To nuke or not to nuke….Iran, N Korea, and Sanctions….who cares?

The Iranians are expanding their missile program to $260 million….as their ‘parliament’ yells “Death to America!!”

I thought Obama assured us that any rise in nuclear power in Iran was only to make sure the lights stayed on in Tehran? (Smile…who didn’t see through that lie?)

Also;  I’m posting this mostly so we can discuss this important point:


For that matter, DOES NORTH KOREA REALLY CARE?   His people are STARVING all over the country because he won’t feed them, huge parts of that country do not have electricity because he doesn’t care……what does Kim Jung Un care if we raise sanctions…when his goal is to HIT AMERICA?

SO………WHAT HAPPENS NOW?    Do we ever actually push the button?

I predict that, as things get more and more scary on the nuke front, Congress works to take away the power of the president to declare war.   WAIT FOR IT.    They will not trust Trump to do anything like hit any countries hard and the groundwork they do now, chipping away at America’s trust in him, will have been effective.

You know I’m not big Trump fan, but THAT IS WRONG.  Although I must admit I fear his ego “they’re going to do this to America while I’m in charge? NO WAY”  kind of scares me.



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24 Responses to To nuke or not to nuke….Iran, N Korea, and Sanctions….who cares?

  1. bocopro says:

    Says to me that we’re not particularly good at “negotiating.” What our gummint seems particularly good at is “capitulating.”

    At least DJT had the stones to tell Kim Phat One to go play in traffic, and in terms the self-indulgent extortionist is most familiar with.

    First time in decades the li’l twerp seems to have gotten the message.


  2. …Congress works to take away the power of the president to declare war…

    POTUS doesn’t ave the Constitutional power to declare war, Congress does. As for economic sanctions, you’re right, North Korea doesn’t care….but with Iran’s quest for regional hegemony….they most certainly do.


  3. -FJ says:

    Please. The Government only pretends it’s in control of international events. The fact that we capitulate to every petty tyrant proves that we’re not, and that any politician who claims they have an answer and will control events abroad is a liar. They’re just another bunch of “stuffed shirts”. The “pundits” and so-called “experts” aren’t worth listening to, either. They’re just fronting for the lying politicians so that they can pretend to “have” expertise. And us… we just “WANT to believe” so that we can fool ourselves into believing that we aren’t at risk…


  4. There’s every reason to believe that the pallet of gold Obama had delivered to Iran is helping to fund NORK.
    As you point out, Iran screams death to America (for religious reasons) while Korea says the same thing (why? I don’t know)
    But trying to negotiate with Iran while they are actively trying to bring about the return of their lost Imam by throwing the world into chaos is futile.
    Trying to negotiate with a spoiled brat who has never been told “no” his entire life is similarly futile.
    Instead of a “peace in our time” we must prepare for war.
    Not to have a war, but to avoid it.


  5. Kid says:

    Kim has already backed down. imo as a result of China saying they would stay neutral if NK fires first.

    Last thiing Kim said was “We are holding off sending missiles to Guam as long as America doesn’t talk anymore smack”.

    Iran? They might feel a little more confident. Seems like those countries have enough black market friends sanctions don’t impact anyone meaningful to those countries.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Ci, right, but it’s the president’s job to ‘direct the war’…and he can initiate hostilities without consulting congress. I predict that they’ll take that away from him; Soon.
    Makes sense about Iran caring, but they’ll always be so conniving they’ll have sanctions but still come out smelling like a rose. With nukes. Obama’s ridiculous claim the power was only for electricity wasn’t believed by anybody but true leftwing believers. Then we wonder about the cash shipped in the night….that might help to combat any problems caused by sanctions Obama publicly levied.

    Ed, our media’s using phrases like “how tough we’ll get if NoKo does bomb us”, which is kind of what I’d hoped we could avoid. I wonder sometimes if people have taken leave of their senses and understand an ICBM isn’t just a new rifle. I hoped we could avoid all of this by hitting them first. Same for Iran. BUT, we are bound by decency and hope and worrying what the world will think. Meanwhile..God knows what we’ll have done to America before we truly get tough.
    ALTHOUGH Mattis IS starting to saber rattle already.

    Kid and Bocopro..Kid has backed down but he could back UP again in five minutes. He’s NUTS

    FJ, you think there are people who truly believe we’re not at risk?? It sure feels like it, but deep down, I believe people understand this is BIG TROUBLE…..
    SO, what would YOU do today, given the threats?


  7. Kid is nuts. We all knew that. Or did you mean Kim? 🙂


  8. Kid says:

    She knows me pretty good Ed. 🙂


  9. Kid says:

    I don’t know about Guam, but I don’t believe for a second NK could hit the US including Hawaii. We’d shoot it down.


  10. bunkerville says:

    Last I heard Congress was more worried about Guam tipping over or Climate change that might drown it.


  11. Baysider says:

    Well, we can’t get our money back, now can we? Or the mischief its bought. Obama wanted it more than the Iranians, so gave away the store. We can at least enforce the status quo ante. The sanctions hurt. Good ideas?

    I’m reading a great book now on POWs escaping in Germany in WW2. I find myself constantly drawing comparisons with an enemy who “plays by the rules” vs. those like the current Iranian regime which appears to be ready to ignite Valhalla to bring it all down to kill us. Patton reminded his troops invading Europe that their job wasn’t to die for their country; it was to make some other poor bastard die for his. I fear Iranian ‘hardliners’ don’t share that thinking at the end of the day. While I don’t think this is their first ambition, it’s a step they’re willing to go to.


  12. Mal says:

    Another thing Kim isn’t considering. America really isn’t his enemy. Islam is. Does he believe the Muslims wouldn’t try to convert them, too, when the time is right? Sharia law in Korea? That would be their ultimate goal.


  13. The Korean conflict has a huge spiritual dimension.
    “The 2005 South Korean census showed 29.2 percent of the population as Christian, up from 26.3 percent ten years previously.”
    The difference between light and dark is more than those nighttime satellite maps.


  14. -FJ says:

    SO, what would YOU do today, given the threats?

    Cancel Every Contract and business deal that the USA has with CHINA.


  15. -FJ says:

    Sanctions don’t work when North Korea’s largest trading partner ignores them ALL, and gets richer replacing/selling all materials being sanctioned.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    FJ….what do you think China’d do? And how long would it take America to recoup since we have not the manufacturing capabilities to produce all that they do, and the hit on the American buyer’d be so expensive we’d never recover?


  17. -FJ says:

    @Z You and America’s Uniparty are right. America needs cheap Chinese goods more than it needs a reason to develop a fail-safe ABM system to protect us from future Japanese ballistic missiles..


  18. -FJ says:

    ps – I don’t give a flip about what “China” would do.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    FJ,. I’m not sure I need that sarcasm or insult, are you? I HATE Chinese goods and buy as much American as I can, but I can barely find it. I never realized how unrealistic you are.
    I don’t mean “Is China going to cry?” I mean “Will they then nuke an American city”..


  20. -FJ says:

    @Z If they nuke us, we can all thank Nixon and Kissinger (and the Uniparty) for helping them perfect their missile targeting and manufacturing technologies and opening our markets to them, tariff free.

    And as usual, you’re right. I could have done without the sarcasm. I immediately equated your argument with the establishment’s “reasons” for doing nothing and maintaining the status quo.

    Yes a transition to a national economy from a global one probably is “unrealistic”. I’m sorry that post WWII Americans didn’t see how much better off we’d be if we didn’t “share” our technology globally. Atoms for Peace!


  21. geeez2014 says:

    FJ, thanks…I almost took my comment down because we’ve been friends too long to think badly of each other….And you’re right; I do NOT like where the status quo has led us…not at all.
    Excellent point about NOT sharing our technology…
    (I wouldn’t say “as usual, you’re right”…but I sure appreciate your confidence!)

    John Bolton’s apparently all in a tither (see link from Sue above) because he feels we’re on the same path Obama had us with N Korea…already Trump’s dissuaded Kim (supposedly) but do we really need to be happy a jerk like Kim didn’t NUKE GUAM!?

    FJ…when do we hit N Korea? I hope we NEVER have to, but do we really just wait and lose San Francisco first and THEN get mad? I’m curious what most people think of this.

    Iran and N Korea….both want to hit us…….we swat back with diplomacy and sanctions. Seems unrealistic to me, though I pray hard nobody has to ever use nukes again.


  22. Kid says:

    Z, NK or Iran are Never going to nuke us. We’ll shoot them down. We cut our teeth on hundreds of nukes coming over the N Pole from Russia. Honestly, it is a totally unfounded worry.
    Most of this nonsense keeps the $$$ rolling into the military industrial complex along with the idea people vote based on greed and fear. My sheep days are over.


  23. -FJ says:

    The China trade is our best card. Only China can tame North Korea.


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