I don’t care who did what to whom…STOP IT.   Enough press on this subject.  It’s disgusting, it takes away time we can all be thinking/reading/hearing of far more important things.  It’s cheap and demeans our country.



Why did Feminists let Clinton go after all HE DID, and Moore is a monster for things he might have done FORTY YEARS AGO?


I’m a WOMAN and I think this should ALL STOP.  And STOP with the stupid SENSITIVITY TRAINING B.S.   As if men don’t KNOW they shouldn’t sexually harass women?  REALLY?  So they need a class?



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  1. bocopro says:

    This morning the President issued a statement on behalf of everyone in Washington:

    “The United States government offers its most sincere apologies to any persons or nations, organizations, causes, belief systems, or sexual orientations it has not yet offended. Please be patient. We are very busy, but we promise to get to you as soon as possible.”


  2. Bocopro: Perfect. We don’t want anybody to think we don’t think enough of them to not offend them, do we?

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  3. Z, some men DON’T know what is appropriate behavior and couldstand to have the boundaries (which move) delineated.
    Some, though, are just pigs and don’t care.


  4. fredd says:

    Not going to happen, Z. The toothpaste is out of the tube, the genie is out of the bottle: the Left has seen that they can irreparably damage someone politically with mere charges, with no proof. It’s now in the playbook.


  5. “STOP with the stupid SENSITIVITY TRAINING B.S.”
    Those who conduct this sort of “training” will never miss an opportunity to treat others in a condescending manner while imparting absolutely nothing that wasn’t already known.


  6. Kid says:

    So there is this taxpayer funded pool of money that is used to pay off victoms of sex abuse by members of congress, usually to mena nd women working with congress critters. The victim gets paid, the assaulter has no consequence, and the victim must remain silent. 15+ million paid out so far this year. Wouldn’t that encourage you to abuse ?

    Personally, I like seeing people get exposed – especially when it’s people like biden the pedophile, clinton, and franken.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    will comment more lately but am running out the door….to the high school…DETENTION!

    BUT…I just caught a liberal headline “Franken accuser says she doesn’t want him to step down”

    I have to laugh because she said HORRID things about him, but that one bit of it…he shouldn’t step down…is their HEADLINE! SO good to see SUCH obvious bias………..hilarious


  8. I don’t care who did what to whom…STOP IT. Enough press on this subject.

    Amen to that!


  9. Mustang says:

    It won’t stop for these two reasons: first, those in power love to lord it over all others; this sort of thing has been going on for a long time–it will continue, and let’s face it, such behavior is not confined to only one gender. Second, guilt by accusation works to the benefit of political hacks and ambulance chasers, such as Gloria Allred. The lady dost protest too much, methinks. ~Hamlet.


  10. z says:

    This has been going on since the dawn of man, of course…..the only truly hideous thing is our tax dollars protecting these jerks in congress….nothing wrong with lots of men shaking in their boots of who will be next…..but that should do it if they’re smart…..fear is a good punishment and


  11. Jersey Jack says:

    “let’s face it, such behavior is not confined to only one gender”…
    That’s right, right, right….we’ve forgotten about the hidden army of gays. trannies and lesbos who have been harassed by their own…maybe even straights….maybe straights might come out and claim the bathrooms used to be safe from the butt boys…but no longer? How could we forget them?


  12. The very existence of those such as: Pelosi, Waters, Lee, Schultz, et al, comprise a special form of harassment that I must endure while grabbing for the remote. And just to think that they nauseate significant portions of the populace with complete impunity!

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  13. Jersey Jack says:

    For god’s sake…To all men of good character and will….never, never be in a room alone with a woman without 5 other men as your witnesses. Never pose for a picture with a woman especially with your hands hidden in the photo….I suggest you have them out in front of you like Al Frankenstein did..

    You Single men…always, always get a contract in writing before dating… and any exclusions or expectations to be notarized before any dating. And never go to the woman’s apartment alone…NEVER. Never meet her at her home, apartments either. Plan to meet her at the venue, restaurant, movie theatre, wherever…INSIDE in public!.
    Never…NEVER offer to buy a woman drink at a bar either. Next thing you know the cops are beating down your door accusing you of ROOFIcide on your date last month, year or decade ago. Next for young men….just forget women and consider gaydom….look how happy and gay they seem to be without the problem of women?


  14. Jersey Jack says:

    JMB….You don’t think Chuckles Scheemer is a man, do you? I’ll bet ya a hundred he has no helmet.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey Jack…I SO GET what you’s INSANE, isn’t it? OF COURSE a man should be welcome in a lady’s apartment without fear of rape! And it usually works fine! Great comment..(anyway, I HOPE you’re being sarcastic!)

    Honestly, Jersey, this reminds me of MY feelings about GUNS. And I know you ALL disagree, but the very idea that we all need to be carrying is as nuts as men not being able to say “nice dress!” to a woman anymore! We shouldn’t NEED to carry but life dictates it these days…we should LOVE it when a man compliments our appearance, but it’s practically not allowed anymore….get my point?

    ANyway, all great comments….And I thank you all…….and hope you continue…

    Here’s a funny! I was reading up the comments and didn’t realize one was mine and was about to comment “I agree..” and saw the “Z” 🙂 HA!!! Well, it shows I’m of ONE MIND, right? Maybe a CRAZY MIND but ONE 🙂


  16. Jersey Jack says:

    Z…Of course, I was attempting sarcasm but you have to admit there’s a grain of truth to the advice.No?
    I understand your feelings about guns too. But mine is sitting in a drawer and hasn’t gone out one night and shot anyone either I’ll bet. Or my car isn’t a weapon and a potential killer until I get in it and turn the key to right?

    “but it’s practically not allowed anymore….get my point?”

    All women need to do is stop with the makeup to look attractive and pretty…and stop wearing nice clothing that may draw a compliment. And overall…just stop trying to attract men or be attractive to them. Problem solved, right? I was told once that women dress for men anyway and not for other women? True or false?


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, Jersey, as I said above, there’s HUGE truth, not just a grain…….that’s what’s so sad! A guy can’t buy a drink in a bar/restaurant without worrying about harassment accusations? That’s UNAMERICAN!! 🙂

    No makeup, no pretty clothing……must we get to that? ..
    Yes, women DO dress for men mostly….so this is even sadder. It’s WONDERFUL to feel attractive to men….nice to see a smile of approval in a man’s eyes…….to get a nice compliment.

    ARE THOSE DAYS OVER? I pray and hope not.

    First women GOT OFFENDED when men opened their door…now THIS? WHAT THE…????


  18. Kid says:

    Correction to my comment about the harassment fund. 17 million over the last 10 years.
    We should demand the names of the perps.

    Also what is to stop Senator Joe from going to intern Mary and suggest “How about you complain I’ve been groping you. You’ll collect 400 grand and we’ll split it.”

    400k is the average payoput amount.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, so you’re saying that if I got my way, and the accusations stopped being made public by name, Senator Joe could pull something like that….ya, you’re probably right.

    A lot of you make good points about why I am wrong…

    Funny that we two women, AOW and I, are for just LETTING IT GO..STOP the talk about all of this, isn’t it? I’ve got to go to Cube’s and ask her to weigh in.

    I know Adrienne’s Corner would HATE ME for this….but I can’t go there because it’s DISQUS and DISQUS and I don’t get along anymore 😦 !!!


  20. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO: Forgot to mention, your quote is good enough for a blog post!…not just a comment! PERFECTLY PUT..


  21. geeez2014 says:



  22. “JMB….You don’t think Chuckles Scheemer is a man, do you?”
    Well, I never got past thinking of him as anything but the Government Standard of SLIME!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Is something this disgusting and disrespectful just written off as FREE SPEECH?


  24. @Kid,
    “Also what is to stop Senator Joe from going to intern Mary and suggest “How about you complain I’ve been groping you. You’ll collect 400 grand and we’ll split it.”

    I’d say NOTHING but it would really be funny if, after she collected, she would say “buzz-off pervert” and keep it all!


  25. bocopro says:

    In all honesty, I read somethin very much like that quote I posted. I’m not really that creative.

    Must say perto some of the above comments (think I may have mentioned this once before hereabouts) . . . .

    Some years ago I was going through the west gate of the Tech Training Center near my house here in P’Cola. I’d recently retired from the USN and needed some administrivia for my health insurance but wasn’t sure of the location of the office on that particular base.

    The gate guard was a slender young woman in dungarees and a reflective guard-duty vest. She was maybe 22 or so, with rust-red hair. She saluted my vehicle sticker and signalled for me to go through, but I motioned for her to come over so I could ask directions.

    As she approached from the rear of the car and bent down to speak to me (I was driving a Camaro), the morning sun struck her full-on in the face, illuminating her freckles and the greenest eyes I’d ever seen.

    “Oh, what great eyes,” I said, “and the sun really lights ’em up!” Then I went on to ask how to get to the personnel support office. That’s ALL I said.

    She gave me clear, easy directions and I went on my way after thanking her. She saluted again as I drove off.

    About 10 days later I got an official letter from the Command Master Chief informing me that she had submitted a complaint for “unwelcome sexual comments” against me.

    Went to the MCPOC’s office and told him basically, “YGBSM!” He more or less agreed and said he was required to do a pro-forma letter and inform me that any further or similar complaints against me could result in having my base privileges suspended or revoked.


  26. Mal says:

    We seem to be a country of extremes, don’t we? I mean, whatever the subject du jour, we look for ways to make it more audacious for shock factor, and especially sexual harassment is no exception.

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  27. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…sounds like somebody thought an awful lot of herself to me.
    How horrid….I know you wouldn’t exaggerate all you said…she was conceited and vindictive and too full of her military status…what a dope!


  28. Jersey Jack says:

    It is more important that innocence be protected than it is that guilt be punished, for guilt and crimes are so frequent in this world that they cannot all be punished. But if innocence itself is brought to the bar and condemned, perhaps to die, then the citizen will say, “whether I do good or whether I do evil is immaterial, for innocence itself is no protection,” and if such an idea as that were to take hold in the mind of the citizen that would be the end of security whatsoever. ~ John Adams, On Innocence, The Portable John Adams


  29. Jersey Jack says:

    No….. she’s not too full of herself….. she’s exactly what women have become in this country. And my advice to every male today, when around women that are not your own relations, wives, daughters any thing….. female…. stay away, keep your mouths shut, your money in your pockets and paying for yourself or your male friends only. Do not smile, smirk, wink, blink, snark, snerk, whistle, breathe, inhale Or exhale …. around any unknown females. Under no conditions or any circumstances will you ever compliment and fir gods sake never bump into or touch, hopefulky only accidentally….. like in a car crash. Don’t even open doors for strangers. Period. It’s not ungentlemanly ….. it’s for your own self preservation. Remember….. all men are guilty….never innocent…. never in the world they’ve made today. Dating your hand is much much safer…. and less risky.

    This is the world created by the Gloria Alfred’s and the Lisa Blooms. Harvey Weinstein needs to have his entire fortune ripped from his stupid Neanderthal fists. The ugly poster boy now that all women will say you might be!


  30. geeez2014 says:

    We all knew Hillary would escape prosecution…….and it’s happening.
    Now the informant, though Victoria Teonsing says “it’s a smear job”, looks pretty darned questionable…and, of course, the Left will say she’s wrong and we’ll say she’s right…


  31. geeez2014 says:

    BY THE WAY,….maybe MIKE PENCE did have it right when he was so maligned for not meeting single women for dinner without his wife there?


  32. Kid says:

    Z, I agree with Jersey Jack here. I’d say that young woman is addicted to the PC SJW to the point that she no longer has to ability to read people in a common sense sort of way and make relative common sense decisions. Her thought balloon is “OMG ! He complimented My Eyes! This is Sexual Harassment ! I must report it !”

    I’ll bet on it.

    And Jack is also right that a lot of men are going to pull back and probably become unrecognizable to women. Women need to be hit on. It’s how it’s done It’s Nature. Men don’t like to be hit on by women other than one night stands – not the ones they’d be willing to marry. It’s in our genes. Effect: These things are going to seriously screw up to a noticable degree male/female relationships, especially when it comes to procreating families and children. Now that is something that the libtards AND the islamics will be joyous over since the islamics MAIN strategy over the world is to breed us all out.

    Maybe I should write a novel about how men in America are all covorting with female sex robots from Japan and DJ Trump’s great great grandson, now president is tweeting about the trade imbalance of sex robots with Japan.

    Women screwed themselves with Women’s lib and now they are going to do it again, based on a low ratio of abusers.

    The View will lead the way. Show your girls the way whoopie and joy.


  33. Kid says:

    Z, Mike Pence might have more on the ball than I thought.


  34. Z, Kid, MIke Pence, Franklin (and Bill) Graham, and a number of smart powerful men act like that.


  35. Years ago, when I was in the Air Force, I came back to base from leave to find that our new squadron Maintenance Officer was a young Captain and cute as a button.
    I was aware of the practice of writing on latrine walls, and I decided to write something about her.
    There were four stalls, and I chose the first one and in black felt marker I described my arrival back and first sight of her and of how beautiful she was and that I now had a new girl to dream about no matter how unattainable. I wrote nothing objectionable and only flattering of her.
    Later, I wrote on the next stall wall an extension of the first, and so on through the fourth stall wall after a period of time.
    It was kind of a lark on my part, a kind satire of the more scatological stuff you might normally see and was actually somewhat romantic.
    I wish I had a copy of it. Everyone knew I wrote it, and I got a few compliments on it.
    When it finally came time for me to rotate out, I went around saying my goodbyes and then went to see her.
    I entered her office, saluted her, and told her what a pleasure it was to serve with her and under her command.
    She smiled, came around the desk, stood on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek.
    In front of others in the office.
    Today, we’d both be up on charges.


  36. Kid says:

    Ed, You didn’t ask for her Number !?

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  37. Jersey Jack says:

    No Kid…she had his number and his felt tip marker.

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  38. Kid says:

    But she never called Jack ! Now I know what women go through…


  39. Kid says:

    PPS – Sexuality is totally screwed up in Japan. It is why Japanese men take their Nintendo DS ‘girlfriend’ to a hotel and pay for double booking. (search it). And also why Japaese women pay men $50,000 just for an evening of the male complimenting them (search it) And it is why the Japanese are way ahead of anyone else when it comes to female sex robot development.

    This planet will be Extremely more screwed up than otherwise as each decade rolls on.


  40. Jersey Jack says:

    W T F is wrong with women in this country? Watching Tucker now and this crazy wild-eyed blotch is telling us all that Eugene Smith, an obese male from Florida is such a loser as a “man”… that’s he’s now a “trans-racial” Filipino named JaDu. And this sack of hairy protoplasm is all giggly jiggly and oh so cute and be what you want to be and this is America a land of freaks and more freaks…is now the same goofy azzhat that’d sue and have arrested, Ja Du for farting near her. I swear to God…. I can’t say what I truly want to here or there …there’s just way too many 4 letter words I can’t say. I’m old fashioned like that….but I wonder why I should I even care anymore? I sometimes think it’s time for some good ole fashioned 1400-year-old Sharia to straighten things out?


  41. Jersey Jack says:

    Kid…” especially when it comes to procreating families and children”….No No No No No..Not at all Sir. There are 500% more “single moms” now these days, than there are legitimately married I think. It’s the new hip ID, like tattoos on every square inch of a “woman” today that make a biker and a Marine blush. Like Trans-racialism…trans sexualism….complete bullshit.


  42. Kid says:

    Jack. I’m a toaster. I pay no attention to carbon based life forms anymore. Give me your Oatnut, your Hawaiin, your Pumpernickel, Your Rye, your Aunt Millies varieties, your tired and poor White bread. I’ll toast it, No friggin Irish bread though.


  43. Jersey Jack says:

    Kid…poifek…jus poifek…LMAO.


  44. Kid says:

    Thank you Monsieur Jack.


  45. Jersey Jack says:

    Hey Bocopro…the Navy’s latest aviator stunt..see what happens when we let female aviators into a cockpit? They dream this up?


  46. Jersey Jack says:

    Sec Def calls Sec Navy, reams his ass. Sec Navy calls CNO, reams him. CNO calls next lower rank reams him, etc,etc. By the time it gets to Maverick and Goose, it’s really gonna be something.


  47. bocopro says:

    J.J. — Re the naval aviators:

    Most of the comments I’ve read in various places sum up to somethin like “Boys will be boys,” and thank goodness for that.

    As for Navy fighter pilots specifically, I encountered quite a few of ’em from time to time . . . this vignette sorta typifies ’em:

    After his plane was hit and he was forced to eject, the Navy fighter pilot finally regained consciousness.

    He was in a hospital, in a lot of pain. He found himself in the ICU with tubes/IV drips in both arms, a breathing mask, wires monitoring every function and a nurse hovering over him, looking worried.

    It was obvious he was in a life-threatening situation.

    The nurse gave him a serious look, straight into his eyes. Knowing he was not only a fighter pilot, but a Sailor, she spoke to him softly and slowly, enunciating each word: “You may not feel anything from the waist down.”

    Somehow he managed to mumble in reply, “OK…Can I feel your tits, then?”

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  48. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I think Bocopro’s been retired for a fairly good amount of years…that’s why I said I’m not sure PC had hit that young girl yet…just plain full of herself-ness………….and angry-at-men stuff. I could be wrong!

    “Kid says:
    November 17, 2017 at 5:04 pm (Edit)
    Ed, You didn’t ask for her Number !?”
    See? you’re ALL predators! HA!

    I don’t disagree with Jersey Jack on what he said…

    Bocopro;; cute and VERY OLD joke 🙂
    If I weren’t a lady, I’d tell you the football joke about Drunbowski 🙂

    Jersey, you’re so “old fashioned” you post a penis in smoke in the sky at my blog!!? “poifek, just poifek”


  49. geeez2014 says:

    Am watching a movie I used to LOVE, until I started to realize how the Communist crack down on Hollywood had been important, until the Left led America to believe it wasn’t true.
    Cary Grant plays a doctor OH so much above it all…abortion is a GOOD thing, the Bible is represented by a crotchety old nasty uncle who “does two things only on Sunday…go to church and eat CHICKEN” (“don’t you eat chicken on other days if you like it?” “Nope! Two things I do on Sunday..” (cuz I’m too stupid to get what you just said!)
    “Now I have to do my Income Taxes….I can’t believe how many deductions I get…kinda strange but I ain’t gonna look a gift horse in the mouth!” (nasty old Republican tax payer farmer)…and Cary Grant then says “Well, Uncle, I may be a doctor who makes a lot of money but I don’t get paid not to be a doctor”
    “Oh, you mean gettin’ paid NOT to grow stuff? I never understood that but it sure is nice! heh heh!” Evil capitalist farmer.

    What BS…and I LOVED this film so much.
    Of course, you who also watch Turner Classic Movies will realize this was produced by MANKIEWISZ, whose grandson is the host there, and who regularly will show a great war film with the intro like “…of course, this film glamorizes patriotism to levels it never actually existed…” and other lovely ‘bon mots’ like that. Jerk.


  50. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, the doctor in the above story was an abortionist but the word isn’t used because we didn’t use that word in films back then…….so the abortionist was FINE, championed, but the Bible-going chicken on Sunday-eating farmer is a RUBE.

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  51. geeez2014 says:

    “You might be surprised that the pregnant character in the movie was allowed to have a happy ending..” Says the host. unbelievable.


  52. Jersey Jack says:

    “Germany supplants US as the country with the best global reputation..”

    Hmmm….maybe we ought to lose a world war next time? Seems to me that the vanquished always prosper and make out better by draining our resources, in our quest to rebuild all the things we burned and smashed with bombers and tanks.

    Oh Ms. Z…that was a 10 gallon hat BTW.


  53. geeez2014 says:

    Ah, they’re introducing the next movie, “about the excesses of capitalism” oy


  54. Mal says:

    Don’t forget the Japanese, too, J.J. It gives new meaning to the word “loser”, doesn’t it?


  55. Mal says:

    Sexual harassment will run its course and eventually be like discrimination.
    It will become ho-hum and for the most part, ignored.


  56. Kid says:

    MAL, I’ve been sexually harassed all my life. It’s no big deal. Unless it is a felony such as rape, it really should be ignored. I’m sure I’ve been groped by females while I slept. Not a large deal. I hope they enjoyed themselves.


  57. geeez2014 says:

    Kid,, you’ve met some EXTREMELY odd women in your life.
    I can’t imagine sexually harassing a MAN…like a man can’t say “get lost?” And what’s the point of groping a GUY while he’s asleep!??


  58. bocopro says:

    Guys who have used public transportation in Rome (i.e., bus) or the funiculi or buses in Naples and other places have very likely been groped, usually by much older women.

    In the US we have a much larger personal-space envelope than many other countries do, especially in Asia. One day I felt a hand on my male paraphernalia while on a bus in Naples and saw a 50-something woman unabashedly checking me out, and smiling as she did.

    I also had a female lawyer in Gaeta pat me on the bottom after giving a deposition concerning an alleged rape by US Marines in a night club there.

    Stuff happens, and who ya gonna call?


  59. geeez2014 says:

    ed, that’s a whole different thing!

    JERSEY!….I thought it looked like a HAT but when you talked about WOMEN aviators I looked at it again and thought UHOH!!” 🙂


  60. Mal says:

    Really, Kid? You’ve been groped? Then did you say “I’ll give ya 6 months to cut it that out!”


  61. Mal says:

    (you know what I meant)


  62. Kid says:

    Mal, I’m more generous than that. 🙂


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