Obama and Al Qaeda…………wow

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!    Headline:

“Report: Obama deliberately misled America on Al Qaeda in 2012 to help his chances of re-election”

So, what now? Special Counsel?  Ignore it?  What?
I suppose most presidents deliberately mislead to get reelected but this means we all could be in even more jihadist jeopardy now because his career came first.

What do you think of this story?

And how’s about Malia Obama smoking cigarettes and necking with a white guy at a tailgate party?  🙂


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42 Responses to Obama and Al Qaeda…………wow

  1. Wow!
    I bet he lied about Benghazi, also!
    Or about keeping my doctor.
    Or my health costs going down.
    Or the unemployment levels.
    Or homosexual marriage.
    I’m beginning to think he might have lied about a lot of stuff to get re-elected.
    Life goes on.

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  2. jerrydablade says:

    What Ed said. We all remember the snarky obama with his glib debate one-liner, the 80s are calling and they want their foreign policy back. What a crack up, that guy! If the 80s actually did call, we should insist they take back their crack smoking Bathhouse Barry.

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  3. A fish rots from the head…


  4. John M. Berger says:

    “Report: Obama deliberately misled America on Al Qaeda in 2012 to help his chances of re-election”

    Well yes but so what; the real problem lies with the American public (electorate) who were dumb enough to fall for it. “MISLED”: In a rational world that fraud wouldn’t be able to lead a bunch of dehydrated horses to water!

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    No, no….THE POINT IS:….it’s one thing to mislead, it’s another thing to mislead with our safety in mind.

    JMB, it’s also the MEDIA which knew more than the public could ever know, but complied with their choice for president.

    This isn’t a huge surprise, but to jeopardize our country the way he apparently did is even worse than we thought.


  6. Kid says:

    Obama is American enemy number one.

    Im more upset we are supporting al queda in Syria.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    I also have always thought the Obamas hate Whites enough that their daughter would never be with a White guy (the little gossipy addition to my post at the bottom (you have to keep reading!) )


  8. Kid says:

    Let me add obama supporting and importing terrorists.

    Didnt have that thought about malia but its interesting. I would have guessed the kids would be poisoned against whites.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’d have thought that, too….as I said above.

    Talk about supporting and importing terrorists, Angela Merkel “Chief importer of terrorists” has not been able to form her gov’t. (It’s different than ours is, as you kniow)
    My stepson wrote this morning, in answer to my questions:
    “The situation in Berlin is the following: since the AfD (ANTI IMMIGRANT MAINSTREAM PARTY) won seats in parliament means that the standard parties like Merke’s CDU, the SPD (the socialists) and the greens (communists) have lost a lot of votes which means that instead not only 2 parties but at least 3 parties have to form a coalition to install a government.
    Right now 3 parties with total different ideas did that: CDU, the greens and the FDP (that is a party with always low votes, weren’t in parliament the last 4 years, and are usually used to form a coalition). They talked now for over 4 weeks now and the FDP now broke off the discussions because they saw that the single ideas of all 3 parties are just to far apart.
    The media and other betrayers are not happy, the patriots are happy because that coalition would have meant the worst possible solution”
    Z: The COALITION Angela wanted of all lefties is NOT cutting it.
    It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Notice he says “the media and other betrayers!” 🙂


  10. Kid says:

    The situation in Germany and the rest of the EU is mind boggling. Many police in Sweden are considering quitting which seems like that would end up with hand to hand combat between the Swedes and the savages.


  11. bocopro says:

    Soetoro is very well insulated by tradition, money, executive privilege, and fear.

    Tradition: we’re not a banana republic – YET – and PotUSes are loathe to set a precedent of punishing predecessors because of the boomerang effect.

    Money: he has powerful friends with enormous cash reserves and maps to the skeletons in potential accusers’ boneyards.

    Exec privilege: he can parse or rationalize or skew everything he did as “in the best interests of the country and the ‘American people.’” Writing a bulletproof charge sheet on him would be like trying to convince a 9th Circuit judge that sanctuary cities are a threat to good order and discipline.

    Fear: any attempt to charge, indict, convict, or imprison the Magic Negro would trigger riots making Watts and Ferguson look like Baptist picnics.

    Those who would bring him to justice would have about the same amount of success we’ve had so far in capturing Bigfoot or Nessie.

    Sorry, guys . . . ain’t gonna happen. But if you wanna see BLM racism at its absolute worst, give it your best shot.


  12. Mal says:

    Yeah, Obama may be considered a traitor, a Muslim, and a liar, but he sure spoke nicely!
    Isn’t that what really counted to his supporters? The same for Hillary, also.

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  13. John M. Berger says:

    “JMB, it’s also the MEDIA which knew more than the public could ever know, but complied with their choice for president.”

    OK but I don’t find it [smart] to blindly follow the “MEDIA” . In fact I consider those who do, without questioning it, are not only “dumb” but an imminent danger to society, at large, including themselves!


  14. I am surprised at Malia smoking a cigarette with a white kid.
    I assumed it would be pot.

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  15. Baysider says:

    Yeah, well the same headline applies to 2008 vis-a-vis his domestic agenda with the exception of a few slips of the tongue (clingin’ to their guns and religion; fundamentally transforming the county). He threw his racist preacher under the bus and soft-pedalled most of his socialist goals and rhetoric to get elected. All those ‘stylish’ voters who didn’t have a clue, but wanted to boast of electing that thing.

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  16. geeez2014 says:

    JMB, WE don’t follow the media, but let’s face it, MEDIA is often the only “news” MANY Americans get…that’s the problem. Like PRAVDA!

    Baysider “but wanted to boast of electing that thing.” Well said!

    Ed..or crack?!

    Mal, at least he didn’t call people “fools” or like ‘he’s a poor man’s version of Don King without the hair”. Actually, I’ve met Don King and he’s quite a nice man, so that’s quite an insult, and, of course, the headlines on most of the media are “Trump spends time on feud with basketball player’s father instead of focusing on the country”…which not many people could argue with, sadly. Obviously, he’s spending a LOT more time on the country, but to the public, he really sets himself up for more and more ridicule.
    WHY BOTHER to keep this ridiculous feud up? Ego

    Bocopro…the smartest thing the Dems did in getting Obama ready for the presidency (and make no mistake, that was planned years before) is have a Black man ready to go; he could do a LOT of damage and not risk much criticism because of his color. That really did a number on our country…

    Kid, I think ALL Cops across Europe ought to say “Look, you leaders don’t give a damn, why should we put OUR lives on the line? W e QUIT” Then see who’s elected!!!


  17. geeez2014 says:

    THE FBI STORY; one of my favorite movies…on the “B” level, not my “A” level, but nonetheless…

    Jimmy Stewart (who always reminds me of my fabulous Dad) is in it….he’s a big agent during the Thirties and Forties…. I love the humor in the script ( to the wife who just found out she couldn’t have any more children but already has 3, Stewart says “well, if you want to get a president from your children, you’ll just have to make one out of the batch we have now!” …)

    I mention this film because Pearl Harbor has just been hit, and the narration of Stewart is “WWII is declared and we at the FBI IMMEDIATELY ROUND UP ENEMY ALIENS…GERMANS AND JAPANESE….NOT LEGAL CITIZENS WITH NO PROBLEMS, BUT ENEMY ALIENS” Those were the days, huh?
    So much good in this film………makes me feel so patriotic, so in love with America…then I consider what has happened to the FBI and wonder how many good men and women will continue to join. But, I don’t want to put that damper on this now…I want to stay positive and hopeful……….


  18. geeez2014 says:

    ‘The war was over, but not for the FBI…it threatened education, church and the home……….”


  19. Jersey Jack says:

    “And how’s about Malia Obama smoking cigarettes and necking with a white guy at a tailgate party? 🙂”….
    I’d say she’s smarter than we thought! She looks around at the how low and disgusting black male “culture” has become. At least she knows she has a better shot at a decent life with a white guy going to Harvard or Princeton or Yale too. And from what I see she’s been raised better and knows she’s 1/2 white anyway. They didn’t send her to a 99.99% white schools to wind up pregnant, stupid and poor….not that there’s a chance in hell that she’ll ever be “poor” in her lifetime. But it must be hard trying to get it on intimately on with anyone with the Secret Service under her bed and all over her?


  20. John M. Berger says:

    “And how’s about Malia Obama smoking cigarettes and necking with a white guy at a tailgate party?”

    Hummmm, “white guy”; was that Ducky by any chance?

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  21. Jersey Jack says:

    JMB..why Ducky? He’d say she’s a closet racist.


  22. Jersey Jack says:


    Today their welfare comes first….at the top of the priorities for Congress…who’s willing to shut the government down if we don’t keep them on welfare for the rest of their lives and their extended “families” all over the world that have the”right” to be here too. More important than the rights and benefits for vets and all born American natural citizens by God…

    What a completely assinine ass backward COUNTRY WE’VE DEVOLVED INTO.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Jack, you can say that again. It was so good to hear GOODNESS in that film…Only Americans have the right to live here…others can dream, work hard, apply legally, and enter legally, enjoying the fruits of their labors toward making America an even better place. But, those days are over. Thanks to the Left.

    And yes, maybe Malia does realize she has a better future with a man other than a gang member. Except I know so many great Black men and teens that I’d say she could find one…even a Conservative if she looked real hard!

    JMB…Ducky’s silly Leftism is such a reflection of her father’s, I can imagine why you suggested that 🙂

    EVERYBODY: I was thinking about an article I saw the other day about some lowlife young woman teacher, married, who was having sex with a 17 yr old student at the high school where she taught…In the article, it said “Joan Doe, a graduate of Liberty University, was found to have had sex…” Blah blah. Today, I thought “Since when do they immediately mention a college affiliation? if she’d gone to Harvard, they’d never have said that…where she schooled just doesn’t apply to the story! Except that Liberty U is a strong CHRISTIAN university….. typical of this media.


  24. Jersey Jack says:

    Ms. Z…. respectfully now…. she has to know that over 75% of black males don’t know their fathers…. raised by the “new” modern family to excuse low life behavior, are now raised by “single moms”. And their moms mom too? Maybe she prefers not to hunt for that grain of sand you mentioned? And in her circles she’s not mixing with the “on the low down” crowds either. Her wonder bread white choices are a much better gamble.
    I just wonder what kind of lecture she’d get from pops if she came home with a “stein, a Berg, shapiro or a Goldman ” st the thanksgiving table? Hell…. I’d pay to be that fly on that wall….. and I willing LMAO to tears if joy to hear it too. Makes me wonder when mom Hillary was told by Chelsea that she’s was marrying into the new KOSHER NOSTRA with her new inlaws having a felony conviction to wear on their sleeves?
    And now…. a dead broke failed husband ?


  25. Kid says:

    Chelsea – I’d bet hew hubby and she have an ‘arrangement’ for a marriage with political goals. I can’t imagine anyone like him willing to sleep with that horseface for the rest of his life.

    Plus she’s a dolt. She tweeted asking if the picture of Abe Lincoln wiht the MAGA hat was real.
    Got hammered.
    Then she tweeted how she loved the pic of the girl (in sports I think) with the hijab.
    Got hammered over apparently not knowing how well women are [not] respected by islam..

    She’s an imbecile. She couldn’t even hold down a job with NBC for God’s sake. Politics is her only choice if she wants a paying job and now mom and dad have likely ruined that for her ! lol
    The chickens may finally be coming home to the clinton crime family.

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  26. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey “respectfully now..” to ME? I agreed with you!! And I agree with your comment now, too.
    I think the Chelsea father-in-law’s felony just made Hillary feel closer to him 🙂

    Kid, ya THINK she’ll go into politics? Heck, yes! She’s on record having said that her mother and father used to sit with her at the dinner table and verbally attack her, grill her…just to make sure her responses were good and she hung tough. I don’t call that normal. YES, she’s being groomed for politics!
    I believe Obama was, too. I will never forget seeing a wizened ol’ Arab guy speaking about how he paid for so much for Obama, got him into good schools, good circles……..grooming him for a big future in American politics. Days after I saw it, it was GONE and that video’s been gone ever since. It was a big “oops!” from those who knew that Arab was Obama’s promoter.


  27. Kid says:

    I’m proud to say I figured out obama’s moslem connection all by myself and pretty early on.

    I hate the word shock now, but I think many people, including me would be shocked to know just what obama has done for islam in the world as president.


  28. Jersey Jack says:

    OT..well GOODBYE to any hint of a RED FLORIDAANY LONGER…..156,000 PR’s already imported….80% don’t speak English…and they say they’ll be 500,000 of them in 4 years….more Spanish speakers abandoning another ruined country, province, state, island…all by themselves and add one more failed sheet holde to come here for….at a cost to us if $28,000 a head times 500,000 is going to bust our once in the black economy ..the PR’s sure aren’t going to pay for this.
    The complete takeover by noncitizens, non English speakers, and all the little brown people is almost complete. Ok Moochaco’s…donde mas el banjo? Are there any failed Spanish speaking countries left? Or are they all here safe and sound now? Why does God punish us so for our success and hard work…why?


  29. Kid says:

    JJ, Saw a Tweet that broke down what illegals get in the US. $3,874.00 in benefits. If that’s even close this country is going to shut down. We have hard working people who aren’t making a quarter of that. Then think of the military people and what they make.


  30. Kid says:

    3874 a MONTH!


  31. Kid says:

    AND it’s TAX FREE !


  32. Jersey Jack says:

    Kid…. per month? If that’s true it’s freaking insane for any AMERICAN TO STAND IN ANY EMBARASSING LINE FACING ARROGANT LAZY PATRONIZING NASTY SULKING SNIDE RUDE MOCKING ASSHAT CIVIL SERVANTS WITH 10 INCH NAILS 50 INCH WAISTS 50 INCHES TALL …. and every word you speak drops into a black hole where they pronounce you DISQUALIFIED TO RECEIVE EMERGENCY BENEFITS OR AID. Sure you list your home in the hurricane… but do did the Hatians and PR’s and there only so much money to go around…. WE SUGGEST YOU ASK FAMILY FOR HELP IF YOUR PASTOR.
    No wonder this all washes up on the shore in a high tide and we are…. after all… IMMIGRANTS TOO?
    They don’t even make that in a year , two years on. Haiti. And they are the laziest snarky mutts over everyone else…. you can’t go to a hospital or a supermarket down here and expevt to hear ENGLISH! They jump on the racist ride real fast for the big payouts.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    They come here expecting it to STAY AMERICA……but, then, liberals expect that, too……….how can it stay AMERICA with no money left, with no English spoken, with values and traditions demolished?

    Foreigners used to be so eager to learn English, to fit in, they were even embarrassed not to seem American…now we know they look at us as the usurper, the mean old white folks who’re dumb enough to let illegals in to take over ….
    try doing that in Mexico!

    How can there still be a fabulous America like what WE grew up in with the situation like Jersey Jack describes? If Ducky were here, he’d immediately say “It wasn’t as great as you think..”



  34. Kid says:

    It Was that great.
    -We walked a mile to school uphill in any kind of weather.
    -We were constantly involved in physical activities. Sports, etc
    -We were taught how to repair our bikes and could strip them down and put them back together at age 8
    -We were taught how to handle guns and arrows and other potentially dangerous things.
    -We rode our bikes from dawn to dusk without a care, many miles from home.
    -We respected girls.
    -We were Boy Scouts and lived the pledge.
    -We didn’t have the slightest idea what a moslem or an lgbtuwxyz was.
    -We didn’t lock our doors.
    -We didn’t know any bad black folks. Maybe a few in the projects near Pittsburgh.
    -We gave everyone a fair shake and a right to their opinion.
    -There was no PC, multicultureism, or phobias. If we identified a dipstick they stayed a dipstick and no one would try to tell us maybe they weren’t dipsticks.
    -Identifying and calling out sipsticks was seen as a positive and helpful thing for the dipsticks.
    -Well it was everything it Isn’t Today it seems.


  35. Kid says:

    We were also Naive.
    We didn’t realize congress critters were sexual predators and homosexuals.
    We didn’t realize the US government had sold themselves to the highest bidder.
    We didn’t realize the percent of unbelievably stupid people that would be voting.
    We didn’t see the communist active measures coming.
    We had no idea that 7 years after 9-11-2001, Americans would actually elect a moslem POS terrorist enabler to the white house for 8 &^%$^%^ years.

    Lock and Load,


  36. Jersey Jack says:

    I wonder how these boatloads are going to fit into Italian life?


  37. Jersey Jack says:

    Kid..”Maybe a few in the projects near Pittsburgh…”

    They’re still there..the next two generations after the ones you knew of…


  38. Kid says:

    But JJ.. Where are the women and children asylum seekers:??



  39. geeez2014 says:

    ACTUALLY, I’m hearing that the Italians don’t let them plant themselves in country…they go THROUGH Italy, heading for richer, more accommodating shmucks in Germany and France, from what I hear.

    Meanwhile, I’ve written to my Munich stepson asking about the “hundreds of German cops and secret service” who say they identified about four Arab men who have ISIS connections….and who’ve now been released for ‘lack of a good reason to keep them..”….I’m eager to hear what Z Junior is hearing…

    Kid, I could cry over your list….
    We were all girls in my house..
    We could go around the corner to a friend’s and nobody thought we’d be raped.
    The news was on at six and film was at eleven, so constant news didn’t screw with our heads.
    We had extended family dinners on a very regular basis and nobody complained about getting together….we looked forward to seeing our grandparents, etc.
    We all watched THE TV in the living room, not all watching separate programs in our rooms.
    Education was revered instead of mocked.
    Black people were nice and nobody thought twice about them; we didn’t see them but we didn’t get horrid news about them like we do today.
    It used to be “that family doesn’t go to church!” and now it’s “That weird family which goes to church” (which times were better…then, when most went to worship services or now, when most don’t have any faith at all?)

    We could all go on and on, couldn’t we.

    Of course, I WILL say that one of the VERY treasured and loved Fourth Grade teachers, mr. Lane, was found to have molested, and some man DID reveal himself to me in his car “Hey, little girl do you know the time?” I was so naive, at 10, I had NO idea “what that was!”!! I swear! But, I told my mother and I don’t think she did anything about it……..I’d love to hear how I described the situation!!! I should ask Mom tomorrow if she remembers that!


  40. geeez2014 says:

    PS …NO WOMEN ASYLUM SEEKERS……….don’t ya THINK Angela Merkel and other Western world leaders might NOTICE????? And who the HELL pays for their cell phone service!? HA!!


  41. geeez2014 says:

    “He denies it. He totally denies it,”

    Will somebody remind me how what Trump said about Moore means that TRUMP IS DEFENDING ROY MOORE??? EVERY liberal I’m hearing and reading is saying that. ???


  42. John M. Berger says:

    “EVERY liberal I’m hearing and reading is saying that. ???”
    EVERY liberal I’m hearing and reading is wearing their desperation on their sleeve!


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