Did he only flirt or was there ‘MOORE?’

With the caveat that I personally think Roy Moore’s a creep, although probably a good Conservative to serve US for a change in the Senate, I’m wondering “WHAT THE HELL!?”  I mean, I’m sorry, but…….four women have come forth and THIS LINK suggests that having pictures of the four, and their stories, means they’re telling the truth and HE SHOULDN’T BE SENATOR.  What?

Oh, and Mitt Romney, too, says he shouldn’t be able to be in the Senate.   (Mr. Romney, nobody cares what you think…sorry…you lost us after you ran a milquetoast presidency and gave us Obama, barely talking, acting like a deaf mute, and then suddenly turning into Chatty Cathy to slam Trump?  Go away, Mitt)   By the way, Mitt’s finally getting some attention…huge headlines yesterday about how he “BELIEVES THE ACCUSER OF ROY MOORE!”   I guess that’s what it takes for Romney to feel important.  Jump to conclusions and help the Left with their constant anti-Conservative accusations.

Attorney Lisa Bloom (Gloria Allred’s daughter), who paid women off to keep quiet about Weinstein when she was representing him until she quickly quit 2 weeks or so ago (and, by the way, that story lasted two days and she’s free and clear now, this STAUNCH FIGHTER FOR WOMEN ALONGSIDE HER MOTHER…who PAID WOMEN TO SHUT UP ABOUT SEX WITH Ol’ HARVEY?!!!! , is getting her two cents in, too “I know women like this…they’re SO courageous!”    Bite me.

I have news for everyone:  At 14, any girl would LOVE to have any attention from a 32 year old guy.  Was it sex or was it a guy flirting to see the reaction of a cute 14 yr old?  I don’t know the facts,  there could be pictures of Moore’s having sex with teenagers for all I know, and if THAT IS THE CASE, he needs more penalty than just stopping his run for the senate!~    But, until we know for sure he’s guilty, why say he can’t run?    The girls who are also attacking Moore say their 14 yr old friend ‘told them he assaulted her’….Ya, I’ll be no other 14 yr olds have ever bragged that a 32 yr old came on to her.    Also, there are people asking “WHY WOULD THESE GIRLS SAY THIS IF IT WEREN’T TRUE?”    Um…how about DEMOCRAT MONEY!?


On CNN yesterday, Gov Jennifer Granholm said “there are Republicans who are saying even if this is true, it’s no big deal”  (I paraphrase, but that’s the gist).  Could someone tell me who they are???

GOOD JOB, DEMOCRATS…!~!!  You hated Moore and you got rid of him.   Bravo.

I watched a bit of Hannity last night and thought what Moore had said on Hannity’s radio show earlier that day was compelling…I believed him. ..only to see Greg Jarrett tear up Moore’s words stupidly and unfairly, in my opinion.  NOBODY says exactly the same answer to the same question in the way Jarrett expected.



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16 Responses to Did he only flirt or was there ‘MOORE?’

  1. It is disgusting that so many “Republicans” would rather see a democrat win that race, than Moore.
    It’s trial by innuendo with a tentative verdict reached.
    As I said yesterday, Why the big uproar over something that might have happened 40 years ago and the total disinterest in what Clinton did last year?


  2. Mustang says:

    Our political system is flawed in so many ways, but the problem is that I can’t think of a better one to replace it. We cannot know what is in a man’s heart, and this forces us to make judgments about candidates. Sadly, we must base our judgments on information provided by either the candidate, or by his opponent. Neither of these sources are adequate or trustworthy, and this may explain why we have so many low-life critters serving in the Congress.

    As for Judge Moore, I do think these allegations are all part of a leftist smear campaign —it is what they do. It is another sad note that we cannot even trust our parties to properly vet their candidates, or rely on anything they tell us, for that matter. Still, Moore appeared on Hannity’s radio program yesterday, and I have to say that for an attorney and former judge, he did not acquit himself very well. He doesn’t remember doing those things. Really? It was the weakest testimony I ever heard.


  3. -FJ says:

    Before making ANY judgement in any case like Moore’s, one should always consider the source.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I totally disagree about his Hannity radio show….Maybe your memory’s better than Roy’s and mine 🙂 He said things in different ways, but they were all on the same page………………
    The Left media is concentrating on one of the four women who’ve come forth “being a lifelong Republican who voted for Trump” And I keep thinking “Wait, is this about politics or truth? If it’s not true, why can’t a Republican lie (John McCain’s women probably would, just to support his view on anti-Republican things)..if she’s telling the truth, so WHAT that she’s Republican…aren’t people to tell the truth no matter what party?


    Ed..right. As I’d said, I’m no Moore fan but to see Republicans scrambling to disassociate him is sickening.

    FORTY YEARS and FOUR WOMEN didn’t see it necessary to bring this up till now. Maybe it’s just me, because few people address this, but I think it’s astonishing.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, there have been some stories about liberals, but does ANYBODY think Republicans are so much more deviant than Democrats? Does ANYBODY think FOX employees like O’Reilly, Ailes, Johnson, etc., are the ONLY DEVIANT NEWS PEOPLE (if they truly are)?

    NOBODY at MSNBC or CNN comes on to women on their channels?

    I know why Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon don’t hit on women, but, mostly, it’s a curiosity to me………….who knew leftwingers were more decent that rightwingers? (sarcasm)


  6. Kid says:

    I agree with Mustang, especially the part about Moore not defending himself very well at all.

    I’d have said somethng like Sure, when I was 32 I TALKED to all sorts of girls and no harrassment of any kind was present.

    With all this stuff coming out of the woodwork lately the color of harassment is likely the same in peoples minds and that color is the darker variety. Weinstein harrassment and assault has nothing in common wiht Moore’s lets say flirtatious at most “harrassment”. People hear a new word tossed all over the news and they want to be a part of it. Combined with a voting public with the critical thinking skills of house plant and voila.

    What Ed said too.

    Z, Yes, Something in the 10 Commandments about bearing false witness. It is a serious offence as it changes people’s live, sometimes with very dire consequences, like that story about Kitty Valentine and I that was floating around ofr a while.


  7. John M. Berger says:




  8. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I thought Moore defended himself beautifully……….imagine how totally freaked out he is to have questions like that fired at him? Greg Jarrett was outraged at ‘different responses’ he gave but when you really listen, he didn’t. If he’d given rote, prepared-types of answers, we’d be all over him, too. He basically DID say he knew these girls, he knew their parents, they were all good girls he knew……….he asked parents first before asking girls out, he didn’t ply them with booze as one suggested…….
    Sounds like I’m a Moore fan; I SO AM NOT, but this is all politics, and he’s sounding disappointed, outraged, and horrified, and I don’t blame him a bit.

    Yes, Ed and I agree….”It’s trial by innuendo with a tentative verdict reached.’ Amen to that.

    THAT is my point here….how people are kicked in the political stomach, mocked, hurt in so many ways, when it’s total innuendo.

    Those who say “Why would these women say that?” aren’t aware of MONEY, apparently. I’d bet they got paid. I’d BET on it.

    Who the heck remembers what they did 40 years ago? But THEY remember, as 14 yr olds, when this happened, perfectly? WOW.


  9. Kid says:

    Nolo Comprende Z. So he took a 14 yr old (or 17 for that matter) on a date at 32? I wouldn’t have done that except maybe with a gun to my head and her father begging me to.


  10. Kid says:

    I have to say, in the movie American Graffiti, the older guy with the hot rod ended up driving a very young girl around, one too young for him to be interested in. If you’ve seen the movie. If he now ran for political office this girl could come along and say ‘We went on a date in his hotrod when I was 14″ – I think she was around 14 as a character in the movie. And we have almost the same dynamic. But it’s not going to pass muster in today’s TMZ-like world of “Guess What Person 1 Said to/about Person 2 !!!!!!” So much of that sewage flowing around us.

    Part II – So the Conservatives Need perfect Squeaky Clean candidates but the defecrats can run any old blind squirrel POS that squirts out of brothel and claims to having a ‘sex addiction’ ?


  11. geeez2014 says:

    WHO took a 14 yr old on a date, Kid!!!?? Is that proven? I don’t think so.


  12. Kid says:

    OOps, that’s what I got from your or someone’s comment. Nevermind


  13. What the hell is wrong with various members of the GOP firing salvos at Roy Moore? Could they be doing so because they themselves have something to hide and hope that if Moore falls, then they’ll be left alone?

    What bothers me the most about all this is that allegations regarding something 40 years ago make those all along the political spectrum to fire at will upon Judge Moore!

    I do note the 14-year age difference between Moore and his wife and say, “Oh, well. He likes younger women.”


  14. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, so true..that IS wrong with these idiots?
    I’m so sick of politicians!

    Kids, the woman coming forward saying he sexually assaulted her, or whatever it is she’s claiming, was 14 THEN, but I don’t THINK they even dated….did they?!!! I HOPE NOT!~


  15. Kid says:

    AOW, The GOP is little more than the defecrat party. Conservatives are their enemy.

    Z, I’ve paid attention and don’t have a definitive view of what Moore did or didn’t do with these girls. = He’s toast.

    Again, we may not have a chance. Repub candidates must be squeaky clean while dems can be mutiple rapists and racists.


  16. Kid,
    I find the term the defecrat party too true!


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