GOT A CAPTION? Or just a thought!?

*Mal sent me this and I started wondering if this will catch on (most things finally do) and what possesses “men” to want to dress like that, and what you thought.*

Is it just my old fashioned traditional aesthetic that makes me really sad when I see the differences from then and now, or IS THIS NUTS?  Or does it really matter what people wear?  I think so.   DO YOU?

Got a caption?  And what are your thoughts?

Z  (*Thanks, Mal)

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23 Responses to GOT A CAPTION? Or just a thought!?

  1. bocopro says:

    Ou sont les Vikings d’antan?

    European men today resemble their predecessors of the Age of Exploration in much the same way as tofu resembles a filet mignon.

    As Gloria Steinem once remarked, “Ladies, we are fast becoming the men we once wanted to marry,” and gender has degenerated into a state of mind, often depending upon the temperature of the wine and the consistency of the brie.

    I say, “Damn the cholesterol. Full steak ahead!” and “Let the plaque lodge where it may.”


  2. That guy on the left? that’s me.
    On the right? I don’t hang out in places like that.


  3. Adrienne says:

    I find the current “fashion” of tattoos much more alarming. It seems everywhere I go now I see (older) women (usually chunky) festooned with ink. Ugh.


  4. Kid says:

    My first thought was do an image search on guys with tattoos and peircings.. Suggest with safe seearch on. Or women for that matter. Earings, nose rings, face full of metal, ceramic rings in the ear lobes like they do in African jungles. IMO – a sure sign of mental disease. Same with the guy on the right in that picture as far as I’m concerned too.


  5. Kid says:

    Adrienne, our comments crossed in the mail. You’re right. The heaviest most unattractive women I see around here have lots of ugly tatoos, multi colored neon color hair, and wear the worst possible clothing for their shapes. ie, people of walmart is a good example.


  6. bocopro says:

    When I was a VERY young man, back around 1959 or so, I ran into this statuesque and heart-breakingly beautiful girl who liked to introduce herself as “Happy,” primarily because she wasn’t happy with her given name, Harriett. I learned later it was a mockingly sarcastic tag; she wasn’t happy with anything.

    After a group snowball fight outside the “Hub,” the student campus hangout, she asked me to hold her coat and watch the door while she stood in a side doorway to change out of her shirt, which was wet from having snow jammed down the neck of her jacket by some of the revelers. Her sweater apparently wasn’t too awfully soaked.

    Being a healthy young male, I snuk a peek and saw that she had tramp stamps on her shoulderblades, one like a butterfly and the other some sort of bird, I think. Both were where ordinary clothing would hide them, but it occurred to me that a girl with her endowments would certainly show ’em off in a bathing suit during nice weather.

    Later over hot chocolate and grilled-cheese sammidges at the Hub, I asked her why she’d done that to herself; I mean, tats weren’t popular with girls back in them days. She mumbled some silliness about her stepmother and rebellion and independence and all that, which WAS popular with kids back then, but one of her friends put it all in perspective for me:

    “Why would you paint something permanent on your skin that you wouldn’t even consider hanging in your living room?”

    Never forgot that critique. I’ve heard many versions of it since that time, and it still makes sense to me. Milady & I have scars from surgery, and I have a few from bar fights, but we’ve remained ink-free, and so — so far — have all our children and grandchildren.

    I strongly dislike even the smallest tattoos on women, ANY women, even those innocuous little trinkets on the ankle. I’m not particularly offended, just disappointed . . . and automatically suspicious.


  7. Tattoos on women? Ick!

    Just wait till those tattoos get some age on the them!


  8. Kid says:

    Tattoo. Would I commit to having a given bumper sticker on every car I ever drive? Nope.

    And these things aren’t cheap either.


  9. Baysider says:

    Bocopro + 1 twice!
    Caption: Doctor’s best efforts fail, patient lost


  10. david drake says:

    “This is what happens when you go Vegan.”


  11. John M. Berger says:



  12. Mal says:

    It reminded me of the gal that had a tattoo of her fiancés face tattooed on her right breast, but after breaking up with him, had the face of her second fiancés face tattooed on her left breast. Alas, she later broke off with him also then became engaged and married a 3rd fellow who she had managed to keep him from seeing the tattoos. Upon explaining then showing her new husband on their wedding night, she was shocked to see him laughing hysterically and asked him why, and he apologized for laughing and said he can’t help thinking in 30 years what long faces they’re gonna have!


  13. geeez2014 says:

    MAL!! That’s cute!

    JMB…HILARIOUS……I love that.

    David…!!! HA!

    Bocopro…I have to admit I’ve toyed with a very tiny butterfly or something…somewhere…but never did it and now I certainly will not … You said “I’m not particularly offended, just disappointed . . . and automatically suspicious.” SO well said…you said a thousand things here…
    I wish you’d write a series of essays or collect all you’ve got and do some basic editing and get them to a publisher….SO GOOD

    EVERYBODY: Kid is right…the bigger and (let’s face it) uglier the woman, the more tats, or so it seems…maybe it’s a diversionary tactic? (smile)

    Do you know I have trouble watching chefs on the Food Channel cooking when they have arms full of ink? I know that’s silly, but it always puts me off…as if they’re cooking with dirt on them. Not sure why it affects me that way. In general, I’m not fond of all that stuff.
    I’m not averse to one nice tattoo on some hunky guy’s right bicep….tell you the truth, but I don’t want them around the neck peeping over a shirt, or out of the guy’s sleeves….YUCKO!


  14. I’ve never been tempted to get a tattoo since I never wanted any incriminating permanent markings should the police ever catch up with me.


  15. Mal says:

    Right, Ed, and besides that, like I believe Z pointed out in an earlier blog, you don’t put bumper stickers on a Ferrari.


  16. FJ. at least Cary hid it.


  17. Kid says:

    Ok, I admit it. I’ve got a tattoo of the X-15 space plane on my butt.


  18. Do Not Prove That!!!!


  19. cube says:

    I must admit that in my youth I wanted a tattoo in the day when they were a bit forbidden and not everywhere like they are nowadays. It was supposed to be very small and very private… Yeah, well I never followed through because I’m phobic about needles.

    You made a funny comment about chefs and their sleeve tats… no, they’re not contaminating your food. Anyone who wants to cook for me can do so, tats or no tats.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    cube, I’m well aware they’re not really dirty…but all that ink turns me off around food! Go figure!

    Kid, I’m with Ed on that tattoo of yours 🙂


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