BOY Scouts……..??

OKAY,  I couldn’t post on this yesterday because I WAS SO SICKENED when our buddy Mustang emailed me Tuesday that the Boy Scouts were now accepting women.  His comment was “We are done.”  I agree.

Yesterday, I was at the high school with which I’m associated and walked by 3 of the senior boys I know quite well and said “And now we’ve got girls in the BOY Scouts!”  All 3 of them said “correct me if I’m wrong’s called the BOY Scouts, isn’t it?”   

Yes, it is.   And yes, we ARE “DONE”…


Tell me what you’d do if your kid was in the Scouts…don’t they still have GIRL SCOUTS?  Why can’t the girls do THAT?   GIRL Eagle Scouts now?  WHAT?




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  1. Tell me what you’d do if your kid was in the Scouts”

    I’d get [him] out of the “Scouts”! I believe that it now allows gay Scout Masters, as well. The Boy Scouts, as I knew it, ceases to exist and has been relegated to nothing but a PC indoctrination organization. RIP, Boy Scouts!


  2. Having been a Boy Scout, and having had a father who was an assistant scoutmaster, I have no use for the Boy Scouts of today. It is an organization trying to promote its growth by actually robbing it’s sister organization of their participants. And the Girl Scouts of America are not happy about it either. Of course the Girl Scouts being led by a large Coterie of lesbians is a problem in itself.


  3. Kid says:

    When I was in the scouts we did manly things in a manly environment. .22 rifle, archery, take a wooden canoe out to the middle of the lake, capsize it, row it back in submerged, campfires, build lookout towers with logs and rope, call to the girl scouts who were supposedly on the other side of the lake but weren’t really. Do scouts even do anything dangerous anymore? Doubt it.

    This was when I was around 9 to 13. I was interested in girls at that age, but if girls had been there, I’d have wondered what the hell are they doing here.

    This is all about culture destructrion. Destroy the culture and you destroy the country. Ask any qualified KGB agent.


  4. bocopro says:

    Well, I believe that a healthy society needs variety, differing perspectives, and even a healthy amount of conflict. Otherwise it stagnates.

    Rituals, customs, traditions, mores, and perhaps a bit of mystery are fundamental to a thriving, growing, productive culture.

    That includes parades, celebrations, holidays, feasting, and even some beer drinking and catcalling from time to time.

    Gender is fundamental in our biological makeup and our psychology. Accepting the obvious gender differences — and even celebrating them – is GOOD for us and is the only mature, intellectually honest approach to those differences.

    In the animal kingdom, as well as in human societies, for millennia male and female have been complementary. Raising wholesome, healthy, adaptable children requires both male AND female role models.

    Don’t believe that? Just look at what’s happened to the African segment of American society after the traditional nuclear family unit was destroyed and left with only single mothers.

    I prefer to hunt with men but escort ladies to plays. And I don’t want ladies running around half naked. Leave SOMEthing to the imagination.

    Yes, a small segment of any large population is bound to have gender confusion for a variety of reasons. It deserves a certain amount of courtesy and tolerance. It is NOT, however, a “new norm” or an “enlightened” attitude to allow 1% of the society to dictate standards and rules and policies for the rest.

    We tolerate people with deformed limbs, spina bifida, color blindness, left-handedness, dark skin, light skin, giants, dwarfs, and even Pelosis and Sharptons and Obamas and Waterses. We can get along with individuals, even groups of individuals, who differ in perspective or in plumbing from the “norm.”

    Boys need to be boys and marvel at how different girls are from them. Girls need to have secrets and tricks to confuse and manipulate the mating rituals. For the Boy Scouts as a training program for boys to disappear because of lack of interest/participation would be a loss to society.

    But sometimes you have to just let things die their natural death, let it heal, and move on. I learned many good things from my days in the Scouts, but I’d have made it without those lessons, I’m sure.

    Vive le difference! Let’s go on he-in and she-in instead of hermin and sheeshin.


  5. I believe that most organisms come with two different sexes. However, there is, at least, one exception, that being FUNGI (nuff said).


  6. The “Venture” girls must have complained… 😉


  7. Mustang says:

    Bunkerville is reporting that both Boy and Girl Scouts have been thoroughly infiltrated by the Moslem Brotherhood. I asked, can anyone imagine a “Presbyterian Council of Girl Scouts?” Yes, it is true … we are done.


  8. I have some friends, brother and sister.
    He’s an Eagle and she’s Venture.
    They’re in their mid 20s now.
    I’m proud to know them.
    They are not fond of the direction things have gone.
    Hoosierboy is an Eagle Scout and has a good take on this.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…”But sometimes you have to just let things die their natural death, let it heal, and move on. ” I got the feeling, probably wrong, that you’re saying that this is progress, this girls in the boy scouts thing, yet your comment doesn’t support that…HELP ME 🙂

    Kid, I TOTALLY believe it’s ‘culture destruction’ and I suspect everybody here feels that, too. Well said.

    JMB….SO so sad, isn’t it. One of THE best American organizations….gone. OR, actually, I wish it were gone…not like it is now. And ya..FUNGUS is right! I love that connection!

    Mustang, I’m afraid to see Bunkerville’s post but will.

    Ed, I hadn’t heard or thought about the point that the Girl Scouts aren’t thrilled…good point.

    Were I a man involved in Boy Scouts, I’d quit it and start a new group and call it something like “ONLY BOYS”. and say WHY, culling its tenets from some of the comments above!!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Vrag…oh BROTHER! Where do you guys (all of you) FIND THIS STUFF?!!


  11. bocopro says:

    I don’t see the dissolution of the Boy Scouts as progress, merely a feature of natural progression. For example, nearly all the fraternal organizations I knew as a kid are in either their death throes or their post mortems.

    Elks Club, Moose Hall, Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, Knights of Columbus, Odd Fellows . . . virtually NONE of them exist today in my old home town, only the Masons and the VFW.

    In general, most of those organizations performed good and useful civic actions, but today they have trouble paying the rent and utilities in their meeting halls. The Elks Club here in Pensacola is trying to sell its holdings because nobody goes there any more; it’s closed 5 days a week.

    Memberships are declining because younger people prefer to connect digitally rather than in a stuffy old hall with doddering white-haired members grumbling about the “good old days.”

    Nothing is more pathetic than an old athlete trying in vain to recapture the glory of his youth. Could be that bad management, flawed leadership, and diluted purpose have doomed the Scouts in much the same manner as declining membership, changing social habits, and more convenient group interface systems have doomed many fraternal organizations.

    Unless they can distract boys’ interests from social media, button mashing, and Googling “how-to”s and lure them back into the boonies for camping, hiking, and tearing up hands and knees for old-fashioned fun without charging their parents a month’s salary for the privilege, perhaps the time has come to just let it go.

    Shame, but the Boy Scouts just ain’t what they wuz back in the 40s and 50s. Yes, they still crank out some good young men, but given what I see today, I’d rather teach my grandsons the skills they’ll need rather than trusting some of the predators prowling around as scoutmasters today.

    I’ve taught mine shooting, knot tying, a little archery, routine engine maintenance, and a few other things that I picked up in adolescence. My younger son and both my daughters do an even better job than I do in teaching basic skills development, and none of them were scouts of any kind.

    Incidentally, both my grandsons in Cleveland are Eagle Scouts, and one is seriously gender confused. One is 20 and the other is 22. Neither one has what you might call a good job, tho, or a clear goal for what he expects to be in 10 years.


  12. Mal says:

    So, does this mean there will be no more Girl Scouts, because what would be the point?
    I was a Boy Scout till I turned 16, then I became a Girl Scout, and remained that way up to adulthood and marriage!



  13. Silverlady says:

    Didn’t Kruschev say the U.S. would be defeated from the inside? Just one more brick falling from the wall of principle & morals. The Boy Scouts were lost when they were forced to accept homosexual scoutmasters. There is no way I would have a son in a troop run by a gay blade. Sorry, but I’m very non-p.c. & proud that I am. Adam & Steve don’t procreate, they recruit. And, as an afterthought, can’t you just imagine girls in the Scouts wearing burkas & hijabs while lifting their rumps to the skies? The camel’s nose is in the tents. Plug Ugly Geo. Soros must be dancing a jig for joy, even if he’s not directly responsible, but wanna bet?


  14. Bob says:

    An era is ending. Institutions that do not change will probably fail. I was not a Boy Scout (or a Girl Scout, come to think of it), so I have little invested in the issue. Yes, we need male organizations for men, and female organizations for women. Even the institutions of gender are in danger.

    Are we done? I don’t even know what that means. Something exists after our institutions fail, and all we can do is to try to have an influence on the resulting world.


  15. @Silverlady,
    “There is no way I would have a son in a troop run by a gay blade.”
    It’s my understanding that there is diminishing participation in the Boy Scouts. I wonder how much, if at all, that may be attributable to the above quote? One would think that with all of the public concern about Pedophilia (with right) it shouldn’t even be legal. Please don’t try to tell me that it doesn’t provide a veritable smorgasbord for those afflicted with such perversion.


  16. Kid says:

    That’s where we find em JMB. Sports coaches, teachers, anyone working with kids, Foster homes..


  17. Mustang says:

    What’s next? Well, I’ve seen as few very hefty women why could probably qualify as linemen in the NFL and none of which could take a knee.


  18. Kid says:

    Mustang, We have oodles of those in Cincinnati.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, I don’t think anybody believes Boy Scouts keeps boys from being confused or whatever…but the boys I personally know are stellar in school, kind, etc. It’s not so much the organization, it’s that their parents are the types who encourage this kind of endeavor; they’re just going to be better kids because their parents get it.

    Mal…you became a GIRL SCOUT at 16, till you were married; THAT is HILARIOUS!!

    Mustang, I believe there is a female NFL team or two now, no?

    Bob, agreed….As a woman, even I lamented certain clubs downtown here in LA accepting women….I just don’t get it. The women say it’s about business and they don’t have opportunities to get contracts or make liasons with male businessmen, but….BS


  20. jerrydablade says:

    I was never a scout in my ‘yute’, but was a Police Cadet (my dad was a cop) and also was in Indian Guides (my mom was an Indian. ok, jk). We were the Genesee county Michigan chapter of the Tuscarora tribe. There were no squaws allowed. I have great memories of spending time with my dad and all my buddies doing cool dude things. Nothing more politically incorrect than that. We may be done, Z, but that doesn’t mean individually we have to follow them over the cliff.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    JERRY! “We may be done, Z, but that doesn’t mean individually we have to follow them over the cliff.”
    SO GOOD to remember..ABSOLUTELY TRUE!
    I hope more and more boys get great memories of spending time with dad and buddies….sadly, so many boys don’t even have dads.
    But you’re right! there ARE good people and very good families….and we need to cling to that fact!


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