Virginia Race

So we all know by now that Gillespie lost the Virginia Gubernatorial race.  I had very high hopes, though it seemed impossible, considering the awful hate shown toward Trump every second of every day.  I figured the association of Trump hate with most Republican candidates would overcome Gillespie, but I’m not so sure now.

I believe the fact that it was SO CLOSE says a lot for our side.  Very few pundits agree with me.  In a Blue state, I believe a 3 point spread, while a president’s unpopular in that state, isn’t bad at all.

And yes…Trump’s blaming Gillespie for “working hard but not embracing ME and what I STAND FOR”………”Please, God…GET HIM TO STOP!

THOUGHTS?  Do you think it’s a good sign that Gillespie did as well as he did? Do you think the pundits are right and this is an indication of future elections based on Trump-hate?  Or, as I think, Trump hate isn’t quite as popular as what we hear and see?  (Or what I see and hear, because I don’t just listen to or read Conservative news)?

THIS MORNING, the new governor, whose campaign approved the hideous ad of Gillespie’s car running down immigrant children, then ran from it when it was seen to be so offensive and untrue, is apparently doubling down on Republican dislike for diversity!  

Here’s how dumb Tim Kaine is…”The president chose to be thousands of miles away from America tonight…”   Ya, Tim, this whole trip was planned around the Virginia election…just in case Gillespie lost.



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38 Responses to Virginia Race

  1. bunkerville says:

    The swamp’s inhabitants are migrating unfortunately. Rather the creatures are duplicating and needing habitation. They did their work in Maryland. Now a corner of PA finds a streak of them moving up route 83. Nasty blue…


  2. Virginia going blue as a result of the Obama increase in federal government. All those workers have to live somewhere they chose Northern Virginia. They know they owe their jobs to big government.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    Ed + 1; I couldn’t say it better.


  4. Kid says:

    What Ed and Bunkerville said.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, right…so to have almost FIFTY PERCENT go Republican is pretty amazing.

    But, I know I’m in the minority on this…both Reps and Dems on news, etc., are SURE this is a BIG WIN FOR DEMOCRATS. Well, it IS, let’s face it….If you get an 89 on a test in school, it’s close but not an A….BUT…you sure did well!


  6. Kid says:

    I believe they allow felons to vote now and wonder if that was a deciding factor since the election was so close.


  7. Kid, good point.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    “I believe they allow felons to vote”
    WOW, that sounds like part of the wonderful “diversity” that the DemocRATS so cherish. Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart (sarc) !


  9. And Tim Kaine is a proven idiot.
    He ran with Hillary.
    I’m surprised she didn’t blame him for costing her the election.


  10. Mustang says:

    Politics in America today is much like being forced to watch all one-hundred sequels of a very poorly done film. The exits are blocked, the popcorn and soda pop is stale, and there are insufficient toilets.


  11. Mal says:

    Yeah, its a big win for the left, but thats gonna happen, too. Nothing goes 100% in politics. Is this going to continue in future elections? Hopefully not. What Ed said is probably why this happened.
    Stay tuned!


  12. bocopro says:

    Nawthun Virginny is irretrievably locked into the flow of fed’ral dollars from D.C., hence pro-big gummint. Another case of Dem enclaves vetoing the bulk of the state.

    Nu Joisey is just a lost case.

    What’s really tell-tale here is DeBlasio’s winning another term, a Marxist dabbler with no game plan other than self-aggrandizement.

    All of that, plus Kalipornia Snafu, sounds remarkably like a death knell for individual liberty, the Bill of Rights, and MAGA to me.

    The left has convinced itself that Allahu Akhbar is an Arabic expression for “This bombing/killing/destruction is in no way connected with Islam.”

    Similarly, they’ve appropriated Trump’s MAGA and take it to mean “Morons Are Governing Again.”


  13. geeez2014 says:

    ALL such fabulous comments! I’m glad to hear from you all ….THANK YOU!


    ME: “Did you charge me the 10 cents for the bag like it says on the sign here? I was just going to put what I bought in my purse.”

    HIM: “NO….and don’t believe everything you read. THAT’S HOW TRUMP WON!”

    ME: boiling inside wondering what to say in response…

    MAN BEHIND ME IN LINE: “Ya, and it’s exactly one year …who could have thought this would have happened?”

    ME (gathering my stuff and making a parting shot): “Oh, Yes, Socialism would have been such a great idea.”




  14. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro..MAGA…good one!


    Does nobody want to answer my question about whether it’s as terrible as everybody’s suggesting that Gillespie lost? I still think a vote THAT close in that state says more FOR Trump than against him.
    But, man, I WISH Trump hadn’t said what he did in response…..oy


  15. Kid says:

    One of my lunch pals told me today that Gillespie was the one that fed the debate questions to Brazile..


  16. John M. Berger says:

    MAN BEHIND ME: “who could have thought this would have happened?”
    ME: “Anyone with a triple digit IQ who understands the disastrous path that we have been on for, at least, the past 8 years”.
    MAN BEHIND ME: “Well, just what do you mean by that?”
    ME: “Hey,forget it, you obviously disqualify!”


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, can’t imagine how your pal knows that…I just Googled it for a second and don’t see any news releases on it….Gillespie sure is a Republican swamp guy, though! RIGHT in the mid of the swamp..a HUGE lobbyiest, too.

    JMB…if only you were with me! 🙂 GOOD!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it’d be WILD if Brazile mentioned that IN HER NEW BOOK!!

    BY THE WAY, EVERYBODY: She’s going to be on Tucker’s show tonight; THAT ought to be VERY interesting!


  19. Jersey Jack says:

    Mustang..”Politics in America today..” Add having to wade through all the ‘cine-muck’ that sticks to your shoes with that unmistakeable squishing that tells you you’re stuck in the swamp.

    As far as Gillespie losing….I think Virgina has had only one Repub governor since 1888 or something so what’s the big deal? New Jersey, and I should know, is as stupid as they come. Imagine paying $14,000 per year in property taxes on a 250K home to get your garbage picked up 2 times per week? Then electing another tax and spend clown to further increase their taxes so that New Jerkey can become a “sanctuary state”? Thus assuring more tax hikes to feed the little brown people who need to be fed, clothed and taken care of in perpetuity as well as the chain migration of 80% of south of the border to their shores. Know why most guys inJersey have mustaches? They want to look like their moms. We need to put an entire wall around the NE states. All of them, as the original13 colonies have defiled the constitution, the law and the Bill of Rights and should have their statehood revoked.


  20. bocopro says:

    Sistah Brazile is a schizoid, a Frankie Pentangeli with a full head of hair. She makes allegations, then retracts them. Accusations, then refutes them. Declarations, then denies them. Expositions, then exposes them.

    I’ve never watched Carlson because when he was on Fox he was such a smug, condescending knowitall. But, he ain’t eggzackly stupid.

    It might be as entertaining, or as disgusting depending on your politics, to watch him do an autopsy on her body of bull___ as watching Mongo dismantle a roast chicken.


  21. Kid says:

    Jack, how about the rest of us just secede and start a new country and we’ll tell them not to ask us for any money. In order to get rid of the progressives in our new country, we’ll simply stop paying to sit at home in between protests.


  22. Jersey Jack says:

    Kid…that’s the best idea I’ve heard since “MAGA”!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…No, Tucker is smug but so smart his show is quite good. He takes no prisoners. Sometimes he loses a battle and will never ‘fess up to it, but that’s kind of refreshing most of the time.

    Jersey Jack…so considering so few Republicans elected in VA, I maintain that 48% is a pretty big win for Conservatives…particularly considering Gillespie’s milquetoast demeanor and background…


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Media news is all OVER about how many people have left the Trump admin…or jobs they’d had before and are leaving because of Trump. State Department’s crooked, probably, but not all of them, and many are saying they’re leaving because he’s harmful.
    This is SO bad.
    I SO wish he could stay tough but describe WHY he does some things….
    very discouraging.


  25. Mal says:

    Z, as a retort at CVS, how about “Don’t like Trump? Then you shouldn’t have selected Obama and Hillary ’cause they’re what created a successful Trump candidacy.”

    Ain’t it the truth????


  26. Jersey Jack says:

    MS. Z..It’s neither unprecedented nor unusual…one look at the Virginia map shows its clearly very red yet…it’s the larger population centers again that steamroll the regular folks. So…this is the same ole same ole…and the new Governor is not a quack, leftist nut job like his predecessor. It’s the Jersey guy that’s the wild card nut job…and hopefully, he gives Jersey full measure right up their cans. He and DeBlabbero can carve up the spoils. The Mafia used to own Jersey….now it’s corrupt pols who operate the same way. And Jersey had an opportunity to show just how “diverse” they really are by electing a woman. They’re all talk and no action…plus Jersey is one of the most racist states in the country.

    2. The Gubernatorial Loss Isn’t Unprecedented. Chris Donovan of ABC News points out that losing both the Virginia and New Jersey governor’s mansions isn’t unprecedented for parties in off-year elections:

    Trump is the FIFTH President in a row to have his party lose BOTH the VA & NJ gubernatorial races in his first year in office.
    2017: Dems Northam/Murphy
    2009: GOPers McDonnell/Christie
    2001: Dems Warner/McGreevey
    1993: GOPers Allen/Whitman
    1989: Dems Wilder/Florio


  27. Jersey Jack says:

    In a nutshell…..ONE Democrat ran against an Establishment Republican and won. That’s not an endorsement of Democrats. It’s rejection of an Establishment Republican.


  28. John M. Berger says:

    I keep hearing about those “high taxed states” getting screwed by various Federal tax reduction proposals which would, apparently, eliminate some deductions, currently taken commensurate with such high local taxes. QUESTION: Since folks in those states love taxation so much (how else did they get there?) why complain? It seems, to me, that such high deductions result in them paying less of their “fair share” of the Federal obligation than those in states with reasonable state, local , etc. tax rates.


  29. bocopro says:

    Off topic — and re my rant yesterday opening the comments on the Sutherland Shooting :


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey, every pundit , left and right, are saying Virginia was red…turned purple, but is quite blue today.
    Thanks for all that information…really good stuff.
    I’m not sure it was against establishment Democrats…who’s going to vote against them? Surely not Dems, and there are now more Dems in VA>


  31. Kid says:

    If I’m not on the right post – shoot me.

    I just watched Tucker and Brazile. Thoughts:
    – Damn she is Good ! She is putting out a book purported to be slamming the DNC and clinton, et al but it will boil down to be in support of clinton and the DNC et al.
    – “clinton is a great friend of hers” – If We know how evil the beast is – Donna must even Moreso know how evil this expulsion from satan’s butthole is.
    – she believe’s in democrats, been a life long democrat and hse must know how democrats have been raping america and especially the ‘african-american’ community.
    Lots more but why bother.
    As I opened with – damn she good – joe biden should be cleaning her feet with his tongue.


  32. Jersey Jack says:

    Ms decide whats red and blue…


  33. Jersey Jack says:

    Ms. …21017 Top…2016 Bottom. Not much change?


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey Jack….It’s not I who’s been saying it’s blue all day. So, if this is the case, your maps are right, we’re in MUCH bigger trouble than we thought as far as Trump-hate is concerned.

    Kid…I thought the same thing..>Brazile has written this book slamming Hillary, et al, she’s pushing “BUY MY BOOK” and totally backsliding on the book’s points.
    She lost any respect I held out for her…ANY. There wasn’t much because she’s a Lefty, but I thought she showed honesty. She’s a total HACK, bigger than I thought.


  35. Jersey Jack says:

    Tucker got pranked by the dishonesty of this gumbo eating sack of sourdough. She’s been got to already or knows they’ve fitted her for a casket and ordered the flowers already.


  36. Kid says:

    Z, I didn’t think ANY defecrat had it in them. Again she is gonna foll a lotta folks.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey…EXACTLY. Tucker went overboard with that ‘blindsided’ comment she made. That forced laugh he gets when he knows he’s losing the discussion, but he mostly did okay considering.
    I can’t imagine that he thought she was suddenly going to dump her party and become a gun totin’ Republican, though…..


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