“12 Black Things Liberals Just Don’t Understand”….this is hilarious….

…….no matter what color you happen to be!

You are going to LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF!



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39 Responses to “12 Black Things Liberals Just Don’t Understand”….this is hilarious….

  1. Mustang says:

    Loved it … watch the Chris Rock video, too.

  2. bocopro says:

    McInnes is a well-educated ScotAm who delights in shock talk and ethnic or racial or gender controversy. He is quite capable of brilliant creative writing but hopelessly addicted to obscenity, profanity, sexual innuendo, and bathroom humor.

    He’s been accused of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, jingoism, atheism, and several other isms, all of which he has at various times been proudly and profoundly guilty.

    He’s a lot like Maher or Stern . . . heaves out so much waste material that sooner or later a pearl can be found amongst it, but who wants to dig thru that rancid crap for one lousy gem which might turn out to be fake.

    I trust his take on anything about as far as I can drop-kick Michael Moore.

  3. Z,
    Off topic…please see my blog post today. I’m sure that you’ll have input.

  4. Kid says:

    Very Good Z. All true. Loved the part about how liberals can’t deal with blacks not approving of homos. Like lib homos standing up for moslems. And the hair. There was a black dude friend that worked here, had his hair down to about 1/16th of an inch and I once made the comment it must take all of 2 minutes to get a hair cut. He said No way, it takes a Long time.

  5. Mustang says:

    @ Kid … it takes a long time to get a haircut if you’re black. Do you think it is easy to have hyphenated vulgarity sheared into the back of your head? Come on now … it’s a skill set in high demand in Baltimore. 🙂

  6. geeez2014 says:


    Being a pet isn’t that different from being a slave. After decades of being jewelry the Democrats wear to local fund rallies, black morale is relatively low. To justify big government programs, the left has told them again and again that life is hell and there’s no sense trying. Blacks are told they will not succeed on their own and they need the nanny state to nurture them. When someone makes it out of the ghetto, the left says it’s a very rare exception that can’t last.

    This instills in the black working class a sense of pessimism, telling them that even if things seem to be going great for the moment, Whitey must be about to smash them down again. This is mass mental abuse and it should be a crime, but instead it’s the norm. Personally, I’m an optimist and I don’t think the liberal brainwashing can continue. Blacks are on the cusp of realizing they’re getting played. But I can afford to think like that. I’m white.


    Bocopro…you didn’t find anything valuable in this piece?

  7. geeez2014 says:

    I wish more Americans understood we’re seeing only the PUNKS in the Black community….The amount of truly great, kind, smart Black kids at my high school alone is heartening…great parents, working hard, not sticking only to Black friends at lunch time, etc.
    THis is also the Black American community.

    I can’t stand how they don’t stand up for themselves against the horrible media meme……..the many REAL JERKS in the young Black community who do drugs, have babies with no futures, don’t go to school, etc., is a NIGHTMARE and if Obama’d really done his job, he’d have tried to redirect them to positive lives.
    He never ONCE spoke up. Conservatives can’t because they’ll be called racist.


    It’s funny, it gets our attention, and it’s fuill of points people like Charles Barkley and the many Black conservatives we see on FOX are waking up to.

  8. bocopro says:

    Oh, not a whole lot. You spend 20+ years in the military and you’re aware of much of that anyway. As I said, you gotta dig thru a lotta rubble to find the shiny bits in his stuff, just as with other people such as Maher or Stern or Handler or Clay.

    I guess it’s the manner, the delivery . . . as with Coulter. I admire McInnes’s skill with words, but not his reliance on the gutter slanguage. Hell, I use ’em, but only for emphasis, and not with all audiences. Really admire Coulter’s style, use of metaphors, le mot juste . . . but only in print; don’t like her personal style in interviews, even tho I generally agree with most of what she says.

    McInnes just rubs me the wrong way; hence, much of what he says is suspect.

  9. geeez2014 says:

    It’s how he sees things……I didn’t find that much rubble…I just thought it was brave and an interesting take.

    You wouldn’t recognize Coulter speaking in person; she’s humble, self-effacing, smart and lovely. I just stared thinking “who IS this person?” much of her speech to a group I used to belong ti.

  10. Kid says:

    Z, Blacks helping pull blacks up.

    Not gonna happen. Reference youtube Chris Rock “I Hate N—–”

    Starts off “Who’s more racist, white people or black people?… Black people because we hate black people too.”

  11. Mal says:

    One would think with time, all this would heal and get better…..but it hasn’t. And people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton haven’t helped, either. But they’ve sure capitalized on it financially.

    I just read that L.A. will get the Olympics in 2028 so maybe I’ll go. I was born there in 1928 so it will be a great birthday present!

  12. geeez2014 says:


    Think that has anything to do with his support of Trump? It mentions his conservatism at the start of the video…then goes on to attack him. Who CARES about who he dates? ALL POLITICS, these nothings…who’s even heard of this actress or actor who are accusing him without proof?

    MAL: Jackson, Sharpton….single handedly set race relations back years….pushed for entitlements, told Blacks they can’t do it on their own. And yes, a VERY powerful D.C. lawyer once told me that he was working on a case about Jackson….he bilked a big soda company I can’t name, telling them he’ll quiet the (largely black) work force from making demands if the big company paid him…BIG TIME. That’s how he financially lives.

    Glad LA has the Olympics again, tho that’s a long time away! Last time everybody dreaded the crowds so Los Angelenos left town; it was the quietest, nicest city EVER during the Olympics!
    I do hope you’ll be here with me!

    KID….Chris Rock; I wish he’d stay on that subject because he nails Blacks honestly then backs down and goes all lib on us…….I remember, maybe it’s the same video?, when he says ” a friend said his brother’s a good guy, never been to prison… and he told him he’s not supposed to go to prison, that’s not the norm!” Cracked me up.

  13. geeez2014 says:

    And if I could FIND the Chris Rock video Mustang and you allude to, you could bet I’ll watch it.

    Maybe it’s the one that has the line I quote above?

  14. Kid says:

    Forgot to mention – OODLES of language

  15. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO and others…the language doesn’t bug me very often.

    Bocopro..the swearing in the McInnes article are almost ALL in quotes…. and they drive a message home, in my opinion….create the desired atmosphere for the article.

    Kid, I don’t mind…it comes with the Chris Rock territory, thanks for the warning and for posting it…fabulous!

  16. geeez2014 says:

    “I ain’t never been to jail…!! what do you want, a cookie? you ain’t supposed to go to jail!”

    SO GOOD….this is HILARIOUS….

  17. Kid says:

    I still laugh when I watch it.

  18. geeez2014 says:

    I REALLY admire him because he isn’t afraid for Whites to listen to this and find it funny…
    I don’t even post Anti-California articles here because I’ve had people take the info and run with it….way worse what it merited. So I get him….and admire his courage!!

    “Books are like Kryptonite to N****S”

    I LOVE that he shows a distinction between ‘them N*****s and Black Americans”
    Even slamming welfare….WHAT COURAGE!

    “GET A JOB!” HOLY COW! “White people are on welfare, too…but we got to do our thing…they’re f’d up, we don’t need to be f’d up…” Amen to that.
    oooh, then he had to get REAL insulting to whites….’f’ing their sisters… etc”

    He says Blacks say “IT AIN’T US, IT’S THE MEDIA…IT AIN’T US!” HE says “CUT THAT S***”

    “You think I have 3 guns in my house cuz there are MEDIA OUTSIDE!?” HILARIOUS!

  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that was 7 years ago…he’s been a tiny bit leaning to the BLM crowd lately…I hope he straightens out again because he SO gets it and isn’t afraid to tell it.

    I WISH he’d start working in the community to get these truths out there and try to FIX them..

  20. geeez2014 says:

    Some kid today in a class I subbed described another kid to me as “you know Alex…the one with the Jew-Fro” I said “WHAT?” He pulled up the image of some fabulous guy on his laptop with that kind of nappy curly hair some white guys have and said “See? He’s Jewish” I said “Not sure I’d use the term JEW FRO but I thank you for your non political correctness” and he says “I’m JEWISH” So I said “Well, then it didn’t take courage…..it’s okay for you to say it!” 🙂

  21. Kid says:

    When nI go to the cash machine, I’m not looking behind me for the media . haha

    I don’t believe there is a fix for those who have not integrated/taken responsibility. I have only seen it get worse every minute of every day since 1970. Plus they’d probably kill him.

  22. Kid says:

    One thing that might sway me on the fixing part is bringing MFG jobs back in a big way. These were the jobs that low education people worked. There simply aren’t enough of them to impose strong work requirements on our friends in the projects. The people not only need to be working but enjoying some benefit from doing so. Jack in the Box isn’t going to do that.

  23. Kid says:

    Also our company occasionally hires a back ex-con or maybe ex gang member. The last one they got couldn’t get 5 words out without 2 of them being MFr, and after about 3 months got into a fight with one of the other guys and picked up a pipe because he was losing. The HR lady happened to get there in time to get the pip;e off of him before any damage was done. Putting gangbangers to work would probably require having security people stationed alll over the place. Not too cost effecient for the companies.

  24. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, fascinating…see, I don’t think jobs has much to do with it…I think those who aren’t working don’t want to work…why work when welfare pays so much?
    I believe it’s families, parents who cared and passed on the work ethic; this is why I think we’re finished, basically…. sad to say, but that’s what I see.
    And good Black Americans are not standing up to those who won’t work…..

    What a world this would BE if they’d STAND UP and TELL THE TRUTH (work is good, self reliance is a great feeling, kids need parents, education’s great..etc.! if Muslims would STAND UP and TELL THE TRUTH (practice the religion but don’t kill! leave your culture at home, practice your religion in your home, be an American , be grateful for this country)


  25. geeez2014 says:

    gAD, kID, now THERE’s a stinkingly depressing story! But YOU ARE RIGHT: that’s the situation in many cases? OMG!!

  26. Kid, that kinda goes with the theme of my post yesterday about the libs crushing the economy to foster dependence on the socialist government.

  27. Kid says:

    Ed, It is painfully clear the dem communists are all about dependency. Some are pushing hard now for “medicare for all”. When They control your healthcare..
    Somewhat to the point from a different angle… I’ve watched hours and hours of Russian driving crash videos. All are required to have dash cams because of the massive insurance fraud over there. Here’s what I’ve picked up on. 95%+ of Russians live in massive apartment blocks. When you do see a single family home in a vid – few and far between – it is either in the rural area and looks like it should be condemed or it is clearly a small block where some elites live. The place pretty much is a craphole. The infrastructure is decent in some areas but crappy in most. Their standard of living is orders of magnitude lower thah in the US and many other countries, yet the Russian citizens (judging by their comments on articles on RT . com) indicate that they feel Russia is far and away a much better place to live than the USA. They regard the USA and Israel as the great satans and they believe the CIA orchestrates most of the bad things happening in the world.

    They got those suckers hypnotized and brainwashed Good over there.

  28. Kid says:

    Anyway, while we’re on the subject, here’s a little human interest story. My little brother – years ago, he is gone now, and his friend who is a car Nut and mechanic are out in his friend’s 1960 something Cadillac – big sucker with the fins on the back and all. For some reason they decided to drive through the projects in Pittsburg at around 11 at night with the wndows down screaming I Hate Niggers ! Well, a bunch of the locals hopped into their cars and started chasing them. After significant damge to the Caddy from bouncing off other cars and buildings, they managed to get away. My LB may have been crazier then me.

  29. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, there has to be a more descriptive word than ‘crazy’ here.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    by the way, WHY would he do that? I’m sure he was no more racist than you are….

  31. Kid says:

    Adrenaline rush?

  32. Kid says:

    On a par with this, one of the things We would do at about 11 yrs old is pelt a police car with eggs and then have them chase around for a couple hours. In the hood of course where most of the local podunk cops were dipsticks.

  33. I’ll bet there was alcohol involved…..

  34. Kid says:

    Ed, Me? At around 11 one of the kids in the hood brought out a mason jar type deal that had ouzo in it. About 12 oz worth. He said his dad made it but it was likely ouzo from the store. We drank it. I got so sick my dad laughed at me when I got home mid evening puking up a storm. I didn’t touch alcohol again until I was 15.

  35. geeez2014 says:

    OUZO>????? A GREEK LIQUOR CONTACT!!!! ????? HA!!

  36. geeez2014 says:


    I know you men probably don’t love it, but we women do….and if any women reading this haven’t seen it, YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT!

  37. jerrydablade says:

    “I don’t know that sh&*! Keepin’ it real.” I wonder if CR could do this same bit today?

  38. geeez2014 says:

    Jerry…I doubt it…sad, isn’t it? Truth doesn’t count anymore

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