Can’t SING the ANTHEM?

CHECK THIS’ll make your blood boil!

There was a dead soldier on board a Delta airplane….and a passenger asked other passengers to join her in the national anthem in his honor….and they did, until a flight attendant knelt down and told her it’s against company policy to sing that on the plane and foreign passengers WERE UNCOMFORTABLE.  The patriot who wanted to sing should have said “Wait, are you taking a knee?” (smile)

  1.  It turns out there is no company policy by Delta against that.
  2. Who gives a flying you-know-what if foreigners feel uncomfortable, and why should they?  WHY WHY WHY

I am SO FED UP with all this junk.   Want to bet the flight attendant is a lefty who made all that up just so she didn’t have to hear it?

How do you feel about that?


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41 Responses to Can’t SING the ANTHEM?

  1. This woman is a lot more courageous than she gives herself credit for, just to approach her fellow passengers with her idea.
    Disregarding the instructions of a flight crew has proven to have horrible consequences and may have lead to a disruption (a scuffle) that would have distracted from the solemnity of the occasion.


  2. bocopro says:

    This national anthem thing is really quite simple. I’ll stand, but I won’t sing, ‘cause singing usually brings on a coughing spell. When I’m anywhere on or near a military post and morning colors is played, I’ll stop and stand at attention until “Carry on” sounds. That’s my custom.

    If someone doesn’t feel like singing or even standing, I’ll defend that right. But to deliberately kneel, not in reverence or worship but in disrespect, that’s just bad manners, the kind everybody’s grandmother tells ‘em NOT to engage in.

    First of all, we NEED traditions. We NEED national glue. We NEED customs. We NEED traditions. And we need the common courtesy and respect to shut up and not be a pest while others are praying or giving thanks or acknowledging their gratitude for their good fortune to live in a place where millions of others will spend their last pesos to come in search of a better life.

    I’m not the slightest bit interested in my butcher’s political views, and I couldn’t care less about whom my cable guy voted for. All I want from them is their professional best in grinding my chuck roast or aiming my antenna. Football stadiums are venues for symbolic gladiatorial combat, not political posturing. And even if I HADN’T abandoned pro sports years ago, I’d watching the NFL quit now because of the misguided and hypocritical kneeling.

    As my local Congresskritter recently said (the guy who introduced legislation to end the NFL’s tax-free status), they have every right to protest and I have every right to ignore them . . . “your job is to play football. If you want to make a political statement, do it on your own time and your own dime.”


  3. Kid says:

    Wonder if the attendant is black.


  4. -FJ says:

    If passengers can sing Happy Birthday to Delta flight crew members, they should be allowed to sing any other songs they want. And if prohibited, they should SUE.


  5. -FJ says:

    In both cases, the birthday and the soldier’s casket removal, the songs were situationally appropriate. Even a foreigner would be smart enough to understand.


  6. @Kid,
    Given recent events that was my 1st thought, as well.


  7. Jersey Jack says:

    Well JMB & Kid…. you have to remember that the ‘African’ always precedes the American and the former is usually more important than the latter? I just have to ask myself time and time again….. did I miss something? Did I miss that huge paycheck of reparations from Africa countries? Or is it still America that has made those payouts…be aware, for all our lifetimes now and for generations yet to be born who will still be straddled with their inadequacy. Because their current generations are still being taught hatred or they’re being passed down in their oral histories?
    Not much is going to change either when they become the majority and there will. It be enough non welfare takes left to render a GDP of 0.0001%!


  8. Kid says:

    Jack, A black majority. Wouldn’tthat be something to see in regard to the welfare situation.


  9. bocopro says:

    Something I read on another blog . . . .

    Put a bunch of northeast Asians on an island for a couple centuries and you get Japan.
    Put a bunch of northwest Europeans on an island for a couple centuries and you get England.
    Put a bunch of nondescript Africans on an island for a couple centuries and you get Haiti.

    Or, in the same manner

    Put Moses in charge and you get Israel.
    Put Jesus in charge and you get Christendom.
    Put Muhammad in charge and you get ISIS.

    I’m going to put a bunch of honey-glazed garlic chicken in my belly and get sleepy.


  10. Jersey Jack says:

    **damn typos or predictive text and no means to edit afterwards… solly.

    Not much is going to change either when they become the majority and they will. But will It be enough non-welfare workers taxes left to even reach a GDP of 0.0001% or to guarantee the millions of payouts necessary to sustain that culture?


  11. Jersey Jack says:

    “Put Muhammad in charge and you get ISIS.”….and judging by the massive wake of destruction, hopelessness, famine, genocide, and murder not only do they leave behind….but everywhere they are…everywhere they go and everywhere they will be. Everywhere they are should be nuked…everywhere they go should be raised and burned down before them. And if they get a foothold there, always revert to the first action. A “religion” of death, murder, war, and barbarians…no wonder these asshats can’t get beyond the 4th world.


  12. Mustang says:

    I do not know a single successful black person who thinks that welfare is a good idea. Anyone who works hard for their money shares the ethical belief that everyone should earn their own wages … the exception being very rich white liberals who fully understand that welfare comes down to a pay for play arrangement with the Democratic Party. Now then, among those who do not work for their wages (no matter what the color of their skin), we have to wonder this: why should they get a job when they can earn a lot of money by not working? I mean, really … can it get any better than getting something for nothing while at the same time, spitting in the faces of those who actually pay for the welfare benefits? Would you expect any of these kinds of people showing respect to our country or those who serve it? Heck … they don’t even respect themselves!


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang; “I do not know a single successful black person who thinks that welfare is a good idea. ” I do not , either. Thank you for writing this.
    We also might not know white people on welfare but, BROTHER, do they exist! I see them at the grocery stores…And this is not a poor neighborhood..But, there they are…..driving away in really nice cars$$$.

    Yes, when will liberals understand people who are handed money don’t want to work for it. Oh, wait..I forgot; that’s the DNC plan; Keep them poor, keep them asking, keep them voting for US!

    Interestingly, there are a few Black Facebookers whose sites are dedicated to combatting the fact that Blacks are being played by the left. Let’s hope more and more show up.

    And I think there’s probably at least as much scum white folks who’d not sing the anthem.


  14. Kid says:

    I will say one thing about the white trash. I do not read about them doing violent crime much, or putting their baby(s) in a microwave or an oven, or a middle aged man beating his own 2 month old baby to death. Seems I read one of these stories regards black people about every couple weeks.


  15. Kid says:

    Jack, yea that as my thought too, When you have a majority of black people paying for blacks (and whites) to be on welfare, they might jsut put an end to it.


  16. How does one pay for welfare and draw welfare at the same time?


  17. Mal says:

    Last week we were in the waiting room of a doctors office for my wife and a very pregnant black woman with a little girl running around, making a little noise, looked at me and said she had 7 kids. I was so tempted to ask who is paying for them all, but held my tongue. She actually was bragging about it! At this rate, they will indeed soon exceed the white population. To continue paying for their kids is a HUGE mistake ’cause we all know if they had to pay for ’em, they’ed stop having ’em!


  18. Jersey Jack says:

    “why should they get a job when they can earn a lot of money by not working?”
    Yes, Colonel Mustang sir…ya know what ya can get for surfing, sitting on yer ass smoking weed, or making hats out of palm leaves for the hilly billy’s from Michigan these days? And banging on a few local haole’s or hapa’s ( Hawaii Pidgin English. ) and the state picking up the tab there too? Last I figured, read and put it together was…sit down before you hurt yourself if you fall over and faint….

    $67,000.00 per year!!! Can have a hell of a long Lu’au on that I’ll bet.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    YA, we can all find hideous stories of individuals who’ve done HORRID things…..and NOBODY is saying that there isn’t a ton of crime and hideous behavior in the Black community!
    Just look at Chicago!
    Look at how BLM acts!
    But them only? No way, sadly.

    Mal, that’s definitely true…among black and white women….the more kids, the bigger the bucks$$$


  20. Kid says:

    Z, yes there is lots of white crime, I’m just saying it is different.


  21. Jersey Jack says:

    “At this rate, they will indeed soon exceed the white population..”

    Nah.I don’t think so Mal…as tragic as it might be the women in Africa do the same. It’s a numbers game and the reality of how many will survive in the first 16 years? That’s here..but there it’s how many will past the age of 5 to live a life of dirt scrounging, masters of mud hut making and where wealth is counted by how many heads of cattle you have. Or pigs, or donkeys or water buffalo, or chickens, or…..


  22. Jersey Jack says:

    There’s a joke about what you can tell of an Ethiopian with one dog…fed.With two..a successful rancher.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Am hoping strongly that we can get to the point of the post. Thanks.


  24. Kid says:

    I don’t know what I could add to your post. Makes me angry too.


  25. Baysider says:

    BP is spot On. We need traditions and glue (borders, language and CULTURE). I’m fed up too with people who go out of their way to disrupt that, to make the country come unglued. I’m told Europeans don’t have anthems embedded in their activities as we do. If that’s true it may explain why they shift in their seats when they hear us. Tough. And tough for non Americans who don’t like it. Context is everything. This wasnt a fight song, but a solemn time of reverence. If you don’t understand that … TOO BAD. My guess is it was the flight attendant’s personal Beef.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, anybody who said Europeans don’t have anthems needs to live in France for five minutes! Germans definitely rarely use them; “Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles (OVER ALL)” was forbidden since WW2 and is only now back in use with different words.

    I believe it was the flight attendant’s beef, too. Kid and others suggest she was probably Black but I know far too many white liberals who’d say what she said to think it was automatically a black American…tho considering the knees taken lately, who knows? I hope she/ he gets in BIG $$$ Trouble because Delta says that is NOT their policy.


  27. “I hope she/ he gets in BIG $$$ Trouble because Delta says that is NOT their policy.”
    I do too but I hope it won’t cause a riot!


  28. Mal says:

    Okay. Getting back to your post as requested, Z, whatever was in the mind of the flight attendant that caused all the ruckus, we don’t know. We can only guess, but whatever it was that made her take that action on her own, no one knows, but it all fits in with today’s lack of respect and common sense. This would never have happened in times past. I have to add we never saw anything like this even as recent as when “W” was in office, probably because he respected the military and they respected him. (I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that).


  29. geeez2014 says:

    JMB….can’t imagine this would cause a riot.??

    Mal, these are such new times, where the Left is so complicit in ‘anything anti-American’…even some Libertarians who comment here are so quick to slam Trump…much MUCH quicker than they were to slam Obama. I don’t know quite what’s going on.

    I just saw where Megyn Kelly, whose NBC show is doing very poorly, opened her show by contradicting O’Reilly, who’d said that nobody at FOX had complained about him. She says now that she did……
    I’m thinking this “tit for tat” horror Trump’s so involved with (You hit me, I’ll hit you back) think is going to become a hallmark of our times and that Ms Kelly figures this might lift her ratings “ooh, what’ll she say TOMORROW after O’Reilly answers?” What she’s going to learn is that Bill won’t respond..unlike Trump.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, no!!! Do you mean you agree with me that O’Reilly should have kept quiet? Yes, EXCEPT when he has notes like this…If one has actual PROOF, it makes sense to fight back.
    Trump usually doesn’t…then opens himself to more hate and conjecture.
    On this one? Were I Bill O’Reilly, I’d have released these notes, for SURE. (I’m surprised he had them and am a bit suspect about that, however…I don’t keep thank you notes I get unless they’re astonishingly important/personal/sweet, etc.)

    I’m thrilled O’Reilly fought back WITH PROOF.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Bolling is wrong here…Maybe O’Reilly shouldn’t have mentioned it in passing to the Slimes, but I see nothing wrong with that. Other than the fact that Bolling denies now that his son committed suicide due to the FOX firing and sexual allegations against Bolling. The coroner is supposedly saying it was accidental. I’m not sure how a 19 yr old accidentally dies in his sleep unless he was doing drugs….or took some weird meds inappropriately.
    But I have NO IDEA, so…that’s just total conjecture. And my heart BREAKS for Bolling who obviously adored his son and now is going thru hell on many levels…poor guy.


  32. Kid says:

    I do believe that not responding diminishes the claim from the Kelly Kel. After reviewing further, I think it was good he put this out. Now will she come back and say this was before the incident(s).

    it’s all so kindergartenish isn’t it? Meaning if someone has a legit beef, why not pursue it at the time rather than wait some number of years. That takes a lot of teeth out of their claim to the point they should just stay quiet imo unless they think there is money in it. Come to think of it, I’ve been sexually harrassed several times, but I don’t think the women have any money. Screwed again !


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, yes, she probably will…he has dates on those notes, at least knows when the baby shower was, etc., and you can bet her allegations needed dates on them. Let’s see what happens.

    I am SO TIRED of EVERYTHING being so complicated…can’t we just LET IT LIE??

    They didn’t beef back then because they weren’t famous enough or rich enough….they need men to move their careers along….They need to use their sexuality to get ahead, or think they do. I’m sure Dana Perino or Shannon Bream didn’t…and we know Ainsley Earthardt didn’t….


  34. Kid says:

    Z, Thoughts….
    The dem party has existed, profited, and succeeded on: Lies, False Accusation, Throwing feces on the wall, emotional incitement.

    Why would they stop now? It’s all they know. It is impossible for them to run on their [non]Accomplishments.


  35. Baysider says:

    As for anthems on planes, I had a Puerto Rican friend who went home for Christmas from NY. The plane was full of PR students going home. Their finals were over, some alcohol crept into the picture, and they broke singing nationalist songs. They were have a GOOD time, even though she told me some of the passengers looked a little nervous. But it wasn’t rowdy or menacing. Nobody stopped them. (40 yrs ago??)

    I’m glad to hear what I heard isn’t the case. This man claimed Europeans didn’t do national anthems before their sporting events like they do here, and looked down on Americans for it. The music for DUA is so … liturgical. It’s a shame for it to go to waste.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, the man is full of s***!

    Kid, we can hope!


  37. Jersey Jack says:

    I’m kinda thinking that if more women were intimately involved in our service to our country, like in uniform…maybe we ought to draft women along with men when or if the time comes…but women claim to be equal to men in every ( not physically and there’s no argument there nor can there be ) way and demand and expect equality inpay, promotions..yada yada…with one big glaring exception…they’re stil, not requaired to register with SS…I think that should end immediately.
    Because I then believe many women will finally understand just what that FLAG AND ANTHEM MEAN? And it doesn’t mean on holidays 50% off at Macy’s, JCPenney or Bloomingdales.


  38. @Kid,

    “I will say one thing about the white trash………………..”
    I’ll say another thing: When did it ever happen that there was a job opening because the perspective employer was being pressured by the Government to fill a position(s) for a “White Trash” quota? On that note; unless you have ever been screwed by Affirmative Action you will NEVER know what it is like. I have a lot more, should anyone wish to continue.



  39. Kid says:

    @JMB – Good point !


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