Trump “freaks out?”

THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of media abuse to the American public.


Wait a MINUTE, says Z!  He “FREAKS OUT”?  But….the headline doesn’t include THE TRUTH…the FACT that the exoneration letter was written BEFORE the facts were gathered!!

So, you see?  Liberals see TRUMP FREAKS OUT and……..that’s that! 🙂

What a GORGEOUS way of EXONERATING COMEY and putting all of the problem back on Trump!


This is SUCH a TYPICAL, PERFECT example of leftwing stupid bias, don’t you think?!!!


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25 Responses to Trump “freaks out?”

  1. It’s an admittedly biased left-wing infotainment outlet. You’re not surprised are you? It’s little different than similar headlines at the Daily Caller.


  2. I’d suggest that The Daily Caller doesn’t purport to be an unbiased news outlet.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    CI, not surprised…how could I be? My blog is practically dedicated to media bias observations…as Andrew Breitbart wanted Breitbart to be before it became what it is.
    But I feel it’s important to keep pointing out HOW the media plays such a huge part in Trump-hate.
    There’s a STORY many Americans don’t know about …but the Left emphasizes the REACTION of Trump which becomes the REAL STORY? hilarious.
    And , by the way, “FREAKS OUT?” hardly.
    And yes it is different. Do I think the Right isn’t biased? OF course not! Why shouldn’t they be, by the way?
    But THIS? No…they’re not smart enough, frankly….and they’re not EVERYWHERE. Influencing so heavily. I wish I was in Europe now for many reasons but what I’d love to see is if CNN is still more liberal there than ours is…and if their CNN is doing nothing but panel after panel on liberals discussing how horrid Trump is…
    German friends wrote me bemoaning how awful things are in America. I emailed back “..yes, and we worry so much about your refugee situation…” And yes, I meant it as a snarky response, because I have better taste than to slam their politics because it’s tough to have a clue when you don’t live somewhere for years. But I KNEW they watch CNN Int’l.


  4. Ed – Neither does HuffPo. At least not as far as I’ve seen.


  5. Mal says:

    Nithub’ new here, Z. Same old, same old!


  6. Mal says:

    That was suppose to be NOTHIN’. I’m still having a problem typing on my 13″ Mac Air after being use to a 17″ H/P.


  7. bocopro says:

    What bugged ME today is Dubya, after 8 years of total respectful silence on the most destructive PotUS in US history, made a deliberate point of calling Trump dangerous and divisive and jingoistic and nativist, and several other uncomplimentary adjectives.

    I never considered 43 a good president, but at least I could admire his loyalty and patriotism. Now even that is suspect. He was a failed businessman and an ineffective PotUS; now he’s morphed into a liberal-minded best-buddy-emeritus of Slick the Molester-in-Chief.

    What I’d REALLY love to see is for all major news outlets to just ignore politics for about a year and let Trump be Trump. If he fails or goes off the rails, there’ll still be time to pillory him, excoriate him, villify him, convict him in the court of public opinion. Hell, it COULDN’T be any worse than what Soetoro did to the country.

    Oh, and I’d like for MaxMaxiPad, BatShitCrazy SanFranNan, and never-a-hero-in-my-opinion poster-boy-for-term-limits McCain go sit quietly in a corner until that year is up.


  8. CI: I had assumed the article was Yahoo news. My mistake.
    Bocopro: So disappointed in W. Betrayal of the good will we afforded him.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…been gone all day but just heard some of Bush’s speech….I found it disgusting…I think he’s not smart and he showed it. Let’s not forget his brother got passed over for Trump and the Bushes are very loyal people. The guy speaks like a 4 year old. Yes, I admired his love of country and all but he did it for me today…done.

    On the other hand, I’ve just heard highlights of John Kelly’s wonderful talk and I’m scared now that the positive attention he’s getting will make Trump go after him….Trump doesn’t like adoration of anybody but HIM. I’m hoping for no jibes/tweets against Kelly in the coming days.

    CI and Ed…who cares where we get information? There are, sometimes, FACTS which cannot be denied. It does not take away from those facts, pictures, quotes, etc., because it’s on a website that doesn’t match our politics. I simply refuse to only read rightwing information or to stop watching CNN from time to time.
    Slant is EVERYWHERE….I’ve often reminded people the slant of journalists got worse when everyone started getting bylines some years back, in my lifetime,…a BIG mistake, in my humble opinion.

    CI….It’ wearying to publish good information here and for you to constantly remind us “the Right does it, too,” is getting a little old. Yes, often, it does. But anybody who thinks the Right is half as nasty, mischaracterizing or just plain ugly, as the Left isn’t up to date. I’ve given countless examples, so please let’s stop that. It’s like I have a GeeeZ Policeman on duty here and I’m not loving it.

    My point here was an important one…it was how the Left smears and obfuscates. The Right LITERALLY doesn’t seem able to do that quite as powerfullyy, sadly.
    The STORY was an important one…”Trump FREAKS OUT” took over. That is a typical challenge Trump’s WH is facing and it’s not helping anybody or anything.


  10. bocopro,
    I think the “ESTABLISHMENT”, of which Bush is a charter member, trembles in their boots at the very thought that Trump will succeed where [they] have failed or even made things worse. Like you, I never considered either of the Bushes to be good Presidents but the “ESTABLISHMENT” gave us no choice. YES, let Trump do his job and I’m ‘lovin the DOW!


  11. For kicks, I googled the term Trump Freaks Out.
    If this was just HuffPost, what more could I expect?
    But it looks like a talking point that anti Trumpers including Bill Krystal are using.
    Somebody ought to lose their journalistic license for printing juvenile trash like that.


  12. BTW, You may substitute “SWAMP” for “ESTABLISHMENT” in my previous comment.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…fascinating. I stand by my observation that the Left is FAR worse in negativity and ugliness than the Right EVER was even to Obama. One only needs watch CNN for five minutes any time of day…you’ll NEVER EVER see the hate for any Democrat that you’ll see on CNN. ALL DAY LONG. One story after another. And yes, they should not be called journalists.

    Some guy called into the wonderful Medved show today, saying that Trump was like a monkey throwing feces. Medved asked him how he’d have reacted to anybody saying that about a Pres Obama… FINALLY, I think people are beginning to talk BACK at these jerks.

    JMB…So what do you think they feel they failed at? You make a good point and I’d like to talk about it if you wouldn’t mind…WHY is this bunch so hateful toward a non-swamp, non-establishment guy? Did they wish they could talk as Trump does, more hyperbolic, more ‘human’, etc? Do they have such a different political agenda? WHAT?


  14. bocopro says:

    I’m tellin ya, JMB . . . it’s a bacterium in the water along the Potomac. An insidious strain of Obamanitis Liberalaemia that enters through the digestive system, often carried in ice cubes, and seeks acetyl choline receptors for eventual migration via synaptic connections to neural ends where it lodges in the mitochondria and functions as a bio-filter allowing only signals related to greed, lust, hypocrisy, arrogance, foto-ops, and re-lection to pass to the higher-order functions.

    Left untreated, it can develop into full-blown resistimosis or in severe cases Trump-Derangement Syndrome with impeachanoid tendencies. The only known cures are the Cranial Immersion Technique (the entire head is submerged in salt water for 2 hours) and total frontal lobotomy (although this approach failed in the case of Waters and Pelosi).

    Permanent removal from the contaminated area has resulted in promising signs of improvement and return to previous conditions of orderly, rational thought, but the bacterium HAS been known to go dormant and then re-emerge when the host returns to Washington, as happened today with George W. Bush.


  15. “So what do you think they feel they failed at?”
    In the case of B.O. all I can say is EVERYTHING unless, of course, the goal was to destroy America as we have known it. In that case he was a smashing success. The Bushes were lackluster, at best, and are apparently sore that their dynasty was halted by Trump’s victory over Jeb (their idea of an heir apparent). Do I even need to discuss “Slick Willy”? I honestly didn’t think that all of this needed an explanation. Finally, I’ll live with Trump’s hyperbole as long as he works, in earnest, to improve this Nation which has been sliding down-hill since Reagan left office. To enumerate all [that] entails would require a band-width of gargantuan proportion and major loss of skin on my fingertips (LOL).


  16. JMB: Yeah, Who’s telling the people that the Dow hit 23k?
    Or that Obama sold us out to Russia (Uranium) while Clinton collected the cash?
    Trump Freaks Out.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Ed.. E X A C T L Y.

    Bocopro, JMB…great stuff.

    WHEN are we going to WAKE up and TAKE CONTROL: Make sure No Ko is vanquished, make sure our soldiers let THE JERKS OVER THERE fight their wars, fix the tax situation, get back to affordable and good healthcare, remind Blacks and Hispanics they are Americans so shut the hell up …and that they’re going to get what they asked for if they’re not careful; a country of FILTH….like the one Hispanics have come from, frankly.

    UGH…can y’all tell I’m FED UP!? OY!!

    I LOVE AMERICA but I am VERY NERVOUS about what it’s becoming.

    And I am SO GRATEFUL for my FAITH.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    :”Repulsive Oaf’ Trump Ripped For What He Said To Slain Soldier’s Widow”

    Nice, huh?


  19. Dubya said all that? WTH?


  20. “So what do you think they feel they failed at?”
    Let me add: “they” (arrogant bastards) probably don’t feel that “they” failed at anything. Nevertheless it has to be obvious that the election of Trump by a very significant part of the electorate who feel that “they” have failed and Trump’s successes, which he is already having, will bare this out. If he continues and the majority feel better off it will not bode well for the ESTABLISHMENT/SWAMP, RINO’s included and I’ll bet that “they” are quite aware of that fact.


  21. Z – WTF? I was going to respond a bit more eloquently to your whine, but it simply isn’t worth my time.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    CI….no response necessary or desired.

    JMB: So you sound like you mean they’re just plain jealous!! What big benefit do the establishment politicians get from being ‘establishment,’ anyway?!!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, CI, I’d never ever go to your blog or anybody else’s and call anything you wrote a ‘whine’…


  24. “JMB: So you sound like you mean they’re just plain jealous!! What big benefit do the establishment politicians get from being ‘establishment,’ anyway?!!”

    I wouldn’t say “jealous” as much as [worried] that Trump will succeed. I believe that long time, established, politicians find comfort and power in their status of such while they conduct themselves in ways that are actually counter productive to the Nation. This would include but not be limited to: excessive taxation, over regulation, obscene debt…………………and many other problems that we discuss, routinely, on this and other popular blog sites. Trump vows to stop this to the extent that he can and I hope that he dose. I honestly don’t know what else you want me to say.


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