Do you think there’s a chance Hillary would EVER go to jail?

The book PRIMACY COLORS was written by a guy who knows a lot about the Clintons back in the Arkansas days…….sudden deaths of young colleagues who worked with them but dared to say they thought something wasn’t right…Foster, Hubbell, etc ETC etc……

There’s so much rumor about this Clinton Couple and yet……..they thrive.  Even the Clinton Foundation stuff is ignored.  The uranium deal with Russia will NEVER get the attention it deserves……..nothing, nada, rien, zip, …NOTHING sticks to them.  The Clinton meme is now “Hillary?  Forget that…that’s old business, why do the Republicans care about old stories?  Let’s move on!”   You hear it from all the Lefty pundits.  Brother, as if they’d EVER let ANY Republican story ‘move on’?



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34 Responses to Do you think there’s a chance Hillary would EVER go to jail?

  1. bocopro says:

    No. She is bio-teflon, more impervious to arrest, indictment, and conviction than was Slick himself.

    But, that said, considering her bizarre behavior, her self-contradictions, her slips and falls and “dehydration” along with what various Secret Service agents have disclosed over the years, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn she’s been diagnosed with some sort of crippling disorder.

    I suspect mild schizophrenia with paranoia, early-stage senility onset, growing memory loss, organ and brain damage from long-term alcohol abuse, possibly type II diabetes, vascular sclerosis, and general physical deterioration from self-indulgence and lack of exercise.

    She hears, sees, and remembers selectively, as if through a biased filter or darkened lens, conveniently dismissing inconvenient unpleasantries, ignoring distasteful realities, and forgetting uncomplimentary discrepancies.

    HRC has acquired a patina of senescence which augments the frayed and depleted gender card which she thrusts in front of her as if it were the Great Seal. She reminds me of my Aunt Mary (you know, the one every family has) who constantly rewrote history for each new situation, which then to her became the new reality . . . ‘til the next time the well-documented event came up in discussion and caused everyone to wonder what the hell she was talking about.

    Her rampant and caustic behavioral malignancies might very well result from a physical malignancy in her brain, a tumor or loss of function from an earlier stroke or strokes. Or it may simply be that she is thoroughly and irredeemably evil and under the protection of Mephistopheles.

    Though she has far greater claim to a lengthy prison sentence than Martha Stewart or Susan McDougal or Lindsay Lohan, I doubt we’ll ever see her behind bars.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    HAA! First, let me acknowledge the meme and give it an over-sized comedy foam cowboy hat tip. The only way she ends up in the WH now is in the grandmother suite during President Chelsea’s 8-year term. Thankfully the odds of that happening are only 50-50. As for the odds that she ends up in prison? I agree it’ll never happen. Not until hell freezes over or Bill runs out of helium balloons.


  3. Kid says:

    If she did go to prison, it would be like that kid’s summer camp place they sent Weiner to. I’d get more satisfaction from bocopro’s theory coming to pass much sooner than later.


  4. Mustang says:

    Do you mean “in America?” No.


  5. Mal says:

    I agree with Bocopro. There is definitely something wrong with the woman. And her political career is over ’cause she wouldn’t look good in the WH wearing an Orange jumpsuit.


  6. I think there’s a good chance, provided she doesn’t step aside in 2020. Republicans aren’t going to send her to jail. Progressives are.


  7. John M. Berger says:

    “she wouldn’t look good in the WH wearing an Orange jumpsuit.”
    RIGHT,she [couldn’t] “look good” in any situation but an orange jumpsuit would look appropriate on her darn near anywhere!
    BTW,I enjoyed the graphic and have shared it with many.


  8. Mal says:

    Great, John. And be my guest anytime.


  9. Mal says:

    If I were her, I’d fade into the sunset because if she decided to run in 2020, she should realize they would go after her on all this stuff. But you know Hillary! Besides, I don’t believe the party will take the chance on a highly tainted candidate with so many other better qualified sans her history.


  10. Baysider says:

    No. But the party would be foolish to push her forward again.


  11. Mal says:

    Exactly, Baysider.


  12. “No. But the party would be foolish to push her forward again.”
    Didn’t she BUY the party? 🙂


  13. Silverlady says:

    The Clintons almost make me believe in reincarnation; the 2 of them being Juan & Eva Peron redux, & before that Cesare & Lucrezia Borgia. With the Borgias there was a sexual switch with Hillary being the truly evil Cesare, & Billy-Boy the ineffectual Lucrezia, the pawn of her father, the Pope, & her brother, Cesare.

    And by the way, I do believe that in writing her book & pushing it everywhere Donna B. just got herself a life insurance policy. If an ‘accident’ happened to her now it would really cause a flap.


  14. bocopro says:

    I know where I’d like to push her. And I know what I’d like for her to buy.

    Actually, that’s not true . . . . . . I’d LOVE for her to make another run at it in 2020, as soon as the hubbub over Donna Brazile’s imminent suicide has blown over.


  15. Jersey Jack says:

    @Mr. Mal…”with so many other better qualified sans her history.”

    Mal…I’m confused and concerned sir. Are you suggesting that besides Pocahontas Warren or that Halfrican domestic BLM wanna be 1/2 black terrorist what the hells her funny name ( as funny as Obama’s was? )…that they actually have a candidate? I want Trump to have 4 more years…we must understand how difficult they’ve made it for him to do anything…otherwise, if he cannot, as the legally and constitutionally elected President of this country…..then we might as well split into 3 separate countries. And he has a ready-made campaign issue to run on again….all of us who are in middle America and hate the coasties…will say we’ll forgive you President Trump….because we know and see who the scum are…and have thwarted you from day one….and all he has to do is say…somewhere I have to get along with at least my own side….untilI we get the judges…until we get the courts…untilI we get the borders closed and the wall up…until I get migration from any and all unstable muslim hell holes suspended…..until 90% of the illegals are gone and banished forever, or in federal prisons…until all sanctuary cities are bankrupt from waging useless legal fights against the massively funded DOJ sans Jeff Sessions and a new AG running the DOJ, Trey Gowdy…….. he can shout it clear and simply….that ours and his MAGA efforts have been thwarted by obstructionists and still completely UN American Hollywood sexual perverts, deviants, mentally ill trannies, illegals, snowflake snots, snobs and coastal elites that have defiled the Bill of Rights and the Constitution since the latter was ratified in 1789. God Bless America….maybe even a completely new one rid of the blues. Nothing, nothing lasts forever…and I think our experiment is over as it was originally envisioned.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Jack, they are making it SO tough for him. I believe this tax bill is probably a pretty good one, but the better it is, I believe the Left will find reasons to block it and, as usual, the Republicans will remain dumb in describing its benefits. Typical.

    Ya, anything GREAT Trump does that would benefit America won’t fly…just because it’s TRUMP’s.

    That is REALLY scary.


  17. Kid says:

    Z, I’m reading that the tax bill is about as putrid as their healthcare bill actually. In fact I read where the corporate tax reductions aren’t even in the latest bill. Which will cause the stock market to Dive.
    Also, the portions I read about middle class tax cuts result in tax Increases for me. Let me tell you. I am not a rich person.


  18. Baysider says:

    Ditto for me Kid. Double taxation. Would be different if the % were scaled back to 15%. But 7 brackets???


  19. Mustang says:

    We don’t need a single tax bill that is so huge and complicated that no one but a PhD is taxology can understand it. I favor three separate bills: one for corporations, one for small businesses, and one for individual citizens. Keep it simple. Get it done. But the political left in this country has a special interest in taxing the bejesus out of people; it is the only way they can maintain out of control spending. I’m on a fixed income, so I’m not doing backflips at the idea of losing any deductions. On the other hand, I’m spending $400/year to have a CPA fill out my tax form. I’d probably rather spend the $400 than to have to deal with a tax rate of 25%. I keep wondering whatever happened to the flat tax idea of 10%. Maybe I was only dreaming. My guess is that the government is getting ready to have sex with me. I don’t like it, but by now, I’m used to it.

    If you want to read the new tax bill proposal, you can see it here:


  20. geeez2014 says:

    That’s not at all that was discussed tonight on the news….
    There is no actual bill yet; plenty of changes coming.


  21. John M. Berger says:

    “If you want to read the new tax bill proposal, you can see it here”
    I started to then gave-up. What happened to the “Post Card” concept, anyway?


  22. jerrydablade says:

    I’m not holding my breath on this fake tax cut bill. About as fake as the repeal of obamacare.


  23. Kid says:

    Tax cut. I think I’ll end up paying more and I’m not rich believe me. I’m middle class.


  24. Mal says:

    Jack, you’re right, of course, about finding a Dem that is better qualified than Hillary, but I was just being charitable with my assumption! Take Joe Biden as an example. A “YO-YO”, but a nice “yo-yo”. At least he doesn’t have all the negative “qualities” so many of the others do. Incidentally, did you see where he recently said it was a mistake for him not to run last time? Don’t count him out just yet. Besides, the sheep on the left would probably follow him to the polls.


  25. Silverlady says:

    Faux-cahontas is beginning to crawfish, too, re her charges about the Clinton shenanigans against Bernie. Maybe she’s worried about adding to ‘the list’.


  26. John M. Berger says:

    Re: Biden,
    “At least he doesn’t have all the negative “qualities” so many of the others do”.

    OK, buddy but he’s a DemocRAT and we cannot ever trust one. As far as I’m concerned [he] will clean our clocks just as quickly as any of the rest; possibly in just a more subtle way.


  27. Mal says:

    Oh! I agree, John. Its just that Biden doesn’t have all the negative stuff against him most others have. Also, his son is in the military.


  28. Mal says:

    …..but he’s still a yo-yo!


  29. Kid says:

    Back to hilrod. A “Judge” has decided to end the investigation into the beast’s email, whille emails continue to pour out of the state dept. A judge can tell the FBI to cease and desist? Is this not what the WTF acronym was invented for?
    Al Capone would be weeping in the presence of the clintons.


  30. Kid says:

    What if one of those emails is the smoking gun.


  31. Mal says:

    With so many emails at least one of them is sure to be the smoking gun, Kid.


  32. Kid says:

    MAL, bleachbit probably took care of those, but still. And then you have Comey’s dismissal of charge before most of the evidence is known plus the destroyed evidence – hammered cell phones, melted servers, incriminating evidence taken to Oz by flying monkeys, etc. UN Real.

    Is there no one in America willing and able to take down the clinton beasts ? Un Real. THe whole family is like satan spawn.


  33. Mal says:

    All signs of the End Time, Kid??? It sure seems that way, doesn’t it?


  34. Kid says:

    MAL It does seem that way. Super Volcano? That’d be fire and brimstone. Asteroid? he world is sure a screwed up place and getting further from Christianity by the minute and heading toward islam. Populations in the poorest and evilist countries is set to explode…Cats, dogs, and birds all living together..


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