Disgusting and Telling….

THIS might be the most ridiculous story to date since Trump came on the political scene.  It is clearly the most disgusting, in my opinion, and I say this because it involves Obama, it involves a huge lie, and it’s a clear play via the media to get to Americans who love Obama.

NOWHERE has Trump done anything close to Hitler or any NAZI.  But let Americans hear Obama warning of NAZISM and how “Fragile” democracy is, and they do listen.

“Things can fall apart fairly quickly,” the awful Obama says.   Never mind that I saw no democracy in his Friday Executive Decisions nobody got to see before he signed them, or passing the Healthcare bill which would lead to National Healthcare with barely time for the Republicans to see it, or going around the world genuflecting in apologies for all America’s done for foreign countries, …etc etc.

Can any of YOU point out where Trump has been anything remotely NAZI?
I’d like to hear it.

To avoid this awful turn of events, according to Obama, you must “vote.”    GET IT?

Meanwhile, 5% less of Republicans are identifying as Republican recently, mostly white women. GALLUP POLL…..


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27 Responses to Disgusting and Telling….

  1. bocopro says:

    Well, . . . does arrogance count? Otherwise I see little to compare except initial successes in face of huge odds.

    As for DingleBarry, this is how I see his post presidency:

    Reflections on Squandered Power

    Or (Sic Transit Gloriobama)

    Soetoro Contemplates The Results of His Tenure

    The T-Rex, all covered with ash and thick smoke,
    Looked over his Kingdom and thought, “What a joke!
    I am regent of nothing but death and decay.
    And I thought I was almighty just yesterday.”

    Then Neanderthals would for millennia reign
    ‘Til Cro-Magnon displaced them with his super brain.
    And they must have considered in their simple heads
    “What on earth has just happened! Our world is in shreds.”

    Along came old Khufu and his pile of rocks
    In a pyramid mound with its millions of blocks,
    But the kingdom was doomed by his oppressive rule
    And he must have died hated for being so cruel.

    Next the Greeks brought refinement to their rocky lands
    But the Romans just stole it with their greedy hands,
    And the authors of our Western culture all sighed
    As they wondered why they had just been pushed aside.

    ‘Course the Hebrews knew why they’d been chased out of town,
    After Pharoah and Herod and Nero cracked down
    On their monotheistic religions and books
    But they still wondered why they were treated like kooks.

    Then the Romans got all overtaxed and corrupt
    So barbarians came to invade and disrupt
    The system they’d managed throughout their great land,
    But they found their downfall hard to understand.

    In the vacuum created by empire collapse,
    The Catholic church built its own from the scraps,
    And a feudal hierarchy of peasants and lords
    Helped folks through the Dark Ages with castles and swords.

    Hunger, warfare, and plagues helped destroy people’s health,
    Then the Vikings appeared and took all of their wealth.
    So some wise men dug into some old classic scrolls
    And discovered the sciences of ancient souls.

    Next the New World was conquered by England and Spain
    And the natives were paid off in disease and pain.
    And the sun never set on the British Empire
    Until World War I set most countries on fire.

    In the meantime a band of geniuses wise
    Built a nation that would strong and steadily rise
    To become more than Rome or Great Britain could be
    And it won two world wars and staved off number three.

    Now today that great nation by wise solons built
    Is managed by morons with slavery guilt.
    Its debt is so deep it can never get out
    And the history books will express little doubt

    About what the hell happened to bring it all down,
    Like the T-Rex and pharaohs and men of renown,
    Like the Kings and the Popes and the world-wide regimes,
    Like the self-possessed men with extravagant schemes.

    It’s hatred, it’s hubris, political goals
    With nothing related to governance roles
    That make men turn greedy, deceitful, and vile
    And the people to mutiny after a while.

    Just like T-Rex and Pharoah and Nero and Beth
    Looking out on the scenes of destruction and death
    Which brought to their minds the last question they’d know:
    My world was so perfect; where did it all go?


  2. Kid says:

    The only poll that matters happens at the voting booth.

    The obama’s got the idea they are far more important than they are. If they ever catch on to reality, it will be pretty embarassing for them. I read where they are not going to be invited to Prince Harry’s? wedding after they tried to invite themselves. Time will continue to whittle away at these slobs until their dog and a couple squirrels are the only one’s left listening. And Chrissy Mathews of course – who could benefit from America reopening the insane asylums.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    “Can any of YOU point out where Trump has been anything remotely NAZI?
    I’d like to hear it.”

    Yeah, the President that consistently supports the Jewish nation of Israel, while the entire World seems to be against his latest effort to do so is obviously a classic Nazi, YEAH BABY! If you ask me, B.O. and the likes of Up-Chuck, with their inane ramblings, are showing desperation as Trump shreds the, so called, “Legacy” of the passed eight years while our economy surges forward. I think that [they] are scared $#!t!e$$ that more people will wake-up to reality as real employment continues to grow along with their 401-Ks. Insofar as the polling data in concerned, if it’s accurate, I’ll pin the blame on our less than stellar Congress, more than Trump. Let’s see what happens as time goes on. Didn’t Reagan have some ‘rocky’ times before winning a second term, by a landslide?


  4. Mustang says:

    It makes sense that fewer conservatives are identifying with the GOP –and I suspect that fewer liberals are identifying with the communist left. Americans are fed up with political parties, and with good reason. It is how we ended up electing Trump. Personally, I will not miss either party. Now, if we could only find some way of ridding ourselves of the fascist media…


  5. Kid,
    I read where [the Obamas] are not going to be invited to Prince Harry’s? wedding after they tried to invite themselves.


    Although this lack of invitation is a small thing, this disinvitation indicates — to me, at least — that people are sick and tired of the Obamas’ running off at the mouth.

    Of course, they won’t go quietly. And because of the Obamas ages, we’re not likely to be rid of either of them anytime soon. 😦


  6. Kid says:

    AOW, True. Well, I gnored them pretty well for the 8 years they were in the white house, I can ignore them much easier now.


  7. Fact: when the Left recognizes that they are losing power, the Left gets nasty.

    The American Left was certain that HRC was going to succeed BHO. And because that plan failed, the American Left is off the leash. The mask has fallen. Ugly, ain’t it?


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Kid,if only their millions of fans would ignore them!


  9. JWB: Hitler did a head fake of embracing the Jews before the Holocaust, right?


  10. z says:

    Ed….tell us about that!


  11. Mal says:

    “Hitler did a head fake of embracing the Jews before the holocaust”.
    I didn’t understand that one, Ed.


  12. John M. Berger says:

    “Hitler did a head fake of embracing the Jews before the holocaust”.
    Does that mean Trump is doing a “head fake” or do I detect some sarcasm ?


  13. bocopro says:

    The only “head fake” I can think of would be the 1936 Berlin Olympics which Hitler milked for all the propaganda value he could get from it.

    Some countries in Europe, as well as the US, had considered boycotting the games because of the Nazi stance toward minorities, especially Jews, and damaged people.

    So Goebbels and Hitler dressed up the city with faux bunting and declared everything hunky-dory, even allowing chosen Jewish athletes to participate in the games.

    The all-out spectacle of dripping saccharine hospitality and hypocritical brotherhood faked out many spectators AND athletes to the point that they sang Hitler’s praises when they got back home.

    It was a total farce, of course, a facade designed to portray Germany as modern, peaceful, progressive, and tolerant.

    Once the games were over, tho, he shifted his rage and rancor into high gear, and as soon as he became de-facto dictator with no need for trappings, he basically directed what would become known as “The Final Solution.”

    But even until well into the war years, he never generated a directive or memorandum or any other official document traceable back to him as the source of the Holocaust. That was for Goebbels to manage, Himmler to oversee, and people like Heydrich to implement.

    That what you were talkin ’bout, Ed?


  14. SARCASM. I’m sorry for any confusion. And if you put “” around the word sarcasm as if it was a font, html causes it not to display, as you can see in my previous comment.


  15. and i meant these characters, which refuse to show “”.


  16. John M. Berger says:

    So, more “Fake News”* (affirmed) + another incident (NY this AM) involving an immigrant here because of another counter productive program that he is trying to get rid of should enlighten, at least, some of Trump’s detractors, although probably not. Every day I’m more convinced that the RIGHT choice was made in November 2016; his demeanor be damned!

    I couldn’t believe Judy Miller’s absurd defence of such outrage this AM on FOX


  17. Bob says:

    Most people have no idea what a NAZI was (or is). They even have Fascism wrong. They are both derivatives of socialism as is communism. They are ALL left wing models.

    Now, with all those brainless jellyfish accusing Trump ( and me) of being a Fascist or a NAZI we are faced with a level of ignorance that has not been seen since the turn of the century poverty ridden South. It’s even worse because those early 20th century southerners may have been ignorant, but they knew right from wrong, and were not out there seeking safe places and welfare checks.

    It is a seeming intellectual impossibility that the entire nation, including the news media, has not read history, nor have they studied economics. What we have is a generational catastrophe.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, you can’t put QUOTES around something? That’s awful, I hadn’t realized it….thanks for that info.

    Bob, if ONLY Lefties saw Fascism for what it is…LEFTwing…you are SO RIGHT (as usual)

    JMB…judy Miller defended what?

    Bocopro “It was a total farce, of course, a facade designed to portray Germany as modern, peaceful, progressive, and tolerant.” It was modern, peaceful, progressive and tolerant…..Read any of Ursula Heigi’s beautiful KNIFE IN THE WATER, of German/Jewish life in German villages…”Herr Jewish Doctor…how he was loved and respected in the village”. I wrote a huge comment here and deleted it. No point, really.
    Berlin didn’t need ‘bunting’ …it wasn’t like China cleaning rivers and otherwise slapping lipstick on their toxic environment at their Olympics.. Berlin was a handsome, powerful city.
    Americans did fall for Hitler back then………as did the Germans, more’s the pity.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    watching Turner Classic Movies and they’re talking about Christmas Movies….again, they got around to “Frank Capra, who’d been making, essentially, propaganda films during WWII” they ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS refer to American war films as PROPAGANDA FOR AMERICA. It always hurts my feelings.


  20. Ben Mankiewicz is a commie symp.
    At least the movies are great.


  21. Baysider says:

    The haters in the media only need to peel off a tiny minority. I’m angry to hear it’s “working.” NO to any “Nazi” like statements or actions by Trump. Same can’t be said for his predecessor, though.


  22. John M. Berger says:

    “JMB…judy Miller defended what?”:
    A whole bunch of fake news reporting. If you didn’t hear it I guess you wouldn’t believe it. She defended all of the jerks reporting “fake news” as those just doing their jobs. Hey Look, she’s a real POS, in my book after this!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, he’s HIDEOUSLY transparent. But, yes, at least the movies are great!

    JMB…she can be pathetic…sometimes she makes sense but “just doing their job?” Ya, LYING?



  24. Bob says:

    Z: Neo-Fascism is a department of the Democrat Party.


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