Southern Poverty Law Center….Poor? Legal?

…..Isn’t their name a bit of a misnomer?


“From the article:  “The SPLC has turned into a fundraising powerhouse, recording more than $50 million in contributions and $328 million in net assets on its 2015 Form 990, the most recently available tax form from the nonprofit. SPLC’s Form 990-T, its business income tax return, from the same year shows that they have “financial interests” in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda. No information is available beyond the acknowledgment of the interests at the bottom of the form.”

“The Washington Times reported that CNN ran a wire story following the Charlottesville events originally titled, “Here are all the active hate groups where you live” using SPLC’s list of 917 groups…

“I am shocked that CNN would publish such a false report on the heels of the Charlottesville tragedy,” added Mat Staver, the founder of Liberty Counsel, a Christian nonprofit that provides pro bono assistance and representation, which is also featured on SPLC’s list. “To lump peaceful Christian organizations, which condemn violence and racism, in with the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists is offensive. This is the epitome of fake news and is why people no longer trust the media.”

CNN later changed its headline to, “The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups.”

You’ve just got to laugh. Or cry.   What do YOU think of the SPLC and why would YOU think they’re putting millions offshore?!?


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35 Responses to Southern Poverty Law Center….Poor? Legal?

  1. Mustang says:

    No fan of SPLC … referencing now a comment I’d left earlier at AOW. If nothing else, it tells you what I think about those slugs, but I think even less about the leftist media who are the enablers of terrorist group enablers … and as Jersey Jack and I were discussing this the other day, why aren’t federal authorities looking into the behavior of media outlets as such? If it is a crime to yell “fire” in a theater, then it must also be a criminal act to encourage, incite, embolden, and support violence against others. This is what the leftist media are doing (under the guise of reporting the news). We call this racketeering, and it is the same kind of criminal behavior that we see in the shenanigans of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the so-called Rainbow-Push Coalition. As an example, have you heard anything at all from CNN about the SPLC sending millions of dollars to off-shore accounts in advance of lawsuits being filed against them by the victims of Charlottesville violence? No? I’m shocked —shocked to learn that racketeering is going on within the left.


  2. bocopro says:

    Boy, Venus is bright this mornin after all the rain we’ve had. Must be havin a party or somethin up there . . . all the lights are on. Air’s really clean and crisp out there.

    Regulus, too. Really shiny today. Looked for Mars, but couldn’t find him. Might be hidin below the horizon. SPLC is the farthest, or even the furthest, thing from my mind.

    Nothin really hurtin today, but still feel weird, like I got a bug or somethin. Somebody fryin sausage and makin pancakes out there by the highway. Bummer. Not allowed to eat that stuff. But sometimes I think a few strips of slab-sliced bacon might help me forget about these occasional terrible pains in my chest.

    Walkin along by the hospital fence and suddenly the “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” popped into my head. Couldn’t remember all the verses, but no matter . . . I rewrote ‘em anyway. This kinda thing is becoming habitual with me:

    Mine eyes have seen the horror of the coming of the Left
    They are trampling all our ethics with their witless PC theft
    They have loosed gender confusion and are leaving us bereft
    Of what we should stand for.

    Surgery for Bradley Manning
    Fame and blessing for Bruce Jenner
    Full endorsement for Chaz Bono
    Which bathroom do they use.

    I have seen them starting fires in many busy city streets
    They are wearing masks and waving signs that spell out their deceits
    Most of them are food stamp junkies and dropout welfare deadbeats
    Their ignorance rolls on.

    No more privilege for white folks
    Civil rights are only sick jokes
    Politics is just a big hoax
    Let’s burn this sucker down!

    In the beauty of the New World men decided to be free
    With a basic set of common rights that protect you and me
    But it all got lost when Barry came to Washington, D.C.
    With race and phone and pen.

    Glory, glory socialism.
    Glory, glory racialism.
    Glory, glory Islamism.
    Turn out the lights, good night.


  3. Kid says:

    Can’t add to what Mustang said. Things are so hyocritical and out of balance it is stunning. Even moreso that the DOJ isn’t addressing any of it or ridding themselves of the obama operatives.


  4. Jersey Jack says:

    Kid..I think Sessions and Trumps priorities right now are the meaty issues and promises of the campaign meatiest issues…and the reason why he won. DACA, illegals and all our immigration including the muddle east. So far so good except for a federal judge or two that has issued illegal stops on the POTUS’ inherent powers and discretion over immigration. Which raises the question of why not remove these judges from the bench all together. They are only political appointments anyway?
    I’d like Trump / Sessions now to set the stage for the first of what I hope are many indictments coming down as part of his restoration of law and order in the country. And that is reopening of the investigations of Gowdy and all the files, transcripts and testimony of Clinton, Lynch, Mills and Comey.
    Who we all can see by now just what a contemptible, corrupt, on the take, political hack he really is. From leaks to the NYT to his illegal dismissal of charges against Clinton, the PXC seduction of Lynch and the just revealed correspondence over his declaration of Clintons “innocence” and her exoneration before any of the evidence or testimony had been examined. Comey’s actions alone prove how low we’ve sunk into a lawless country, especially when at the top of the heap are those who make our laws and are supposed to enforce them…EQUALLY!

    A nation of separate laws for the elites and the rest of us cannot be tolerated. It’s the same kind stuff that caused Marie and Louie to lose their heads. I don’t recommend we resort to the use of the guillotine yet! Prison garb or racketeering indictments, enormous fines and the seizure of Clintons assets for a starter would be satisfactory.


  5. Jersey Jack says:

    BTW…Harvey’s destruction and damages have been declared far worse than Katrina. Yet all those images coming out of Houston, Corpus, Richmond show just how superior Texans are in their behavior, spirit, courage, generosity and respect for each other than some of their neighbors in Louisiana 12 years ago. Yes…everything they do in Texas is BIGGER…as are their hearts and exceptional ability to just get along. No whining, no rioting, no selfishness. They have set the bar and an example for the entire country of what real people are capable of in times of catastrophes. And the few looters are seeing the business end of shotguns, as they should. If it’s food you need, fine. But not flat screen TV’s. Texas will be back.


  6. bunkerville says:

    Waiting for a new conservative Cable news channel to take old…. Fox is going down hill…The only change will be if people really get the the reality of what we are up against.


  7. Kid says:

    Jack, Right now I’d settle for removing the saboteurs.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro! Are you okay? I got fearful reading your comment….??????
    I’m so sorry to hear you’re not feeling great.
    I must say I love your new lyrics…they work well… and it’s SO SAD that they are SO RIGHT.

    Bunkerville…there’s supposedly some new channel coming, isn’t there? All America News doesn’t have what it takes, sadly.

    Kid, I too wonder why they left so many Obama people there..>BIG BIG MISTAKE.

    Jack, sad observation about TX vs Louisiana….but true. I wish I didn’t agree with you on your comment about this country anymore….I can barely think abouut it sometimes…I look at the litttle ones in my family and don’t love the country they’re inheriting…and it’ll only get worse.

    Mustang; maybe more than all these things the leftist groups are getting away with, the fact that the media promotes it is worse…because how does one fight THAT?


  9. Mustang says:

    @ Bunkerville … I particularly enjoy One America News (OAN) …


  10. bocopro says:

    Nah . . . I’m fine. Or as fine as a 76-yr-old with a lifetime of self-indulgence behind him can be.

    The remark about bacon is a dark-humor joke. Long story my e-mail addee list is quite familiar with based on my cardiac history.

    The remark about nothin hurtin today refers to those wanderin mystery pains that come with age . . . one day a knee, next day a shoulder, then a wrist, then lower back — and ALWAYS the thumbs.

    I don’t make much of the pains I wake up with, but do mention those rare occasions when I get up with NOTHIN hurtin in the mornin.

    But . . . given how I’ve abused my back, my extremities, my hide, my teeth, my lungs, my kidneys, my liver, and my digestive system, I’m generally happy to get up and not find my name in the obituaries.

    ‘Course once in a while I get up dizzy, or just a tad tired, but who doesn’t. Glad I can still make the mornin walk with Monsterdawg, take a bike ride now and then, mow my own lawn, prune my own trees, trim my own shrubs, paint my own doors and trim . . . . . what’s a random ouch now and then compared to what a lotta people live with all the time.

    Life is good, ‘specially when the flood waters go back down and you got the floors replaced and the new sheetrock textured and painted. Steady retirement income is nice, too.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang…I’m highly disappointed in OAN, like I said above… you watch on line?
    I guess they haven’t the bucks to make it more appealing….and their news is FAR more comprehensive than most, but there’s something lackluster….I hope they’ll grow …and FAST.

    Bocopro …when I read “…occasional terrible pains in my chest.” I have to admit I was REAL fearful…but I suppose you are used to this stuff…. I’m sorry about all the aches and pains….
    Honestly, you’re a TOTAL INTELLECTUAL AND TALENTED TREASURE and maybe I don’t know you personally, but we need you around so I AM glad you’re a good patient, as you have said you take your pills, eat very wisely…(usually), and MRS BOCOPRO IS ON THE WARPATH , I’m SURE, in keeping you AROUND. I’m kinda fond of you in a big way, Bocopro…let me just say it that way, plain and simple.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    They’re on FOX now talking about oil and Houston and how that’ll affect all of us….what’s fabulous is the guy at the stock exchange talking to Leland Vitter was describing the great things the Trump admin is doing to hasten recovery….taking out restrictions, doing all they can to get the petroleum flowing again….quite a list of stuff; the kind of recovery thinking we NEED…


  13. geeez2014 says:

    TRUMP giving one million dollars to disaster relief.
    WIsh I could do that….what a great thing to do!


  14. Jersey Jack says:

    ” what’s a random ouch now and then compared to what a lotta people live with all the time.”
    No truer line was ever spoken…and “I complained I had no shoes until I saw the man with no feet!”

    “Honestly, you’re a TOTAL INTELLECTUAL AND TALENTED TREASURE and maybe I don’t know you personally, but we need you around…”

    Z…I’ll second that…he sure is…and along with Mustang…wowzer!


  15. Jersey Jack says:

    Z…so is Sandra Bullock and that kid Miley Cyprus or what ever it is giving 500K….and a couple others gave a million..AROD…cheap busters…only 25,000.He makes 25 million year plus too.


  16. Jersey Jack says:

    “They’re on FOX now talking about oil and Houston and how that’ll affect all of us….”
    Be prepared to get royally screwed over the next few weeks by the bandit gougers …especially at the Paki run outlets. Around here it’s already up 50 cents…and there is NO shortage of supply either. And remember that the tanker load they got last week for 75 cents a gallon less before Harvey will now rip us off for the cheap gas already in their tanks.


  17. bocopro says:

    Merci, mes amis. Not sure ’bout the “total intellectual” stuff . . . more like just havin hung around long enuf to collect a headful of clever aphorisms, cute vignettes, and bon mots.

    I’m a cunning plagiarist and a masterful copycat. Only difference ‘twixt me and t’others like me is that I freely admit it.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey, I have a hunch Trump’s folks are also going to get MUCH harder on gougers than America has before…

    Bocopro…”je vous en pris” XXX No, the only difference ‘twixt you and others IS that you’re so talented. ’nuff said 🙂

    EVERYBODY: Melania was asked by Trump with no prior hint, to talk about the hurricane and she did better than most First Ladies have done…REALLY good. She showed an intelligence and savvy I wasn’t sure about previously.. Until, of course, Trump totally screwed it by saying after “Hey, Steve, I didn’t even tell her she was going to talk..she did great, huh?” Poor Melania looked TICKED and so was I…My hubby’d have waited and told me in private…not like a 3 year old in a school play…


  19. Mal says:

    We were told her in Vegas the price of gas wouldn’t be affected, probably because we get ours via pipeline from So. Calif.
    And Jersey Jack, it was a Kardashian girl that donated the $1/2 mil. to the floods. My wife said on the t.v. news Dell just donated something like $36 mil. All who can afford it should also, out of common decency.
    As to the news, we’ve still been watching Fox, unaware of any other conservative channel.


  20. Jersey Jack says:

    Mal..”And Jersey Jack, it was a Kardashian girl that donated the $1/2 mil. to the floods.”
    Yes it was…thanks Mal I read that but it just slipped my mind…finally they make an admirable, noble contribution to their fellow citizens…whoda thunk it.


  21. John M. Berger says:

    I need to use 91 octane which, here in Denver, ranged from $2.60 to $3.00 this morning. Do you think this means some gouging might be going on? That’s not a real question.


  22. Silverlady says:

    Wally-World is matching donations I understand. And the very evil Soros is the major moneybags behind tjhe SPLC. I’ve heard that discussed on the Patriot channel in the car the last 2-3 days, along with the intentions of the Anti-fa & BLM. The bible according to Saul Alinsky, as funded by Soros.


  23. geeez2014 says:





  24. geeez2014 says:

    Here’s info about it…Trump write a letter, he reads it to some aids, his lawyer says “you’d better not send this” and MUELLER WANTS IT?
    You can’t even mouth off in frustration without the world getting the information?

    THIS STINKS…Trump doesn’t deserve this


  25. Mal says:

    John, there will always be gouging by some people. I also remember during WW ll when sailors attending a USO were being charged for packs of cigarettes being distributed by the Red Cross when it was suppose to be free. It sure gave the Red Cross a black eye ’cause word got around and a lot of folks stopped contributing to them, at the time, anyway. I guess there will always be unscrupulous individuals.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, the Trump people aren’t going to let the majority of the gougers go…they’re going to hear about gouging from the public and have already said they’re not going to let people screw others.

    I’m actually laughing watching CNN’s hurricane coverage; they’re trying SO VERY HARD to make it sound like Trump’s not working hard enough!
    They even interviewed General Honore, who worked on the Katrina recovery and says FEMA isn’t doing enough and they need more military on the ground………HONORE, KATRINA…..That’s a guy you want to believe? After the nightmare that was Katrina? Incidentally, someone who’d been with FEMA during Bush said he totally disagreed with Honore, much to Erin Burnett’s chagrin, saying this gov’t is doing an excellent job!

    It’s actually great to see CNN SINKING…….drowning faster than homes in Houston…
    but I’ve had enough CNN for today 🙂 I can only do 15 minutes or so, but it’s well worth the peek.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    and now they’ve got Houston’s Mayor saying “TRUMP HAS NOT SPOKEN TO ME”…

    Brother! I’m hoping the mayor’s concentrating on relief for his people more than he is whining about not getting attention!


  28. -FJ says:

    Donations to NGO’s (like the SPLC) are what funds the Left.


  29. z says:

    No doubt about , FJ


  30. Jersey Jack says:

    OT..Mark Steyn nails washerman shultz tonight….here it is on PJ Media


  31. geeez2014 says:

    AHA! I finally can comment from my cell phone! HURRAH!

    Jack, that’s great, I love Steyn, but I’m tiring of reading information like this and knowing it’s on deaf ears with most of America. It’s SO depressing to know the truth, to have real thinkers write like this, and “who cares?”
    so much is being ignored, …
    Now we ALL see how the dishonest media, or government-owned media, of countries can overcome democracy and truth and turn the country into a cesspool.. And this is what we’re facing today; a lying, self-indulgent, horribly dishonest media. And nobody’s doing a THING about it 😦


  32. z says:

    You passed!


  33. Mal says:

    Z, you gotta give the public more credit than thinking they believe all the BS from the left. If they did, Hillary would be in the WH. Lincoln said it best:
    “You can s*** some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t s*** all of the people, all of the time”. (or something like that!).


  34. Kid says:

    Great Scott Z. You’ve done it. You’ve come up with the answer of why the democrats have so many truly ugly people in high positions. We can’t stand to look at them so we don’t watch !


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