Trump and gays………..what?

THIS ARTICLE is so amazing I had to print it here…

Since when has Trump threatened gays?   

Did YOU know that the “..Justice Department has said the 1964 Civil Rights Act doesn’t prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.”?    What?

“They want Iran to change so that people like them can be accepted as gay couples. They want the U.S. to change so they can be accepted as gay refugees from Iran.”    Who cares if they’re gay?  Now we have to keep refugees here, even if our government says they need to go back purely for immigration purposes, because they’re gay?  So we don’t look bad?

“Most of their relatives don’t support the marriage, even though Haghjoo’s family is generally open-minded about his sexuality.”    Wait, you mean relatives don’t support the marriage?  Why do Americans need to?

All we care about is someone living their life here LEGALLY and PRIVATELY.  Who cares if they’re gay?  They got married!   Now they say they’re afraid to go to any area where the majority voted for Trump.

More propaganda, in my book.


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27 Responses to Trump and gays………..what?

  1. I could only read so much of that article before I had to stop and take a shower.
    After reading as much as I did, I now waiver between “Live and let live” and “Get outa my face”.
    They won’t stop until America recognizes them as normal.
    That leaves some of us to push back and say “No. It’s not.”
    Trump has assuredly been in the “Live and let live” camp.
    They have no premise to state otherwise.


  2. bocopro says:

    Perdonnez moi, but I have one 25-yr-old grandson who is A-sexual (no interest in sex at all), a 19-yr-old who is stumbling around in a gender-confused media-induced funk, and a third 15-yr-old who has mild autistic tendencies and is suspicious of ALL girls’ motives.

    That said, I have trouble seeing how increased numbers of homosexuals and transgenders would make our country stronger, esPECially in the military.

    And not that I have a closed mind, but it’d be very difficult for anyone to convince me that intensifying or romanticizing or sensationalizing the frequency and interest in aberrant sexual behavior is in the best interests of maintaining the nation’s mental health.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    OK, “live and let live” but IMO, so called, ‘Gay Marriage’ makes a mockery of Marriage and from what I observed/endured, in the Navy, HOMOSEXULATY is incompatible with/in MILITARY SERVICE! All of that said, I haven’t seen/heard where Trump has addressed the subject. Perhaps I missed something.


  4. Mustang says:

    Homosexual behavior is a matter of fact; it isn’t new phenomena, but at no time in previous eras was homosexual activity accepted by mainstream society. It is against God’s law, it is against natural law, and most normal people (then and now) find the behavior disgusting. It is only a recent argument that homosexual union must be regarded as lawful, normal, and socially acceptable. I ask, what is the purpose of these new arguments? Is it really only about the constitutional right of people to marry same-sex persons?

    Homosexual behavior continues to be abhorrent to “normal” people, and under no circumstances (no matter what the US courts may say) will I ever regard this behavior as anything but queer. Even so, I do not give a rat what consenting adults do in the privacy of their abode —just stop shoving this nonsense down my throat while arguing that the matter is all about civil rights. It is not about civil rights —it is about destroying America’s most valuable institutions.

    A civilization is defined as a social structure wherein all of the following are apparent: developed infrastructure, organized government, formalized religion, specialization of labor, distinct social classes, and a system of record keeping. If your purpose is to destroy that civilization, then one must begin by attacking its components. In this instance, the American left is assaulting (almost daily) our religious beliefs, and the core element of society: the family.

    I therefore argue that there is only one purpose behind the communist assault upon the American civilizations: to destroy our traditional values and our culture. In the cross-hairs, as I’ve said, is church and family, and history shows us that the left has been working overtime to achieve these goals since the 1920s. Think of “Planned Parenthood.” Now all we can say is that because of our obtuseness, their assault is successful. We now have churches that have set aside God’s word as antiquated. Since the 1920s, we’ve murdered 30 million unborn babies. Openly queer men and lesbians now stand in our pulpits and perform homosexual marriages. Public schools are brainwashing our adolescents to accept the abnormal as normal, and even our dearest friends will argue, “Who cares if they’re gay? They got married!”

    If this issue was all about civil rights, then why hasn’t anyone considered the “civil right” of children to be raised in a home with a mother and a father? What chance of a normal life do these children have, really? Why are we even considering this notion that homosexual marriage is a good environment for adopted children? Are we THAT stupid?

    I will only say this in conclusion: the future of American society is very bleak, and it is only so because we have gone along with the inane leftist arguments that there is such a thing as a “new” normal. There is no such thing. But what I will agree to, is that because society’s willingness to accept such tripe, America is right now well in to the beginning of its end. Can you hear it? Can you hear those celebrating voices from the left who are so pleased to have had a part in America’s destruction?


  5. cube says:

    I’m so tired of people pig-piling on Trump. If these two refugees don’t like living under republican rule, then they should go back and live under ayatollah rule. And while you’re at it, take a bunch of American malcontents who hate this country so much that they want to upend many of the values that made us the greatest country. I’m tired of dealing with ninnies who don’t appreciate how good they have it here.


  6. John M. Berger says:

    Yes, since when did “The Land Of Opportunity” become code for the dumping ground of the World’s misfits?


  7. Kid says:

    What everyone said.. 🙂


  8. John M. Berger says:


    “the inane leftist arguments that there is such a thing as a “new” normal.”

    Yes, “new normal” is nothing more than a euphemism for ABNORMAL!


  9. z says:

    Kid!! I’m subbing today and the kids are busy so I took a sip of coffee, read these terrific comments and wondered how to respond…saw your comment and nearly laughed coffee all over a nearby Junior! Exactly agree!
    Cube…I felt like singing the national anthem thru your comment!
    JMB…Did you see homosexuality when you were in the service? We all know it was there but thought it well secreted…today it seems to be championed…
    Bocopro..I think that’s what your confused grandson is experiencing.
    Will homosexuality go away? No. It feels like the Alinsky types picked just the topics by which our kids are now trained thru school to be NICE, as I have said before…it isn’t nice not to embrace gayness…Alinsky at its core.

    You all should have seen a couple of the female juniors in this class when someone asked what impunity means…I brought up Weistein and how can a woman allow herself to be raped by him twice? They looked at me as if I was a she devil! That isn’t NICE!!


  10. Kid says:

    Z, A Navy guy once told me there was a saying “Only gay when away”.

    Given the concept of determining who rules over you by recognizing who you are not allowed to criticize, I don’t want to be ruled over by the people I’m not supposed to criticize these days. I want them out of my face.


  11. John M. Berger says:

    “JMB…Did you see homosexuality when you were in the service? We all know it was there but thought it well secreted”
    YES and I, et al, were sequestered with and subordinated to one who was less than “secreted” about it. Although he was unsuccessful in his carnal suggestions and attempts, at least three of us decided against reenlistment, in no small part, to never be placed in that situation again. During my time aboard ship I knew of, at least, 5 situations of less than Honorable Discharge(s) as a result of overt homosexual activity. That was back when it was completely disallowed! I don’t know about now but back then it was a real morale buster. I can’t imagine that such current tolerance ( I don’t think they can contain it) would have anything but a negative effect on recruitment/retention but with today’s “Snowflakes”-who knows?


  12. Jersey Jack says:

    Mustang..” and most normal people (then and now) find the behavior disgusting.”

    You’d be surprised at a few women I’ve talked to who think it’s just “cute and fine and dandy”….that haven’t one clue, not one idea of just what the two actually engage in. Seriously.
    I told one woman once and she was disgusted as well as flabbergasted. What did she think they did? Hold hands only?


  13. Mustang says:

    @ JMB
    Our permissiveness today may actually act as a magnet among homosexuals in the same way that scouting attracts pedophiles.


  14. John M. Berger says:

    “Our permissiveness today may actually act as a magnet among homosexuals in the same way that scouting attracts pedophiles.”


  15. Kid says:

    Just read a story about a 23 yr old Syrian “refugee” screwing a pony at a Berlin zoo in front of everyone.


  16. Jersey Jack says:

    Kid…would that be considered a “ride” or was it on a carousel and he paid for it?


  17. Kid says:

    Real Pony Jack.


  18. John M. Berger says:

    Perhaps you would like to share this with that “women”. CAUTION- the material contained therein, while valid, is also disgusting. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN TOLERANCE FOR DISGUST!


  19. Mustang says:

    @ Jersey Jack … I probably would not be surprised; I would be incensed, as were you. Damned idiots.


  20. Mustang stole my comment:

    I do not give a rat what consenting adults do in the privacy of their abode —just stop shoving this nonsense down my throat while arguing that the matter is all about civil rights. It is not about civil rights —it is about destroying America’s most valuable institutions.

    And I regularly see library book displays preaching to this generation of young children: “Gay is right and good.”



  21. Kid says:

    And as long as they’re getting it on with someone and we’re not attacking them I don’t believe they care what we think. This is all about growing their pool of potential partners.


  22. Mal says:

    Jack, what you said reminded me of a woman I met who was defending gays, and when I told her I know what they do and its disgusting, she just said “Eeeew! I don’t want to talk about it.” I said “then how can you defend them?” She never answered.


  23. Jersey Jack says:

    I believe it was Kid who stated accurately and truthfully that the rapid forcing of us to accept the deviant, dangerous practices in “gaydom” …is and always was a means to gain social acceptance and to spread their crusade to the young especially and now under the trojan horse of “civil rights”, was and is for this one purpose alone…

    “and gays average somewhere between 106 and 1105 different partners/year, the potential for infection is considerable.”

    It’s always been about the opening of the “marketplace” for them. And lately we’re faced with another health scourge and the panic of…yup you guessed it…anal cancer.

    Now I ask you…who’s responsible for this in addition to AID’s and HIV anyway? And who now, and again, will petition the CDC / Feds for a government-sanctioned cure….and without condemnation of their vile acts no doubt.


  24. Kid says:

    Don’t know if I was the first Jack but I certainly believe that. To bring this into schools and as early as they do it it is not about society getting along with each other, it is balls to the wall trying to get new blood into the homosexual ‘community’.

    He’s a news story I’d like to see. A teacher has had the snot beaten out of him/her and will likely spend 4 months in hospital attending to broken bones and other serious conditions. It may only be a coincedence that this teacher had a girl strip down to her underwear in front of the class and change into boy clothes last week.

    This happened. The stripping down part.

    Delete but of Course Ms Z if it violates your violence terms.


  25. Kid says:

    PS – It was first grade.


  26. John M. Berger says:

    “Now I ask you…who’s responsible for this in addition to AID’s and HIV anyway? ”

    I ask you which lovely group introduced the scourge, of whence you speak, into a society accepting of them?


  27. Jersey Jack says:

    JMB…here’s your answer….
    These are the real enemies of our Republic….We are being ripped apart from within and these ‘people’ want to be our masters. I’d rather live under Sharia law then be swallowed up by these bastards.

    “Poll: 77% of Democrats with 4-Year Degrees Think Sex Not Determined at Birth”.


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