A Comparison of HATE

When Obama was president, nearly every day I was dismayed at something he’d done….whether it was executive orders on Friday nights (hilarious that the Left tried to slam Trump for that two weeks ago when Obama did it so often even they finally noted it!), or how he started his legacy of racial animosity with the Professor Henry Gates thing, or when he accepted the  Nobel Prize instead of saying “For ME?  What did I DO?”  or the hideous Fast and Furious nightmare, or the IRS’ treatment of Conservatives…Lois Lerner, etc etc…….or how about when Michelle wore clothing that (to be kind) didn’t look the best on her and the media called her “an amazing fashion ICON”?  We could all go on and on and ON and on…….Eight years of of our saying “WHAT?”  Even NOW, Obama is misrepresenting the DACA thing quite badly….and the media’s right there fomenting hatred instead of at least trying to tell the truth!

MANY Conservatives, young and old, were upset the last eight years with Obama’s actions…but we put up with it.  I’m not saying we didn’t criticize!  We did!  But did Conservative young people destroy property over Obama’s election?  Did news stations cry because Obama was elected?  Did Conservatives say he was INSANE?   Again, we could all go ON and on and ON……..

Answer:  NO.   Conservatives were tough on Obama, but not violent.  Not as hate filled.  Not attacking his mental health, etc. Frankly, I could slam Obama pretty good on my site, but I don’t have it in me to begin to be as hateful as leftwingers on our blogs are now, or as hateful as cable news is toward Trump, etc.

SO, what IS it about Conservatives versus Leftwingers?   Remember when Tony Snow died and the HuffPost crashed from the huge amount of revelry on its site from Dems who apparently had despised him?   In comparison, when Ted Kennedy died, I searched Conservative sites and found very few negative comments, mostly, it was “I didn’t agree with the guy, but I wish his family the best.”    When Cheney had heart problems, the Left blogged things like “Man, he didn’t die AGAIN! Damn!”      And, again…we could go on and on……….

What’s the difference?  What makes Conservative love the Constitution and Leftwingers are so bent on changing it?  What about the appearance of young leftwingers and young rightwingers at political conventions?  OBVIOUSLY, I GENERALIZE…I’ve met some pretty ‘funky’ Conservative kids in LA, believe it or not.  And I know there are very decent Democrat young people…but IN GENERAL, there’s a big and almost scary difference.

I honestly and seriously thought a lot about this post because I don’t like to over generalize, but after years of blogging and reading leftwing blogs, and seeing leftwing reactions on the blogs and in the streets (especially the recent and intense hatred toward all things American, Constitutional and Conservative), do you agree with me?  Or do you believe Conservatives act as hate-filled as Leftwingers?     Even NOW, Obama is misrepresenting the DACA thing quite badly….the media’s right there fomenting hatred instead of at least trying to tell the truth!



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40 Responses to A Comparison of HATE

  1. Kid says:

    Z, the left are 3 year old hate filled brats. Period. Because of this I don’t expect anything from them and I ignore them as much as is possible. obama? if I heard him speaking more than 15 minutes beyond the first 15 minutes of his campaign in 2006, I’d be shocked. I don’t expose myself to filth intentionally.

    3 yr old hate filled brats. No more analysis of the left is required.


  2. Baysider says:

    Kid + 1. They are, as a group, unhappy people. Conservatives ARE happier. Lefties are, as a group, more into the “politics of meaning.” They look to “politics” for means. Conservatives as a group find meaning elsewhere.

    So when these lefties want to trample down a highly functional governance contract and ‘change’ everything, they are dissatisfied, unhappy with the realities of the human condition and perpetually believe they can fix, twist, amend, destroy what IS to create some ideal (like Michael Moore they may have nothing in mind except “change”). When a realist stands in their way they pout.


  3. Mustang says:

    Borrowing from Plato, our country is what it is because our citizens are what they are. I do not believe that any of our founding fathers would recognize America for what it has become. Nearly half of us are hate-filled, self-loathing slugs; about one-quarter are too stupid, too lazy, or too self-centered to realize what is happening to our country, and the remainder (conservative minded citizens) are working as hard as they can to inform society of viable alternatives to leftist hate. It’s an uphill battle and one that we can’t win. No one living today will even recognize what America will become in another 100 years.


  4. -FJ says:

    Leftism is the ideology of rebellion. The status quo can never be good enough, it must always be “improved” and those ideas for “improving” it must always come from the Left. Because the Left REALLY cares MORE.


  5. Mal says:

    Another big difference between the left and right is you can’t sit down quietly and intelligently discuss the issues with a liberal. If they did, they realize they’d lose the argument. Denial, lying and mud slinging is all they know. Don’t confuse them with facts or even videos of proof.


  6. There is a spiritual component to the fractioning of our country and of our civilization between left and right.
    The left is pretty much anti-god and anti-religion.
    The left is pretty much well represented by the French Revolution which was characterized by its persecution of the church.
    It is a rebellion against structure and morality. Therefore structure and morality has no constraints upon it.


  7. bocopro says:

    In the final analysis, it all comes down to nazism and racism.

    Now . . . the important part of that overgeneralization is knowing just what IS a nazi or a racist.
    Fortunately, the two terms share a simple definition:

    Anyone who uses facts and logic to win an argument with a liberal.


  8. Bocopro says that it comes down to Nazism and racism but actually it comes down to Fascism and fascism is an ideology that depends on the rule of a strong man. A dictator. Which is antithetical to our constitution. The left has seen fit to abrogate the rule of the Constitution by applauding the unilateral power of executive orders under Obama. That is fascism.


  9. Kid says:

    The left is anti-religion because they hate being reminded of their sins.


  10. Mustang says:

    @ Kid … I think the left is anti-religious because it is impossible for them to accept the notion that God knows more than they do.


  11. Kid says:

    Mustang, Agree.


  12. I agree with Ed about the spiritual component.


  13. Jersey Jack says:

    I adopted an easy and succesful solution to my liberal problem. I purged them all from life, contacts, holidays, communications…period. I don’t invite into my home any longer…they’re just unwelcome.
    They’ll figure it out when there’s no more invitations Christmas,Thanksgiving, Passover….and I save money. I don’t have to feed them or supply drink.

    Baysider is right. They’re all unhappy, nasty and ugly slugs.


  14. Jersey Jack says:

    I was thinking…maybe sending them all copies of the Book of Exodus? Think they’ll get the hint?


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, 3 year olds, for sure.

    Baysider…and the ‘change’ has to be on their terms…always what seems “nice” no matter how it hurts others….This is what sells liberalism to young people; it tugs at their heart strings, misrepresenting truth …and it has the support of teachers and the media

    Mustang, I’m not sure I recognize what this country’s become!

    FJ! Just read your comment after I’d written mine to Baysider! YES YES YES…the “LEFT CARES MORE” The Right apparently doesn’t care about clean air and water, right? It hates the elderly and wants them on the street…etc etc….Do you think Democrats even stop to THINK how NUTS that sounds?

    Mal! So true…even videos don’t work on them, seeing things with their own eyes….they’ll find a way to pervert it to their cause!

    Ed “It is a rebellion against structure and morality. Therefore structure and morality has no constraints upon it.” that is exactly right…well put.

    bocopro…good one! AND Fascism, as Ed suggests…

    KID AND MUSTANG…they also hate to think someone ELSE is in control, don’t they. Or may (gasp!) JUDGE them! In this new America nobody gets JUDGED…
    Some years ago, I came up with the phrase “When anything goes, EVERYTHING goes”…and I think that’s right, don’t you?

    Jersey…a sis of mine posted on FB yesterday something about DACA….she’s as smart as they come but liberals just don’t get DACA….they don’t bother to get the FACTS of what Trump did versus the FEELINGS of it….they should be embarrassed for their failure of curiosity, just buying into their Trump hate and figuring he was mean again.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    But there’s also a MEANNESS….an ability to lie and twist facts like I don’t see much.

    I’m not exonerating all Conservatives or Cons. media, and I know I obviously see the Left through a Conservative lens, no doubt about it …

    One cannot ignore the HORRID treatment of Tony Snow I mentioned in my post, for example….or the AWFUL death wishes to Cheney.

    These things, I have NOT SEEN on Conservative blogs about liberals. I just haven’t. And I HAVE LOOKED. This is something DIFFERENT…a TRUE HATE.


  17. Kid says:

    This is the country you get when you give uneducated losers too many inches. obama gave them an inch a day for 8 years. They’re totally out of control now.


  18. Bottom line—–when you HATE YOURSELF, how in the world can you not hate everyone else? They are very unhappy people and I believe they really do hate themselves, I know I certainly do! Even more so is respect. They have NONE—for themselves or others, especially law enforcement, hence black lives matter etc.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…that is SO TRUE…thanks…we all need to ponder that…..you REALLY nailed it….and our teachers are encouraging a whole generation of uneducated losers because God forbid the teacher gets fired for failing to do his/her job, right? (not nailing all teachers, I know really wonderful teachers, of course) Kid, another problem is that the liberal teachers have no problem indoctrinating, the conservative teachers I know prefer to teach kids all sides and to think on their own. Well…you see what honesty gets us, right?

    HI AVERAGE AMERICAN! Good to see you! You make an excellent point, too. How can you be sad Dick Cheney didn’t DIE when you have love in your heart? Right? How can you celebrate a young father’s death (Tony Snow) if you have love in your heart!?

    YET< these are the people who feel they are loving and conservatives are not because we believe more in a kind of corporate TOUGH LOVE…where Americans need to be what Americans were the last 250 years; self reliant, independent, ashamed of taking gov't help unless it was really needed, etc.


  20. Mustang says:

    I believe that Average American is absolutely correct. I am so sick and tired of “self-loathing” Americans, whether Jews, Blacks, trans-genders, or simply morons who graduated in the top of their class at Brain-wash High School. Imagine … birthed in the land of milk and honey, and yet all they can come up with in their daily dose of imbecilic rhetoric, the leftist talking points. You know them by now: America is racist, unexceptional, (fill in the blank)-phobic, Donald Trump is a hater, and his wife wears high-heels. None of these ass-bags has ever stood up for America when their country needed them. All they can do is tear her down. There is an axiom that fits perfectly in this scenario: if you don’t have a solution, you’re part of the problem. Leftists disgust me …


  21. Jersey Jack says:

    “just buying into their Trump hate and figuring he was mean again”

    Which exposes the complete asininity and lack of thought in their flawed pea sized brains.One could say all laws that are meat to punish or demand conformity could be, by their silly definitions “mean or unfair or notice” or any other boneheads rationalizations. Well…knowing that they believe “feelings and fairness “trumps all…should we just abandon those laws because they are meant to punish? So a bank robber needed the money ( obviously ), should he be set free and not face jail time too because it would “break the family apart” if he was sent to jail? How cruel, right?

    These fools need a special kind of contempt. Especially those pro bono lawyers that keep death row inmates alive for 20+ years while the immediate family members suffer and the murderers / killer gets fat, eating three squares a day …. free medical care…HBO…. and legal aid? I offer Kate Steinle’s family as a most recent example of the injustice of…”justice”. A five time illegal gets 5 pony tailed lawyers form the old Weathermen gang, Mark Rudd, Bill Ayers days or the Symbionese Liberation Army’s lawyers? Imagine our world descending into that apocalypse.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    One of the things I KNOW is that if Americans don’t respect their country, we shouldn’t expect outsiders to. If we have what I call our “Big dirty doormat” immigration policy “Come on, come all, and don’t worry about breaking our laws, we’re doing that FOR YOU!”

    How can we expect immigrants to learn our language, to absorb American culture? WHY BOTHER?


  23. Jersey Jack says:

    “How can we expect immigrants to learn our language”…

    Well…we already enable them in every way possible…Press 1 and dual languages on ballots, big box stores. Why should they bother to learn? We’re supposed to learn how to speak their language ( assuming they can at least do that )…I mean, for our society to dare expect or demand entertain any expectations we have for them…are simply…mean, unfair and racist, right?

    So…you come here illegally, you wait it out and work illegally for a few years….Congress is useless and wants it all just to go away because their one month breaks or vacations are coming up and god knows they’re so overworked…so they want to just grant amnesty, make empty bool sheet promises that they never keep, like making sure they’ll learn English, pay a fine….LOL..yup…pay a fine and get your citizenship here folks…step right up…..over here, step right up.

    It’s the American carnival with McCain and Pelousy and the Chuckles Schoomer as the carny barkers. and give the criminals citizenship because it’s easier to do than enforce our laws right? And anything else would be just so…mean. Yes..the law is mean …so of course…lets never enforce them.


  24. Mustang says:

    I see a direct correlation between the attitudes of Democrats in Congress vis-à-vis DACA and the Fourteenth Amendment.

    A review: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    The problem is that none of the authors of this amendment, or any legislature in the United States at the time, envisioned “anchor babies.” An analogy: if I perpetrate fraud against the estate of a deceased person by submitting to probate court a fraudulent will, which entitled me to that person’s entire estate, am I legally entitled to that estate? Of course not … and so a person who comes to the United States illegally for the purpose of depositing their spawn within our borders is similarly not entitled to citizenship or any of the benefits thereof. In my mind, this is not difficult to understand.

    What is happening here is that Nancy McCain and Chuckles Schumer are doing no more than pandering for votes for the Democratic Party. It is out of the playbook of LBJ, who envisioned blacks voting Democratic for the next 200 years owing to passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (just prior to LBJ’s election the following November) and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which enabled people to vote even if they didn’t know who was running for the presidency.

    Jersey Jack is right … it is a carnival, and these political swine are trampling all over the spirit and intent of the United States Constitution. My question is … how long will we allow these traitors to get away with it?


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Jack, that’s my point…I’m not saying they shouldn’t have to learn our language, it’s that we make it so easy for them not to it’s like we don’t have a shred of self respect in this country.
    My own granddad learned excellent English when he came here legally at the age of 9…..never went to much high school and ended up owning the 3 best grocery store/butcher shops in Troy, NY. How? He LOVED being here, recognized his luck, and worked hard….. right?
    We ALL have stories like this, I’m sure.

    Mustang, absolutely true and that’s my point: These immigrants are NOT THE IMMIGRANTS OF BEFORE>>>. those immigrants couldn’t wait to learn the language, go to school, succeed, BE AMERICANS! Some still are like that, but we need to hear more from them and less from those protesting for THEIR RIGHTS in OUR COUNTRY. Yes, they’re building votes for their Dem party….and leftwingers are dumb enough to buy into it and Hispanics don’t get it.
    BUT, I honestly believe they’re waking up. I really do.


  26. “When anything goes, EVERYTHING goes”


  27. As for the land of milk and honey (as Mustang said) producing ungrateful brats,
    I’m prepping to teach Isaiah tonight.
    The Jews of old were the same way before being carried away to Babylon.
    We are importing Babylon.


  28. Jersey Jack says:

    Right before our very eyes….. the baby boomers or the stupidest most corrupt and idiotic generation post WW2, are as determined to destroy this country as much or more than they did in the 60’s! The hippies are in power now, in places like the EPA and many more bureaucracy imaginable. Members of an insane, unpopular, untrustworthy, banal , despicable, hated Congress ever. Here they are being paid by us , coming off a month long siesta and are they doing the business of the people?
    Nope….. non citizens take priority over native citizens today. These idiots are obsessed with people who are here that shouldn’t be and arguing over ways to keep them here as if they were as precious as a cancer cure or they were worth $60,000 an ounce! A super platinum maybe?
    Yes…. our feelings are more important than enforcing the laws on the books
    We’re a joke…. plainly s joke to the rest of the world and being tested by them… pansies who will be challenged day after day now. Look at the. countries lining up to kick out incompetemt asses.. And we’ll be alone. Don’t expect anyone to help us out.
    You know who they are.


  29. Kid says:

    Honestly. Beautifully Explained.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, my pastor recently said “We need to realize America’s Babylon, but the best Babylon! ” I think he’s right.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I have seen that video and it’s shocking.
    Also, I read a David Baldacci crime book recently and it was written about 10 years ago, and he says in the novel “..the Russians, who are planning to take America over by bringing in drugs and pushing for legalization so they can erode whole generations and destroy America from within.”



  32. geeez2014 says:

    On Carlson’s show tonight the editor of the Libertarian magazine REASON said she didn’t see a moral responsibility to keep jobs here over sending jobs to Chinese people in China.
    And more…anybody see it?

    I STILL get stunned by people like this….is it ME?


  33. geeez2014 says:

    you’ve got to love Planned Parenthoood Re DACA “Here at Planned Parenthood, we believe that every person has THE RIGHT TO LIVE”



  34. Jersey Jack says:

    Signing off ….good night Irma..


  35. geeez2014 says:

    and Good Luck, Jersey Jack… Or should I say “Miami Jack!”? GOOD LUCK, friend!


  36. cube says:

    Mustang’s comment , ” I think the left is anti-religious because it is impossible for them to accept the notion that God knows more than they do.” was spot on. The arrogance of the left is breathtaking and I don’t mean that in a good way.


  37. cube says:

    Re: Hurricane Irma, many predict we are in its path, but it’s too early to say where the final destination will be, As Floridians, we’ve experienced many other storms, but nothing the likes of this monster. We’ve prepared, as we do every year, but this one scares the devil out of me, prepared or not. We’re in watch mode right now & checking the weather forecast frequently. I guess time will tel l where this devil will land. Prayers will be heartily accepted.


  38. Jersey Jack says:

    CUBE…sorry friend…I’m no optimist ….I expect the worst and the models prove it. This hits some of the most populated ares of Florida…the east coast and we’re looking at a total melt down for Florida. We’re screwed not matter what way you look at it or who in the end gets the worst of it. Here in Palm Beach County, probably the most populous in the state, we lucked out last October with Matthew. I feel like I’m in the movie “Final Destination” where you escape death once…but in the end it still wants to get you…and it does. On the above map ..I’m at 8PM Sunday.


  39. Jersey Jack says:

    “Every politician swears up and down that he wants a “secure border.” But then these same politicians go absolutely berserk when Trump says he wants to build a wall.

    They say we’ll get enforcement right after the amnesty. That’s obviously absurd. When the tub is overflowing, water pouring out of the faucet, across the carpets, down the stairs, up the dining room walls, we don’t debate whether we’re going to dry clean the curtains or throw them out. We don’t argue about whether to use a mop or towels. FIRST: Turn off the water.

    As long as both political parties stoutly refuse to build the wall, we know they are not serious about ever stopping illegal immigration. (Luckily, the Constitution gives the commander in chief full authority to protect our borders, with or without congressional approval.)

    We know what happened after the Reagan amnesty. We know politicians and the media are lying to us. Why, some of the politicians who lied to us then are lying to us today, for example, Chuck Schumer.

    No matter how innocent and lamblike a “Dreamer” they produce to tear at our heartstrings, it won’t work anymore. Decades of their perfidy has made sympathy impossible.

    It’s as if, night after night, Paul Ryan knocked on our door and asked us to take in one helpless orphan and, night after night, we crack open our door, only to be set upon by 30 armed felons with tire chains and brass knuckles.

    At a certain point, Ryan might actually produce a sad orphan. Who knows? It’s theoretically possible. But we could not be faulted for not opening the door.

    Politicians and the press are themselves responsible for thoroughly killing any human sympathy Americans may have had for illegal immigrants — even the “Dreamers” (whom Ivanka adores, but would die before sending her kids to a school jam-packed with them).

    The only question is: Will anyone in Washington ever listen?”



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