Sunday Faith Blog……This one REALLY ROCKS

A friend has a husband and two kids and they’re struggling financially.   The other day, she left her purse at Smart and Final (the grocery store) and didn’t realize it till she’d come home after other errands.   She drove right over to the store but the purse was nowhere to be found.

The S&F people later let her see videos of outside and, sure enough, they all watched the tape of a guy taking it from the shopping basket she’d left it in after taking her bags out of it and into her car.  The purse was taken.  Gone.

Inside the purse was $130 of badly needed money that she’d received for some work she’d done.   Inside, also, was a pair of diamond studs she’d put there for some reason and  her husband’s wedding band.  Her social security card, gift cards, all ID, makeup, EVERYTHING was GONE.  She was devastated.

She got to thinking about what was really important in there and it was her pictures of family in her wallet, and important papers, etc.   She realized it wasn’t the ring or earrings she was so worried about that really mattered after all.

She got a call from S&F days later and they said “There’s a bag here for you”…she went over and someone had put only the things she found most precious, pictures, social security card, etc., into a plastic bag and taken it back to S&F!!  Things valuable for selling for cash were gone.    She was so happy to realize she’d been given back just what she’d decided was most important.  And she felt that was important to share with me and her church.

She went to a church service in the evening days later and told her story… she’d been given back those things truly important, and felt so blessed that it was a reminder of what’s important and that someone actually had gone to the trouble to bring this stuff back!!   But, of course, the cash was gone, etc.    When she got home, she opened her Bible and someone had slipped a $100 bill inside…anonymously.

I think that’s an amazing story and hope you do, too.   When she’d realized what was really important, this beautiful praying friend of mine, she got it back.   And more.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:19



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6 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog……This one REALLY ROCKS

  1. Linda Goossen says:

    Beautiful story…..except for the creep that stole her purse!


  2. “she’d been given back just what she’d decided was most important.”


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Isn’t this neat? I love it.


  4. Mal says:

    I’m trying to get my head around the idea that a thief would feel what was important to her and return them, but still be cold hearted and steal her money. Does it make sense? He was only part bad?


  5. I am reminded of the Jack Benny story where he announces that his wallet has been stolen, which had contained some important papers and a couple dollars.
    If someone were to return the wallet, they can keep the papers.


  6. Mal says:

    Ed, while Jack Benny was driving an old Maxwell and Rochester drove a snazzy roadster of some kind. Remember?


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