Limbaugh and Irma…….and our friends


(Pray for Imp, Bunkerville, Bocopro and Cube, all of whom are in Florida….and for EVERYBODY in Florida….!)


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54 Responses to Limbaugh and Irma…….and our friends

  1. Adrienne says:

    It’s looking scary down there.


  2. -FJ says:

    I agree with Rush. The media over-hype everything. Even Irma.


  3. I gotta say, I asked for prayers for Ruth H, a christian who blogs at
    Rockport was ground Zero for Harvey. I just got an e-mail from her. Relatively unscathed!
    Prayer works, God listens.


  4. Jersey Jack says:

    Thanks Ms. Z…Mr. bocopro in the Pensacola and panhandle region too perhaps?


  5. geeez2014 says:

    FJ, you call what’s happening over-hype? I think they’re doing it for safety. Better safe than sorry. And, of course, there’s “better safe so they can’t SUE the state for not warning us sufficiently!”

    FreeThinke, too, is in Sarasota, so I’m very worried about him. I’m sure he did not evacuate.

    Ed, Rockport certainly wasn’t unscathed. And the other Christians have lost homes, etc, but I’m sure glad your friend Ruth is ‘unscathed’.



  6. geeez2014 says:

    You just can’t make this stuff up…Jennifer Lawrence, too, thinks it’s CLIMATE DENIAL which has brought on this hurricane.

    Bill Maher, Mr. Atheist and hateful toward Christians, suddenly decides God is causing the hurricanes because people in those areas are Republicans and deny climate change

    MY GOD…Please teach them…teach them to stop hate, to open their minds to all opinions, to pray for forgiveness and mercy for all.


  7. -FJ says:

    Miami was evacuated, but is no longer a target of Irma. Over hype. Next time, wait until the probabilities are more certain. Yes there’s less time, but there’s also less “waste”.


  8. -FJ says:

    …and the State that lets them be sued for “insufficient warning” has fools for judges.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Miami got lucky…there was a good chance the storm wouldn’t turn left…
    Anyway, FJ…if Miami had been hit like it might have (and it’s not over yet), we’d be outraged that people weren’t warned. You don’t have time to wait until probabilities are more certain! Less waste could mean more deaths…

    And yes, they will be sued….which is awful, you’re right about that.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    JMB: Pursuant to our conversation last night, this is good news

    The article comes real close to telling the outcome of Payne’s lawsuit but never does say how it concluded…”At the time, Payne denied the allegations and said he would fight to clear his name.”

    Seems to me that he must have either settled with money or it actually was proven that he hadn’t had an affair with a woman who then charged FOX never had her on again after she’d broken the affair off.
    My question is this: What man fights to clear his name if he did do the deed? Wouldn’t you rather hide and pay then fight, which could get uglier? I think he was probably innocent, tho what do I know?

    ANyway, Payne is back. And NO articles I could find are saying how the suit concluded. From the leftwing media, if he IS found innocent, I’d say THAT’s why they’re not giving that information…God forbid he was innocent, right? 🙂


  11. Kid says:

    These celebrity idiots are as stupid and loathsome as the long hair and a beard moslem vermin that blame earthquakes on naughty moslem women


  12. geeez2014 says:

    BY the way, Kid…Maher doesn’t believe in God but he suddenly thinks the hurricanes are due to people who don’t believe in climate change? So, who does he THINK is punishing them with hurricanes..mother nature? 🙂


  13. -FJ says:

    The evacuation calls are always based upon the “last” hurricane, never the “current” one. Miami isn’t Houston. And calling it 4 days out was stupid.


  14. Kid says:

    Maybe he believes in satan


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Fj…I disagree, but thanks!

    Kid, maybe he does. He seems to emulate him 🙂


  16. Mal says:

    Its a tough choice, folks. Stay or evacuate. The forecasters can be mocked for predicting either way. After all, the science has only been practical since the launching of weather satellites. Before that what did we have to make predictions, really? The Farmers Almanac? In reality, it was probably the most trusted at the time due to its accuracy. As for Russ Limbaugh, hey! The guy was wrong and wasn’t alone in his thinking either, but he should now admit it.


  17. cube says:

    I thought I heard my name. It’s a beautiful day outside. The calm before the storm. Our windows are boarded, we’ve got tons of supplies, and we’re in hunkering down mode. We’re used to these storms and we pray to God that we’ll get though this one, too. That said, your prayers are gratefully accepted. .


  18. -FJ says:

    The problem, Mal, is that the predictions aren’t all that accurate, and a seven day forecast is seen by the public to carry the same weight as a three day forecast. Until you get to the three day level though, they’re not really “actionable”. The mayor and city officials should know, BETTER.


  19. -FJ says:

    Here’s the forecast track error for a hurricane (within 67% accuracy) based upon when forcast made.

    67th Percentile

    012h – 29 n mi
    024h – 45 n mi
    036h – 63 n mi
    048h – 78 n mi
    072h – 107n mi
    096h – 159n mi
    120h – 211n mi

    So basically a track forecast 12 hours out is 9-10x more accurate than one five days out.


  20. John M. Berger says:

    ” After all, the science has only been practical since the launching of weather satellites”
    Hey, with Al Gore we don’t need no stinkin satellites!


  21. -FJ says:

    At five days out a hurricane track at the 67th percentile has an 1800 n mile track “error bar”.


  22. -FJ says:

    erratum – at the 100th percentile (certainty) it’s a 1,800 n mile error bar.


  23. -FJ says:

    It become a “science” when you can achieve 6 sigma forecast accuracy. 99.9997%


  24. Baysider says:

    Part of that hubbub over Limbaugh’s comments stem from THIS attitude by the leftie media: Huffpo called THIS “misinformation” spread by Limbaugh – “Al Gore and other climate change activists had warned of bigger and more powerful storms hitting the U.S. every year because of climate change.” I also recall Gore implied we’d see a 20-ft sea rise about now in his first cash-raker scare flick.

    Prayers to all our friends in the PATH.


  25. Kid says:

    Sorry, Im too lazy to do the research, but I am confident several of the last prior years were supposed to be very heavy hurricane seasons and nada. This is simply a case of a blind squirrel finding a nut every 10 or so years.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Fj…do you get that preparing for the worst is better than feeling like “it’s too early to tell?” The stats don’t help me feel a bit different.

    Baysider, Gore was saying the oceans will rise as he bought a house practically IN the water in Monterey, CA 🙂 Hanging on a strip of land just over the ocean…

    Kid, that’s right….it’s NOT like other hurricanes, every expert is saying it’s far far worse…they’re actually saying worst in 25 years or something


  27. bocopro says:

    Lemme just post my daily e-mail rant here — first two paragraphs germane:

    Beautimous day shapin up out there. Clear, cool, just a puff of breeze, big ol’ nearly mull foon. Not a hint of rough weather . . . . ‘cept there seems to be somethin wrong with Venus this mornin — got some kinda bulge on the left side, like somebody left a door hangin open.

    Or it coulda just been a floater in my eye. Anyway, checked the forecast and as of 0500 today, apparently all we’re gonna get here next to Mobile Bay is some breeziness tomorrow and Monday, but not even a hint of the Irma’s outer rain skirts.

    Dawg made passing remarks at several people this mornin, one of whom was a scroungy-lookin stray cat sleepin by the coi pond at the Japanese restaurant. Heard a long-haired kid talkin to his girlfriend by the Tom Thumb, sayin, “Next week I s’pose we’ll be worried about Brazil or Australia or somethin.”

    Pretty astute comment. I mean, the media goes into a feeding frenzy on whatever for about a week, then they charge madly off to the next crisis and beat us to death with that one until they figger we’re pretty much fed up with it.

    Kid’s pushin 6’ 3” with long scraggly blonde hair, works the mid-to-dawn shift at the Tom Thumb about 3 days a week. His girlfriend, or at least I assume she is ‘cause sometimes when there’re no customers, they swap spit out front waitin for somebody to come in, spoke to Monsterdawg once and he told her to [deleted], so she doesn’t say anything to us any more.

    She’s maybe 5-foot nothin with muskrat-colored hair scrunched up in a tight bun at the back of her head like she’s smugglin migraines or somethin.

    Got me to thinkin, tho, ‘bout what the crisis du semaine will be when the producers and editors decide we’ve seen enough of people being rescued in flat-bottomed boats in Miami, or St. Pete, or Tampa, or wherever.

    I can tell ya one thing that prob’ly WON’T be headline news – a Democrat senator indicted and being tried for corruption. Ain’t that a kick in the head. If that (Menendez) were Rubio or Coats or McCarthy or Ryan, CNN and MSNBC would be all over it like Kansas crows on roadkill.

    Prob’ly a given that Pope Algore of the Church of AnthroGlobal Warming will use Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Katia as undeniable proof of his predictions that civilization as we know it will end five years ago. Sure would like to see CNN or MSNBC do a realistic expose of his scaminess.

    And why can’t somebody suckin around for a Pulitzer put together some facts and figures on the fact that university students are being encouraged by universities to use their right to freedom of speech to cancel the right of free speech to anyone who doesn’t agree with them?

    Hell, if you want to see just how tolerant a liberal is, just show him how he’s wrong and stand back. Seems to me that the biggest source of ignorance, unpleasantness, and PC angst is universities themselves. Could be we’d all get along a helluva lot better if we scrapped the whole idea and went with post-secondary trade schools and on-line classes for the liberal arts.

    I’m impatiently waitin for the Trump team to get to work on tax reform. I still say that if DJT appoints two conservative justices to SCotUS and brings sensible reforms and restructuring to our personal and business tax codes, he’ll be the most successful PotUS since Reagan, even more so than FDR.

    If he doesn’t, just keep in mind the fact that the only thing separating a welfare state from stagnant totalitarianism is time. We are almost too far down that path already to turn things around. If we can’t take restrictions off of business, bring down the costs of health care and entitlements, and get rid of the dodges and loopholes in our tax system, we’ll drown in our own national debt.

    But . . . instead of pullin off the bandage all at once by raising age limits on retirement, Social Security, and MediCare for example, our entrenched, self-serving, party-line, stuffed-shirt pezzanovanti will keep on keepin on, caving to the special interests while they gorge themselves at the gummint cornucopia.

    All Li’l Kim and Khamenei have to do is wait. They don’t have to build nuke-tipped ICBMs to take us out . . . we’ll do it for them with gridlock and debt. At the rate Congress gets stuff done, there won’t even BE a United States 50 years from now, just a big IOU hangin from the torch of Lady Liberty and a mob of fat-assed diabetics arguin over the last bottle of Evian.


  28. Kid says:

    Z, There’s a first for everything especially in 25 years. 🙂 The dust bowl was the worst drought in maybe 300 years? Weather happens.


  29. -FJ says:

    Fj…do you get that preparing for the worst is better than feeling like “it’s too early to tell?” The stats don’t help me feel a bit different.

    I get that… up to the point that they ORDER you to leave your home. I’m a big boy. I don’t need my mommy to keep me safe with a less than 67% chance of her being right. If she wants to ORDER me around, she’ll have to be at least 95% sure she’s right. If not, I’ll SUE her *ss!


  30. Kid says:

    PS – al gore’s sequel bombed. I think enough people are wise to the scam now.

    liberal anti-free speech I think is based on my theory that facts get much too much in the way of their fantasy lives.
    “When society strays too far from the truth, it will hate those whom speak it” -Orwell.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro “smuggling migraines…” Absolutely BRILLIANT. You are SUCH a writer. Glad you’re okay, hurricane-wise! And, oh, yes…were Menendez Republican it’d be EVERYWHERE…


    Feels to me like Houston never happened….as if all is well there now because the media’s moved on…despicable way to run news. That kid’s right…Brazil or Australia tomorrow….

    Kid, I think people are onto Gore, BIG TIME….you’re right….and yes, weather happens….
    BUT, I think it’s clear that things have been warming…I have no problem believing some of this is man-made…how can it not be? BUT MANY scientists laugh at the Green Weenie scientists…we just don’t hear much about that…AND even the laughers know we could do things to make things better….but we don’t need to destroy economies (ours, not Europe’s or Asia’s) doing so….we need to BE SMART< not FREAK OUT and OVERREACT….

    FJ…usually, I'd totally agree with you on people putting themselves in harm's way, we should be able to do what WE want to OUR bodies…EXCEPT first responders die trying to save us…that's putting THEM in danger and isn 't fair…….
    In today's situation, I admire the Floridian gov't because they're saying "After X o'clock, you're on your own…NOBODY WILL HELP YOU"
    Amen to that.


  32. Kid says:

    Z, Based on the fact that the Earth has been getting warmer since the last real ice age ended 15,000? 18,000? years ago, I don’t believe any of it iws man made with the followingt exception.

    If temps are being taken for example in downtown Phoenix before it became an asphalt and concret jungle and those temps are being compared to temps now that it is a concrete and asphalt jungle, then the comparrison is hugely corrupt. The desert does not hold heat. Asphalt and concrete do.
    Apply that to all cities temp comparrisons through the years.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, okay…!! I can’t imagine the billions on the earth spewing crap into the atmosphere do nothing;….but that is one opinion.
    And ya…Phoenix, Palm Springs…these are places which haven’t only become warmer because of the holding of heat, but they’ve become HUMID when they weren’t before due to swimming pools and watered golf courses….sadly taking away the health benefits people from the East went to those places to get over TB and other respiratory diseases…


  34. Kid says:

    Z, CO2 has nothing to do with warming.
    And yes, People moving from east to Phoenix, puttng in grass, swimming pools, and just before I left Tempe installed a Tempe Town Lake. Why? I don’t think I’d move back to the Phoenix area, but maybe some rural-ish Arizona or Texas, or Utah. When the Super Volcano goes off I want to be one of the first ones bathing in hot lava.

    But adding to – Vikings settled a Green Greenland, and now it is still covered in ice and snow. So before man fired up his first steam locomotive Greenland was Green. Now we are spewing but Greenlad is White. Sumptin don’t adds up as my cats like to say.
    I don’t like the spewing but from a pollution POV, not climate. I think these scammers would have made a lot more hay had they gone the pollution causes cancer route instead of the ocean rising route.

    In closing, I suggest everyone consider putting a credit freeze on through Experion, Trans Union and Equifax based on Equifax getting hacked and releasing ALL of Everyone’s personal data to identity theives in some foreign country. I heard an estimate that 1 in 2 will have their identities stolen. Not hype. They have Every piece of data that you would use to prove your identity.

    I read somewhere that jennifer lawrence is a high school drop out (like cher) LOL. I’m shocked.

    Have a great weekend all, and best to all those good folks in Florida.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, a lot of information says carbon dioxide is definitely involved..but I suppose there are other opinions..

    yes, pollution is BAD, and we need to fix that…I have no problem with trying to stop pollution; who could? As I said the other day here, I can’t believe we have to have gazillions of plastic soap containers sold every day; why not the old soap bar in a thin piece of paper? That should be mandatory. But…….it’s not.

    Jennifer Lawrence is a nothing…but she’s rich and has a voice because she’s famous. Frankly, I don’t know even who she IS!! But she sure got attention for hating Trump.


  36. geeez2014 says:


    pray for Eric and his wife and their loved ones..SO SO SAD


  37. Kid says:

    She was big in the hungar games movies. Which I found pretty uninteresting but ended up watching because Mad had them on.

    In my mind, I believe the reports that NOAA lied, NASA lied, Others lied. Why ? Because there was at least last year a 2.4 billion pool of money paid out to ‘scientists’ who would promte the global warming scam. *money* as usual. Russia admitted the data was cherry picked. The chick who was head of the UN IPCC STATED that the global warming story (scam) had only economic goals – to put Capitalism out of business within 150 years. It’s on the internet.

    It’s easy to see the vast majority of the world is on a socialist economic system and it is imploding. They are in a panic. They invent all sorts of things to get money from the US to keep them alive another few years. This Will come to a head probably in out lifetime.

    CO2 is 4 tenths of one percent of the atmosphere. Plants take in CO2 to live and return oxygen. It’s a self sustaining system. More CO2 ? More plants – more oxygen. Finally, the scientific method. “When actualy results do not meet forecasted results, your theory is BS”. Never have any of he forecasted results even come close. So man made GW is BS.


  38. CO2 is plant nutrient. Even if it were a factor, Solar activity washes out any influence it might have.
    Blaming CO2 (human activity) however is the basis for the hoax to convince people they must act now and surrender reparations to third world gangster autocrats.
    It’s also the justification some use to reduce the population for malthusian reasons.
    But it is not responsible for the weather.


  39. -FJ says:

    FJ…usually, I’d totally agree with you on people putting themselves in harm’s way, we should be able to do what WE want to OUR bodies…EXCEPT first responders die trying to save us…that’s putting THEM in danger and isn ‘t fair…….

    Sure it is. They’ve got the cushiest jobs on the planet. And they get all that job security in order to work during times like these. They don’t want the job, then give it to someone who’ll do it.


  40. Kid says:

    Something in context…. Watching a little TV – So a sheriff or police chief – whatever was talking about people who ignore evacuation orders – “We’re not going to go and arrest them, they just need to know that we’re also not going to come and try to save them”. Works for me. I think the people who can protect themselves are few and in the above context will not be adversely affected, but the vast majority of people are not able to protect themselves and do need the authorities to tell them to skeedaddle.

    For a number of reasons I believe I’m in the upper 2 % of the population regards knowing/understanding that is going on. I can be exempt from evacuation ‘orders’ like FJ and will accept my fate, where 98% of the pop really does need someone to tell them to get out, put their booties on, put their coat on (cause it’s gonna be Cold tomorrow!) , take an umbrella (Cause it mght Rain!) etc. ad etc infinitum. Sad damn situation. We live among some seriously dumb sumbitches and it is sad that too many have decided to try to keep them alive with weather alerts and warning labels.


  41. Kid says:

    .. What is going on…


  42. geeez2014 says:

    FJ….you believe paramedics and firemen and cops have the cushiest jobs on the planet?

    Ed and Kid…wow ..well, I do believe that the oceans are dirtier, the air is worse, and, as Kid suggested, that kind of pollution is BAD….and I believe the climate change nuts seem far too eager for far too many restrictions, particularly on America.


  43. Kid says:

    Also, if you’re going to go to great lengths to try to keep people from killing themsleves…
    Why do you not have helmet laws for motorcycle riders?, especially when every state has seat belt laws – I don’t wear one when driving alone.
    Why don’t we see groups of people on the tops of buildings and mountains there to stop base jumpers and wingsuit flyers? Lot more dangerous than riding our a hurricance.
    How about keeping white people out of Harlem at 2 am?
    What about demanding kids with few skills not be driving a 200 hp motorcycle at 200 mph with the front wheel up? The examples are endless. Such absurdity.


  44. Kid says:

    Z, One of the views I had as a kid – – What you’re looking at is Neville Island about 7 mi North of Pittsburgh. When I was a kid I saw many of these mfg companies spewing neon green stuff and all sorts of other things into the Ohio River daily all day long. The Ohio river when I was around 10 to 20 yrs old was a chemical experiment.
    A few miles North of that was J&L Steel. They were pumping out pollution by the buckets. I could literally look up into the sky and see a constant rain of Mica particles from the steel making process. If you put a glass of milk outside your window, in a couple hours, it would have a 1/4 inch of particulate on it that you didn’t know that the heck it was.
    Compared to then, the air and water in the USA is Pristine.
    We are light years better today than we were 40 years ago.


  45. KId. Truth. The Cuyahoga hasn’t caught fire in years.


  46. Kid says:

    ED, We really are much better off today than we were at least in regard to the USA of even 30 years ago in terms of cleanliness.

    Z, ocean over fishing and pollution. I do believe there is a plastic problem in the ocean. Is it us who is dumping the plastic or is it other countries? My bet – other countries. What can we do about that? Nothing. Or nuke most of the other countries and vaccinate ourselves against nuklar fallout.


  47. geeez2014 says:

    I lived in Los Angeles during much of the SMOG days…we barely have smog anymore, so I know very well how much cleaner we’ve become.

    The big problem is India, China, etc…countries which can spew indefinitely, somehow forcing the UN to bill AMERICA for pollution to make up for them. Stinks.


  48. Jersey Jack says:

    There’s a certain irony sharing hurricane Irma with the day that the World Trade centers were attacked and obliterated. I pray we don’t share the amount of destruction that the Towers and those people killed suffered. I believe there’s been an intervention by God for those on the East coast too. Perhaps He remembered the total destruction of Andrew in 1992 and decided to spare us?


  49. -FJ says:

    FJ….you believe paramedics and firemen and cops have the cushiest jobs on the planet?
    Certainly the safest. You don’t even have to contribute to their pension funds (who gets pensions anymore?). You just “tax” the next generation to pay for them.


  50. Kid says:

    Are we paying the UN for pollution related stuff? I thought we stopped.


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