time.
    I wish you’d told the mechanic BAD LIBERAL POLITICS!

    Bocopro…eager to read this and will when I have a few minutes later..THANK YOU!


  15. geeez2014 says:

    You’ve just got to read to the end to see such bias even your eyes will fall out of your heads…man, there is NOTHING the Soros Crowd isn’t being paid to find..the smallest, most unimportant thing…they’re ON ANYTHING REPUBLICAN!


  16. Roma are a minority in Romania.
    I had s couple friends from there while the Iron Curtain was up.
    One smuggled people out on his vacations.
    His last name was Dan, but he had it changed to Danducci and passed himself off to the girls as Italian. It worked. A lot 🙂


  17. As I said on the show today, it will be funny when the Dems have a primary debate and Duggan turns to one of his opponents and says “I remember your case. I put you away.”


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, it is what it is….people in Europe are wary of Romanians…N Germans don’t like the Dutch, everybody resents the Swiss…everybody’s got something and, sadly, the ROmanians have this reputation. Interesting that your link calls the Romas the “largest minority in Romania” because well, they mostly harken from Romania..therefore are mostly Romanian.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    WOW, now the Left’s got Eric Bowling…from supposedly sending lewd pictures some years ago…
    FOX News is becoming TEN LITTLE INDIANS…they just keep dropping.

    I’m SURE GLAD Liberals at CNN NEVER do anything bad, aren’t you? (Smile)

    Brother! People must be digging up negatives stories about the Right all OVER the place….quite a talent….and it’s working 😦


  20. Kid says:


    Quite a few congress critters have a record.


  21. Kid says:

    I once went to a Toga party wrapped in an iron curtian. I met a Romanian girl. She bought me a small house in Detroit and we had sex with wild abandon upstairs in the attic. I took her to El Paso, but she preferred Del’s restaurant in Tucumcarri.
    Who could blame her.


  22. Kid: Brilliant!


  23. Kid says:

    Danke Shoen Edward.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    But MY QUESTION IS A VALID ONE…how CAN this country deny felons the VOTE when FELONS are running for office? It’s impossible and I’m glad you agree, Kid…. yes, a few do have records in Congress!!


  25. Felons that have completed their sentencing (debt to society) should have full franchise.
    Guns, votes, whatever.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Ed..Felons still can’t vote legally whether some of us like it or not. Since that is the law, if we deny felons the vote, we should deny them to run for office…just common sense.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Actually, only about 14 states still maintain it’s illegal for a felon to vote.


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