I’ll be out of town and not blogging for 3 days….I’ll be back Friday night.

Please, these 3 days, YOU write whatever you’d like to talk about and let’s see how it goes!

Blessings to you all!  Please pray for safe travels for me and my sisters and a wonderful time at our destination!

Thanks!!  XXX Z

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  1. jerrydablade says:

    We’re gypsies in the palace, she’s left us here alone… we’re gypsies in the palace, we got it all tonight! Hope you ladies have fun and be safe.


  2. bocopro says:

    O.K. Here’s my rant du jour. Kinda long, but controversial and has the potential for discussion:

    War. The categorical human imperative. Land, resources, fear, religion, politics, race, whatever. And when it’s over, it hasn’t always proven who is right, only who is left. For much of the 20th century, war was merely a trick to teach Americans about geography.

    We always tell ourselves that we’re preparing for or actually going to war in self-defense because of some egomaniacal lunatic – Adolph, Idi, Mao, Iusuf, Sodom, Benito . . . and the latest boogie man, Kim.

    Now, Slick assured us that NorKor was scaling back its nuclear goals. The Magic Negro assured us that NorKor was scaling back its nuclear goals. China assured us that it was pressuring NorKor to be more reasonable in its paranoia over a US attack.

    Well, it ain’t workin, boys and girls. Kim Fat One is convinced he can intimidate and blackmail the entire planet to pay him tribute for not nuking various cities. He’s a modern version of the sultans who encouraged and supported the Barbary Pirates.

    He somehow failed to get it into his fat head that sooner or later all blackmailers and extortionists get dead for their efforts. You’d think that his fondness for American gangster movies would’ve got that across to him by now.

    But he obviously believes that once he has a large enough stockpile of nuke-tipped ICBMs he can just issue an ultimatum to a different world leader every week or so saying he promises not to obliterate their capitol if he gets his cut of the take to support his regressing, unproductive, brainwashed society.

    And Trump didn’t help things with his “fire and fury like the world has never seen” mucho macho warning to One Fat Kim. All he did was ratchet up the pressure on the little twerp to do something really stupid to prove he’s not a paper dragon.

    As Clemenza says, war has to happen every few years. It’s in our DNA or something. Allows for chest thumping and getting rid of excess testosterone. In fact, the entire 20th century was almost continuous war of one kind or another, WWI, WWII, Korea, Nam, Iraq. Modern Israel has existed in a state of war since it was born.

    To me it’s perfectly clear that a big war is inevitable, probably something on the scale of the Korean “police action” or VietNam. Could get as involved as WWII considering all the alliances and treaties and trade setups in existence today.

    If it’s a hot war, a whole lotta people in both Koreas will have to die needlessly before it’s over. Kim’s army can raise one helluva lotta hell in South Korea before the rest of the world could mobilize to push him back with conventional forces. Of course without logistics support from China, his troops would run out of beans and bullets in about a week.

    If it goes nuke, who knows what Russia and China will do. If they’re smart, they’ll avoid contaminating the planet they’ll inherit and just let the chubby little moron toss out all his firecrackers while the US turns the northern half of the peninsula into molten glass.

    Russia could come out the big winner if the US is severely damaged and China’s biggest market is decimated. But I think it’s gonna be somethin nobody has yet come out and said, at least not loudly enough for anybody to hear it.

    There’s no assurance that a war would be with conventional weapons and forces. It might not involve nukes, but I wouldn’t be a’tall surprised if it turned biological. My GUESS is that it’ll involve a LOT of cyber missives instead of ICBMs and other missiles.

    And here’s the rub – the winner won’t be Kim, it won’t be Xi, it won’t be Putin, and it won’t be Trump: it’ll be ISLAM. And Islam’s three biggest allies will be patience, time, and fear. And as Sun Tzu told us, the trick to war is subduing the enemy without fighting, and the best weapon against the US is our traditional enemies.

    The biggest threat to mankind, to civilization, to democracy, to personal liberty, to truth . . . to PEACE . . . is Islam. Just look at its history. All it has done since day 1 is invade, slaughter, subdue, enslave, and destroy other cultures, other religions.

    Overall, its record of genocide and atrocities and destruction is greater than Schickelgruber’s or Dzughasvilli’s. It kills whatever disagrees with its archaic values, no matter if it’s women or children or sick old men or whatever. It is an aggressive neurotic bully without a conscience.

    But it has a great deal of patience. It can wait generations for an opportunity to get its nose under the tent. Its stated goal, its boldly and repeatedly stated goal, is the subjugation of all mankind to Shari’a law, to its relentless spread, its totalitarian control, its perverted political structure in which the state is merely the tool of a false and demanding religion based on blind obedience, which is based on fear.

    Islam demands that all other religions cease to exist, particularly Judaism and Christianity. It understands nothing except power, and once the US has expended and lost its power, the entire North American continent becomes ripe for the picking. Remember, the word Islam itself means “submission” and we are The Great Satan. Allahu Akbar and Aloha Refugees.

    And with the world’s major superpower infiltrated and deflated, even China and Russia together couldn’t wipe out the sickness of Muhammad, the scourge of Islam, the sorrow of Arabia. Europe is lost, western Asia is fully committed, Africa is in its grip, and South America is powerless against it despite its overwhelming Catholic base.

    Yeah, we dodged a bullet with Shrillary’s loss, but the alternative may prove to be just as dangerous to this nation, and possibly to western civilization. Of course we’ve tried just about everything else with Phat Un, and nothing’s worked so far. Maybe what we need IS a tough-talkin smartass egomaniac to counter the delusional megalomaniac, his gout, and his diabetes.

    I sure hope we got a lotta brainiac coders eatin HotPockets and writin lines that will shut down Kim’s computers instead of sending tanks and planes and healthy strong young guys into harm’s way in that inhospitable forsaken wasteland again. In a nuke exchange, nobody wins but Muhammad and his oppressive neolithic moon god. Maybe all we need is a really good ransomware codewriter.

    Generally I avoid posting full-blown rants here and just pick out bits and pieces relevant to the topic at hand. What can I say — I’m a compulsive ranter, and a verbose one at that.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro; while the cat’s away, the mice will play! 🙂 And have a good discussion!

    Jerry, right!

    See ya’ to get dressed and out of here.. it’s 5:30 AM

    Have a great few days…Blessings! Z


  4. I posted about North Korea today by using a flashback…

    Flashback To 1999: Donald Trump And North Korea.

    Have at it over here or at my blog — if you like.

    Travel safely.


  5. Excellent post and an endearing disclaimer, Bocopro.
    Something first strike should have happened to any country, including Iran, that constantly cries out for our destruction while acquiring the means to do so before the acquisition is complete.


  6. Baysider says:

    I wish I could post the cartoon I saved from the 90’s, INSPECTOR CLINTEAU. There’s the N. Korean dictator sitting on THE bomb, while Inspector “Clinteau” bumbles around next to him with his foot in a bucket of cement saying “bomb, what bomb?”


  7. Mal says:

    Your comments about Islam being patient is exactly right, Bocopro. I can’t think of the guy’s name right this second, but he was a middle East leader we were fighting about 10 years ago and after his son was killed in an air strike, he backed off and made the comment all they have to do to win is wait as the Muslims spread throughout the world. You probably remember his name. It sure looks like he was right, sad to say.


  8. Ed Bonderenka says:

    Mal: Muammar Gaddafi


  9. bunkerville says:

    My gun is bigger than your gun… keep that in mind fat boy.


  10. Mal says:

    Thanks, Ed. I had a senior moment. I just heard Gaddafi’s name mentioned on Fox News, too.


  11. Kid says:

    I think we’re out of options with NK.

    Yep. islam will breed everyone else out. While they’re doing that the retards are hammering on civilized people having kids so as to make climate change worse.


  12. Mal says:

    Kid, exactly right. If we strike first and NK responds in like to us or any of our allies, Trump will be held responsible for starting a war, and if N.K. strikes first, Trump will be chastised for allowing that to happen, also. Its a conundrum for the guy.
    Right about now he’s probably thinking “What in hell did I get myself into? I didn’t need this.”


  13. Kid says:

    MAL, It is a difficult situation with all the artillary that can send 100,000 shells into S Korea every 5 minutes. It would take a while to knock that out with conventional weapons. You don’t want a ground war, and nukes have that fallout problem.

    NK is going to shoot some missiles over S Korea, Japan, and try to land them 20 miles from Guam if the fat kid gives the order. We should have THAAD shoot them down. Kim will likely go too far one of these days.


  14. Mal says:

    Its said the accuracy of their missiles aren’t good, making the outcome even more risky. They may TRY to hit the sea near Guam, but actually hit it. We never should have let it get to this point to begin with. China really crated a monster that I’m not sure even they can control now. If they cut off his funding and supplies, he might actually respond with missiles on everyone, figuring at that point he has nothing to lose. A lot like Nero and Rome. He just might be that insane!


  15. Kid says:

    I think hs is that insane


  16. “I think hs is that insane”
    Yes and the fact that [he] is allowed to rule suggests that the entire nation is evidence of the largest mental institution on earth!


  17. Kid says:

    JMB, I thikn there may be some people in NK, but any insolence earns one a death sentence, You service the fat boy with a big smile on your face.


  18. Kid says:

    sane people.


  19. While the South Koreans pig-out on artery clogging King Crab, their Green Brothers, to the North , enjoy heart healthy Crab Grass. And since none of the Green Brothers own automobiles, they leave much less of a “carbon footprint” than their hedonistic brethren to the South. These are but two examples of the glory of socialism. Is there some way that we can exile Al Gore to that shining paradise?


  20. Kid says:

    A dream come true JMB


  21. Bob says:

    John M Berger: Right on. DPRK has to be the greenest country on the face of the earth. No fat animals farting the atmosphere away, no nasty electric lights at night to keep the children awake, and no laws against using coal for generating the little electricity they have. Of course, the poor bastards are starving to death, and the Chinese commies don’t seem to care as long as NOKO stays communist and nothing threatens the shining example of the Chinese Revolution. Trump is doing the right thing. Somebody has to wake the Chinese, and step on the little fat boy in Pyongyang.

    I don’t believe that a war will necessarily follow, but Kim Un is really pushing it. I really don’t want to see another war on the Korean peninsula, but we have a lot of blood and money invested in keeping South Korea alive. Now, the little twerp is threatening us.


  22. Kid says:

    If we are serious, I see no reason for ‘boots’ to be involved. Once the shooting starts, if NK sends an ant swarm of NK soldiers across the DMZ, Moab or nuke them before they can step on SK soil.

    A ground war would be the worst thing I can imagine.


  23. bocopro says:

    O.K. I’ve been deliberately avoiding various discussions on TV news shows about what’s going on with NorKor, reading or listening only to the facts. Frankly I don’t much care what Shep Smith or Steve Doocy or Rachel Maddow or Chris Cuomo or Wolf Blitzer or anybody else believes is going on or going to.

    Most of the pundits and “experts” have political agendas which skew their logic and filter their vision on what’s happening in Korea, what might happen, and what “the American people” can do about it all.

    I consider my opinion as valid as anybody else’s, and what I absolutely KNOW is that nobody on CNN or Fox or ABC or MSNBC or anyplace else outside NSA has ALL the necessary facts to develop a reasonable and rational assessment of the NorKor crisis.

    Now . . . there ARE some universal facts which anybody not living in a cave in Outer Farklestan should be aware of:

    Diplomacy has failed to satisfy the Kim dynasty – for the past 30 years or so.
    Statesmanship has failed to fix anything on the Korean peninsula.
    Sanctions have failed to get the Kims to back off from their nuke programs.
    Capitulation by various PotUSes has failed to accomplish anything useful.
    Humanitarian aid has failed to assure the Kims that we don’t hate NorKors.

    Jimmy Carter went there to negotiate. Clinton GAVE them nuclear technology for power generation. Bush supplied them food with a wink and a nod. Soetoro did nothing constructive. Words, rhetoric, money, assurances, negotiations . . . . . . nothing has worked.

    And something else nobody seems to want to admit is that if Pakistan can have nukes, if Britain can have nukes, if France and Israel and India and Russia and the US can have nukes as deterrents to intimidation or invasion by foreign powers, so can the North Koreans, if they can afford to build them and not blow themselves up in the process.

    AND – we, the US, have no right or authority to tell the NorKors that they can’t have nukes. In fact, it’s entirely possible that although the regime is based on fear and paranoia, they just might not be self-destructive-loony enough to actually trigger WWIII, despite all the bluster from the diminutive Kims.

    Also, China is not going to come in like the cavalry and save the day by corralling the pesky undernourished renegades. Xi would LOVE to see the US weakened economically, militarily, and in international prestige. He’d love to see South Korea devastated by Kim’s army and the US kicked off the peninsula. He’s just not quite sure how to go about it and is perfectly willing to just stand back and see what happens with his little nuke-tipped badger.

    I’ve been around long enough to know that we have reams of contingency plans for just this eventuality. We have OpOrders and war-plan scenarios for missiles, for handling their subs, for countering much of their artillery, for ground tactics in case of a human wave attack . . . and if you watch any movies you know the SpecOps guys have secret schema and the CyberWarriors are in place on their swivelchairs with plenty of nachos and HotPockets and (I hope) ready.

    A serious miscalculation by Kim or a Tojo-channeling general with his finger on the wrong button or just an “accident” would result in great loss, especially on the southern side of the DMZ. But it would also finally lance the carbuncle that’s been festering in the North since WWII and bring resolution to the standoff.

    Kim has put himself into a no-win situation with his mid-August deadline for encircling Guam with his “Hold my beer and watch this!” bravado. He stands to lose much face if his missiles misfire or if they’re way off target or if the Navy shoots ‘em down. He’s not sure if we can hit them in flight, either on the way up or on final, and I doubt very much if he wants to find out. Too much to lose.

    Trump, the counterpuncher, has simply done what’s never been done before and responded to threats and intimidation with the same rhetorical flamethrower through which they’re issued. He has clearly stated that he will drop the hat if, and ONLY “if he initiates action against American territory.”

    DJT has grossly underestimated the wisdom in silence, but . . . hey – nothin else has worked for the past 30 years; maybe the time has come to call the bet and see what cards the little shit is holding.


  24. Kid says:

    MAD had the TV on last night, MSNBC for laughs I guess. They were all comapring Trump to Kim… I have no use for but maybe a couple media people. Hannity has been on target, and Savage always has presented reality,

    I’d like to think msbnc, cnn, etc would be boycotted with extreme prejudice back around 1968.


  25. Bob says:

    I am thinking that Kim the Un is a walking dead man. No matter where this dust-up finishes, Un has shown himself a threat not only to the Chinese, Japanese, South Korea, and the United States, he is also a threat to himself and the NOKO people. This may be the only time in world history that everybody will approve a limited nuclear attack on PyongYang.


  26. Baysider says:

    Diplomacy has satisfied the Kim regime. That’s how they bought time


  27. Mustang says:

    Americans will never want to go to war with “the little shit,” because no American wants to stand in long lines for a new cell phone, two-way wrist radio, parts for gazillions of Hyundais, or smart-TVs. No, it would be better to convince Xi Jingping that if North Korea ever launches a missile aimed at any US territory or ally, Beijing will be the first to receive our reply. Trump should say this publicly, and since almost everyone thinks Trump is two bubbles off plumb, China will probably believe him.


  28. Kid says:

    Mustang, that is an interesting idea. China has said they will go Neutral if Kim fires first.


  29. Kid says:

    In summary, the world doesn’t have time for this S* If I were Trump I would construct a speech around that concept.


  30. Did the Japanese advertise Pearl Harbor ahead of the strike? Just a thought.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    WAIT WAIT! So you guys don’t NEED ME AT MY BLOG? HOLY COW 🙂

    Had a FABULOUS time with sisters…meeting our new grand niece…we are now GRAUNTIES!

    Thanks for your wishes and prayers for a safe and good trip!

    And thanks for such a good discussion..


  32. Rite says:

    Checking In after a too long silence. I’ve missed you all. I see Mustang and Kid are still here. What about Imp? Brother Ed and I are fb friends so we keep up that way. Sadly, Facebook has become my method of keeping up when my life got a bit too hectic.

    I haven’t been keeping up as much on politics since Fox screwed with their lineup and put The Five at 9.

    I’m pissed at the R’s in that they can’t get one freaking bill passed on the healthcare fiasco. Next year I will have one, count ’em ONE company to choose from and that company is not accepted by any of the hospitals or doctors here. Starting this year, my insurance hasn’t covered me when we wintered in Florida. So I paid over $2,500 for the 5 months we were in Florida that I could not use.

    I don’t hate Trump. I don’t love him either. I can’t really think if one thing that he’s done that has pissed me off, so that’s good. I just wish he had the brains nit to keep spouting off.

    Anyway, hi old friends. Hope life is going smoothly for you. Have had some rocky months and hoping it all settles down soon.


  33. Rite says:

    Sad when you can’t spell your name right. That was Rita commenting above. 🙄


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  35. geeez2014 says:

    RITA…SO SO SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU. I hope things start to go more smoothly for YOU and that you come back soon. You truly are very missed.
    And we can all see why when we see your input in this comment….imagine paying for insurance you can’t use, anyway.
    And yes, I don’t love Trump, either….and wish he had the brain to stop spouting off, too…SO MUCH. 90% of his problems are self perpetuated…no doubt about that …none at ALL.

    Now he’s weighing in on the White Supremacist thing in Charlottesville as if BLM never happened and as if it was less awful than the 50 creeps marching for Robt E Lee statues…!!



  36. Kid says:

    Hi Rita, Hope you’re doing well !


  37. Mal says:

    I don’t see Trump w/o brains, Rita. After all, he had enough brains to become a multi billionaire and the POTUS. You don’t accomplish that by being stupid, wouldn’t you say?


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